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Saw Palmetto Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Saw Palmetto
Glycemic Index / Load
Saw Palmetto
Botanical Name
Serenoa Repens, Serenoa Serrulata, Arecaceae family
Hindi Name
Krakach Tal
Homeopathic Name
Sabal Serrulata   -   Mother Tincture

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Saw Palmetto Cures


Action of Saw Palmetto

Highly Effective

Nutrients in Saw Palmetto

Taste of
Saw Palmetto

Nature of
Saw Palmetto


Parts Used

Fruits, Seeds

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto in high doses may result in Loss of Libido in both men and women.
Saw Palmetto may cause side effects if not taken in limited doses or more than suggested doses. It may cause Dizziness and Abdominal Pain.
It may upset the stomach. To reduce the risk of an upset stomach, take Saw Palmetto with breakfast and or dinner.
Avoid Saw Palmetto if you are on blood thinning medication, or, if you have Hemophilia, Ulcers, or, if you are planning a surgery.
Reduces the effectiveness of Contraceptive pills. Beware, If you do not want a child. Take more effective measures if you are on Saw Palmetto.
Saw palmetto decreases estrogen levels in the body.
Saw palmetto slows blood clotting. If Saw Palmetto is combined with other Anticoagulant drugs or blood thinners, the resultant thinning of the blood may be more than planned and hence the patient may bleed excessively.

Stop consumption if you feel the following symptoms :
Itchy Skin
Acid Reflux
Sore Breast
Muscle Pain
Mood Swings
Bloody Cough
Internal Bleeding
Rapid Heart Beat
Swelling in the Testes
Gastrointestinal Problem
Body becomes more prone to bruising
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Saw Palmetto is a palm.
It is perennial.
It grows in a warm climate.
It grows up to 25 M.
Best used for Prostate Enlarged, Gynecomastia.
Has an Affinity to :
Dosage :
It can be taken in the form of Decoction and Tincture.
In TCM :
Meridians Associated : Kidney, Spleen, and the Liver.
Cancer Treatment : Useful in treating Prostrate Cancer.

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Materia Medica for Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto General

Saw Palmetto has superb effects on Urogenital Irritations, Impotence and Male Infertility. It promotes healthy Reproductive organs in both Men and Women.
In Males, Saw Palmetto acts as a wonderful herbal treatment for Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH). It acts beneficially on the Prostate gland. It makes prostate shrinked or enlarged naturally. It is a good herbal remedy to improve Libido and treat Impotence.
It is an Aphrodisiac. It supports the sexual functions and regulate the levels of Testosterone.
It also contributes to hair growth.
In Females, It acts beneficially on the Mammary Glands. If the Breasts are small and underdeveloped during puberty, it will enlarge them. If a woman has repeated miscarriages due to hypothyroidism, Saw Palmetto will correct the situation and increase fertility. It inhibits the overproduction of a male hormone that is Testosterone in Females. If the levels of this hormone gets increased then it may cause male pattern hair in women. The condition is known as Hirsutism.
It possesses Anticancer properties. It inhibits the growth of tumor cells and reduces the risk of Cancer.
Apart from this, Saw Palmetto treats urinary problems. It enhances the functions of Bladder and prevents Urinary Tract Infections. It eases the inflammation that is associated with Urinary Tract Infections. It is diuretic and eases the pain associated with painful urination.
It acts as a barrier and inhibits the development of Kidney stones. It is a nutritive tonic for kidneys and stimulates their functions.
It tones the functions of Thyroid Gland. It regulates the body metabolism.
It reduces inflammation and is a good remedy for Respiratory Disorders. It is beneficial to treat Cold, Cough, Asthma, Bronchitis and other Respiratory Infections.
It is a good tonic for Digestive Tract. It promotes digestion and aids the appetite.
Caution: Consult a Doctor before consuming it.
Methods of Administration. How to take
Tincture. The best and the most potent method of consuming Saw Palmetto is to Tincture it.
To learn how to make your own Tinctures Click here
Decoction: Make a tea.
Put l/2 teaspoonful of the powdered root in a cup of water. Boil it. Simmer for l0 minutes. Drink three times a day.

Keywords: Impotence, Small Breasts, Repeated Miscarriage, Hypothyroidism, Cold, Cough, Asthma, Bronchitis, Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, Low Appetite, Bladder Infections, Urinary Tract Infections, Kidney Problems, Hirsuitism.
Single Herb

Saw Palmetto for Small Breasts

Saw Palmetto is very effective herb to increase the size of breast naturally.
It stimulates breast tissues.
Take dried berries of Saw Palmetto. Prepare a decoction. Have 2 teaspoons twice a day for 2 months.
OR : Take it in the form of tea.
Massage is also necessary with Saw Palmetto extract with above mentioned dosage.

Saw Palmetto for Prostrate Enlargement

Prepare a decoction of the fruits of Saw Palmetto. Have 1/2 glass once a day.

Saw Palmetto for Baldness

Saw Palmetto blocks 5-alpha-reductase enzyme which transforms testosterone into dihydrotestosterone in the body. This helps to reduce the hair fall and stimulates hair regrowth to treat Baldness.
Have 5 to 6 fresh Saw Palmetto berries daily.
OR : Take Saw Palmetto capsules of 160 mg two times a day.

Saw Palmetto for Prostatitis

Phytosterols and Fatty Acid present in Saw Palmetto help to reduce the inflammation of the Prostate Glands. Saw Palmetto induces Urination and detoxifies the body.
Take Saw Palmetto capsules of 160 mg twice a day for a month.

Saw Palmetto for Hair Fall

Dilute 5 to 6 drops of Saw Palmetto Essential Oil into a teaspoon of Olive oil. Gently massage on your scalp with this oil. Apply it twice daily to induce the growth of hair.

Saw Palmetto for PCOS

Saw Palmetto helps to combat the PCOS symptoms like facial hair and acne.
Take Saw Palmetto in the following ways.
Have fresh or dried berries of Saw Palmetto.
OR : Have 1 cup of Saw Palmetto fruit decoction 2 times in a day.
OR : Have 1 Saw Palmetto capsule every day.
OR : Buy Sabal Serrulata mother tincture from a Homeopathy Shop and take 10 drops 2 times in a day in a glass of water.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Balancing Hormones

To ensure the proper balance of the hormones in the body such as Estrogen and Testosterone. It is advised to take the following herbal combination.
Maca gives energy to the body and improves the Libido. It is helps to combat the Premenstrual Syndrome like hot flushes and Night Sweats.
Chaste Berry gives relief from Menstrual problems and treats Infertility. It stimulates the production of Breast Milk. Chaste Berry uplifts the mood and relieves stress.
Black Cohosh suppresses Luteinizing hormone that causes PCOS. It helps the brain send messages to other parts of the body.
Saw Palmetto balances the production of testosterone and estrogen in the body. It strengthen the Thyroid Glands and boosts the metabolism.
Take the following capsules only once a day:
Maca 500 mg
Chaste Berry 300 mg
Black Cohosh 225 mg
Saw Palmetto 160 mg

Herbal Treatment For Baldness 35

Take 1 tablespoon of grounded Saw Palmetto Berries and mix it with Aleo Vera ( Gheekumari ) Gel. Apply this mixture to the bald areas on your scalp. Leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse off with fresh water. It significantly reduces hair loss and promotes hair growth.

Herbal Treatment For Baldness 36

Add 1 tablespoon of each grounded Saw Palmetto and Indian Gooseberry ( Amla ) in 2 tablespoons of Castor Oil ( Erandi Ka Tel ). Mix it well. Massage your scalp with this mixture. Leave it for the whole night. Rinse off your hair in the morning with fresh water. Repeat it daily to get the best results.

Herbal Treatment For Baldness 37

Mix 1 teaspoon of Saw Palmetto powder in 2 teaspoons of Jaborandi Hair Oil. Massage your scalp with this oil daily to stop hair loss. Jaborandi Hair Oil is a hair tonic, mixing it with Saw Palmetto promotes fast growth to the roots.
Queries on Saw Palmetto
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You will get a reply in your email.
Pawan Kymar Gupta ( Rajasthan )
21 Apr 2016
Capsules of these ingrediants- NACA, Chase berry,Black cohosh, Saw palmetto. Price & Packing .
Pawan Kumar Gupta ( Rajasthan )
21 Apr 2016
Saw plametto powder packing &Price
Pawan Kumar Gupta ( Rajasthan )
21 Apr 2016
Where will be availability of Maca,black cohosh, saw plemetto, & Chase berry combination. I want this combination capsules & I want Saw Plemetto powder.
Vish esh
09 Sep 2016
Hello Team,

I am suffering from acute hair loss , and this lead to bald patches both side and developing M shape.

My whole scalp has dandruff which cause even more hairfall.. Everytime I touch my hairs , atleast 3-4 comes out in finger.

I am taking AMLA Juice daily. I am also taking Ashwagandha and Amla Churna
I want to first stop the hair fall. Please tell something I can take as medicine.
So that it can strengthen the hair internally.

Any thing which stop hair fall with regular intake . How does this Saw Palmetto helps ?

I was planning to make a perfect combination of -- Amla Ashwagandha Saw Palmetto Ghokhuru ....
Can I use this in form of tablets (or) powder ?
14 Sep 2016
Saw palmetto is an effective remedy to cure hair fall. You may scroll up and check other benefits of this herb. The most effective herb that has shown wonders in cuing hair fall problems is Castor oil. You can buy it from any chemist shop, it is readily available. Method : Take 2 teaspoons of castor oil in a bowl. Add 4 to 5 teaspoons of Coconut oil or Olive oil to it. Mix them well. Now apply this blend of oils on your scalp. Massage gently on the scalp and on hair for 15 minutes. Leave the oil in your hair for 3 t4 4 hours. Wash them with luke warm water. Repeat this procedure thrice in a week.
Continiuous use of this method for 2 months will show desirable results.
You may use this oil for as long as you want.
In addition to this we will suggest you to just take Gokharu capsules for a month.
Drink 30 ml of amla juice, added in a glass of water for 30 days. Consult your health care provider before taking any herb. For any queries, you can write us back
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Vaishnavi Dalvi ( India )
30 Oct 2016
Dear Sir,
I am looking for natural Breast Augmentation medicine. I have gone through the article and found it very helpful. It would be great if you can also mention the amount of saw palmetto than can be consumed every day and where I can get this?

08 Nov 2016
Prepare a decoction of 5 to 6 dried berries of saw palmetto. Drink 2 teaspoons everyday for a month. Other two herbs that are most effective for your breasts are- Fenugreek and Dong Quai. Take one Dong Quai capsule twice a day for a month. Apply the Fenugreek paste on your breast and did massage ( in circular motion ) for 10 minutes every day. Please read the side effects of Saw palmetto before you start consuming it.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Vinod ( India )
29 Jan 2017
I have tendency of prostate enlargement. At times, of course not all the time, I feel upset during urine passing and and decreased flow of urine.
How should I use Saw Palmetto Herbs and what doses?
I an 64, any side effects?
Please explain clearly and suggest its availability in natural form ..
06 Feb 2017
Vinod. It is recommended that you take one dose of Medorrhinum 10 m.
Do not repeat the dosage at all.
Wait for a month and share the results. DO NOT REPEAT THE DOSE.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Henry ( U.S.A. / Maine )
19 Feb 2017
The descriptive text recommends the use of 160 mg. capsules, either once or twice daily. Since this dosage is commonly found only in a standardized formulation, are we to assume the author prefers this form, to capsules of the whole herb fruit? If the latter form is also acceptable, what is the equivalent dosage of whole herb capsules?
These typically come in 450 mg. and 540 mg. dosages.
27 Feb 2017
Dear Henry.
Every individual is different and reacts differently to a remedy, be it a decoction, tincture, powder form, an extract, the pills or in the form of tea. Every individual also reacts differently to the quantity consumed, potency taken, and the frequency with which the herb is taken. The factors are many, so it is advised that you carry out your own experiment. Take that form of the herb which is readily available to you and you feel is good for you. Some people do not believe in buying the herbs in the form of capsules ( as they doubt the amount of crude form of herb used by the manufacturers ) and, thus, they prefer to prepare their own herbal decoctions or teas. So, the choice is yours, you may start by taking the minimum dosage AVAILABLE.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Deepak Kumar ( India Uttarakhand )
29 Mar 2017
My father is suffering Grade III BPH, I listen about saw palmetto please help me the dose for that and from where i can take it.
Deepak Kumar
Rig Shourya
04 Apr 2017
Take one capsule, daily for a month.
Just try for a week if it suits you, only then continue.
Buy it from the internet.
Si ( US/TN )
19 May 2017
How does saw palmetto reduce gyno and increase breasts?
Is it related to estrogen levels?
So, it does both.
09 Jun 2017
Yes, Saw Palmetto is related to the Hormones. Action of Saw palmetto is bidirectional.So, those women who have small breasts, it will increase the estrogen level or say, balance it, and help in increased breast size. Also, for those men, suffering from Gynecomastia, it will reduce the estrogen levels, increase the testosterone level and thus ,cure the man boobs. Thus, Saw Palmetto works in both ways. It is used to balance the hormones and cures Hormonal Disorders like, Small Breasts, Gynecomastia, PCOS, etc.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
JUNAID ( India telangana )
09 Jun 2017

my wife is facing some female disorders and having more male hormoens by that she is having problems acne and gaps on face and hairs on chicks and upper lips is it possible to take saw pelmatto product or powder as directed by you guys .
Can you advice me this procuct can be given to her while she is pregnant. Waiting for your reply by email and details how to get your product.
Meenal Chand ( India )
09 Jun 2017
Junaid. It is advised that you do not give her any herb during Pregnancy. It is usually not safe.
Donald ( Nigeria )
28 Jun 2017
i had a bacteria infection before which i was having burning pain in my penis and in the base of my penis and also having a yellowish colour urine, but i got all treated(contacted through sex).

after some months,
i am having burning pain on my prostate, it seems as if my scrotum is hurt inside not outside. i did the computer check, so i was told am having prostate problem ( instead of 2.48, am having 2.22) . i feel very relieved after taking scent leaf(by boiling) but i know it is not gone completely. i feel slow in starting urine. slow. i have ordered for both stinging nettle and saw palmetto for my treatment. please advise me on how to use it. i am just 31 years of age. please help.
Karan M.
04 Jul 2017
Take Stinging Nettle decoction, one cup every day for a week. If it suits you, then take it for 7 more days.
And Saw Palmetto can be taken in the form of capsules, one every day for a month.
Donald ( Nigeria )
28 Jun 2017
i mean it makes my scrotum to be hot by having the burning feeling inside, though the outside remains very cool.
CHANDAN ( India )
20 Sep 2017
i m suffering from gynaecomastia for last 20 years. I have a habit of masturbation.I have a problem of erectile dysfunction,premature ejaculation,watery semen,small penis,low libido.I am too bulky also.Please help.
Sushilkumar kothari ( Telangana )
01 Nov 2017
Am suffering from BPH and presently taking Himplasia (Himalayan Drugs) tablets three times a day since last one week. Got relief for the present. How long I can continue it. Does it have side effects?
Mzuvelile ( South africa )
22 Nov 2018
can saw palmetto be consumed by women over 60 years of age?
Rashmi ( India / Delhi )
06 May 2019
From where I get saw pulmetto as my husband is suffering from prostate problem
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