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Brain Disorders Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Brain Disorders
Medical Name
Brain Disorders
Hindi Name
Demag ki Bimarian
Brain Disorders Symptoms
Parkinson's Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Alzheimer's Disease
Psychiatric Disorders
Insanity: Dementia

Brain Disorders Cured By

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Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer's disease. A number of psychiatric conditions, such as Schizophrenia and Depression, are thought to be associated with Brain dysfunctions, although the nature of such are Brain Anomaly.

Human Brain is composed of Neurons, Glial Cells, and Blood Vessels. The number of Neurons, according to the array tomography, a technique far more accurate than earlier microscopic methods, has shown about 200 billion Neurons in the Human Brain, with 125 trillion synapses in the Cerebral Cortex alone.
The brain consumes up to twenty percent of the energy used by the Human Body, more than any other Organ. Brain metabolism normally relies upon blood glucose as an energy source, but during times of low glucose (such as fasting, exercise, or limited carbohydrate intake), the Brain will use the ketone bodies for fuel, with a smaller need for glucose. The Brain can also utilize the lactate during exercise. Long-chain fatty acids cannot cross the Blood–Brain barrier but the Liver can break these down to produce ketones. However, the medium-chain fatty acids octanoic and heptanoic acids can cross the barrier and be used by the Brain. The Brain stores the glucose in the form of glycogen, albeit in significantly smaller amounts than that found in the Liver or the Skeletal Muscle.
Although, the Human Brain represents only 2% of the body weight, it receives 15% of the cardiac output, 20% of total body oxygen consumption, and 25% of total body glucose utilization. The need to limit the body weight has led to a selection for the reduction of the Brain size in some species, such as bats, who need to be able to fly. The Brain mostly uses glucose for energy, and deprivation of glucose, as can happen in hypoglycemia, can result in the loss of consciousness. The energy consumption of the Brain does not vary greatly over time, but active regions of the cortex consume somewhat more energy than the inactive regions.

Food that Boost up your Brain.
Green Tea
Dark Chocolates

Causes of Brain Disorders
Other Physical Disorders

Things that causes damage to the DNA of our Brain cell. This interrupts the normal functioning of the Brain and develops a number of Brain Disorder.
1. Pesticides : Man has become very selfish in order to make more money. In order to save the crops he has endangered his own Life. Usage of Pesticides disrupts the original quality of the Crop which also effect the normal functioning of the Brain Cells.
2. Cell Phone Towers or Cell Phones : Yes, they have become a part of our life, but the bitter truth is it has a very bad effect on our Brain and Heart. Some recent research have shown that certain Bird species have become extinct as the number of towers has been increased in the world. They contain some Electromagnetic radiations which causes damage. So one can make a rough guess that how they are harmful to humans too.
3. Drug Abuse, slows down the Brain's ability to function properly.
4. Tap water contains Fluoride, which also effect the memory.
5. Cosmetics that contain heavy metals like, Aluminium.

If not treated properly, Brain Disorders may cause

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Brain Disorders

Single Herb

Mulungu for Brain Disorders

Put half teaspoon of Mulungu powdered roots in one cup of water. Boil it. Simmer for 10 minutes. Drink twice daily.

Bacopa Monnieri for Brain Disorders

Mix fresh juice of Bacopa Monnieri leaves and Ghee in equal proportion. Have 1 teaspoon per day.

Mucuna Pruriens for Brain Disorders

Consume quarter a teaspoon of Mucuna Pruriens seed powder with water daily.
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