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Beetroot Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Glycemic Index / Load
Botanical Name
Beta Vulgaris
Hindi Name
Homeopathic Name
Beta Vulgaris   -   Mother Tincture

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Beetroot Cures

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Action of Beetroot

Highly Effective

Nutrients in Beetroot

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Parts Used

Whole Plant, Root, Leaf
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Beetroot is round, cylindrical or tapered swollen root.
It is an annual plant.
It grows up to 35 Cm.
It is dark red.
They can be eaten either raw or cooked.
Best used for Anemia.



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Materia Medica for Beetroot

Single Herb

Beetroot for Eclampsia

Take two-three Beetroots a day.

Beetroot ( Chakundar ) for Anemia

Beetroot ( Chakundar in India ) is a good source of Iron. It helps in the production of Red Blood Cells.
Have Beetroot in Salad, Juice or in soup form.

Beetroot ( Chakundar ) for Heart

Consuming Beetroot in raw or juice form lowers the risk of Heart Stroke.

Beetroot ( Chakundar ) Leaves for Earache

Take Beetroot ( Chakundar ) Leaves. Squeeze out the juice. Heat. Use it as ear drop.

Beetroot ( Chakundar ) for Low Blood Pressure

Drink a cup of Beetroot juice. It helps to elevate the Blood Pressure.

Beetroot ( Chakundar ) Low Platelet Count

Take 2 tablespoon Beetroot juice twice a day.

Beetroot ( Chakundar ) for Menopause

Drink 100 ml Beetroot juice daily. It helps to cure menopausal disorders.

Beetroot ( Chakundar ) for Scanty Menses

Take one glass of Beetroot ( Chakundar ) juice thrice a day.

Beetroot ( Chakundar ) for Gout

Consume 4 to 5 slices of Beetroot ( Chakundar ) as salad daily.

Beetroot ( Chakundar ) for Arthritis

Drink a cup of Beetroot ( Chakundar ) juice once a day.

Beetroot ( Chakundar ) for Rheumatism

Drink 30 ml beetroot juice daily. Have it twice a day.

Beetroot ( Chakundar ) for Kidney Stones

Cut Beetroot in small pieces. Boil them in water until they get soft. Mesh them in same water. Filter. Drink a cup of it thrice a day.

Beetroot ( Chakundar ) for Burns

Crush leaves of Beetroot to make paste. Apply a layering over burned areas.

Beetroot ( Chakundar ) for Bruises

Crush fresh leaves of Beetroot ( Chakundar ) to make paste. Apply it over ruptured Skin.

Beetroot ( Chakundar ) as Cardio Tonic

Beetroot ( Chakundar ) is rich in Phytonutrients, Manganese and Vitamin C. It helps to lower blood pressure and supports functioning of the heart.
Have Beetroot ( Chakundar ) juice or take it raw daily. It will make your heart healthy.

Beetroot ( Chakundar ) as Antidepressant

Beetroot ( Chakundar ) contains Betaine, Tryptophan which relaxes your mind. This nutrient has been widely used in antidepressant drugs.
Are you depressed or overworked ? Try to add Beetroot ( Chakundar ) in your daily diet. . It strengthens the mind.

Beetroot ( Chakundar ) as Immunity Booster

Beetroot ( Chakundar ) contains low calories, so it boots up the immunity.
If you add Beetroot ( Chakundar ) in your daily diet, you will feel energetic yourself.

Beetroot ( Chakundar ) as an Aphrodisiac

Beetroot ( Chakundar ) increases the blood flow in genital areas. So it has been used in aphrodisiac drugs from ancient time.
Have Beetroot ( Chakundar ) daily and live a joyful life.

Beetroot for Hair Fall

Prepare a paste of few Beetroot leaves. Apply it to your scalp for 30 minutes. Repeat this procedure twice a week.
Drink fresh juice of Beetroot. Consume this juice once a day.

Beet for Dandruff

Boil tops and roots of Beet in water. Massage every night with this water to get the best results.

Beetroot ( Chakundar ) as Liver Tonic

Beetroots stimulate and improve overall Liver health and functioning. Prepare a Beetroot salad with 1 cup of chopped Beetroots, 2 tablespoons of Olive oil and 1/2 tablespoon of Lemon juice. Mix it well and eat once a day for two weeks.

Beetroot for Constipation

Boil 1 Beetroot in water for 5 to 10 mint. Drink this soup and eat Beetroot too. Have it on empty Stomach.

Beetroot for Spleen Enlargement

Have fresh Beetroot in salad daily.
OR : Have a glass of fresh Beetroot daily.

Beetroot for Blood Disorders

Beetroot is a rich source of Minerals and Vitamins. It detoxify the blood and remove all the impurities from the Blood.

Beetroot for Watery Semen

Have fresh Beetroot every day to beat watery semen. You may also have Beetroot and Carrot soup daily.

Beetroot ( Chakundar ) for Alopecia Areata

Beetroot ( Chakundar ) is rich in minerals and nutrients. It provides a good hair care.
Include Beetroot in daily diet.
OR : Make a paste of Beetroot leaves and add the paste to Heena. Apply on your scalp to prevent Grey Hair, Hair Fall, Dandruff and Alopecia Areata.

Beetroot for Ovarian Cysts

Beetroot is a good source of essential vitamins and minerals. It promotes a good health of reproductive organs and remove the toxins.
Include Beetroot to daily diet. One can have Juice or salad of Beetroot daily.
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Herbal Treatment For Kidney Stones 2

Take Carrot ( Gaajar in India ) seeds and Beetroot ( Chukander in India ) seeds in equal quantity. Roast them on low flame. Powder the roasted seeds. Store in a glass bottle. Have half teaspoon with water once a day. After a course of a month, go for test. If it benefits you (size of the stone has reduced), repeat the process.
Note : Best way to roast them is, in a hollow Radish. For this, take a Radish ( Muli in India ) and hollow it from inside. Put seeds in the Radish ( Muli in India ). Keep the Radish ( Muli in India ) on flame. Roast from everywhere. After roasting, take out the seeds from Radish ( Muli in India ). There is no use of Radish ( Muli in India ) in the treatment. Powder the seeds. Take half teaspoon of powdered seeds with water daily. For best results, follow the procedure at least for a month.

Herbal Treatment For Allergy 3

Take equal quantity of Carrot juice, Beetroot juice and Cucumber juice in a glass. Drink once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Liver Cancer 1

Mix equal quantity of Beetroot juice and Carrot juice. Drink one cup after 4 days.

Herbal Treatment For Appendicitis 1

Mix 30 ml Carrot juice with 10 ml each of Beetroot juice and Cucumber Juice. Drink once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Dandruff 7

The Antidandruff and Antifungal properties of Beetroot ( Chukander in India ) help to treat Dandruff. Henna ( Mehandi in India ) helps to condition the hair and soothes the Scalp.
Mix 3 to 4 tablespoons of Henna leaves powder and water to form thick paste. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of Beetroot powder in it. Mix well. Apply it on the scalp. Leave it for 2 to 3 hours. Wash off and Shampoo. Do this once a week.

Herbal Treatment For Jaundice 9

Add 2 tsp Lemon juice in a cup of Beetroot juice. Drink it once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Migraine 3

Mix equal quantity of Cucumber juice and Beetroot juice. Drink 1 glass of it once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Fatigue 6

Take equal quantity juices of Cucumber, Carrot and Beetroot. Drink 50 ml of it once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Gout 7

Take juice of Cucumber, Carrot, Celery and Beetroot in equal quantity. Mix. Drink 100 ml of it thrice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Dandruff 19

Take 20 gram of Beetroot ( Chukander in India ) and 10 gram of Ginger ( Adrak in India ). Peel and grind them together. Apply it on scalp as well as on hair and cover with plastic cap. Keep it for 2 hours and wash.

Herbal Treatment For Low Platelet Count 2

Take 200 gram of Carrot ( Gaajar ) juice. Add 50 gram Beetroot ( Chukander ) juice. Have it twice a day. See the difference in 5 days.

Herbal Treatment For Piles 21

Put a few drops of fresh Carrot ( Gaajar ) juice and Beet Root ( Chukander ) juice on a cotton ball and apply on the swollen veins to get some relief.

Herbal Treatment For Anemia 10

Mix equal quantity of Apple ( Seb ) juice with Beetroot ( Chukander ) juice. Add some Honey for good taste and drink daily.

Herbal Treatment For Gallstones 6

Take half cup each of Beetroot ( Chukander ) juice, Carrot ( Gaajar ) juice and Cucumber ( Kheera ) juice. Drink twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Beetroot General

Beetroot ! Rings a bell...! yes it is Chukandar. It is generally consumed in the form of juice or a vegetable or raw. Apart from its edible uses it is also consumed as a herb.
A mixture of Beetroot along with vinegar and ginger is applied on the Scalp to remove Dandruff.
While Beet is used to counteract Acne, Pustules and Pimples. Its water is used to get rid of itchy Skin.
It is a great blood purifier. Consuming Beetroot helps in curing Anemia. Its juice helps in treating blood related disorders like Hypertension by decreasing blood pressure.
Its juice is a good herbal remedy for Heart Attack.
It is best for the Stomach. Its juice reduces acid level in the Stomach.
It helps in removing toxic chemicals from the liver and helps in combating Liver Disorders like Jaundice and Biliousness.
Mixture of three juice that is carrot, cucumber and Beetroot is beneficial for Kidney. This mixture helps in combating ailments like Kidney stones, Diuresis, Urinary Problems, etc.

Caution : Consult a Doctor before consuming it.

Keywords : Skin Ailments, Hair Problems, Digestive Disorders, Hypertension, Anemia, Stomach Problems, Liver Disorders, Kidney Ailments.

Herbal Treatment For Gray Hair 17

Here is a formula which helps to stop graying of hair. It is not miracle formula. It needs time and patience. It may be possible that one or two application do not give desirable results. Later on, you will see very noticeable changes in your hair.
Step 1 : Boil 4 to 5 big slices of Bottle Gourd ( Ghiya ) and one medium sized Beetroot ( Chukander ) in 1 to 2 cup of water.
Step 2 : Mash them well in water. Strain the water.
Step 3 : Put this water in an iron pot and add 3 to 4 tablespoons of Henna ( Mehandi ).
Step 4 : Roast 2 tablespoons of Indian Gooseberry ( Amla ) powder until you see the gust of smoke coming up.
Step 5 : Put the roasted powder in the mixture. Blend them well. Apply the mixture on the scalp and hair properly. Leave it for minimum 3 to 4 hours.
Step 6 : Wash with plain water. Do not shampoo your hair for 3 days.

Herbal Treatment For Gray Hair 18

Roast dried Indian Gooseberry ( Amla ) and then soak in water for 2 to 3 hours. Grind and take out in a pan. Add one crushed Beetroot ( Chukander ), 2 tablespoons paste of sprouted Fenugreek ( Methi ) seeds and 4 to 5 crushed Roselle ( Guddahal ) flowers. Mix them. Apply it over hair and let it dry. Wash with water.
Note : Use iron pan.

Herbal Treatment For Hair Fall 9

Mix fresh Beetroot juice with Ginger juice and massage your hair scalp for 20 minutes and wash it with shampoo.

Herbal Treatment For Hair Fall 10

Boil ground Beetroot leaves and mixed with Henna and prepare a paste. Apply this paste on your hair scalp for 20 minutes. Wash your hair with lukewarm water.

Herbal Treatment For Liver Tonic 1

Beetroot stimulates and improves overall Liver health and functioning. Prepare a Beetroot salad. Chop few Beetroots, 2 tablespoons of Olive oil and 1/2 tablespoon of Lemon juice. Mix it well and eat once a day for two weeks.

Herbal Treatment For Egg Allergy 1

Mix Carrot juice and Cucumber juice in equal proportion. Drink it in the morning daily.
You can also use Beetroot juice in place of Cucumber.

Herbal Treatment For Milk Allergy

Extract the juice of Carrot, Cucumber, Pomegranate and Beetroot. Mix them in equal proportion. Drink it daily in the morning.

Herbal Treatment For Pneumonitis 1

Drink one glass of fresh Beetroot juice, Cucumber juice and Carrot juice in a ratio of 1:1:3 daily.

Herbal Treatment For Seafood Allergy 1

Drink a glass of fresh Carrot juice mixed with Cucumber and Spinach juice daily.
In place of Cucumber you can also use Beetroot juice.
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