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Brain Injury Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Brain Injury
Medical Name
Brain Injury
Brain Injury Symptoms
Loss of Balance
Loss of Concentration
Behavior Changes
Getting lost easily
Neck Pain
Blurred vision
Dysfunction of the Brain
A person takes to think or to react
Mood Swings
Insomnia or Hypersomnia
Deep Sadness
Memory Problems
Slurred speech
Loss of sense of smell or Taste
A person becomes more sensitive to light and sound
Changes in self esteem

Brain Injury Cured By

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Highly Effective


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Chines Redbud
Chinese Pholido...
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Brain Injury is a disease of the Brain.
Any injury that may cause damage to the Brain cells is a Brain Injury.
Human Brain is one of the most important body organs. It is divided into several parts. It consists of Neurons, Galial Cells, Nerve Fibers and Blood Vessels. It is connected to the spinal cord with the help of Brain stem. Brain is the largest structure of the body and consumes 20 percent of the total energy produced by the body. It regulates a number of Body functions. The nerves communicate with the brain. This helps a person in speaking, reading, writing, movement of body parts, to touch and feel the objects. The five senses of the Body like Smell, Vision, Hear, Touch and Taste, these are regulated by the Brain. Any damage to the Brain may cause impairment of the Brain functioning. It may cause various complications.

Types of Brain Injury
Traumatic or Intracranial Brain Injury: Some external mechanical force causing a violent blow due to which the brain penetrates into the skull. This may lead to nerve damage and bleeding in the Brain. It causes impairment of the Brain functions. Malfunctioning of the Brain affects rest of the body functions.
Acquired Brain Injury : It may be due to some illness such as Tumor or brain stroke. It damages the Nerve fibers and causes impairment of the Brain.
Penetrating Trauma : When some object penetrates into the Brain it is termed as Penetrating Trauma. It damages the blood vessels and impairs the Brain functions.
Diffuse Axonal Injury : This kind of injury is a result of acceleration and deceleration. It is caused by an accident. In this the brain moves back and forth. This disrupts the normal functioning of Axons. Axons are thread like structure and a part of Neurons. They help in transmitting the signals.
Contusion : Formation of bruises as a result of trauma is Contusion. It causes internal bleeding in the brain.

Causes Of Brain Injury
An Explosive blast
Blow to the Head
Blood Clots in the Brain
Lack of oxygen in the Brain
Damage of Blood Vessels in the Brain

If not treated properly, Brain Injury may cause

Best Remedy for Brain Injury is Natrum Sulphuricum 200C. If you have had suffered from any Head Injury or you still have the Symptoms like Headache, then the best bet is, just have one dose of Natrum Sulphuricum. Whether the Injury is old or new, take one dose of this remedy.

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Brain Injury

Single Herb

Turmeric for Brain Injury

Mix one teaspoon each of Turmeric powder and Honey. Consume it four times a day.

Ginkgo for Brain Injury

Take Ginkgo capsules of 240 mg per day.
Queries on Brain Injury
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Santosh Khamgal ( India,Maharashtra,Pune. )
03 May 2016
My brother in law is suffering from diffuse axonal injury post accident. After 6 days he is still unconscious, MRI reports still showing diffuse axonal injury with diffuse cerebral edema with stretching of mid brain. age is 25 years.now in ICU on venti which reduced to 50%.
So sir, can you suggest me any proven treatment to reduce cerebral edema & DAI SOS brain damage.
Immediate reply would be highly appreciated.

Thanks & regards.
05 May 2016
Dear Santosh
We regret our inability in prescribing you any appropriate remedy, as we have not seen the actual condition of the patient. However, there are Homeopathy remedies, Like Arnica, Aconite and Opium. These remedies may help in treating your Brother - in - law. Homeopthay is very effective in such cases, so our suggestion is you please Visit a Homeopathic Doctor and ask which remedy is suitable to him.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
04 Oct 2018
my wife(32) suffered from similar RTA, while driving car on jun 2016.After 1 year of extensive medication, I have taken her to kotakal Arya vaidya sala for ayurvedic neurorehab therapy. shown a good improvement.
Ma khan ( UK england )
07 May 2016
Could you please advice.me what best rem4for Parkinson's disease, Trauma in no th hand's
Thank you for your help
09 May 2016
Dear Ma Khan
Try Homeopathy tincture Hypericum. Take 10 drops daily. Also take Mucuna Pruriens capsules, take one every day.
Pankaj ( India/gujarat )
09 Apr 2020
is there any herbs for MOYA MOYA disease
10 Apr 2020
Hey dear, I'm afraid you have to go with what your doctor says. Periodic Physical diagnosis is must in case like yours.
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