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Quail Egg Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Quail Egg
Glycemic Index / Load
Quail Egg
Botanical Name
Quail Egg
Hindi Name
Bater Ka Anda

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Quail Egg Cures

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Action of Quail Egg

Nutrients in Quail Egg

Highly Effective

Nature of
Quail Egg

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Quail Egg refers to the eggs of a bird called quail.
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Materia Medica for Quail Egg

Quail Egg General

Quail egg is full of nutrients which our body needs. It contains a high level of Antioxidants which prevent Blurred vision. Blurred Vision is the lead cause of Blindness.
It is a good source of Vitamin D. Deficiency of Vitamin D results in diseases like -Low Immunity, Brain Disorders and Skin Discoloration.
Do you have a Digestive disturbance ? Yea ! No problem. Eat Quail eggs. Daily consumption of Quail Eggs maintain a good digestive system too.
You are a chicken egg type. Right ! Lets compare. Quail egg is 4 to 5 times more nutritious than Chicken Egg.
Quail Egg is beneficial for pregnant and nursing women. Quail Egg improves the quality of breast milk. Quail Egg is good for mother. It gives physical and mental support to the foetus. It gives the baby mental strength and immunity.
It fights HIV / AIDS by improving CD4 cells.
These eggs do not cause allergies. They protect you from allergies because of high protein quality.
Danger of Salmonella infection. None. The body temperature of the Quail is higher than that of the chicken. Salmonella cannot survive.
Best way to consume Quail Egg :
There are many ways to consume Quail Egg. You may take it boil, half boiled, quarter boiled, omelette or raw. Whatever you want, You can do with it. That's your wish. However the best way to take Quail Egg is take it as raw. The way to take it raw is given below :
Wash Egg in boiled water. Break the egg. Take out the material in a glass. Beat. Have it on an empty stomach. Who can't take raw egg, they are adviced to keep the egg in a bowl. Pour boiling water over the egg. Let it steep for 10 minutes. Cut it in to small pieces. Sprinkle salt for taste. Eat.
Quail Egg can be more nutritious, if taken along with its shell.
Single Herb

Quail Egg ( Bater Ka Anda ) for Menstrual Disorders

Take a fresh Egg Quail ( Bater Ka Anda ). Break it. Take out the material in a glass. Have it on an empty stomach for a month. It helps to regulate menses.
Queries on Quail Egg
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Alimi adenuga oluawseyi
27 Jan 2016
Good day,
the quail Egg was good for all kind of diseases in the body which i think should be recommended to people to cure their problem and informed on how to use the egg in different forms, like tablet form .
thank you
alimi adenuga
21 Sep 2016
Are you sure? Have you seen somebody is benefited after take quail eggs!
08 Nov 2016
Is there any side effect for taking quail eggs/
How long can one take quail egg
Kunjumon.P.I. ( India )
05 Jun 2016
wheather heart patient can eat daily quil egg(kadamutta)
28 Jun 2016
Yes, Kunjumon. It cures heart diseases. Therefore, it can be taken by heart patients. Consult your medical practitioner before consuming it.
08 Nov 2016
It can use along with blood thinning medication ?
Bridget bagshaw ( Nigeria )
02 Jul 2016
I read through your article trying to find out if there's any side effects of quail egg but nothing was written, so that means it has no side effects no matter the quantity consumed. Cos am victim of fibroid and I want to start taking it.
05 Jul 2016
So far there are no side effects that have reported about this herb. But, it is recommended that you do not take the over dose of this herb. Excess of every thing is bad you see.
Sujatha ( India )
19 Jul 2016
Can i given to my 2 year old kid he is suffering from global milestone delay.
01 Aug 2016
Sujatha Are you talking about Global Developmental Disease ?
Nana ( GHANA )
02 Aug 2016
I an fighting cholesterol. Please I know how I can use Quail egss?
09 Aug 2016
Yes, you may take Quail Eggs, it might help you. But, the most effective herbs for high Cholesterol are--- Burdock capsules or Spirulana Capsules.
Dosage : SHOULD BE ONE CAPSULE EVERYDAY. Try it for a month. Consult your family doctor before taking any herb.
Gabriel ( Ghana )
09 Aug 2016
what is the maximum number of eggs that must be taken in a day
09 Aug 2016
Why do you wish to have Quail Eggs ? What is the problem that you wish to diet. As, dosage depends on the condition of the person.
Ololade ( Nigeria )
09 Aug 2016
How can HIV patients benefit from Quail egg. I learnt "eggs" are bad for people living with HIV
Sumi Pradhan
16 Sep 2016
Quail eggs are helpful to boost the immunity of those suffering from HIV. The patient can eat 3 eggs every day. Either in the boiled form or raw ( washed in boiling water ). And can be taken regularly for 80 days. This is an effective way. Another herb for HIV is NIgella Sativa , and Moringa.
Francis Ghana
30 Jan 2018
Please l want to know about herpetitis B and gall bladder Does the quail eggs cure it and what is the daily consumption
Antonia vivar ( USA NEW YORK )
16 Sep 2016
I am an elderly , age 89, female, and am eating 8 hard boiled quail eggs daily. Is there an overdose for it?
16 Sep 2016
Yes, you must not exceed the dosage beyond 5 eggs in a day. 4 in a day is absolutely okay.. It will boost your immunity and set your metabolism right.
Quaye Job Apan- Ghana
18 Mar 2020
Pls is too much.
You're not to consume more than 6 Quail Egg in a day.
For adult, the maximum quantity should be 5
Thank u
ET ( USA )
20 Sep 2016
How many quail eggs can be taken for high blood pressure in a day ?
Anmol Khatri
21 Sep 2016
One egg a day is good enough. Keep a check on your bp readings.
Another herb which is really really good for lowering high bp is giloy. It's tincture is called Tinospora Cordifolia. 5 drops of the tincture in a glass of water can be taken for a week. Later, dosage can be adjusted as per the reading.
CVe ( Nigeria )
23 Sep 2016
Can it. Reverse early menopause in women? C V E. [Nig]
26 Sep 2016
Cve It is a natural process and it can not be reversed. You need to tell that how do you know it is early menopause ? Did you consult a doctor ? Or is it your assumption ?
Because before menopause, you might come across many symptoms which may make you co0me to a conclusion that the Menopause has begun. So, before I suggest you to read about Menopause more. Know the symptoms and then come to a conclusion.
08 Oct 2016
Can use quail egg for weightloss and belly fat? If possible how many should consume per day upto how many month?
17 Oct 2016
The herbs for reducing belly fat and reducing weight are--
Cumin and Horse gram. Drink Horsegram soup everyday for a month.
No,.Quail Eggs are not the right herb to reduce weight. Eat one Avocado every day.
Tracy ( Botswana )
03 Nov 2016
Can qual egg remove gall stones of 16.2mm
Esha Suri
08 Nov 2016
The best thing to do Tracy is get the gall bladder removed by a surgery. As, it is very rare that the gall stones are cured by a remedy. Before an emergency arises, you should consult tour doctor in regards to the surgery.
Alfred Ho ( Australia )
08 Nov 2016
Is quail egg no good if people have High Cholesterol?
15 Nov 2016
Quail Egg is used to cure High Blood Pressure. As far as High cholesterol is concerned, it is cured by Spirulana and Burdock. These are very effective herbs to cure high cholesterol. If you have high cholesterol already, then you must not take it that frequently, as this egg has twice as much as cholesterol in the normal eggs.
SETH ( Ghana )
14 Dec 2016
Can Quails Eggs be used to treat Prostrate cancer
19 Dec 2016
Yes,Quail Egg can be used for Prostate Cancer. It will nourish the Prostate. However, for Cancer in particular I would suggest you take, Galium aparines tincture. Wheat Grass juice. 30 ml every morning
Take Saw Palmetto capsules, one, every day .
Mayor pieterson ( Nigeria/lagos )
29 Dec 2016
Can quail egg cure asthma
Mark ( Ghana/Accra )
18 Mar 2017
My question is, I have STD infection and please I wanna know if Quail Egg can treat it Off....
Meenal Kaith ( India )
21 Mar 2017
Consume roots f Indian Sarsaparilla in the cooked form thrice in a week.
Quail Egg is not the cure.
Have a bowl of Yogurt every day.
Apply Oregano essential oil on the affected area. Mix this oil with a carrier oil and then apply. Leave it on for 15 minutes. Take immunity boosting herbs. Drink a glass of fresh cranberry juice every day.
Malican ( Usa )
19 Mar 2017
This Quail eggs are God of Gift for human , its good for sex, if men have an ejaculation problem
use 3 raw Qua eggs empty stomach per day in morning , 2nd also 3 eggs 3 day also 4 eggs, 4 th day is 5 eggs
49 days need to use
Michael ( Ghana )
20 Mar 2017
please want to ask whether this quail egg can cure a person with diabetes type 1
Jagrooti Goinka
21 Mar 2017
Michael. Yes, Quail Egg can be used to cure type 1 Diabetes. It contains a certain nutrient that can effectively help in regulating blood sugar level. It also aids in maintaining Insulin level ( balanced ). Thus, you may use it.
All the very best. Do share the feedback, Sir.
Mizmerize odame ( Ghana )
25 Mar 2017
Please I do have sex with my husband but I don't tt pregnant
Rekha Nair ( India )
06 Apr 2017
Did you get yourself diagnosed by a doctor ?
It is important that you visit a doctor and get your and your husband's check up done.
The problem might be with you or with him.
So, share the result please.
Fosby ( Ghana )
27 Mar 2017
I been married for three years now but have never stayed with my husband for more the three months can the quail egg help increases chance of conception.
06 Apr 2017
Do you mean to see that you are not able to conceive?
Fosby, get your Pelvic Ultrasound done. And please share that why are you not able to conceive.
Does your husband suffer from Impotency, Low Sperm count, Poor sperm motility or Watery semen.
Anastasia ( CYPRUS )
15 Apr 2017
Please am taking vitamin C and D , folic Acid can I take quail egg or I must stop them before ? I have blood level . Hope to hear from you soon
Maheshwani Rao
24 Apr 2017
Why do you want to take Quail Egg. Blood level means what ?
It is okay if you are taking Vitamins and Folic Acid.
Dear Anastasia, your query is not comprehensible. Please explain your disease and symptoms in detail.
KK ( Ghana )
22 Apr 2017
If you have hepatitis B can you take quails egg?
24 Apr 2017
I do not see any relation with Quail Egg and Hepatitis B. You should talk to your doctor first.
Deji Adeyeye
06 Jul 2017
Enter your reply here...find Phyllantus niruri and boil. three cups of the infusion every day for at least four months. You'll be cured of the virus. visit rain-tree.com and see the Herb's uses. it's also called chanca piedra
Sani ibrahim ( Nigeria, Bauchi state )
24 Apr 2017
Can I use quail eggs for gout.
Cynthia ( Ghana )
27 Apr 2017
am suffering from menstrual pains and I want to try the quail eggs. how many times do I take in a day?
31 May 2017
You may have one egg a day. But, if you reside in a hot area, then you can take one egg on alternate days. For Menstrual pains, https://herbpathy.com/Herbal-Treatment-for-Menstrual-Cramps-Cid1505 Check the link I have given above. And try the herb that is readily available to you and that suits you.
Nana yaw
04 Nov 2020
Am a farmer with that guail eggs my farm dey at mim abuakwa road this my contact you can call me or WhatsApp me on through this number 0245981948
30 Apr 2017
I am suffering from internal hemorrhoids, is there any problem for having quail eggs?
My doctor asked me not to have chicken and eggs.
Matul ( India )
31 May 2017
Those suffering from hemorrhoids must avoid foods that are hot in nature.
That is why you have been advised not to take chicken, eggs, meat or fish. I do not think you should eat Quail Eggs either, because these are hot in nature and will worsen your condition. Also avoid taking oily and spicy food please.
Take 30 ml radish juice every day for 3 days. Then skip for a week. Again take the juice for 3 more days.
Myra ( Cameroon )
19 May 2017
Please I have a recently diagnosed person with cancer of the breast and there is a tumor on her breast. Can she take quail eggs n how many a day
Soumaya C. ( Texas )
31 May 2017
I do not know if Quail Egg has a relation with Breast Cancer. But,fagonia Cretica is one of the best cures for Breast cancer. Drink a cup of tea made from fagonia Cretica every day for a month. Drink 50 ml Soursop juice every morning for a month.
I have heard that Carrot juice can reverse the cancer growth. 2 glasses of fresh carrot juice daily, for 8 weeks.
Kazeem Adebowale ( NIGERIA/ LAGOS )
13 Aug 2017
Does it cure hypertension?
Satheesh Luthra ( India )
30 Aug 2017
Yes, it helps to cure Hypertension. The best herbs for Hypertension are : Giloy ( Tinospora Cordifolia ), Garlic, Avocado, Jackfruit and Arjuna.
Akpobome shola ( Nigeria Lagos state )
21 Aug 2017
Pls my husband want to take the quail egg for low sperm count how many per day and for how long
30 Aug 2017
Quail Egg is hot in nature and should be avoided in summers or those living in hot region, like you do. , the best for increasing his sperm count-- Mucuna Pruriens, Land Caltrops and Saffron. You may give him Mucuna Pruriens capsules, one daily for a month. Give him Land Caltrops ( Tribulus Terrestris tincture ), buy from a homeopathic shop, give him 5 drops every day for 20 days. Take a few threads of Saffron and add them to a glass of warm milk. Have this every day for 15 days.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Mercy ( Ghana )
28 Aug 2017
Please a friend recommended I try Quial eggs . please confirm how best it can help me. I am 28, a female and I have never experience orgasm in my life not even a single cum . can it help me?
30 Aug 2017
I do not think that QUail has got to do anything with Orgasm. It is very rare to experience Orgasm. Not every girl can experience that. It is all in the mind. Do not worry, it is not a disorder or a disease. But, in case you do not enjoy having Sex with your partner at all, or you feel you suffer from problems like low libido or frigidity, then share. Herbs can help.
07 Aug 2018
orgasm to a great degree also has to do with you and your partner . You have got to open up to him. Let him know areas in your body that arouse you sexually.
Give enough time for foreplay before the act, during which time direct him to areas that gives you the needed pleasure. There is a point called the G spot within your body. Some cum by stroking it. Try different positions. Bottom line , the two of you should open up on the issue. Good luck Dora
Nana yaa ( Ghana )
04 Sep 2017
please is it good for someone with vascular dementia. if yes, how should it be taken
General name ( Indian )
08 Sep 2017
My husband low sperm count he can eat Quail egg or no??
Ikemesit ( Nigeria/Akwa Ibom State )
25 Sep 2017
pls,,can quail egg cure fibriod in a woman,,how it be eating
Geetha ( Kerala )
05 Oct 2017

Is it advisable to give Quali eggs beaten with hot milk to kids.

Geeth ( Kerala )
05 Oct 2017
Is it advisable to give quail eggs beaten with hot milk to kids.
Simon ( Ghana )
06 Oct 2017
Does quail eggs help cure diabetes? how?
Does it help cure erectile dysfunction.
David ( Ghana )
16 Oct 2017
I've prostrate enlargement can quail eggs help me?If yes how do I go about it?How many per day and how long?
West jordan ( Utah )
17 Oct 2017
I get cold sores a few times a year that are hot and painful. can quail eggs get rid of the virus that causes them? or do you know of anything that does cure it? please advise.
Stevodart ( Ghana/ Kumasi )
18 Nov 2017
Can quail eggs cure myopia among adolescents? How many and for how long would I eat it?
Prudence ( Ghana )
19 Nov 2017
how do i feed my children with quail eggs?
Kweku atta ( ACCRA )
30 Nov 2017
Please can the eggs cure gastric ulcer ?
Abimbola ( Nigeria Lagos )
05 Dec 2017
Can quail egg treat sickle cell
Abimbola ( Nigeria, Lagos )
05 Dec 2017
how can it be used for treatment?
Abimbola ( Nigeria, Lagos )
05 Dec 2017
How can you help to get customer for selling of quail eggs?
23 Dec 2017
Quail Egg is good for Psoriasis. If yes what is the dosage per day?
Hassan Babu ( Kerala )
24 Jan 2018
I have been taking 2 quail eggs per day for 3 years. No problem detected so far. I am 57 years
Mohammad mudabbir ( India )
30 Jan 2018
How many quail eggs per day for bodybuilding increasing muscle mass iam 25 years old male please recommend the daily dose starting from min to max allowed per day for 25 year old male gym guy
Billy Joel ( United States )
08 Feb 2018
How does quail egg cure hiv and do you need to stop hiv medication
Murat Maan
16 Feb 2018
Quail egg can help to improve your immunity. Take other immunity boosting herbs too, like Golden Seal, Indian gooseberry and Echincea.
Maame ( Ghana )
05 Apr 2018
Please I want to get pregnant but my menstrual does not flow much of late. What should I do.
Maame ( Ghana )
05 Apr 2018
Please if my husband normal spermatozoa is 5% and abnormal spermatozoa is 95%. What should he do to increase his normal spermatozoa.
Jessica ( Myanmar )
04 May 2018
My father is 71 year and suffering from liver cancer although he does not has hepatitis B/ C. After TACE procedure, he was very weakened. Can I give him quail egg. Pls. Let me know the quantity to give .

Jessica ( Myanmar )
04 May 2018
My father is 71 year and suffering from liver cancer although he does not has hepatitis B/ C. After TACE procedure, he was very weakened. Can I give him quail egg. Pls. Let me know the quantity to give .

14 May 2018
Yes but read online for dosage
Ben ( Ghana )
14 May 2018
Pls can quail eggs help in asthmatic patients ? If yes how many eggs per day is advised
14 May 2018
I understand it does.
Cliff ( Accra )
14 Sep 2018
Can it help with premature ejeculation
18 Sep 2018
Quail Eggs are healthy, but if you wish to cure Premature Ejaculation, take Mucuna Pruriens capsules, one every day for a month. Have Damiana and Asparagus. These 3 herbs are excellent for curing Premature Ejaculation.
Kwesi ( Ghana )
31 Dec 2018
Can quail eggs improve low sperm count?
Maame Afua Mireku ( Ghana )
12 Feb 2019
My grandma has stroke and diabetes how can she use quail eggs what's the dosage?
Tiana Martinez ( United States )
22 Feb 2019
Does quail eggs help with asthma for a child 4 years old what is the dose to give?
Che Felix Ambe ( Cameroon )
22 Feb 2019
Advice me on how to use the quail egg for low sperms count, early ejaculations, unable to conceive, miscarriages
Hayford ( Ghana )
05 Mar 2019
Can the quail eggs use to cure hepatitis b if yes how will I use it
Nana arthur ( Ghana )
28 Apr 2019
Please I want to know if using both quail egg,black seed,honey and moringa powder together help in reducing or curing HIV disease??
Lucy Q Ocloo ( Ghana Aflo )
02 Aug 2020
Please l want to know if quail egg in blood in the body
Like person who have sort bloodin the system can the in takeof egg help recover the blood needed.
Nancy ( Ghana )
17 Sep 2020
For how long should I eat quail eggs to treat an ailment?
Damilola ( Nigeria )
24 Apr 2021
How can I use quail egg to treat fibroid?
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