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Tonic Herbs


Tonic herbs are those herbs that tone up the tissues. These herbs give a feeling of vigor or well being. They give strength to the Body. They also boost the Immune System.


Acalypha Psilostachya
Acampe Praemorsa
Acer Macrophyllum
Adiantum Venustum
Aframomum Corrorima
Afzelia Bella
Aglaia Odorata
Ajuga Bracteosa
Allium Vineale
Amelanchier Arborea
American linden
Angelica Arguta
Anisocycla Cymosa
Anthocleista Madagascariensis
Anthocleista Vogelii
Aquilaria Malaccensis
Arnebia Hispidissima
Aspidistra Elatior
Beech Drops
Berberis Asiatica
Big Sagebrush
Bird's Nest
Black Sassafras
Blepharis Linariifolia
Blepharis Sindica
Boehmeria Macrophylla
Boscia Angustifolia
Brachycorythis Obcordata
Bridelia Ovata
Buchholzia Coriacea
Calcutta Bamboo
Camel Grass
Canadian Aspen
Canscora Diffusa
Capparis odorata
Caralluma Edulis
Cardiocrinum Giganteum
Casearia Elliptica
Cassia Abbreviata
Cassumunar Ginger
Catharanthus Lanceus
Chaney Root
Chasmanthera Dependens
Chlorocardium Rodiei
Chrysophyllum Perpulchrum
Cibotium Barometz
Ciliated Swertia
Cissampelos Owariensis
Cleistanthus Bipindensis
Clutia Abyssinica
Cnestis Ferruginea
Cochlospermum Planchonii
Codonopsis Tangshen
Combretum Adenogonium
Combretum Caffrum
Combretum Micranthum
Combretum Platypterum
Commiphora Agallocha
Connarus Africanus
Coral Lily
Corchorus Aestuans
Corchorus Fascicularis
Cordyla Pinnata
Cordyline Fruticosa
Craspidospermum Verticillatum
Crested Lepidagathis
Crocanthemum Canadense
Croton Mongue
Croton Mubango
Cryptocoryne Spiralis
Cuscuta Australis
Cynoglossum Lanceolatum
Cyperus Iria
Daniellia Oliveri
Davallia Solida
Decalepis Hamiltonii
Desmodium Elagans
Desmodium Heterocarpon
Desmodium Triflorum
Dichostemma Glaucescens
Diospyros Rhodocalyx
Divine Jasmine
Doronicum Roylei
Dotted Hawthorn
Dracocephalum Moldavica
Early Blue Violet
Ekuleu Lochi
Enicostemma Littorale
Entandrophragma Utile
Ephedra Fragilis
Ephedra Gerardiana
Epilobium Canum
Eriosema Chinense
Erythrococca Anomala
Euadenia Eminens
Euchresta Horsfieldii
Eulophia Dabia
Euodia Lunuankenda
Faurea Saligna
Ficus Politoria
Fishbone Fern
Flickingeria Macraei
Frasera Speciosa
Fraxinus Pennsylvanica
Fumaria Muralis
Furcraea Foetida
Gillenia Trifoliata
Glandularia Bipinnatifida
Gold not to be used as such. delet and use
Gomphia Serrata
Gomphocarpus Semilunatus
Green Bristle Grass
Grewia Hirsuta
Guiera Senegalensis
Habenaria Acuminata
Hibiscus Asper
Hydrocotyle Javanica
Hypoxis Aurea
Indian Pipe
Indian Thorny Bamboo
Isodon Rugosus
Jerusalem Oak
Jhar Beri
Justicia Pectoralis
Kalanchoe Integra
Launaea Asplenifolia
Lavandula Stoechas
Lilium Japonicum
Madras Carpet
Maerua Siamensis
Mahonia Nervosa
Mapleleaf Viburnum
Maytenus Marcanii
Melodorum Fruticosum
Morinda Coreia
Mustard Seed Oil
Myosotis Scorpioides
North Indian Catmint
Nypa Palm
Oligochaeta Ramosa
Oneleaf Onion
Oxeye Daisy
Panax Fruticosa
Parameria Barbata
Persicaria Orientalis
Populus Trichocarpa
Premna Esculenta
Ragged Mallow
Red Oak
Rhododendron Anthopogon
Rivea Ornata
Roscoea Alpina
Roundleaf Kariyat
Roxburgh s Wormwood
Rubus Allegheniensis
Salix Sitchensis
Sapphire Berry
Sarcostemma Viminale
Schefflera Elliptifoliola
Schefflera Heterophylla
Scoparia Dulcis
Shield Sundew
Silphium Perfoliatum
Small Flowered Bugleweed
Smilax Aspera
Smooth Solomon s Seal
Solanum Indicum Linn
Sorbus Scopulina
Sow Thistle
Squaw Root
Swamp Onion
Syzygium Paniculatum
Tacca Integrifolia
Tetracera Sarmentosa
Texas Barberry
Thalictrum Dalingo
Tinospora Crispa
Tree Vernonia
Tulip Poplar
Vernonia Patula
Veronica Persica
Wendlandia Bicuspidata
Western Rattlesnake Plantain
White Butterfly Bush
White Sagebrush
Wild Leek
Yellow Rattle
Zornia Diphylla
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Materia Medica for

Single Herbs

Arjuna as Tonic

Arjuna strengthens the body. It should take with Jaggery. This combination is very much powerful for human beings.
Take half teaspoon bark powder with Jaggery daily.

Bitter Quassia as a Tonic

Take a cup made of Quassia Wood. Fill it with water and leave overnight. It becomes a good Bitter Tonic for the stomach.

Fenugreek ( Methi ) as a Tonic

Take One tablespoon pulverized Fenugreek ( Methi ) seeds with water daily. It is quite useful in Tuberculosis.

Curry Leaf ( Karipatta ) as Tonic

Consume 2 g dried Curry leaves with warm Milk two times a day.

Sphaeranthus Indicus ( Gorakhmundi ) as Coolant

Grind dried flowers of Sphaeranthus Indicus ( Gorakhmundi ) to make powder. Take quarter tsp of it. Have it twice a day.

Thespesia Populnea as Tonic

Make a decoction with roots of Thespesia Populnea. Consume 5 ml thrice a day.

Withania Somnifera as Tonic

Add 3 g root powder of Withania Somnifera in lukewarm water. Use it regularly for 1 month.

Vervain as a Tonic

Add 2 tablespoon rootstock in 2 cups of boiling water.
Steep for 5-10 minutes.
Cool and store.
Take 2-3 tablespoons 4-5 times a day.

Balsam Weed as Tonic

Boil few flowers of Balsam Weed. Filter. Take 2 tsp daily.

Dandelion as a Tonic

Put 2 tablespoons of crushed Dandelion root in a cup of water and bring to a boil.
Now simmer in a covered pan for 15-20 minutes.
Drink One cup daily.

Brown Rice Soup

Travails of modern life make us a little sick. Genetically engineered food makes us a little more sick. Pollution and pesticides make us more more sick. What to do ? Drink Brown Rice Soup.
Take about 250 gms of Brown Rice. Dry roast the Rice in a pan till they are very dark brown. Take care, do not burn them. Set aside in a glass bowl.
Boil two liters of water. Pour half over the brown rice. Retain the other half in the pan. Wait 5 minutes. Strain the water in a glass jug. Add the same rice to the water in the pan. Simmer on low heat for 5 minutes. Strain the water into the jug. Discard the rice. You now have a jug full of soup. Cool, store in fridge.
Drink one cup a day for one month at least. Repeat at least 3 to 4 times a year.
NOTE 1 : If you are a patient of High Blood Pressure, take the soup on alternative days.
NOTE 2 : Do not eat or drink anything ( other than water ) for half an hour before or after the soup. Can be taken concurrently with Health Soup. Health Soup preparation is given in Immunity Booster. Please do not mix them. Take at least three hours apart.
Recommendation. Take Health Soup in the morning, and Brown Rice Soup in the evening.
NOTE 3 :
If you are not sick or little sick, take little soup. You will not be sick any more. If you are more sick, take more soup.
Do not combine with high protein foods.
NOTE 4 : When the body corrects itself, there may be a reaction. It could be any or all of the following.
Itchy skin, Eczema, Diarrhea.
If you are on medication, or if you already have an Eczema, the reaction may be strong. Bear it. It will go away.
Patients with a head injury may get a headache. This is a good reaction, one you should want.
If a patient has eye disease, he may develop temporary blurred vision or itching around eyes. But, subsequently the eyesight will get better.
Body temperature may fall.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Tonic 1

Thoroughly wash 250 gram each of the following herbs. No need to peel them.
Garlic ( Lehsun in India ), Onion ( Piyaz in India ), Ginger ( Adrak in India ), Horseradish, Green Chili ( Hari Mirch in India ), and Lemon ( Nimbu in India ). Put them in a food processor and coarsely chop them. Put the mixture in a 3 liter jar. Top up with Apple Cider Vinegar ( Seb ka Sirka in India ). Cover it with a piece of cloth and rubber band. Store in a dark place for a month. Stir with wooden spoon everyday. After one month strain through cotton cloth. Bottle. Store in a cool and dark place. Take 30 ml everyday. Take for whole life.
It will build Immunity, clean arteries of plaque, Lower cholesterol, open blocked arteries and prevent Alzheimer.
Attention : If it hurts the throat, add Honey ( Shehad in India ) or eat a little sugar after drinking it.
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