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Caesalpinia Bonduc Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Caesalpinia Bonduc
English Name
Bonduc Nut , Fever Nut
Botanical Name
Caesalpinia Bonduc
Hindi Name
Karanjwa, Katuk Ranja
Chinese Name
Hua Nan Yun Shi

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Caesalpinia Bonduc Cures

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Action of Caesalpinia Bonduc

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Highly Effective

Nutrients in Caesalpinia Bonduc

Taste of
Caesalpinia Bonduc

Nature of
Caesalpinia Bonduc


Parts Used

Seeds, Roots, Bark, Leaves, Nuts
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Caesalpinia Bonduc is a tree.
It is perennial.
It belongs to Caesalpinioideae family.
It grows in subtropical climate.
It grows 15 M.
It is common by the name of Gray Nicker.
Best used for Diabetes.



Grown In

Common Names

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Materia Medica for Caesalpinia Bonduc

Caesalpinia Bonduc General

Caesalpinia Bonduc is a medicinal plant and is used in various diseases.
The warming action and bitter taste of flowers are helpful in balancing the Vata and Kapha dosha.
Caesalpinia Bonduc is useful in countering Fever, Malarial Fever, and Intermittent Fever.
It alleviates Toothache.
It calms Throat Irritation. Boiled leaves are used for gargling to relieve sore throat.
It cures Sweating Deficiency and curbs Body Odor.
Its juice is efficient in easing Elephantiasis.
It is favorable in combating Smallpox.
It is fruitful in controlling Diabetes.
It ceases the growth of Tumors.
It counteracts Piles.
It alleviates Hydrocele.
It is a good herbal remedy for Liver Problems.
It treats Dyspepsia i.e. Indigestion.
It keeps a check on the Spleen disorders.
The expectorant action of Caesalpinia Bonduc seed treats respiratory troubles.
The seeds of this herb have astringent properties.
It is used to relieve inflammation, skin diseases, hydrocele, colic, and leprosy.
The fruit of this tree is useful for eliminating Piles, Wounds, Leucorrhoea and Urinary disorders.
Caesalpinia Bonduc counters the Intestinal worms. It relieves Colitis i.e. inflammation of the Large Intestine. It eases the condition in Colic pain.
The Antidiarrheal activity of Caesalpinia Bonduc cures Diarrhea and Loose Motions.
It is helpful in treating Menopause troubles namely, Intermittent Menses or No Menses. It soothes the Abdominal pain during the Menopause.
It is a good herbal cure for Skin troubles namely Leprosy, Leucoderma, Boils, Blisters, and Wounds.
It is beneficial in mitigating Arthritis and Arthralgia i.e. Joint Pain.
Caution : Consult a doctor before consuming it.
Single Herb

Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) Nut for Diabetes

Crack a Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) seed. Extract the kernel. Soak the Bonduc nut ( Karanjwa ) at night. Eat it in the morning. Drink the water also.
Repeat for 15 days. Get your blood sugar checked.
Note .
It is very bitter. That is why it is colloquially called Karwa Badam in Hindi.
It is effective. Blood sugar may fall suddenly. If the patient feels upset, it may be due to the fall in blood sugar. Check immediately and if required, administer glucose.
Orthodox medicine should be reduced depending on the fall in blood sugar.
If the blood sugar falls below normal, despite the withdrawal of the Orthodox medicine, stop use of Bonduc nut. Restart after a few days.
Consultation with and monitoring by a doctor is mandatory.

Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) Flower for Ascites

Prepare decoction of Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) Flower. Have a glass when needed.

Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) Root for Ulcers

Take Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) Root bark. Grind. Add water to make paste. Apply over ulcers.

Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) for Scrofula

Dry Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) Kernel ( Inner Part of the Seed ). Grind. Fry in Clarified Butter ( Ghee ). Apply it over Affected area.

Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) for Abscess

Grind Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) kernel. Add water to make paste. Apply it over affected part. Do it twice a day.

Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) for Asthma

Roast Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) kernel ( Inner Part of the Seed ). Prepare decoction with roasted kernel. Have half a cup once a day.

Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) for Liver Diseases

Powder Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) seeds. Have 2 pinches with a glass of Goat milk.

Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) for Paralysis

Extract or purchase Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) seed oil. Massage with this lukewarm oil for 10 minutes at night.for

Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) for Leprosy

Crush Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) seeds. Add water to make paste. Apply it over affected area daily. It cures the problem.

Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) Seed for Skin Diseases

Dry Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) seeds. Crush them. Add any carrier oil. Apply it over affected area twice a day.

Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) Seed as Styptic

Make a paste of ground Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) seeds by adding water. Apply it over affected area. It prevents the styptic.

Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) Seed as Purgative

Grind dried Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) seeds. Have 2 pinches with water. It is a good purgative.

Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) for Constipation

Fry leaves of Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) in Clarified Butter. Consume 3 g of it thrice a day.

Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) for Diarrhea

Take quarter tsp seed powder of Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) with a cup of lukewarm Milk. Have it twice a day.

Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) for Joint Pain

Use Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) seed oil for massage over painful joints.

Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) for Inflammation

Bandage leaves of Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) over inflamed areas.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Fever 22

Take 100 g Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) seeds with 15 g Aconitum Heterophyllum ( Ateesarand ) seeds. Powder them. Take quarter teaspoon of the powder with same quantity of Sugar. Have it twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Fever 23

If Fever is due to Malaria then try this remedy :
Take roasted seeds of Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) with same quantity of Long Pepper ( Pippali ). Grind them to make powder. Take quarter teaspoon of it with one teaspoon Honey. Have it twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Malaria 7

Mix seed powder of both Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) and Black Pepper ( Kali Mirch ) in 2:1 ratio. Take 4 g twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Orchitis 1

Take dry Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) seeds. Grind them. Add Castor ( Erandi ) oil to make paste. Apply it over affected area and cover. Do it once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Hydrocele 2

Grind Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) seeds. Mix Castor ( Erandi ) oil to make a thick paste. Apply it over affected part. Do it regularly.

Herbal Treatment For Malaria 8

Take equal quantity of Caesalpinia Bonduc( Karanjwa ) seedsand Black Pepper ( kali Mirch ). Grind them together. Have 2 pinches with water once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Expectorant 2

Grind Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) seeds and Long Pepper ( Pippali ) in equal quantity. Take 1/4 teaspoon with Honey ( Shehad ) in morning for 3 days.

Herbal Treatment For Gum Diseases 6

Take 2 gram each of Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) seeds, Areca Nut ( Supari ) and Alum ( Fitakari ). Burn them. Crush them. Add little water and apply it over affected area.

Herbal Treatment For Fever 24

Take Caesalpinia Bonduc ( Karanjwa ) Kernel and Black Pepper ( Kali Mirch ) in equal quantity. Grind them together.
Dosage : 5 gram by adults or 2 gram by children.

Herbal Treatment For Prostate Enlargement 4

Take half teaspoon each of the following herbs :
Tribulus Terrestris ( Gokshura )
Caesalpinia bonducella ( Putikaranja )
Areca Catechu ( Puga )
Asparagus Recemosus ( Shatavari )
Crataeva Nurvala ( Varuna )
Agate Gemstone ( Akika pishti )
Take them daily after meals for three months .
Buy capsules containing all the above herbs . Take 1 tablet 2 times a day, daily after meals .
Buy Mother - Tincture from a Homeopathic Shop of the above herbs . Start with 3 drops of each herb , if it suits then increase the dosage accordingly .
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Queries on Caesalpinia Bonduc
Vikas reddy ( India/Telangana )
17 May 2017
I am having c4-c5 neurofibroma. I have got surgered for 2 times but they can't remove completely. Now I am taking this fever nut as a medicine due to the suggestion of Ayurvedic doctor. Could it get healed
Vadhu ( India/Tamilnadu )
30 May 2017
Hi Herbpathy team,
I'm suffering from PCOD and starting taking kazarchikaai since 1.5 months, i got my periods without any medicines (that was really a pleasant surprise!!) and i started taking it again after my periods are done.
I want to conceive soon, so how long should i take this medicine? will that affect my chances to become pregnant if taken continuously?
please help.
30 May 2017
This is great news that you have shared. We are glad that your periods resumed after you took Fevernut herb.
Thank you for the feedback. Now, you can take Chaste Berry herb for a month. buy the capsules or take this herb in the form of tea. After a month, get yourself examined and share the feedback. Chasteberry is one of the best herbs to cure PCOS/PCOD.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Rathi ( Tamil Nadu )
12 Jun 2017

I have irregular periods and Tried fever nut pepper and got periods for 4 months regularly and i didnt get peroids again.The UT scan show like 'POLYCYSTIC APPEARANCE OF BILATERAL OVARIES'.

Now shall i take this herb again?? If am getting the peroids with this herb is dat a non-ovulatory peroids or ovulating peroids ?? Will i ovulate if i get peroids with this herb ??

TTC.. age 24.. married 1 year ago.. 59kg weight.. 5'3 height.. Please reply me and help..!!

Poorvi Jha ( India )
10 Jul 2017
First, you should consume Chaste Berry tea, one cup , every day for a month. Also,eat Dong Quai capsules, one every day for a month. Then after a month, get your scan done and share if the cysts are still there. The problem is because of the cysts, so they need to be taken care of first.
13 Jun 2017
I have taken donq quai and chaste berry capsules for 2 months now. Got my periods to 26-27 days cycle. Should I stop it or continue?

TTC: 37 yrs old, 2.5 yrs of marriage, suffered ectopic pregnancy 1.5 yr back. Get my periods for only 2 days regularly with 30 day cycle since last 5-7 yrs. After taking these capsules, getting periods in 26-37 days cycle.
10 Jul 2017
Rupal.These herbs did help you, it means. Will you share for how many days do your periods last now ?
And did you get your UT scan done? Please let us know if you have, and we also need to know if you suffer from cysts in the ovaries , or ever suffered from it. Yes, now you may stop taking these herbs.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Susan ( Noida )
13 Jul 2017
I have pcod. Multiple cysts arranged like a pearl chain. Number of follicles are seen(around 60). Both my ovaries are bulky (15 &17). TSH is normal. Difficulty in reducing weight. Irregular prolonged periods. Unwanted hair growth seen. Dandruff. Migraine. Mood swings. I want to bring my ovaries function normally and conceive soon.
Hemalatha ( Andhra Pradesh )
24 Sep 2017
Sir I'm Hemalatha married in 2013 I have pcod problem and thickened cervical mucus I'm trying for kids doctors suggested for iui.but iui failed so plz suggest remedies for my problems I beg u sir plz help me
29 Sep 2017
You may try Cahsteberry Tea for curing PCOS. One cup every day. Take Saw Palmetto capsules, one every day for 20 days.
DOng Quai is another herb that you need to take. It is available in the form of capsules. You may have one capsule daily after lunch for a month. We recommend that you visit the disease PCOS in the disease section of this website. https://herbpathy.com/Herbal-Treatment-for-Pcos-Cid4073
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Hema ( Andhra Pradesh )
28 Sep 2017
Sir plz reply to my pcod and thickened cervical mucus
25 Oct 2017
Drink a cup of Chaste berry tea every day for curing PCOD.
Lincy ( India )
21 Oct 2017
Hi ..
I have been through pcos for the past few months...So doctor put me in Glucophage xr ...So my aunty insist me to take kalarchikai...So my question is...Is it okay to take both kalarchikai and Glucophage on the same phase...?
Thanks in advance
25 Oct 2017
Lincy. Fevernut is known to lower the blood sugar levels, it is also one of the effective cures for Diabetes. And you have mentioned that you already are taking Glucophage . So, you need to be cautious while taking this. You may lower the dosage of Glucophage and then may try. Chate Berry tea is also required for you, have one cup every day for a month.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Malu ( Tamilnadu )
24 Oct 2017
I am 24 Year old female,50 kg weight.i am diagonised with pcos,so am following healthy diet,included lot of fruits in my diet with walking 1hr/day and yoga too.After reading lot of reviews about bonduc nut cured pcos problem Now i wish to try bonduc nut&pepper remedy for for 48 days to solve my problem( i don't want to take harmone tablets to make my periods come,because it has lot of side effects)...does the bonduc nut cure the problem of pcos??will periods come after using bonduc nut..please reply me...
25 Oct 2017
Malu. Yes, Cahsteberry and Fevernut have really been beneficial in curing PCOS. Users have tried these herbs and shared the feedback with us. We are happy that this information proved to be effective and of use to the users. You may drink one cup of Fever nut decoction every day. And 2 cups of Chasteberry tea, every day for a month. Get your scan done after a month and share the feedback with us.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
25 Oct 2017
thank u so much for the reply..i will update my result after a month...
Nandhini ( India )
16 Nov 2017
Hi I am 34 year old, I am breastfeeding my second daughter ,she is 2 and a half year old. My periods is not regular for the last 6 months I am having PCOD problem . Can I take this kalachkai powder and pepper while feeding. I only feed her in night. Thanks
Prema ( Karnataka )
22 Nov 2017
Will this seed cure rumatic arthritis. If yes please tell me how to use
30 Nov 2017
I am 48 yrs old and for past 6 yrs I am suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding due to multiple fibroids. Fibroids are 2 to 4 cm size. Pls suggest remedy for fibroids. Thank you.
Shreenandhini ( Tamilnadu )
01 Dec 2017
Is Caesalpinia Bonduc and caesalpinia crista are same?
Pooja ( India )
09 Jan 2018
I have pcod, doc prescribed glucophage but now it won't work for me it makes diarrhoea only. So nowI started taking bonduc powder with pepper powder and honey at morning and evening. I want to conceive shall I take any other herb with bonduc ...
Madhushree ( India )
09 Jan 2018
Hi... Am 23 years old and have Pcod from many years.. am married for one year and trying to conceive... Now am taking fever nut morning and doing exercise... Can u please tell me what medicine should I use to conceive?
Thamizhachi ( Tamilnadu )
19 Jan 2018
Hi, I am 41 years old married woman, with children and was diagnosed a month back with the following
- Bulky uterus with multiple uterine fibroids (biggest being 3cm)
- Heterogeneous myometrium - to rule out adenomyosis

1. Can I take Kazharchikaai(Caesalpinia bonducella) for the treatment of fibroids? If so what is the method of having this seed? To be taken on empty stomach? how many times a day?

2. Will this affect other hormones, for e.g. I am also taking 75ug of thyroxine for hypothyroidism for the past 12 years. Will Kazharchikaai or any others herbs that will be suggested here, affect thyroid functions.

3. I have been also found hypochromatic micocytic anaemia and hence taking iron supplements in the form iron tablets.

4. I have regular periods but have heavy flow in the initial days.

Please help to address each of my questions please.
Kaye ( Philippines )
24 Jan 2018
Good day!
I am 46yrs old and have multinodular goiter. Had FNAB twice in different clinics and all benign. Doctor suggest total thyroidectomy. A friend suggested to take Ceasalpinia Bonduc because she also had a friend that his goiter was cured.
Will this work for multinodular?
I am also diabetic. Is there a special preparation for this?
Thank you so much.
NIsha ( Tn )
29 Jan 2018
Im suffering from pcod.im taking Metformin tablet and hormonal pils..whether kalarchikai powder will cure pcod in 48 days..?or it will take longer?
22 Feb 2018
Yes, It has shown resultsin curingPCOS. Take Kalarchikai powder fopr 30 days. ahve Chaste Berry tea, one cup adily for one month.
Reshma ( India , Hyderabad )
08 Feb 2018
I'm I'm suffering from bilateral pcod I'm trying to convince , I'm not using any medicine ,I'm only doing diet
Plzzz suggest me something
22 Feb 2018
Take Chaste Berry tea, one cup every day for a month. have Dong Quai capsules, one every day for a month. These two herbs are very efficient in curing cysts in the ovary and curing hormonal imbalance.
23 Feb 2018
i have pcod problem. now i eat kalarchikai powder for 30 days. now my period is normal. when am i pregnant?
Sadhna mishra ( INDIA/U.P. )
21 Mar 2018
can you provide pure bonducellin and ceasalpin.
Geethu ( India )
22 Mar 2018
In my right breast there are 3 to 4 small cyst and one 2.2cm cyst after biosy it result fibroid. If I take this kalachikai powder will it reduce growth. How to use correctly.
Bavithra ( India )
03 Apr 2018
Hello sir,
I have gall bladder polyp of 5mm with few 2 to 3 polyps..doctor suggested to go for surgery..I don't want to go..please suggest medicine to cure this
Sindhu ( Tamil nadu )
09 Apr 2018
I have pcos.i got married on August 2017. I missed my period. I went to doctor and pregnancy test was negative. Doctor suggested me duphagest 300mg and she asked me to reduce my weight then only I can convince.I am taking kalachikai and pepper for past 1 week. Can u help me to reduce my weight. Can I continue with kalachikai alone.
14 May 2018
Hai this is jeni I am using english medicine for PCOD's & harmone imbalance can i take kalachikai along the medicine
Jiban sahu ( Tamilnadu )
29 May 2018
My father is suffering with pancreatic cancer also having 10 mm tumor. Tumor is keep on increasing on daily basis.
So one of friend suggested to take Caesalpinia bonduc powder with half table spoon of Honey.
Will anyone please guide me the correct way to prepare this .
Ananth ( India )
19 Jun 2018
My wife has taken kalachikai with pepper for past 25 days. She got the periods 12 days back but the bleed is not stopping till now. She has stopped taking kalachikai for last 2 days. Any remedy to stop the bleed?

Note: She didn't get periods for past 4 months and not pregnant also.....
Pradip ( India )
02 Jul 2018
A poisonous tree found in Goa with the name Bibat.Want to know the botanical name of this tree.
Amutha saravanan ( Tamil nadu )
04 Jul 2018
I am Amutha my problem is am not give birth a after an ectopic pregnacy. The doctors said that my husband has low quantity of sperm count and how to increase it. And my husband has also a problem of bipolar disorders for about twenty two years. He is taking sleeping pills of allopathy please give a suggestion for problems.
Fareen ( Chennai/ Tamilnadu )
22 Jul 2018
I'm fareen. I have pcod problem from past 2 years I have taken allopathic medicine but no improvement. So I switch on to the herbal side is that is safe to take kalatchikai because I have taken this powder for 6 months .. whether I have to continue or stop the medication ...
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