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Valeriana Wallichii Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Valeriana Wallichii
Glycemic Index / Load
Indian Valerian
Botanical Name
Valeriana Wallichii, Valeriana Jatamansi, Valeriana Hardwickii
Hindi Name
Tagar, Tagara, Tagar Ganthoda

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Valeriana Wallichii Cures

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Action of Valeriana Wallichii

Nutrients in Valeriana Wallichii

Valeriana Wallichii
Combines With

Taste of
Valeriana Wallichii

Nature of
Valeriana Wallichii


Parts Used

Roots, Rhizome
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Valeriana Wallichii is a plant.
It is perennial.
It grows in a temperate climate.
It grows up to 45 Cm.
Best used for Anxiety.


Grown In

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Materia Medica for Valeriana Wallichii

Valeriana Wallichii General

Valeriana Wallichii is an Antispasmodic and Antiinflammatory in nature. It is an effective remedy for Insomnia. It cures Sleep Disorders. It enhances well being and happiness. It improves cellular functioning and relaxes the nerves. Valeriana Wallichii calms the mind and gives relief from Stress, Depression, and Anxiety.
It is a natural treatment for Anorexia associated with mental illness. It increases the urge of eating and supports a healthy body. It regulates the Bowel and eases digestion.
It is a good cure for Stomach Upset, Flatulence and Intestinal Gas.
It reduces the Muscle Spasms and gives relief from Joint Pain and Muscle Pain.
Combination of Passion Flower, Hops and Valerian stimulates sleep.
The herb is beneficial for women to get rid of Painful Menses. It induces menstruation in women suffering from Amenorrhea. It cures Menopause and reduces Anxiety related to it.
Caution: Consult your doctor before using this herb.
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15 Jun 2016
My younger brother is suffering from Schizophrenia (Mental Illness) for last 25 years or so and is under treatment from various psychiatrists in Delhi & Chennai etc. Though on treatment for so many years english medicines have not cured him from the disease. Would like to know whether Tagara Tablets can help him .Or is there any other Ayurvedic Medicine which cures Schizophrenia.
06 Jul 2016
R.Sathyanarayanan Tagara capsules are super effective during Insomnia and Anxiety. To cure Schizophrenia follow the below procedure. Take dried Basil ( Tulsi ) Leaves and Sage Leaves. Put quarter teaspoon of Basil ( Tulsi ) Leaves and one teaspoon of Sage Leaves in cup of water. Boil on low flame for 10 minutes. Stain. Add Honey ( Shehad ). Drink it lukewarm 3 to 4 times a day.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
04 Jul 2016
Currently I am regularly using the sustained release sleeping pill (Allopathy).I am able to get an almost uninterrupted sleep in the night with this. Can you recommend a herbal/ayurvedic/homoeopathic or such similar type of medicine to enable me to wean away from this daily allopathic intake.
Kirti Minhas
05 Jul 2016
You may try Tagara capsules. These are very effective for Insomniacs. Take this for a month. Himalya Tagara is what I took for 2 months and now I sleep on my own, without any medicine. It contains Valerian which is a super effective herb to cure Insomnia. Add 2 Lavender flowers in your tea. Drink it every day. This will calm your mind and induce sleep. All the very best. I understand how frustrating it must be for you.but, relax, I am sure you will not need your allopathic pill anymore, once you start with it.
24 Mar 2018
Thank you.Further,I would like to know whether I can continue taking this medicine for an indefinite period of TIME.
Ravinder ( India )
08 Sep 2016

i have HTN and I am on Olmezest H20. Can you please let me know if i can take Tagara with this medicine?

12 Sep 2016
Tagara is not recommended if you are taking Olmezest. As both these medicines will lower the Bp. And this may worsen the condition.
And why do you want to take Tagara ? What is the disease that you wish to take it for ?
Rahul Dixit ( India/Uttar Pradesh )
08 Oct 2016
I have sleeping disorder and also of little bit of shivering hands especially when I have a very hectic schedule. Especially I feel very uncomfortable while writing something I have to make lots of efforts to write something down on a piece of paper.
Tagara has helped in my sleep but the problem with my hand is still their.
17 Oct 2016
Please mention what kind of sleeping disorder are you suffering from. Is it insomnia ? Please be specific. What sort of discomfort do you mean ? Is it your trembling hands, Or restless mind or numbness in the hands ?
Actually you need to give a detailed explanation of your problem. Do you have any problem regarding recognition of things or people ? Tagara is a super effective herb for Insomnia. In the mean time, you may take Mucuna Pruriens capsule. Take one everyday for a month. This will help you cure the trembling of Hands.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Ella Smith ( USA )
28 Oct 2016
My son suffer from cyclyc vomiting for 6 years and the only medicine that helps him is the Ativan. This medicine sends him to sleep deeply for almost 14 hours. After that, he starts to feels so much better. I would like to know what kind of natural medicine can help him. The best treatment for him is a long sleep period of time.
26 Oct 2018
Ashwagandha, Brahma (Bacopa Monnieri) and Gotu Kola. Every day 3x per day. And no OTC capsule rubbish. You need the dried herb for the last two (to make an infusion (tea). Always add a drop of vinegar. Ashwagandha you need the powder. One teaspoon with a teaspoon of honey in a 1/3rd glass of warm to hot milk. All of the above should stand for at least 30 mins to an hour.
Anas Mohammed ( INDIA KARNATAKA )
04 Nov 2016
Hi I am suffering from insomnia for last couple of months like I have starting trouble I mean difficult in falling asleep once I sleep there will be no interruptions for at least 4 to 5hours. Should I take TAGARA and how much dose to be taken. Thank you from Anas Bangalore.
Krutika Bhist
11 Nov 2016
No, Anas. I do not think you should. Since, this is not Insomnia. You may try other options like listening to light and relaxing music, that will help you to sleep. Drink a glass of water before you go to bed.
26 Oct 2018
Try Valerian with a 1/2 tablet of 5HTP 100mg. Also insomnia becomes a major psychological problem. So forget about bed for a while which causes major anxiety. Try lying on the couch with the lights dimmed watching something really boring on TV. I find Tour de France perfect. 5 hours of cycling and no sudden noises. Give yourself plenty of time and don't say to yourself you must sleep. Say to yourself you just want to relax. You have to take the pressure off yourself.
Balaji ( Hyderabad )
16 Nov 2016
my grandmother has lost her memory and unable to recognize her only daughter that is my mom.Rather she insists that her daughter is a small child and cries for her all day.She does not sleep all night which is affecting our sleep too.I want to see my grandmother peaceful...Can you please suggest any solution?.....Please
18 Nov 2016
Balaji YOu grandmother can take the following herbs--
1. 2 spoons of coconut oil every day. She should eat it regularly for 20 days. 2. One capsule of Mucuna Pruriens capsule, daily.
3. Bacopa Monnieri. Take it everyday , you may take it's tincture form , for a 15 days. Add 5 drops of the tincture to a glass of water.
22 Nov 2016
Thank You Meera.... Can you please advice when we should have Mucuna Pruriens?
Remi ( India/Maharashtra )
04 Dec 2016
Hi ,
I am having difficulty in falling asleep since a month. Even last 4 yrs I have been having inconsistent sleep pattern like a day or two I will not feel sleepy n sleep less, then next two days I would get deep sleep. But now its like I feel sleepy n tired but i wake up every half hpur dont gey continoys n deep sleep at all.
I took tagara at night one capsule fr 3 days but strtd feelin lethargic n hungry in day time.
Is it d side effect?
09 Dec 2016
Remi It is absolutely safe to take Tagara capsules. Take one every day for a month. Continue for 2 months. Another herb is Ashwagandha. Buy it's tincture from a homeopathic store and take 3 drops added to half glass of water for 15 days.
Vilas ( India/Delhi )
28 Dec 2016
Since last couple of months I have not been able to sleep properly. Firstly, it is extremely difficult to sleep till about 2 am or so. there after I can sleep only for hour and half or two at the maximum. Again I am awake. Result is that my muscles do not get enough relaxation. Though I cannot say I get a pain anywhere in the body, but it is a different feeling of starving of enough rest. I have tried normal remedies of taking glass of warm milk mixed with haldi (turmeric), taking spoonful of honey with rock salt before going to bed etc. I do not take nap in the afternoons. I follow strict routine of taking dinner couple of hours before going to bed etc. I stopped watching TV, using laptop or smart phones after dinner. But I did not get any relief. I am 72 and weigh about 55 Kg. I have no BP nor sugar.

Wold it be advisable for me to take Tagara? If so, kindly advise the dosage and the period for which it should be taken. I understand that there are no side effects.

Will be grateful for an early reply
Matula Das ( India )
03 Jan 2017
You may take Tagra capsules for a month. Take one capsule every night after dinner. The herb will calm your brain and relieve you of anxiety if any. It will take care of your sleeping disorder.
Also, i would like to suggest that you listen to some calming music or melodies once you get in your bed.
Once, your habit is formed, then you will get used to this. Try reading in bed or try different things that will help you to fall asleep, like blinking exercises. You will have to put in a little effort. All the very best.
Akhtar Rizvi. ( Karachi, Pakistan )
11 Feb 2017
My daughter age about 25 suffering from epilepcy since the age of 7 years. She also suffers from joint pains. Can you please prescribe the medicines for her. Epilepsy can be cured?
Jagrooti Dutt
13 Feb 2017
You may try Mucuna Pruriens capsule. Give her one every day for a month. It is highly effective herb for curing Brain disorders. Moreover, there are many types of Epilepsy ,so you will have to explain the detailed symptoms.
Spikenard and Marijuana are also very effective for curing Epilepsy. So, Cannabis Indica tincture can be given to her. 5 drops every day in a glass of water for 15 days. But, I would advise you to talk to your doctor first.
Bassant ( India )
05 Mar 2017
tagara is it good for sleep apnea? i have high BP of 15/100 in the early morning and I get up twice to urinate and I snore a lot. I am taking BP MEDICINE AMLO SAFE TM 40 one tablet in the morning can I take Tagara for above problems. Due to these above problems sleep is disturbed.
09 Mar 2017
This herb is used to cure High Bp, Yes.
But, the most effective herb is Giloy ( Tinospora Cordifolia )
And if you already are taking any drug for High Bp, then you must take the herb with caution. Because this can lower the blood pressure beyond the normal level.
So, either you reduce the dosage of the medicine that you already are taking.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
11 Mar 2017
I am taking Brahmi tablets since last one week. Can I take Yasthimadhu for my acid problem with this medicine?
Rakesh ( India )
16 Mar 2017
Dear sir,
I am having a problem of balancing and have stiffness in Legs.I have been diagnosed SCA2 disease of ataxia. I am given vitamin tablets by allopathy. Will Tagarwill help me cure my disease
Meenal Panth
17 Mar 2017
Rakesh. This disease can be cured by speech therapy, physiotherapy, etc.
Your case needs close examination. It is suggested that you consult your health care provider in this matter. Also, I have heard that Ubiquinone may cure you. Please read about it on the internet. This can help you to some extent. all the very best Rakesh .;
Maryam ( India )
23 Apr 2017
Daily constantly migrane attracts every medicine and treatment shoots the migraine attacts Is valeriana herb effective in migrane.
02 May 2017
Yes, Valeriana herb is very effective in curing Migraine. Have one capsules. daily for a month.
Inhaling Lavender oil is another effective method to cure Migraine. Add 3 drops of the oil to three cups of boiling water and inhale the vapors. This will relieve you of the headaches.
Riyas ( India )
17 May 2017
What are side effects of Tagara, any problems in it's long term use in generalized anxiety disorder
Dr. Kirti Shardha ( Pune )
25 May 2017
Though Tagara is used to cure anxiety, but, if taken for a long time, it may aggravate the anxiety or uneasiness.
But, if you take it for a limited duration, as prescribed by your doctor, according to your condition, then no side effects have been reported. The generalized anxiety disorder can be cured by Kava also. Drink one cup of Kava tea everyday for a month. Do you suffer from Panic Attacks also ?
Please discuss other symptoms Riyas, so that severity of your condition can be known.
Riyas ( India )
27 May 2017
I'm not suffering from panic attacks, but I have generalized anxiety since childhood, but I have attained good professional degrees with help of relaxation techniques and occasionall anti anxiety drugs, even though I have good job I am still suffering from social phobia(mild to moderate), severe flying phobia , moderate stage phobias and occasionall sleep disturbances, please tell anything that can be used long term with out major side effects
Anil Shergil ( Mohali )
31 May 2017
Try taking Kava tea man. It is good for all type of anxiety. I read something about Miasmic Theory. The one who has fears and anxiety is Psoric. And the treatment has to be according to the miasms accordingly.
08 Jul 2017
Kava has got side effects. Consult a doctor before using it. Ashwagandha is very useful for anxiety and mind calmness
09 Oct 2017
I am suffering from Insomnia last 2-3 years. I fell very difficulty while sleeping plzz suggest me some remedy so that I can sleep well
19 Feb 2018
Take Valerian ( tagara ) capsules, one every day for a month. Drink a glass of Buttermilk every day.
Naresh Chaudhary ( India/MP )
23 Oct 2017
Can I take Tagara-Valeriana Wallichii for some longer periods, say half or one year or so without any adverse effects. If there are bad effects, then of what type, level or intensity?
25 Oct 2017
Naresh. Sorry. but, why do you want to take Tagara. Do you suffer from Insomnia ?
What is the problem that you wish to take it for ?
L N Vyas ( Rajasthan )
03 Feb 2018
I am suffering from insomnia but taking amlodipine metropolol and nitrates I am allergic to allopathic anxiety and sleeping pills can I take tagar.
12 Feb 2018
We can not comment. Since you already are taking allopathic drugs.
You need to lower the dose or eliminate the allopathic drugs, as it may react with the herb.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Tariq Sher Khan ( Pakistan )
16 Feb 2018
Which herb is the best for depression.
Janak sahani ( India)
19 Feb 2018
The best herb for Depression is Mucuna Pruriens. And other are; Passion Flower tea, Valerian , White Jasmine, Spikenard and Basil
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