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Low Blood Pressure Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Low Blood Pressure
Medical Name
Low Blood Pressure Symptoms
Pale skin
Chest Pain
Blurred Vision
Increased Thirst
Shortness of Breath
Irregular Heart Beat
Numbness of Extremities
Low Blood Pressure

Low Blood Pressure Cured By

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Low blood Pressure is a disease of the Heart.
In Low Blood Pressure the blood pressure drops below the normal range.

The blood streams supply blood to all parts of the Body. The blood carries oxygen and other nutrients also, which act like a fuel for cells and they function properly. But when the cells do not get adequate blood, they

The normal pulse pressure should be 40 mm of mercury. It is the difference between the higher and lower reading of the blood pressure. When this difference falls or the whole range falls, blood may not course through the veins and arteries in the body. Where ever the blood supply is inadequate that part will pain, especially the head. This is more dangerous than High Blood Pressure.

Causes of Low Blood Pressure
Heat Stroke
Blood Loss
Heart Disease
Faulty Nutrition
Hormonal Problems
Parkinson’s disease
Nervous System Disorders
Medicines for High Blood Pressure

If not treated properly, Low Blood Pressure may cause
Damage to the Heart and the Brain

Your best bet is, Juice of Beetroot, fruit of Bodhi Tree.

A visit to the Doctor is a must.
Herbs like Ginger, Pepper, Turmeric and Cinnamon are beneficial to regulate the blood pressure.

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Low Blood Pressure

Low Blood Pressure General

Diastolic Hypotension:
Diastolic Blood pressure: How low can you go?

Many medical experts define Low Blood Pressure, when your reading comes out to be 90 mm Hg systolic or 60 mm Hg diastolic. But nowadays patients are experiencing a consistent range of systolic pressure i.e. 120 mm Hg to 135 mm Hg, but a dip in their diastolic pressure i.e. around 50 mm Hg to 60 mm Hg consistently.
There are three different conditions in which diastolic hypotension can be observed:

• Cardiomyopathy or Malignancy
• Widened pulse pressure, which is an indicator of increased arterial stiffness and atherosclerosis
• Coronary filling pressures, thereby inducing endocardial ischemia

In practice, Diastolic Hypotension is an unusual complication of antihypertensive therapy. This complication may get worse in case of elderly patients, as they possess wide pulse pressure, which is one of the reason of diastolic hypotension.

Numerous studies have revealed that considerable benefits of treating hypertension, Diastolic blood pressure lowering is an unavoidable consequence of such treatment. Therefore, this is an alarming signal for medical experts to intervene into such complication of antihypertensive therapy.
Single Herb

Asafoetida for Low Blood Pressure

Use Asafoetida in your daily meals.

Carrot for Low Blood Pressure

Sweet Jam Pickle of Carrot is helpful in raising low Blood Pressure. In India it is called Gajjar Ka Muraba.
And, Or : :Drink Carrot juice daily. To make it more effective, add Honey.

Beetroot ( Chakundar ) for Low Blood Pressure

Drink a cup of Beetroot juice. It helps to elevate the Blood Pressure.

Epsom Salt for Low Blood Pressure

Take bath with Epsom Salt added water.

Raisin ( Kishmish ) for Low Blood Pressure

Dip some Raisins in the water overnight. Eat them in the morning on an empty stomach. Consume it regularly to control the fluctuation in the Blood Pressure.

Basil ( Tulsi ) for Low Blood Pressure

Take 1 tsp Basil leaf juice. Add half tsp Honey in it. Take it early in the morning on an empty stomach.

Almond ( Badam ) for Low Blood Pressure

Soak 6 to 8 Almonds in water for 7 to 8 hours. Remove the skin and crush them to make a fine paste. Add it to glass of lukewarm milk. Have it every day.

Salt ( Namak ) for Low Blood Pressure

Add half tsp Salt in 300 ml water. Drink once a day.

Spikenard for Low Blood Pressure

Soak 50 g Spikenard root in 500 ml water overnight. Drink 10 ml of it thrice a day.

Orange ( Santra ) Juice for Blood Pressure

Orange ( Santra ) is beneficial in both conditions either High Blood Pressure or Low Blood Pressure.
It contains magnesium which helps to get back your disturbed condition to normal.
Take a glass of Orange ( Santra ) Juice everyday. If problem is huge, have 2 glass a day.

Black Cumin for Low Blood Pressure

Consume 1 cup Black Cumin tea once a day.

Common Salt ( Namak ) for Low Blood Pressure

Add half tsp Common Salt ( Namak ) in a cup of water. Drink it whenever you feel symptoms of Low Blood Pressure.

Cocoa for Low Blood Pressure

Eat dark Chocolate whenever you feel the symptoms of Low Blood Pressure.

Rosemary for Low Blood Pressure

Prepare a leaf decoction of Rosemary. Have a cup of it when you feel symptoms of Low Blood Pressure.

Ginseng American for Low Blood Pressure

Drink a cup of Ginseng American leaf tea once a day.

Rosemary Essential Oil for Low Blood Pressure

Inhale the fumes of Rosemary Essential Oil. It slightly It increases Blood Pressure.

Ginseng Korean for Low Blood Pressure

Mix 3 grams of Ginseng Korean dried powder into a glass of fresh water. Drink this solution for once daily. It maintains your blood pressure.
Note: Consult your health practitioner before use.

Liquorice ( Mulethi ) for Low Blood Pressure

Put a teaspoon of Liquorice ( Mulethi ) dried roots into a cup of water. Boil it till it reduces to half. Strain it off. Drink this mixture twice daily to treat Low Blood Pressure.

Pomegranate for Low Blood Pressure

Drink fresh juice of Pomegranate once in a day. Or have 1 Pomegranate daily.

Black Salt for Low Blood Pressure

Black Salt help in normalizing the Low Blood Pressure.
Include Black Salt in your daily diet.
Queries on Low Blood Pressure
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Ann ( Sindh )
28 Jan 2020
I had a normal blood pressure, but ever since I have been taking some medications: a beta blocker named concor with a few other medicines like sustac, lipiget, lavestrel and a few indigestion medicines, my BP has shot down to below 90/60.

I am going to go visit the doctor in a few days, as he isn't available immediately. Could you kindly refer a remedy that might help for the time being?

Thank you. I'll be immensely grateful. God bless.
30 Jan 2020
Dear Ann Since you are on medication,we wouldn't recommend you any protocol, as they might give any side effect. Kindly check the herbs given above and the procedure to take them. Black salt, Raisin, Epsom salt etc. Always consult your doctor befoe taking any medication.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
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