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Drumstick Leaf Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Drumstick Leaf
Glycemic Index / Load
Drumstick Leaf
Botanical Name
Moringa Oleifera Leaf

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Drumstick Leaf Cures

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Action of Drumstick Leaf

Nutrients in Drumstick Leaf

Drumstick Leaf
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Nature of
Drumstick Leaf


Parts Used


Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Drumstick Leaf

Roots of Drumstick are toxic in nature.
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Materia Medica for Drumstick Leaf

Drumstick Leaf General

Moringa Leaf is a amazing herb that can cure more than 250 diseases. Yes, you read it write. More than 250 diseases, Moringa leaves can cure according to Ayurveda.
It possess approximately 88 nutrients and 43 antioxidants.
It contains every essential nutrients which are useful for a man to stay health. These essential nutrients are Vitamin A, C, Essential amino acids, Calcium and or Potassium. Surprising fact of these nutrients are, they are in much higher quantity in comparison with most potent herbs and foods. Some examples are given below.
Protein 200% more than Yogurt
Calcium 400% more than Milk
Potassium 300% more than Banana
Vitamin C 700% more than Oranges
Vitamin A 400% more than Carrots
Good news for Hypertensive patients. Fresh leaves juice of Moringa is highly beneficial for High Blood Pressure. Its leaves are very potent in stabilizing High Blood Pressure.
It controls the levels of Insulin in Diabetic patients.
It perfectly cures Diarrhea and Dysentery.
It is a powerful Diuretic action. Therefore, it is useful in treating Edema.
Rubbing of fresh Moringa leaves on the forehead cures Headache.
Moringa leaves have antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is because of these properties, Moringa leaves are useful in treating fevers, bronchitis, eye and ear infections.
It increases the T3 and T4 ratio in the blood thus, helpful in treating Hyperthyroidism
It has the property to kill intestinal worms.
Hair loss, Grey hair, eye related diseases are the symptoms of body heat. Consuming juice of Drumstick leaves reduces body heat.
Its antioxidant property aids in boosting metabolism in the body.
Its leaves are very effective in increasing Milk production during Lactation periods.
Moringa leaves when consumed will act as a laxative. Therefore, relieving constipation.
A poultice made by crushing its leaves is helpful in reducing Glandular swelling.
Due to presence of abundant Vitamin C, Moringa leaves are used to treat Cold and Flu.
Paste prepared with Moringa leaves gives an immediate relief from Joint Pain and Nerve Pain.
Consuming dry powder of Drumstick leaves relives Seizures in Epilepsy.
Moringa Leaves are useful in treating Sexual problems.
Fresh Moringa leaves have 1 time more iron, than Spinach. But, surprisingly when dried goes up to 25 times. It is therefore a most effective herb for Anemic patients.
If you have Bone related problem especially due to lack of calcium then switch to Moringa leaves. To your surprise, fresh Moringa leaves possess 4 times more Calcium than Milk. But, when dried its value rise upto 17 times.
Fresh leaves of this Herb contains 3 times more potassium than Banana. But, when dried this value changes to 15 times. Due to this, our brain gets enough potassium to work efficiently.
Similarly, Fresh leaves contains 2 times more proteins than Yogurt. But, dried leaves of Moringa contains 9 times more proteins than Yogurt.
Single Herb

Drumstick For High Blood Pressure

Take half cup juice of Drumstick twice a day.

Drumstick Leaf for High Blood Pressure

Take out fresh juice of Drumstick Leaves. Drink 1 glass daily. It helps in reducing Blood Pressure.

Drumstick Leaf for Skin

Drumstick Leaves are antiseptic in nature. They are used to treat Skin Disorders.
Make a paste and apply on the affected region. It causes a soothing effect.

Drumstick Leaf For Breast Milk Insufficient

Drumstick Leaves are beneficial in enhancing breast milk.
Nursing Mothers are prescribe to eat drumstick Leaves.

Drumstick Leaf for Infections

Drumstick Leaves are atniinflammatory in nature. It contains a number of antioxidants. It is helpful in treating bacterial or fungal infections.
Fresh juice of Drumstick Leaves are helpful in treating Ear Infection, Eye Infection and Scurvy.

Drumstick Leaf for Asthma

Prepare the soup of Drumstick leaves. Boil the leaves in 200 ml of water for 15 minutes. Strain the decoction and add salt taste. Consume this soup once a day to treat Asthma

Drumstick Leaf for Peptic Ulcer

Make a paste of Drumstick leaves. Add some yoghurt to it. Consume it daily to cure Peptic Ulcers.

Drumstick Leaf for Mouth Cancer

Boil a hand full Drumstick leaves in water for 10 min. Strain and have this decoction 2 times in a day.
OR : You may take drumsticks also. Boil them for 10 min and blend it. Strain and take that soup.

Drumstick Leaf for Immunity

Diseases like Kidney Failure deplete the body of essential salts by dialysis.
There is a requirement to give supplements to compliment the natural food eaten by the patient.
Drumsticks Leaf ( Moringa leaves ) is one herb that completes the deficiency on most of fronts.
Do you know weight for weight it contains more calcium than milk ! Bye Bye Osteoporosis.
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Herbal Treatment For Edema 2

Drumstick Leaves are diuretic in nature.
Take some fresh Drumstick leaves juice. Add some carrot juice to it.
Drink it daily to reduce swelling associated with Edema.

Herbal Treatment For Poor Blood Circulation 4

Fry drumstick leaves and add Ghee ( Clarified Butter ) in it. Do not use any spices. Consume these fried leaves once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Acne 40

Mix half glass of Drumstick leaves juice with 2 tablespoons of Lemon juice. Apply it on the face for 5 minutes and then wash it off.

Herbal Treatment For Anemia

Mix the juice of Drumstick Leaf in one small cup with 1 to 2 teaspoons of Lemon juice. Drink it once a day.
Mix fresh juice of Drumstick Leaf with 1 tablespoon of Honey ( Shehad ) and 2 tablespoons Coconut water. Consume it once a day for 2 to 3 week.

Herbal Treatment For Rickets

Boil 1/4 cup of the Drumstick Leaf juice and pour a glass of Milk ( Dudh ). Drink it twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Eye Diseases 7

Mix 5 teaspoons fresh juice of Drumstick Leaf with 2 teaspoons of Honey ( Shehad ) . Consume it for one time a day before sleep.

Herbal Treatment For Urinary Tract Infection 14

Grind boiled Drumstick Leaves. Strain and add 3 teaspoons of Cucumber juice. To this mixture add 4 teaspoons of Carrot juice and a small amount of Rock Salt. Drink this mixture once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Sexual Debility

Boil Drumstick Leaves in 250 ml water with small amount of crushed Ginger ( Adrak ) for 20 minutes. Strain this decoction and consume it once a day to treat Sexual Debility.
Queries on Drumstick Leaf
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Yatin ( Goa )
27 Sep 2016
How and in what doses dried drumstick leaves to be consumed.
28 Sep 2016
The form of the herb and the dosage and method of taking herb depends on the disease to be cured.
Please write back to us and let us know the problem that you want to take care of ?
What is the disease that you wish to cure with this herb ?
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
04 Aug 2017
It's awesome and very good but take limited quantity for better results. If we can take unlimited quantity then somebody can face the problem of motions. Not all the human, somebody only.
12 Sep 2017
Does it cures type2 diabetes completely
05 Dec 2017
For Anaemic patients, How to take drumstick leaf powder. Kindly reply Thank you
Shaik baji (shaikbajjhy5@gmail.com)
27 Nov 2017
Sir, we are planning to cultivate drum stick leaves garden by taking lease in about 4-5 acre land. Can you suggest about exporting the medicinal requirement in other countries?
Chetan shah ( India )
11 Dec 2016
right now i am taking once a day, along with little jeera powder, for suspected oral squamous cell carcinoma and para sinus cancer, should i increase dosage
Urjit Kael
16 Dec 2016
No. DO not increase the dose please. Limit it to once only. In addition to this, take Galium aparine Tincture, for 30 days.
Drink a 50 ml shot of Soursop juice everyday.
Include Basil and Ginger in your daily diet. Take Cannabis OIl, a very effective cure for Squamous cell carcinoma.
Surendra singh ( UP )
27 Apr 2017
Is it better to take after boiling the drumstick leaf or as raw leaf please advise
Sungun Mantrao
03 May 2017
What is your disorder ?
Please write the name of the disease you are suffering from and , also the symptoms. Thank you.
Rekha Saini
03 May 2017
The herb can be taken in either form, depending on the disease to be cured. So what is your disease ?
Rajiv pandey
31 Jul 2020
Use leave to make tea and consume the leaves also
Vijaya M Ingle ( Karnataka )
10 May 2017
I am diabetic and want to reduce the tablets that I am taking. Now I have switched over to millets i,e,one-time per day and my sugar levels are under control. I came to know that drumstick leaves are available in my city in smooth powder form. Kindly suggest can I use it for myself and my family( they are not having any health problem) in food form in paratha or dal etc,. We use drumstick for sambar.
18 May 2017
Yes, taking small amounts as you already are taking is okay. You may use it in sambar or in soups.
For Diabetes, did you try Jarul ?
This is one of the best herbs for diabetes, Keep a check on your sugar readings and then you may reduce the dosage of the allopathic drugs you are taking, as per the readings. Jarul can be taken in the form of tea or capsules.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Dr.vandana Suresh ( India )
12 May 2017
How to use drumstick leaves for loosing weight
Srinivasa Nathan ( India )
18 May 2017
Yes, it is very efcfetive in reducing weight. You may take Moringa leaf extract and leaf powder.
Powder: half teaspoon with warm water.
And if you are taking it in the extract form, then take 10 drops every day. You may even have Drumstick soup every day.
This herb will reduce the water retention and will prevent the accumulation of fat. Do not take it if you have low sugar levels, because Drumstick is known to decrease the sugar level , this makes it an amazing cure for Diabetes.
Sumitra awwakkanavar ( Karnataka )
16 May 2017
Hi I made drum stick leaves poweder after making it dry can I drink to lose weight please suggest me
18 May 2017
Yes, you can. Take half teaspoon of this powder with a glass of warm water. Consume this every day for a month. Alos, you may take Apple Cider vinegar with warm water everyday for a month.
04 Jun 2017
i am feeling constipation on taking fresh drum stick leaves juice every morning for weight loss .pls inform the quantity of juice to be taken avioding this problem
22 Jun 2017
How much quantity did yo take?
It is advised to take a half cup of Drum Stick Leaves Juice only.
Shivakumar ( KARNATAKA )
12 Jul 2017
My wife is diabatic. Pls advise how much Drum stick leave juice should be taken and how many times per day
12 Jul 2017
Dear Shiva Kumar
Have 30 ml of Drum stick leaf juice and 1 bowl of Drum stick soup. But take 1 one thing only either soup or juice. Also have 10 drops of Galega tincture once in a day. Make sure you keep a check on her Blood sugar. Once the level goes down reduce the doses accordingly.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
20 Jul 2017
Thank lot for advise sir
Surabhi Suman ( India )
19 Jul 2017
Hi Drumstick leaves are beneficial in sinusitis.
20 Jul 2017
Eat Immunity booster herbs like Echinacea and Golden seal. These are available in Capsule form, take 1 capsule every day for 1 month.
Put a few drops of Oregano oil in warm water, inhale the vapors. This will help.
Kanwal ( Usa/CA )
23 Jul 2017
I am 49 and have a uterus the size of 8 month pregnancy due to multiple fibroids, some very large. It was managed until last year but there has been a sudden spurt of growth. I have started on some ayurvedic medicines ( sukumara kwatham, pushyanaga churnam, kaisaragogulu and annabhedi sinduram from kotakkal). I had been irregular with the medicines last year. I have also started on vegetable juices (with pulp) for my condition. Any suggestions to reverse the condition? I am also exercising daily for an hour at a gym.
Maithil ( India )
24 Oct 2017
You have cysts ? And you were pregnant, or are pregnant ?
Your question is not clear. Please rewrite in detail.
07 Sep 2017
I want to erect my pennis ever last long. if I drink raw leaf juice can I cURE
Noel Harriott ( Jamaica )
07 Sep 2017
Wonderful article I love moringa and all it's parts. How many seeds can I consume in a day? I read a lot about it from http://benefitsofmoringa.life/drumstick-leaves-benefits/ but It's always good to find out more from different sources.
27 Nov 2017
Why do you want to take Moringa leaves ? What is your problem ?
Anne ( Malaysia )
09 Sep 2017
How should i take drunstick leave for high blood. my dad suffering from ibs diaorea how to consume drumstick leave. tks very much
27 Nov 2017
Anne. Take Drumstick leaves and stem soup. One bowl every day. You may also use Drumstick stems in the salad.
12 Sep 2017
Does it cures type2 diabetes completely
Sunil ( India / Uttarakhand )
13 Sep 2017
I'm suffering from lung cancer, Age 54 years . Can raw drumstick leaves juice help to cure it?
27 Nov 2017
For Lung cancer, you may take Carrot juice, 2 glasses every day for 2 months. Buy Galium Aparaine, tincture take 5 drops in a glass of every day for amonth. Include Ginger in your daily diet.
D .purna ( Andrapradesh )
25 Sep 2017
I'm suffering from irregular periods and gas problems. How should I use this leaves?
Kumar ( Bahrain )
18 Oct 2017
Iam suffering with hypothyroid . Please give your valuable information with drum stick leaves.
24 Oct 2017
Yes, Drumstick l;eaves are used to cure Hypothroid. You may drink the soup every day.
Raj ( India )
24 Oct 2017
I am having pain in my right hand wrist, it seems to be carpal tunnel. Please advise homeopathic medicine with its use and duration for getting relief.
Sikha ( India )
02 Nov 2017
I m suffering from pcod does drumstick leaves help to cure it.. is it helpful to reduce excessive body fat and maintain hormonal balance i used to consume in a juice form with a mixture of amla juice and haldi
Nirmala ( India/Karnataka )
11 Nov 2017
Hi,,,my baby is 2years 4 months old....recently diagnosed eye power to her....doctor advised spectacles to her....we r using....drumstick leaves r use full....how much quantity n which form I have to give her please tell me....
Reetu Jain ( HYDRABAD )
11 Nov 2017
I am having broncities asthma last 15 years. My age is just 38. I use inhaler. How to treat this disease complitly. Please answer as soon as possible.
Srinivas A ( India/Andhra pradesh )
01 Dec 2017
i am srinivas 42 age- daily taking boiled drumstick leaves water twice, i am suffering with hypothyroid and type 2 diabetes, is it sufficient or better to take dried leaves water ? please suggest me which is better...
Aparna ( INDIA )
11 Dec 2017
Dear Sir,
1.My father is detected with liver cancer 3rd stage, what way can we treat him with the drumstick juice kindly advice

10 Mar 2018
Include ginger alomg with moringa
Sowmya ( Bangalore India )
14 Dec 2017
I want to lose my weight as well as flat my belly is this drumstick juice helps me N I would to know if i consume this juice daily in empty stomach will b hvng any side effects to my body in future. pl reply
Selvarani ( Malaysia )
15 Dec 2017
dear sir since its cure hypertyrodism, can dry drum leaves cure hypotyrodism tq
Megna ( Tamilnadu )
12 Jan 2018
How to use drumstick leaves for weight loss..??
Should we use dried or fresh..??
Is there any side effects of consuming it on daily basis ??
Keerti Shah ( India )
02 Apr 2018
Drumstick leaves can be used to reduce weight, Make sure you do not use the Drumstick roots at all. You can drink100 ml of Drumstick leaves juice every day. Also, you can prepare soup made of Drumstick leaves.
Karan ( India )
26 Feb 2018
How do you dry drumstick leaves for best possible nutrition?I am consuming to increase overall body strength.

Thank You.
Bindu ( HARYANA )
16 Mar 2018
MY Age is 49 i am suffer Form RA-AVN(Rheumatoid arthritis with Avescular Necrosis) Can mORING Leaves are help in my situation?
If yes than what quantity i have to take and how to take?

My age is 49 (height-4'11" and weight-36 kg )

please Guide
Nimrit Kalyan ( Ahmedabad)
02 Apr 2018
For Necrosis, you may take Eupatorium Perfoliatum mother tincture from a Homeopathy shop. Take 5 drops morning and evening in a glass of water. Take it for 1 month and study the results. For RA- take Bitter leaf juice, 50 ml every day for one month. Also, have one Boswellia capsule every day for one month. Boswellia is very effective remedy to cure Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Sudha ( Karnataka )
28 Mar 2018

I want to lose my weight as well as flat my belly.. can I use this juice on a daily basis or whether it has any side effects on long-term usage
Manik Randhawa
02 Apr 2018
To reduce belly fat, take Avocado once in a week and I will also suggest that you do the brisk walk every day for 20 minutes. Drinking a cup of Green Coffee for a month will also help. I Regular exercise will not only help you to reduce the belly fat , but will also make you vigorous and enthusiastic in body and mind.
Sateesh T ( India/Telangana )
30 Mar 2018

I use to Take warm water along with honey and Lemon juice every morning with empty stomach, can I add this Drum stick leaves powder. I dont have any problem right now (sugar/bp etc).

Thanking you,
02 Apr 2018
Sateesh. You can take Drumstick for your general health. Take it for 15 days and observe, if it suits you then you may take it for 15 more days. Also, if you are healthy and you are concerned about your general well being, then you must visit the portal Vibrant Health given at the top of this page. Herbpathy guides you to attain the highest form of health.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Norma Jean Huntley ( United States )
02 Apr 2018
I'm needing it for hypothyroidism
Madhu ( Karnataka )
04 May 2018
Is regular consumption of drumstick leaves good for health
Krishna ( India )
08 May 2019
With what I have to mix n eat morningaleavws to increase my sperm count and libido whichcan cause pregnancy to my wife
13 May 2019
Hi Herbpathy,
I am 57 years suffering from mild osteoarthritis (crepitus).
How much mornings leaf powder should I take per day?
14 May 2019
Kishore ( Andhra )
01 Jul 2019
I have erectile disfunction commonly known as ED. Drinking drumstick leaves hot milk cure my problem??
02 Jul 2019
Drumstick leaves are good for curing Erectile Dysfunction. Boil 10 drumstick flower petals in 300 ml of milk for 10 minutes. Strain and drink it for 2 months.
Also, take Dolichos Pruriens- Mother tincture 3-5 drops in half a glass of water for 1 month.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
T.V.V.Satyanarayana ( Andhrapradesh )
08 Nov 2019
For what purposes can drumstick leaves juice be drunk plz suggest dosage etc.
13 Nov 2019
Dear Satyanarayana Drumstick leaf juice is very beneficial for health. It is used to treat multiple symptoms, as, High Blood pressure, Ear infection, Eye infection, Scurvy, Body heat, Weak Immunity. The soup of leaves is good for Asthma. For more information, please read the data above for the benefits of Drumstick and its parts. Please write for any other query.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Raj ( India )
24 Nov 2019
I am ckd patient, can I take drum stick leaf Kasayam once in the morning as potassium is on higher side in moringaleaves. Can I consume the Kasayam daily.
27 Nov 2019
Dear Raj
Drumstick is a good source of Potassium. You being a Kidney patient, should avoid potassium intake as it can damage the kidneys. Please read the link on Kidney Diseases on Herbpathy.


Get detail about Kidney diseases and herbal cures.
Please write in detail about your kidney ailment. As do you have a urinary problem or kidney cyst or stone, or anything else? We can then assist you in a better way.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Gerard Vincent ( CHENNAI )
30 Dec 2019
Could we take drumstick leaves soup every day pls.
Some say we have to leave some gap in between
Ali ( Iraq )
24 Jan 2020
Sir could you please explain the best treatment for brain tumor in the skull base called chordoma... And also I wonder do you sell this herbs via online or ship to other countries?
Rebella Elson
28 Jan 2020
Hello ALi. Check the following for Brain Tumor. * Cow Urine is effective in case of Brain tumor. Take 2 tablespoons of Cow Urine twice a day.
* Galium Aparine tincture: Take 5 drops 3 times a day.
* Take Shitake, It is one of the best remedies to treat Tumor. Buy a capsule and take 1 on alternate days.
* Boswellia Serrata. It suppresses the growth of tumors. Take 1 capsule daily. Try the herbs for a month. Consult your doctor before taking any medications, if you are taking allopathic drugs. Read the individual pages of the herbs mentioned, you 'll get an idea of recommendation made.
I'm a regular reader of the website. It is very detailed and yet specific. I hope it benefits you. God bless you, friend.
ANBARASAN ( India / Tamilnadu )
14 Nov 2020
Just took test and got report for haemoglobin - 5.2, bilirubin - 1.30, creatinine - 1.06 and uric acid - 8.08. Will I take drumstick leaves soup. If yes what is the dosage.
Anuradha reddy ( Andhrapradesh )
09 Jan 2021
Iam diagnosed with utrine fibroid large 2 year back but now I starting experience pain and heavyweight u my pelvic area back pain and also I am anemic and i have thyroid problem from my childhood plz suggest me the right use of drum stick leaves
Nalini ( Malaysia )
07 Apr 2021
Vanakam. Recently i came to know the value of moringga leaves boil water a lot of benefits to our body. I am taking the boil water of moringa leaves daily one bottle (2Ltr)to reduce the hyperstention. Should i limit it to just a cup in the morning or can continue as how im consuming it. Please advice. Thank you
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