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Adaptogenic Herbs


Adaptogenic herbs are those herbs which balance the body, particularly when the body is under stress, by either stimulating or relaxing. It helps to energize the body, up to that level, where it may fight stress.
These herbs also have a normalizing effect on the metabolism. The direction of the abnormality is irrelevant.
They will set the pathology right. You may be too sleepy or too agitated. Either way, an Adaptogen will redirect your economy from an extreme to an optimum, balanced state.
The scientific world has laid down some parameters defining an Adaptogen. The herb should be relatively non toxic. An adaptogen increases resistance of the organism to a broad spectrum of adverse biological, chemical, and physical conditions. The herb acts on the whole body and is not specific to a particular organ like the kidneys.

Effect of an Adaptogen on Body :
These herbs act on the Adrenal and the Endocrine glands. These glands work against Stress. These herbs stimulate the Immune System. We may call them Tonics.

How does an Adapotogen work :
These herbs effect the cellular mechanism of the body. These herbs may stimulate cell functioning.

Excess of Adapotogen herbs may cause :
Stomach Ache

The functions of an effective Adaptogen are to support the physiology of a living organism through the three phases of the current stress and to protect the organism against repeated stress in the long run.
Reduce agitation during the alarm stage
Support the physiological rallying during the resistance phase
Prevent fatigue (exhaustion) during the third and final stage
Consequently, provide protection against long term stress
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Materia Medica for

Adaptogen Total

Some herbs increase the functionality or activity of an organ or a metabolic activity of the body. Conversely others decrease the functionality. But an Adaptogen balances the actions of the Metabolism. For example some herbs increase Blood Pressure, others decrease it, but Withania somnifera will correct Blood Pressure whether it is high or low.
There are some herbs that are the best in this field. When combined together, and consumed in moderation, they can prevent disease, improve the quality of life and prolong it.
Powder the following herbs. Mix them in equal quantities. Preserve the mixture, ( Churan in Hindi ) in an air tight jar. Consume a little every other day.
Tinospora cordifolia, Giloy in Hindi
Asparagus racemosus, Shatawari in Hindi
Emblica officinalis, Amla in Hindi
Withania somnifera, Ashwagandha in Hindi
Piper longum, Pipali in Hindi
Terminalia chebula, Harad in Hindi
Ocimum sanctum, Tulsi in Hindi
Tribulus terristris, Gokhru in Hindi

Addison's Disease General

One workable course of action might be to address the metabolism, rather than the organ. In that case the most suited Adaptogen should be administered. Or, shall we say a course of Adaptogens, like Green tea, Turmeric, Reishi mushroom, Siberian ginseng, Astragalus, Echinacea, Ashwagandha. Again the pathological personality of the patient must be kept in mind. All Adaptogens are not suited to all patients. All Adaptogens are not good in all seasons. Siberean Ginseng will not do in summer.
Single Herbs

Dong Quai for Female Libido

Dong Quai is a herb for the Females.
Dong Quai balances the Harmone activity.
It is both, an Aphrodisiac and as an Anaphrodisiac.
It is recommended for both, Low Libido and High Libido.
It normalizes the human economy.
Take it as a decoction. Dosage : 10 Ml
If the herb is not available in its natural for, take capsules.

Schisandra for Libido

Schisandra normalizes sexual desire of both men and women.
For Example : someone is facing either Low Libido or High Libido, but the medicine is one i.e. Schisandra.
Take it in the form of decoction or tablets. Dosage : 1/4 cup of decoction or 1 tablet at night.

Marjoram ( Marwa ) for Libido

Marjoram ( Marwa ) blances the libido, irrespective of low or high.
It completes the sexual desire of both men and women.
It keeps hormones in equilibrium.
Take half cup of decoction of Marjoram ( Marwa ) flowers and leaves or half teaspoon powder with milk.
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