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Vitamin B 2 or Riboflavin

What does Vitamin B 2 or Riboflavin do for the body

Vitamin B2 is also known as Riboflavin. It is a water soluble Vitamin. Body does not store Vitamin B2. Vitamins B2 helps the Body to convert food ( carbohydrates ) into the fuel ( glucose ). It is necessary for the Healthy Skin, Hair, Eyes and the Liver. Vitamin B2 is an antioxidant. It fights free Radicals. Free radicals may damage the Cells and DNA. Riboflavin is found in Grains, Plants and Dairy products.

Functions of Vitamin B2 in the Body
It produces energy for the body. It is necessary for the Body to convert Carbohydrates into Glucose. It helps the Body to metabolize Proteins and Fats. It makes the Nervous system and the Immune system strong. It is important for the production of Red Blood Cell production and growth of the body.

Daily requirement of Vitamin B2 in the Body
0 to 6 months : 0.3 mg
6 to 12 months : 0.4 mg
1 to 3 years : 0.5 mg
4 to 8 years : 0.6 mg
9 to 13 years : 0.9 mg
14 to 18 years ( Male / Female ) : 1.3 / 1.0 mg
Above 18 ( Male / Female ) : 1.3 / 1.1 mg
Pregnant / Lactating : 1.4 / 1.6 mg

Benefits of Vitamin B2 in the Body
Proper Fetal development
Produces Healthy Skin and Vision
Helps Body to Break Down Calories
Prevents the development of Cataracts
Helps Body to Produce Red Blood Cells

Effects of Vitamin B2 deficiency in the Body
Dry Skin
Hair Loss
Cold Sores
Sore Throat
Cracked Lips
Mouth Ulcers
Magenta Tongue
Scrotal Dermatitis
Angular Stomatitis
Poor Wound Healing
Ocular Disturbances
Excessively Red Lips
Fluid in Mucous Membranes
Inflammation of the Tongue
Failure to grow in children
Swelling of Mucus Membranes
Inflammation of the lining of the Mouth
Angular Cheilitis : Cracks at the corners of the mouth

Effects of Excess of Vitamin B2 in the Body
There are no Toxic effects of Vitamin B2. Because it is soluble in water, the excess gets excreted through urine. It is not stored in the body. Over dose may temporarily cause ...
Increase in Urine

Herbs Containing Vitamin B 2 or Riboflavin

Most Effective

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