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Belladona Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Glycemic Index / Load
Botanical Name
Atropa Belladonna
Hindi Name
Angur Shefa
Homeopathic Name
Belladonna   -   Mother Tincture

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Belladona Cures

Highly Effective


Action of Belladona

Highly Effective

Nutrients in Belladona

Highly Effective

Combines With

Taste of

Parts Used

Roots, Leaves, Berry

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Belladona

It may cause Blurred Vision, Paralysis.
It may be poisonous. Discussion with a Healthcare Professional is must before use.
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Belladona is a plant.
It is perennial.
It grows in a temperate climate.
IT grows up to 1.5 M.
Best used for Inflammation.

Homeopathic remedy Belladonna is prepared from the Belladona plant. The indications of the use of Belladonna are :
Physical Symptoms
Looks red hot
Heat in the Head
Cold Feet and Hands
Swelling on injury
Dilated Pupil
Lacks Thirst

Mental Symptoms
Seeing Animals or Monsters in Hallucinations. The intensity of Hallucinations is such, the child is unable to recognizes even his parents. Triggered by Cold and Wet conditions.

The symptoms are worse during Midnight, around 3 PM and while lying down. They increase with sudden movement and touch. The person feels better lying propped up or staying still.


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Materia Medica for Belladona

Belladona General

Belladona is familiar as Angur Shefa. It has been used as a medicine since ages.
Belladona is an effective herb for the Nervous System. It cures Nerve Disorders like Sciatica and Parkinson's Disease.
It is potent for Headache and Migraine. It is useful for curbing Fever.
It is beneficial for curing Oral Problems like Toothache and Mumps.
It alleviates any localized inflammatory reactions.
It improves Cerebral sensitivity with Delirium and Cramps.
Belladonna is a valuable herb for Respiratory problems like Asthma and Whooping Cough.
It is effective for treating Haemorrhoids.
It is a good herbal remedy for curbing Symptoms of Menopause.
It is a constituent in many Skin creams used for treating Skin Ulcers.
It is useful for alleviating Rheumatic Pain.
Caution : Consult a Doctor Before consuming it.
Keywords : Nervous Disorders, Brain Afflictions, Oral Problems, Respiratory Ailments, Hemorrhoids, Menopause, Skin Problems, Rheumatism.
Single Herb

Belladona ( Angur Shefa ) for Rheumatism

Apply the crushed leaves as a plaster for Rheumatism.

Belladona ( Angur Shefa ) as Aphrodisiac

Belladona contains strong Alkaloids which enhances sexual potency.
Consume three Belladona berries.
Caution : Do not consume more than 3 berries as overdose can lead to death via respiratory paralysis.
Queries on Belladona
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Shrikant ( India )
09 Mar 2016
How many drops to be mix with half cup of water?
16 Mar 2016
Dear Shrikant
Please mention the disease for which you wish to use Belladona. The amount of Herb depends on the condition to be cured, and on other factors.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
18 Apr 2018
3 drops of belladonna in half cup of water
Raj ( India )
01 Aug 2016
I am having penis swelling problem.. Upper part of foreskin went back and front is swelled like a balloon..Can i use it if yes then how to have it..
04 Aug 2016
Raj No, please do not use Belladona for the swelling. Write back to us and mention the reason, until we do not know the cause, we might not be able to suggest a cure. If you are not aware of the cause, then it is suggested that you visit a doctor
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Debanjan ( India )
04 Feb 2017
Is belladonna good for treatment of diffuse osophageal spasm (resulted due to acid reflux which is cured now) ??? i got to know it from a website..if it is then please suggest the dosage..previously i have got myself treated by lot of allopathy doctors but without any significant result.Im 25 year old male , non obese, without any previous history of any ailment except asthma.
06 Feb 2017
Yes, Belladona can be taken. you need to consult your homeopath doctor for the exact prescription of the remedy. Since only he/she can examine your condition physically.
Belladonna 30 C can be taken thrice in a week. But, be careful, it may even worsen the condition if you do not take absolute doses.
Maryanne ( UK )
19 Feb 2017
Hello. I have quinsy tonsillitis (recurrent). Please could you advise how I best I should treat. I have belladonna, hepar sulp and baryta carbonica available - all in 30c potency.
Many thanks.
27 Feb 2017
Dear Maryanne. We will not recommend any homeopathic dilution for Tonsilitis. Different people react differently to homeopathy. Also, we need to have a complete list of all of your symptoms, which we do not have. Then, there comes the problem of repetition of the dose, for that also, an absolute evaluation is required. A homeopathic remedy is rarely to be repeated. We will suggest you herbs to boost your immunity.
Echinacea and Golden Seal. These are easily available in capsule or in the form of a tea. You may buy any.
Take one capsule of each, every day for a month.
This will improve your immunity and consequently will cure Tonsilitis. Take a glass of fresh Pineapple juice daily.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Gursharn Singh ( INDIA/Punjab )
21 Mar 2017
I am suffering m glaucoma.Is belladonna useful in glaucoma for red eyes and blur eyes..
Kavish Nagpal
27 Mar 2017
Belladonna 200 can be given. But, I think you should talk to an expert homeopath before trying this remedy.
Do not use it on your own.
Surendra ( India odisha )
07 May 2017
some time when i looking at tv the letters are look like double . i cant undrestand whta is the problam .please tell me it is a seriuos problam or not
Mukul Ananda
16 May 2017
Dear Surendra. Did you get your eyesight checked? It is important that you visit an eye specialist and then share here what did the tell you. It is important to know the cause or the disease first.
Also, share your age and any eye disorder that you suffered in the past ?
Rebecca Cober ( United States )
29 May 2017
I have a neck fusion, and two back fusions. I still get around pretty good, but with pain, i have had steroid shots and just did a 2nd nerve block, the first one work for awhile but low and behold thr pain has came back. I have arthritis in hands and shoulders. I have been a very active person and have always worked hard. I still do, but i hate living on shots and pain pills. Could belladona be used as an ointment rub and be beneficial.? Please advise.
Millee ( Canada/ont )
01 Jul 2017
i have sore throat and a little cough what should i take arnica 200 or belladona 200 and how many drops pls advice couldnt sleep whole night
Narendra singh ( India )
01 Aug 2017
Dear sir
We are medicanal plant farmerlike belladonna and utrica doicia nettle herb pl cont any herbs requriment
Narendra singh
Asha ( Tamil nadu/ india )
13 Dec 2017
Belladona for bulging abdomen after delivery phyometra
Miramar ( USA/NC )
06 Apr 2018
Belladonna 30c for toothache in tooth with very large crown, sensitive to cold (more) and heat to avoid root canal
Arya ( India /Westbengal )
19 Jun 2018
Respected Sir,
My son( 3 years 8 months) has speech delay . He has consumed Belladona 30 for (2nd May,2018 to 19 th May,2018) 2 globyles at morning and 2 globules at night. After 19 th May,2018 our local doctor prescribes Belladona 200 for 21st May,2018 to 31st MAy,2018. After consuming Belladona 30 for 2 weeks my child is not responding to his name but following the Instructions. His hyper activity has reduced.
My question is does these dosage of Belladona can cause damage to the nerveous system of my child.

Is there any antidote for these Belladona.
Vishnu ( Up )
09 Mar 2019
belladona 30 ???????? ?? ??? ???? ??? ?? ???? ?? ????? ???? ????? dose ?? ???? drops ??? ?
Donna Behan ( United States )
22 Jan 2021
Can belladonna be used for opiate addiction? If so, dosage and side effects?
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