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Black Salt Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Black Salt
Glycemic Index / Load
Black Salt
Botanical Name
Black Salt
Hindi Name
Kala Namak, Sanchar

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Black Salt Cures


Action of Black Salt

Nutrients in Black Salt

Taste of
Black Salt

Parts Used

Powdered form of Mineral

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Black Salt

It may cause Hypertension problem.
Intake of large doses may lowers the Digestive system.
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Black Salt is a mineral.
It is originally obtained from natural halite.
It is composed of Sodium Chloride and trace impurities of Sodium Sulphate.
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Materia Medica for Black Salt

Black Salt General

Black Salt is popular as Kala Namak. It is used in many Indian dishes as well as in beverages as a flavoring agent. It originates from natural volcanic mines of Northern parts of India and other Asian regions. Commercially its obtained from heated charcoal and plant material. The resulting product is a crystal composed of sulphide compounds.
Black Salt is a natural herb contributing to medicinal aspects. According to ayurvedic studies it has many benefits for Human health.
Have problem using synthetic products for the Hair...!!! Do not worry. Try something better. Black Salt would be a good option. It not only strengthens your hair but also treats other Hair Problems like Dandruff, Split Ends and Hair fall. It contains minerals which helps the Hair to grow healthy and gives the Hair a lustrous and shiny look.
It counters the problem of Hysteria.
It Strengthens the metabolic system. It helps in countering problem of High Blood Pressure.
Suffering from Poor Eyesight..? Have some Black Salt in your diet and improve your Eyesight.
It is effective for Nose Bleeds.
Its consumption is helpful for treatment of Oral Problem like Toothache.
It is a good herbal remedy for the ailment of Thyroid Gland, Goiter.
It is a beneficial herb for the Skin. Take a bath with Black Salt water and it will heal all Skin Problems. It heals up Swollen feet, Sprain and helps in getting rid of Itching. It is a good herbal remedy for Blisters.
It is effective for curing Joint Pains. It is a good herbal remedy for Arthritis.
It is best for the Stomach. It helps in combating Stomach Problems like Flatulence, Acid Reflux, Anorexia, Indigestion, etc.
It helps in combating Respiratory Ailment like Hiccups.
It treats Liver Disorder, Jaundice.
It is a good herbal remedy for Gastric Catarrh.
It has Laxative properties. It helps in proper Bowel Movements and treats the problem of Constipation.
It is a good herbal remedy for Impotence.

Caution : Consult a Doctor before consuming it.

Keywords : Hair Problems, Brain Disorder, Metabolic Illness (High Blood Pressure), Eye Problem, Nose Problem, Oral Problem, Goiter, Skin Problems, Arthritis, Stomach Problems, Intestinal Illness, Liver Disorder, Impotence.
Single Herb

Black Salt for Digestive Disorders

Grind 1 teaspoon of Carom seeds with Lemon juice. Add a pinch of Black Salt in it. Mix them well. Consume it.
It will provide relief from Acidity, Flatulence and Constipation.

Black Salt for Low Blood Pressure

Black Salt help in normalizing the Low Blood Pressure.
Include Black Salt in your daily diet.

Black Salt for Skin Diseases

Black Salt reduces the Skin Problems.
Add Black Salt in your warm bath water. Take bath with this water daily.

Black Salt for Inflammation

Add a pinch of Black Salt in one glass of water. Drink it.
It will provide relief from Pain, Infection and Inflammation.

Black Salt for Diarrhea

Add a few slices of Ginger and a pinch of Black Salt in 1 tablespoon of Lemon juice. Consume it.
It will provide relief from Loose Bowel Movement.

Black Salt for Indigestion

Add a pinch of Black Salt and half teaspoon of roasted Cumin powder in one glass of Buttermilk. Drink it.

Black Salt for Tumors

Use Black Salt in your daily diet instead of Common Salt.
It is beneficial in case of Tumors.

Black Salt for Gum Diseases

Mix a pinch of Black Salt in Sesame Oil. Use it as a toothpaste.
It will harden your teeth and prevents Gum Diseases.
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Herbal Treatment For Toothache 4

Take One tablespoon of each roasted Alum, Mustard oil, Rock Salt, Sal Ammoniac, Black Salt and one teaspoon Blue Vitriol. Powder them and Strain through cotton cloth. Use it as tooth powder once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Flatulence 10

Make a mixture of one teaspoon of roasted Cumin ( Jira in India ) seeds powder, one teaspoon of Celery seeds ( Shalari in India ), one teaspoon of dried Ginger ( Adrak in India ) powder and ¼ teaspoon of Black Salt ( Kala Namak in India ) . Take ½ teaspoon of the mixture with lukewarm water, twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Flatulence 11

Have one glassful of buttermilk with 1/6 teaspoon each of roasted Cumin ( Jira in India ) seeds powder and dried Ginger ( Adrak in India ) powder. Add black salt ( Kala Namak in India ) according to taste. Take it, twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Anorexia 2

Take the following herbs :
Coriander : Dhaniya : Seeds : 5 tablespoons
Black Salt : Kala Namak : 2 teaspoons
Black Pepper : Kali Mirch : 4 teaspoons
Aniseed : Choti Saunf : 2 teaspoons
Grind all ingredients together. Have half teaspoon powder with water once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Liver Diseases 2

Take dried Coriander ( Dhaniya in India ), dried Ginger ( Adrak in India ) and Black Salt ( Kala Namak in India ) in equal quantity. Grind them together. Have half teaspoon thrice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Indigestion 11

Grind equal quantity of dried Coriander ( Dhaniya in India ), Dry Ginger ( Adrak in India ) and Black Salt ( Kala Namak in India ). Take half teaspoon thrice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Flatulence 12

Grind some fresh Coriander leaves. Add Black Salt according to your taste. Take it with food.

Herbal Treatment For Stomach Ache 8

Mix 2 pinches of Caraway and one pinch Black Salt. Take it with lukewarm water.

Herbal Treatment For Pleurisy 2

Take Dry Ginger ( Adrak in India ), Black Pepper ( Kali Mirch in India ), Terminalia Chebula ( Haritaki in India ), Indian Rhubarb ( Hind Revand Chini in India ) and Black Salt ( Kala Namak in India ) in equal quantities. Grind well and take 1 tablespoon daily to get relief in Pleurisy.

Herbal Treatment For Cough 34

Boil 5-6 tablespoon of Wheat flour, a pinch of Black salt in two glasses of water for 15 minutes. Filter. Have twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Indigestion 12

Dip Tamarind and Areca nut in two cups of water. After getting soluble crush them. Strain. Add Black Salt, Cumin seed and Sugar. Fry in Ghee and Asafetida.
Have it.

Herbal Treatment For Flatulence 16

Take the following herbs :
Black Salt : Kala Namak : 2 tablespoon
Indian Gooseberry : Amla : Powder : 1 tablespoon
Mango Powder : Aamchoor : Powder : 1 tablespoon
Common Salt : Namak : 1/2 tablespoon
Terminalia Chebula : Harad : Powder : 1/2 tablespoon
Black Pepper : Kali Mirch : Powder : 1 teaspoon
Carom : Ajvain : Crushed : 1 teaspoon
Cumin : Jeera : Crushed : 1/2 teaspoon
Lemon : Nimbu : Juice : 2 tablespoon
Mix all ingredients. Have 2 pinches after meal once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Stomach Ache 11

Take One teaspoon each of Mint ( Pudina in India ) juice and lime ( Jamri Nimbu in India ) juice. Add Ginger ( Adrak in India ) and one pinch of black salt ( Kala Namak in India ) to taste. Drink.

Herbal Treatment For Flatulence 26

Mix a Pinch of Asafoetida ( Hing in India ) and quarter teaspoon of dried Ginger ( Adrak in India ) powder in a cup of warm water. Add some Black Salt ( Kala Namak in India ) and drink it.

Herbal Treatment For Gastroparesis 3

Roast a tablespoon of Carom ( Ajvain ) seeds. Grind them. Add quarter a teaspoon of powdered Asafoetida ( Hing ) and half a teaspoon of Black Salt ( Kala Namak ). Have half a teaspoon of prepared mixture with lukewarm water. It reduces the pain and solves the problem.

Herbal Treatment For Hysteria 8

Spikenard ( Jatamansi in India ) has strong Nervine property which helps to nourish and calm down the Nervous System.
Sweet Flag ( Ghorvacha in India ) rejuvenates the brain and the nervous system.
Take the following herbs :
Spikenard root powder 3 to 4 tablespoons
Sweet Flag powder 2 to 3 tablespoons
Black Salt ( Kala Namak in India ) 1 tablespoon
Mix all the herbs together. Take half tablespoon of this mixture with 1 teaspoon Honey three times a day. Repeat for 2 week to stabilize the Nervous system and cure Hysteria.

Herbal Treatment For Hair Fall 13

Add a half teaspoon of Black Salt in extracted Tomato juice. Drink it once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Flatulence 17

Take the following herbs :
Carom ( Ajvain in India ) Powder : 5 tablespoons
Dried Ginger ( Adrak in India ) Powder : 5 tablespoons
Black Salt : 1 teaspoon
Soak Carom powder and Ginger powder in 10 tablespoons of Lime juice for 30 minutes. Strain the water and dry the powder. Add Black Salt in it. Mix the dried powder in one cup of lukewarm water and consume it 2 times a day.
Queries on Black Salt
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P.K.Sharma ( INDIA (M.P .) )
17 Feb 2016
Swapnil Joshi
19 Feb 2016
Dear P.K. Shrama
It is low in Sodium content, so does no raise the Bp like common salt does, But yes, if you take it in excess, the it definitely will raise your Blood Pressure. The dosage should not exceed 500 mg or 1 gm per day. The benefits of this salt are numerous. So, it must be included in the daily diet.
Shila amar pol ( India )
19 Feb 2016
I am alcoholic, I read a medicine in which zinger pieces is taken. Then sprinkle the lemon juice and black salt in it. And then dry it. Then chew it daily . This helps in quitting alcohol. Is this right please give me answer,
Karthik Arora
22 Feb 2016
SHhila Amar pol
Drink 5 ml of Cabbage juice daily thrice a day.
Eat Grapes a lot. Take Grapes meal after every 4-5 hours in a day. Make Tamarind soup, add a pinch of salt, take it thrice a weak. Take vitamin D3 daily. Ginger and black Salt are known to get rid of Alcoholism. Check this disease in the disease section. I personally took Capsicum tincture and orange peel tincture to cure it.
a concoction of cloves, cardamom, black salt and tamarind also helped me a lot. It gave me a puky feeling towards Alcohol.
Jack K Warner
05 Apr 2016
Shilla amar pol. You commit your problem, alcoholics are your biggest problem in life. Have self gone true that problem and I just quit everything with alcohol for 4 years. Now after that I have manage to control myself, and believe or not, I can now take 1 drink-normally Smirnoff Vodka, and stay off anything else. For me it was just the lack of disepline, self control så to say...some have it, some not..Start with some kind of self hypnose, talk to self, give you self instruction, your are in control, not your body with demand for alcohole. I know it's a fight to quit, but I can only tell what I was doing with succes.
It take me 4 years to take over my own mind and instruct that part, I'm in charge and that was it...my woman in my life can't believe it, but it is done. We was very close to split up, but I save my family and myself with self control. Try it, you have all to win, nothing to lose..Good luck...
28 Apr 2016
Thanks Jack for sharing your experience. mine also is somewhat the same as yours. I was a big time alcoholic. Sundays, Mondays, I mean every day man. It was so damn impossible for me to even go for work without taking a shot. i really was pissed off. Wanted to quit for ages, And i finally managed to, its been 3 months that i have not tasted alcohol. it is unbelievable for me and my friends.... initially i had very hard time, but now i guess, i am getting okay with it. It is all about self control and determination. They say, where there is a will, there is a way, and i totally agree...... :)v
Jack K Warner Sr. ( Spain-Murcia )
05 Apr 2016
I have some small low BP after en medicine have to take every day- Seguril 40mg comp.
I do have diabetes 2 and take 1 morning and 1 evening.
I just find the black salt in a Indian shop and have now use it in small amount for a time.
I first now log into this site in order to find some answer about this product.
It sound like it is a pretty good for a lot of problem in our ''factory'' world with a lot of products
we normally avoid, but we get in via food factory products.
Your site have a lot to inform and I'm very greatfuly to have all info. I can get......
I even have some blurred vision on one eye-it say come from one of my medicine I take !!??
Or I may need to see a eye specialist for new glasses !!
T.Muthu ( India, Tamil Nadu )
06 Jul 2016
Is black salt is useful to cure kelods? If yes can you pls let me know how to use?
06 Jul 2016
T. Muthu
Sea salt soaks can be used to clean the scars, but not black salt. You may use Aloe Vera Gel. Apply it on the skin. Leave it as it is. Clean it before you apply it again.
Lemon : Extract the juice from a fresh lemon and apply it on the affected skin area.
Leave it on for about half an hour, and then wash the area with lukewarm water.
Repeat the process twice in a day.
Jugal Kishore Gupta ( India/Rajasthan )
12 Jul 2016
Is Kala Namak (Black Salt) Harmfull for Heart?
Dr. Anil
13 Jul 2016
Jugal Yes, Black salt is beneficial for Heart, especially it plays a significant role in treating Blood pressure.
Keith ( India )
09 Oct 2016

I am obese person and trying to reduce weight.
I am drinking 1table spoon on honey, pinch of black salt in warm water . will it helpful or harmful ??????

17 Oct 2016
Keith You should take lemon added to the honey. This is more effective. And if you have high bp, then this black must be avoided. The best herb is Fennel for you. or, eat one avocado everyday for a month. This is a great fruit that helps to reduce weight. Regular exercise is a must for you. Do not take carbs, fats or proteins. Avoid junk food. Obese person is likely to have other disease as well so must eat fruits and veggies to boost the immunity.
23 Oct 2016
Hello doc
is black salt safe during pregnancy.Can I replace table salt consumption with black salt totally?
25 Oct 2016
Yes, Charu, you may take it. It is safe. But please make sure that the Black Salt you buy, is the real one, not the painted black, which is being sold in the market these days. Please be smart while buying the product. Quality should be kept in mind
KM ( India )
17 Nov 2016
Hi ,

I have been drinking Warm water lemon Black Salt in morning for weight loss . will be helpful , if yes what are other benefits.
21 Nov 2016
Dear KM
Yes, warm water will help you to loss weight. Add more vegetables and soups to your daily diet. Eat a healthy diet. Have a glass of Green leaf juice daily for 15 days only. You may add Beetroot leaves, 1 Chinese Grape Fruit, Carrot leaves and Spinach. Take fresh glass of Green leaf juice daily. Make sure you avoid the following Foods.
White Bread, Sugar, artificial sweeteners, white rice and all purpose flour.
Junk or fried food
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Dipak Mistri ( India )
16 Mar 2017
I am dipak can balck salt & banana Or Dates cure impotence
20 Mar 2017
Dipak, Dates with Jaggery and goat's milk are very good to cure Impotence. Banana is one of the aphrodisiacs, thus, helps in curing Impotence and Premature Ejaculation. I would also like to share with you the best herbs that are meant to cure Impotence :
Caterpillar Fungus, Mucuna Pruriens, Maca, Figs.
You may try any.
03 Apr 2018
Hii myself Jeetendra Parmar age 28years I am having difficulty in speaking properly

i eat lot of rice in lunch and dinner, this is the only rice for my speaking problems
i have eaten lots of rice with dal since many years, this has effected my voice and speaking

Please suggest me what steps should i take to overcome the issue

05 Apr 2018
What is the exact problem ?
Do you stammer ? Or are you not able to pronounce properly ? Or do you loose thread of the conversation while talking ? Or is it something else ? Since when are you facing this problem ?
And what rice are you talking about ? Do you mean it is because you have been eating too much rice, your speaking has been affceted ?
Rice and dal are not known to affect the voice. Please explain the problem in detail and also share if you have taken any medicines for this problem ?
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Krishna pradhan ( KARNATAKA )
04 May 2019
Hi, One friend is having urine and restroom problem since long time, means she doesn't go rest room and toilet regular, she does feel for 2/3days, pls could you help me,
Anwar ( Bangladesh )
22 May 2019
my blood creatinine rate is 1.34 , so should I avoid black salt ,
is the black salt effect for kidney function ?
G gurvinder Singh ( India Goa )
16 Jun 2019
I have severe shoulder pain because of playing badminton can I use black salt to help it
Pasha ( Pakistan )
19 Jun 2019
Is there any way to reverse balding and facial acne scarring?
Sneha Sree ( Telangana )
04 May 2021
I have stammering problem since childhood. can you please tell me remedies to completely cure stammering.does black salt help in curing this
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