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What does Lignans do for the body

Lignans are Polyphenols present in some plant and grains. Lignans are essential for regulating the level of Estrogen in the body. It protects and treats Breast Cancer. Lignans help in reducing the risk of Heart Diseases and lowers the Cholesterol levels.

Requirement of Lignans per day

10 mg to 30 mg

Benefits of Lignans

Lignans protect the Breast tissue from the dangerous effects of Hormonal imbalance and keep the Breast healthy. It cures hot flashes and reduces the symptoms of Menopause. It supports the metabolism of healthy Blood Glucose. Lignans help to reduce weight and treat Obesity. The Antioxidant property of Lignans protect the body cells from free radicals. Lignans are important for balancing the Libido level in men and menstrual cycle in women.

Function of Lignans

Lignans provide Cardiovascular support and boost the Immune System. It keeps the prostate healthy and protects from Prostate Cancer. It reduces C – reactive protein and inhibits the growth of Low Lipid Protein in the blood. It is essential for a healthy digestive system and gut. It ensures the proper movement of bowel and reduces the risk of Constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Effects of Lignans deficiency in the body

Enlarged Prostate
Hormonal Imbalance

Effects of excess Lignans in the body


Herbs Containing Lignans

Most Effective

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