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Urinary Problems Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Urinary Problems
Medical Name
Urinary Problems
Hindi Name
Urinary Problems Symptoms
Frequent Urination
Unable to emptying the Bladder
Difficult to start urination
Increased pressure on the Bladder
Need to urinate more than two times at night

Urinary Problems Cured By

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Alchornea Flori...
Angelica Arguta
Anthocleista Ma...
Areca Concinna
Auricularia Aur...
Baruwa Sugarcan...
Berberis Asiati...
Bifid Bladderwo...
Brahma Kamal
Canarium Madaga...
Celtis Mildbrae...
Clematis Montan...
Climbing Atalan...
Commiphora Agal...
Crotalaria Pall...
Croton Haumania...
Cucumber Tree
Cuscuta Austral...
Dendrocnide Har...
Digera Alternif...
East Himalayan ...
Endeavor River ...
Epilobium Canum
Equisetum Telma...
Eriolaena Quni
Ficus Rumphii
Fishbone Fern
Hot Biscuits
Ixora Chinensis
Jacaranda Puber...
Jeffersonia Dip...
Kniphofia Uvari...
Lespedeza Capit...
Malva Rotundifo...
Mysore Fanpetal...
Nerve Plant
Opuntia Elatior
Oxeye Daisy
Pear Hawthorn
Peperomia Tetra...
Phytolacca Acin...
Plantago Ovata
Pogostemon Beng...
Premna Esculent...
Primula Denticu...
Roscoea Alpina
Roylea Elegans
Rubus Allegheni...
Salsola Stocksi...
Sambhar Salt
Semecarpus Subp...
Shrubby Sea Bli...
Sterculia Villo...
Tree Vernonia
Tricholepis Gla...
Utricularia Vul...
Vernonia Patula
Veronica Persic...
Wall Barley
Ziziphora Tenui...
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Urinary Problems is a disease of the Urinary Bladder and the Kidneys.
Kidneys are the filtration plant of the body. They filter toxic substances and produces urine. The urine get stored in the Bladder. When the bladder gets filled, then the nerves send signals to the Brain to empty the bladder. After this a person wants to urinate. However, if there is some problem with the kidneys or the urinary bladder, it causes problems. Call it Urinary Problems.
What is normal ? It is normal for an adult to void about 1.8 liters of urine in 24 hours.
A few problems related to urination are given below. They are dealt with separately on this portal.

Dysuria : Painful urination is Dysuria.
Bed Wetting : The involuntary urination during sleep is Bed Wetting. It is common in children.
Cystorrhea : The presence of mucus in the urine is Cystorrhea.
Strangury : When a person is not able to empty the bladder, it is known as Strangury.
Urinary Incontinence : When a person fails to hold the urine, it leaks from the bladder and disease is termed as Urinary Incontinence.
Urine Retention : When urine is present in the bladder but cannot be voided. It normally dribbles out drop by drop.

Causes of Urinary Problems
Kidney Problems
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia ( BPH )

If not treated properly, Urinary Problems may cause
Bladder Cancer

Body Part(s)

Urinary Bladder
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Materia Medica for Urinary Problems

Single Herb

Fox Grape for Urinary Problems

Make an infusion of Fox Grape bark powder. Take it, twice a day.

Cyclea Peltata for Urinary Problems

Boil 50 g root powder of Cyclea Peltata in 450 ml water until it gets half. Drink 30 ml twice a day.

Shoe Flower for Urinary Problems

Use flowers of Shoe Flower plant to make decoction. Drink 30 ml once a day.

Buchu for Urinary Tract Infection

Take One tablespoon dried Buchu leaves.
Steep these leaves in One cup of water for half an hour.
Take 3-4 tablespoons thrice a day.

Bergenia as Diuretic

Crush roots of Bergenia and store the obtained sap. Take 3 ml of it twice a day.

Alfalfa for Urinary Problems

Prepare plant decoction of Alfalfa. Have it once a day.

Gardenia ( Gandhraj ) for Urinary Problems

Add 2 g bark powder of Gardenia ( Gandhraj ) in a cup of warm water. Drink it twice a day.

Arjuna for Urinary Problems

Prepare a decoction of 5 to 10 gm of Arjuna bark in 20 ml water and drink twice a day.

Ziziphus Xylopyrus for Urinary Problems

Take 2 Ziziphus Xylopyrus leaves. Chew it for 15 days.

Kalanchoe Pinnata for Urinary Problems

Chew 3 Kalanchoe Pinnata leaves daily, 2 times a day.

Curry Leaf ( Karipatta ) for Urinary Problems

Grind fresh Curry leaves to extract its juice. Mix this juice with a pinch of Cardamom powder. Consume one tablespoon of this mixture daily.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Urinary Problems 1

Boil half tablespoon Indian Gooseberry ( Amla ) powder in a cup of Berberis Aristata ( Rasont ) for 10 minutes. Drink.

Herbal Treatment For Urinary Problems 2

Make a decoction of Virginia Snakeroot, Jasmine ( Chameli ) and Plantago. Take twice a day.
Queries on Urinary Problems
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John ( Nigeria )
08 Mar 2016
What is the best herb to use if one is not able to urinate.
08 Mar 2016
Dear john
I think you should try diuretic Herbs.
09 Mar 2016
Dear John
I suggest to take Varuna. It is a good diuretic herb.
Prs from USA
25 Nov 2016
I am 76 yrs old. One good kidney. Blood pressure and Glacauma medication controlled. Edema on right ankle. Prostate normal TURP surgery for Prostate. Back surgery long ago
Bladder not emptying is my main concern for your guidance. Ultrasound shows urinary retention after voiding. Urologists don't recommend Di- uretics as it will undermine kidneys. Back up of urine may create Hydronephrosis and ultimately damage kidneys.
Suggest STRENGHTHEN the bladder formulas.
25 Nov 2016
Dear Prs
Try the following Herbs.
Land Caltrops capsule, have 1 every day for 1 month.
Have a cup of green tea daily.
Have Punarnava powder ( 1 tablespoon ) evry day with a glass of warm water.
Buy Crataeva Nurvala mother tincture from a homeopathy shop and take 10 drops 3 times in a day.
Take 1 glass pof Green leaf juice 3 times in a day. You may add spinach, Carrot leaves, Beetroot leaves, Celery and Wheat grass and take fresh green leaf juice daily.
Ganesh ( Bangalore )
11 Feb 2017
I have difficulty in starting urination,but not everytime and dribbling after urination upto some time. Dribbling is from past one year and i have sensation to urinate again.
What is this called & how to overcome this condition?
14 Feb 2017
Dear ganesh
Have you tried Nux Vomica 200. Buy 1 dose from a Homeopathy Shop and study the results.
Chandrashekhar Patil ( Maharashtra, India )
11 Mar 2017
Kidney stone about 28mm in female can disolve by graph amali
14 Mar 2017
Dear Chandrashekhar Patil
We could not under stand your query. What do you mean by Graph Amali?
If you need a herbal formula for Kidney stones then please let us know, we will recommend you accordingly.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Muhammad Aamir ( Pakistan )
21 Jul 2017
My daughter is 3 years old.She always rush to urinate again and again all the day.Tell me its treatment.Is it dangerous?
18 Aug 2017
Dear Muhammad Aamir
Go to a Homeopathy shop and buy one single dose of Tuberculinum 10M. Give her one single dose only and do not repeat the dose. Let us know the results after a month.
In the mean while please let us know some more details about your daughter. 1. Was your daughter born fat, fair and flabby?
2. Did she ever licked walls or have eaten chalks?
3. Does she feel craving for sugar, milk and eggs?
4. Was she born with wrinkled skin especially on her hands and wrists?
Please answer these questions and we will recommend you accordingly.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
05 Aug 2017
what can i take when your kidney count is low according to my family dr. my count as july 12 2017 is 38 and they consider low what is there for me to drink to raise my count thank you
31 Aug 2017
Dear Josie
To improve the kidney functions you can try the following.
1. Tribulus Terrestris tincture, take 10 drops once in a day in a glass of water.
2. Have a cup of Wheat Grass juice every day.
3. Have a capsule of Varuna every day.
4. Have 10 drops of Boerhavia Diffusa in a glass of water every day.
Try these herbs for 1 month and see the results.
Raju ( India )
15 Feb 2018
Sir meri age 30 year aur weigh 50 kg h sir mujhe urinary problem h sir urine ke liye bahut zor lagana padta h aur urine achanak hi lagta h aur bahut argent peshab ko jana padta h
1-frequent urination
2-Unable to emptying the Bladder
3-Difficult to start urination
4-Increased pressure on bladder
5-Frequent urge to urinate

?sir prostate aur peshab ki nali narmal h peshab ki dhaar bhi normal h

Ultrasound report--"urinary bladder wall irregular and thickness and bladder not fully empty"?

Urine report- - "3-4 pus cell"?

Prostate are normal

07 Mar 2018
Dear Raju
I suggest you to try Gokhuru. Buy Tribulus Terrestris mother tincture and have 10 drops 2 times in a day. It is easily available on a Homeopathy Shop. Take it for 15 days to see the results.
Ahmed ( Pakistan )
31 Oct 2018
Sir i am 25 years old and my probllem is that i have to wake up in morning due to urine and urine comes in parts,bladder does not emties in one go.This problem started when one hakeem gave me medicine for Nocturnal ejaculation as i dod not had proper nocturnal ejaculation since my puberty at age 17.I had once a year or 2 years nocturnal emission happening and it was also rare.The medicine of hakeem caused problem and i had daily forced nocturnal ejaculation with pain.I told hakeem this and he gave me sharbat bazoori and the problem soon reaolved but new problems which arose were that i could not sleep more due to urine urge in morning and urine passing in parts started.Even when i am in middle of bowel movement whenever i slightly put pressure my urine starts.Your help is needed plz guide me what to do.

Note:I have another condition too that my body is soft and my bones are weak besides i am fat person.I have moobs due to excess fat as per reports and moobs hurt when i press them.I went to hakeem due to these issues and he told me that i had semen in urine which i rejected but he insisted so i bought into his words.I think i have high estrogens and low testosterone.
Ankush ( India )
07 Apr 2019
I use to urine fine until ten or twetve bt later it's starts slow down the urine pressure and urime start coming out drop by drop unintentionally
And i used to bed wet doctors said I am having spina bifida as I was operated at the age of 2 but if it is the reason it should show its affects from the immediate of post surgery
Doctors advice me to use catheter six time A day please doctor give me some permanent solution?
Ali Burhanudin ( Malaysia )
19 Apr 2019
I am Ali from Malaysia,62 years and suffering from ADPKD. There are numerous cysts inside the kidney and foaming urine. Last month, creatinine reading was 115 and eGFR was 70. Need your help, please.
Temitope ( Nigeria )
22 Jun 2020
In May 2020, i had UTI with i my doctor prescribe 3days injection and 5days antibotics for after conducting urine m/c/s test. After three weeks from the time i took the drugs i developed foamy urine and she requested i perform a urinalysis to confirm present of protein. The results turns out negative including every other thing been normal and she said there is nothing to worry about as i need to continually drink lots of water. Every day i take lots of water but only a little improvement as the urine now only foams few times a day. However, i have take Boerhavia diffusa after the UTI treatment but still the foams in urine is yet to disappear.

I will appreciate a kind advice on what herbs to use to stop foam in urine.
Mohammed ( England )
18 Feb 2021
I get stinging urination. Sometimes it stings so much, it makes my eyes water.

When i need to pass urine, the urge is great.

Sometimes i have to wake up in the middle of the night to pass urine.

I am 36 years old, male, married with kids.
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