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Migraine Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
Hindi Name
Adhe Sir Ka Dard, Adhakapari
Migraine Symptoms
Mood Swings
Blurred Vision
One sided Headache
Excessive Urination
Weakness in Neck Muscles
Tingling in Arms and Legs
Increased sensitivity to light and sound
Menstrual Migraine

Migraine Cured By

Super Effective


Afzelia African...
Bersama Abyssin...
Capparis Toment...
Cnestis Ferrugi...
Cyathocline Pur...
Cylicodiscus Ga...
Daniellia Olive...
Dysphania Schra...
Gomphocarpus Se...
Lavandula Stoec...
Lemon Leaves
Leptodermis Lan...
Mustard Seed Oi...
Ocimum Gratissi...
Scoparia Dulcis
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Migraine is a disease of the Head.
The one sided headache is Migraine.
There is a sharp pain and it is often accompanied by Vomiting and Nausea.

Causes of Migraine
Poor Posture
Low Blood Sugar
Hormonal Problems
Poor Nutritious Diet
Prolonged use of computers
Problems with Menstruation
Bright lights and loud Noises
Food products like Chocolate, Caffeine, Mono sodium glutamate (MSG), Aged Cheese, Peanut butter and dairy products

If not treated properly, Migraine may cause
Brain stroke

Your best bet is, Ergot and Jamaican Dogwood.
A visit to the Doctor is a must.

Note 1 : There is a very simple way to get rid of Migraine and that we will enjoy to do so is, Eat Jalebi ( An Indian Type of Sweet ) with milk. It should be made from Clarified Butter ( Desi Ghee ). Eat two to three pieces only. It is very effect and you may repeat the process for one week.

Note 2 : We have heard so many time that one APPLE a day, keeps the Doctor away. In case of Migraine it is very effective. Eat one apple on an empty stomach for one month and see the results. OR You can try another method also. Pierce three to four pieces of Black Pepper in the Apple. Keep it for whole night. Next morning, remove the Black Pepper and Eat the Apple.

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Migraine

Migraine General

Migraine is a critical form of Headache. It causes throbbing pain in one side of the head and is commonly known as one sided Headache. Migraine affects nearly 14.7% of world's population. It is considered 19th most common reason for disability and is also responsible for 1.4% of life years lost to disability. It may affect a person at any age. It is found to be more prominent in women, than men. The ratio of its occurrence in women as compared to men is 3:1. It is a result of blood vessel enlargement and release of chemicals from nerve fibers that coil around these blood vessels. What triggers these changes in blood vessels and nerve fibers is not known. However, it is believed to be a result of certain Genetical and Environmental factors. Genetics make you more susceptible in developing Migraine as a result of certain triggers. These triggers can be hormonal, physical, emotional, dietary, environmental or medicinal factors. Migraine can run within families. In more than 70 percent cases Migraine is inherited. A child having both parents suffering from Migraine has 90 percent chances of developing with Migraine. Several forms of Migraine exist, most common being with and without aura. Common Migraine types are given below.

Migraine with Aura or formally known as Classic Migraine generally affects the vision. Its symptoms occur 5 to 30 minutes before a Migraine Headache. Commonly experienced symptoms are blurred vision, loss of vision, zigzag lines, flashy lights, cloudy vision.
Migraine without Aura or formally known as Common Migraine. It is so prevalent that it alone accounts for 70 to 80 percent of all Migraine types. It may be accompanied by Nausea, Vomiting, Irritability, light or sound sensitivity.
Ophthalmic Migraine is a rare form of Migraine. It disturbs the vision causing temporary blind spots or blindness.
Ophthalmoplegic Migraine generally affects young adults and children. It causes double vision and severe pain behind the eyes.
Abdominal Migraine typically affects Children. Its symptoms may last from 1 hour to 3days and may cause Vomiting, Nausea and Flushing.
Chronic Migraine causes repetitive and ongoing episodes of Headache. A person suffering for Chronic Migraine will experience Headache for 15 or more days in the month. This situation may last for 3 consecutive months.
Basilar Migraine generally affects adolescent girls or young women. Its symptoms include Dizziness, Vertigo, Nausea, Vomiting, Ataxia, tinnitus, decreased hearing and loss of consciousness.

Migraine has a complex and wide variety of symptoms. Its symptoms may vary from an individual to individual. A person may also experience different symptoms at different times of Migraine attack. Its most common symptoms include Vomiting, Nausea, blurred vision, flashes of light, blind spots, Aura and increased sensitivity to light and sound. Migraine attack may vary in duration and frequency. Migraine attack usually last from 4 to 72 hours. It can have a severe impact on your work, social and family life. Its symptoms can be minimized with slight modifications to your lifestyle. Following things may be beneficial to you :

Oversleep and lack of sleep both can trigger Migraine attack. Maintain a balance between your sleep wake cycle.
Stress is believed to initiate the Migraine attack. Meditation may also be helpful in reducing Stress levels.
Herbs like Ergot, Jamaican Dogwood are found beneficial in treatment of Migraine.
Flashy lights and loud noises are common triggers of Migraine attack, avoid them.
Hunger can trigger Migraine attack, Eat healthy food at regular intervals.
Muscle stretching or a 30 minute of moderate level exercise may be helpful to you.
Yoga and deep breathing may be beneficial.
Acupuncture may help in reducing Migraine Headache.
Single Herb

Basil ( Tulsi ) for Migraine

Basil ( Tulsi ) contains Analgesic and Antiemetic properties. Its Analgesic property relieves headache, on the other hand its Antiemetic property stops nausea, vomiting associated with Migraine.
Take some fresh Basil leaves. Dry them in shade and make a powder. Take 1 teaspoon of this powder with Honey on empty stomach.
OR : Make a tea of 4 to 5 Basil leaves and drink a cup twice daily.
OR : Sniff 2 drops of Basil ( Tulsi ) leaves juice.

Chacruna for Migraine

Prepare a juice of Chacruna leaves. Use the prepared juice as Eye drops for Migraine.

Ginger ( Adrak ) For Migraine

Take a piece of dried Ginger. Grind it with water or Milk. Smell the mixture and apply it on the head.
Take 5 drops of Tinospora Cordifolia ( Guduchika ) juice with one teaspoon of Honey daily.

Grape ( Angur ) for Migraine

Take one glass of Grape ( Angur ) juice once a day. It cures Migraine.
OR : Eat 50 grams of Grapes ( Angur ) daily.

Guava ( Amrood ) for Migraine

Make a paste of fresh unripened Guava. Apply it on the affected part of forehead. Repeat the process 3 to 4 times a day.

Garlic ( Lehsun ) for Migraine

Analgesic effect of Garlic ( Lehsun ) makes it beneficial to combat Migraine problem.
Make a paste of Garlic ( Lehsun ). Apply it on the affected region of forehead and also put 2 drops of Garlic (( Lehsun ) juice on the same side of nostril.

Cabbage for Migraine

Tie fresh leaves of Cabbage in a piece of cloth. Keep this poultice on your forehead. Change the leaves after sometime and repeat the procedure.

Lemon ( Nimbo ) for Migraine

Grate the outer skin of Lemon. Apply it on your Forehead.

Evening Primrose for Migraine

Massage your head and forehead using Primrose oil.

Butterfly Pea for Migraine

Chew 2 dried leaves of Butterfly Pea daily.

Vitex Trifolia for Migraine

Prepare a decoction with fruit of Vitex Trifolia. Take it twice a day.

Carom ( Ajvain ) for Migraine

Roast 1 tsp Carom seeds in a pan. Sniff the smoke.

Blessed Thistle for Headache

Put 2 tablespoons of dried herb in 2 cups of boiling water.
Steep for 10-15 minutes.
Drink twice a day.

Honey ( Shehad ) for Migraine

Put a drop of Honey ( Shehad ) in opposite nasal of the affected side. If you have pain in right side part of head, put Honey ( Shehad ) in left side nasal.

Chamomile ( Babunah ) for Migraine

Add One tablespoon Chamomile ( Babunah ) powder in a cup of boiling water. Drink hot as a tea.
Basil Essential Oil is an effective herbal cure for Migraine. It relaxes the head muscles and nerves. It makes you feel better by stopping Nausea.
Inhale the aroma of Basil Essential Oil for 2 to 3 minutes.
OR : Massage the head with Basil Essential Oil for 5 to 10 minutes.

Feverfew for Migraine

Feverfew has a chemical compound named Parthenolides. This compound works as a magic for migraine by toning up the blood vessels.
Chew 2 fresh leaves of Feverfew.
OR : Take dried Feverfew herb. Place it in a jar. Put a cup of hot water over it. Leave for 10 minutes. Strain. Add a teaspoon of honey. Drink this preparation once a day daily.

Spikenard for Migraine

Take Jatamansi Oil and massage your forehead twice a day for at least 2 to 3 weeks to get total relief from Migraine.

Henna ( Mehandi ) for Migraine

Dip flowers of Henna in vinegar. Steep them for 10 minutes. Rub them against the forehead for quick Migraine pain relief.

Indian Mulberry for Migraine

Drink 30 ml of organic Indian Mulberry ( Noni ) juice for quick relief from Migraine.

Fennel ( Saunf ) for Migraine

Take 1 liter of boiling water and soak 50 grams of Fennel seeds in it. Let it cool. Apply this solution on the forehead and temples, three times a day.

Lemon Essential Oil for Migraine

Lemon Essential Oil improves circulation, thus, soothes Migraine. Diffuse Lemon Essential Oil in your home or in the area where you spend most of the time.
Due to its Analgesic action, Coriander Essential Oil soothes Migraine.
Take one tablespoon of Coconut Oil ( or any other carrier oil ) and add eight drops of Coriander Essential Oil in it. Mix them well. Massage this oil blend to the arms, legs, abdomen, back and chest area. Repeat the process as needed to get relief.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Migraine 1

Boil 4 cups of Agarwood pieces in 2 litre water till it is reduced to One litre. Now again boil it with One litre each of Cow's milk and Gingelly oil and remove its moisture. Add half cup each of powdered Terminalia Bellirica and Liquorice root. Let it cool then strain. Massage the scalp with this oil twice a week, keep it for 20 Minutes and Wash off.

Herbal Treatment For Migraine 2

Take Half tablespoon of Salt ( Namak ) and Honey each. Lick it.

Herbal Treatment For Migraine 3

Mix equal quantity of Cucumber juice and Beetroot juice. Drink 1 glass of it once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Migraine 4

Take a combination of Magnesium Chloride, Vitamin B2 and Herb Feverfew. Combine them in whatever manner available. Dosage : Do not exceed the quantity prescribed by your doctor. Capsules/tablets may be the best course.
Do not medicate yourself. Visit your doctor first.

Herbal Treatment For Migraine 5

Mix half glass each of Spinach ( Palak ) and Carrot ( Gaajar ) juice and drink regularly.

Herbal Treatment For Migraine 6

Union of Long Pepper, Black Pepper and Ginger becomes an effective remedy to combat Migraine.
Take them in dry form. Roast them. Powder them and store in a jar. Sniff a pinch of powder to cure Migraine.

Herbal Treatment For Migraine 7

Lavender Essential Oil : It expands the blood vessels and reduces the Pain due to Migraine.
Lemon Balm Essential Oil : It refreshes the Mind and soothes the Nerves.
Rose Essential Oil : It enhances the Blood Circulation.
Sprinkle 2 to 3 drops of these Essential Oils on a Cotton or Flannel cloth. Inhale the scent. It helps in soothing the Nervous System and reduces the Pain due to Migraine.
Take 2 to 3 drops of these Essential Oils. Mix them and apply on the temples. Do a circular massage gently for 10 to 15 minutes.

Herbal Treatment For Migraine 8

Take 1 handful of fresh Spinach.
250 gm of fresh Green Grapes.
1 Capsicum
1 Green Apple
2 to 3 slices of Ginger
1 Lemon
Grind all the ingredients together. Strain and drink this juice every day.

Herbal Treatment For Migraine 10

1 Beetroot
2 to 3 leaves of Swiss Chard
1 Lemon
2 slices of ginger
1 Cucumber
Blend them all. Strain. Consume this juice every morning.

Herbal Treatment For Migraine 9

Take 1 celery sticks
1 to 2 Ginger slices
2 big Slices of Pineapple
1 Lemon
2 to 3 Kale leaves
1 small Cucumber
Blend all the ingredients together and strain. Now have this juice every morning.
Queries on Migraine
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30 Mar 2015
Friends, instead of applying the pastes of Tulsi and Ginger on our forehead, can we have tea with Tulsi and ginger.

Will it help cure my migraine.
Manu Sharma
29 Apr 2015
Dear Anuradha,

Yes, you can drink the tea of Ginger and Basil tea. Applying the paste on forehead may be more beneficial.
07 May 2015
Thanks for sharing important natural herbs for Migraine.
Charu Talwar
01 Jul 2015
I have a pain in one side of my head since some time now. My Doctor diagnosed me for Migraine. I believe certain foods trigger this problem. is this any different from a regular headache. Please suggest some herbal remedy for it.
Herbpathy Research Team
03 Jul 2015
Dear Charu Talwar
Sorry to hear about your headaches. Yes, You are absolutely right, there are certain foods, which trigger Migraine. We would like to bring it to your knowledge that factors which trigger Migraine varies in different people. Usually triggered by noise, light and strong odor. Most common food items known to trigger this headache are
Chocolates, Caffeine, Aged Cheese, Alcohol, Red Wine, Vinegar, Citrus fruits, Red skinned apples and Processed Meat.

Yes, there is a significant distinction between Migraine and regular headaches.
In Migraine, headache is usually on one side of the head, accompanied with other symptoms such as
Nausea, Vomiting, Sensitivity to light and noise.
A person feels a throbbing, thumping or pulsating discomfort.
May get worsen by physical activity or lowering of head.

On the other hand,Regular headaches have an affect on each side of the head.The pain is usually dull,constant and mild to moderate. Not accompanied with Migraine like symptoms and they're not worsened by physical activity.

Herbpathy Research Team
( Make Life Healthy )
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
17 Sep 2015
My aunt is suffering from migraine. Is there any natural treatment that can provide her relief or that can lower down the pain. Also suggest what foods should be avoided.Thanks in advance
Herbpathy Research Team
17 Sep 2015
Dear Tina,

Sorry to hear about your aunt. Migraine is critical form of Headache and is accompanied by Nausea and Vomiting. We will try our best to provide you the best remedy for Migraine. Please follow the following methods.
You have heard the phrase, That an apple a day keeps the Doctor away.
Take an apple and pierced 3 to four pieces of Black Pepper in the Apple. Next morning, remove the Black Pepper and eat that Apple. Repeat the Process for one month.
You may try another method, which your aunt will enjoy to do.
Eat Indian Sweet known as Jalebi made in Clarified Butter ( Desi Ghee ) with lukewarm milk in the morning. Repeat the process only for three days. It may help her out.
Please advise her to do yoga on regular basis. It may help her to improve the circulation.

Herbpathy Research Team
( Make Life Healthy )
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Richard ( U.S.A. )
05 Sep 2016
Many migraines are caused by certain foods consumed. Years ago, I was told by others that raisins can caused these problems because of its Iron content or any others high in iron. But I find the best method to discover which foods not to consume is to test them each- since it will raise the blood presssure or/and pulse. So buy a an automatic blood pressure monitor with a pulse meter and sit at a table and consume a small amount of one food item at a time and check it, then make a list.
In fact, another thing to do is to log every food you eat each day and keep track of any migraines- time and date. This can be correlated to different signs the moon is transiting, so you can better prepare the day with herbs or essential oils. Hope this helps...
05 Sep 2016
Dear Richard
Yes, this is right that Migraine attacks may be triggered by some foods, but this vary from person to person. Like, this won't happen in my case. My Migraine attack gets triggered only due to restlessness and over heat. But, yes may be your experiment may help.
Amit M (India) ( India )
14 Sep 2016
My son is 9years old and facing left sided headache from last 3 years. Left sided Headache frequency is once/week.
In 2013 eye doctor suggested right eye patching for 12hrs/day due to lazy left eye. Headache started after eye patch treatment. He is using power glasses with power of -3.0(R) & -3.5 (L)

Now left side headache frequency is every week and if I not give any pain killer for 2hrs then start nausea and vomiting with stomach pain.

MRI done in 2014 and report was normal and doctor defined this problem as childhood migraine. Whole abdomen ultrasound was also done and report was normal.

I have done with Jalebhi treatment for 15days and no result.

Please suggest.

BR, Amit
20 Sep 2016
Dear Amit
I suggest your son the following. Try these remedies for 1 month and let me know if you see some positive results.
1. Give an apple on empty stomach.
2. Give 1 Kiwi fruit every day.
3. Give Pomegranate fruit every day.
4. Take him to some yoga classes daily.
Please be patient, I know being a father it is very difficult to see your child in pain. But it may take some time to heal. You continue these remedies for at least 2 months.
Amit M (India)
16 Oct 2016
Hello, I have given apple and pomegranate every day from last 6 months but not kiwi. As I know from different sites that kiwi is triggering fruit for migraine. Any other natural treatment please ? Is Tulsi play any role for migraine treatment ? BR, Amit
Robert Cyril
07 Jul 2018
If it is on weekends give IRISS VER 30 (Homeopathy)thrice a day daily for for some days and check how is his Migrain and if you get some result then need a very good homeopathic doctor and tell him to prescribe medicines in written ( and buy it from homeopathic store ...A genuine honeopathic doctor will always disclose the names of the medicines No matter his consultancy charges are more . I think your child has got hyper acidity and because of this he is getting migrain ( he might have very light ulcers in the stomach which can be dignosed by Ultrasound). Also after the migrain attach whenever he takes meal , give him NEOPEPTINE Enzime after meals for 2 yo 3 days ( 2 times a day). Also give Merc Sol 200 (homeopathic) three times once a week ( the day u take Merc Sol 200 , do not give Iriss Ver 30 on that day). Read carefully ... You can consult a good homeopathic doctor.
Amit M ( India )
13 Feb 2017
I have given Tulsi for 3 months. How many days can we give Tulsi (5 -leafs ) for 9 year old boy to avoid side effects ?
14 Feb 2017
Dear Amit M
Could you please let us know that for what reasons you wish to give Tulsi leaves to the kid? Please tell some more symptoms about your child. We will recommend you accordingly.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
15 Feb 2017
My Son is suffering with Migraine from last 4 years and every 7th day he faced left side headache. MRI Done in 2014.
If pain trigger and if I am not give any painkiller then nausea. As per doctor it's childhood migraine. I tried jalebhi treatment and no result. Now from last 3 months I am giving him tulsi (5-leafs) with water and some time I feel some changes in positive side. Can I give Tulsi leafs (5-Leafs) for long duration or is there any side effects for long use. My son is 9 year old. Please suggest. BR
17 Mar 2017
Hello Herbpathy Team, Please let me know your input on my previous post (15-Feb). BR, Amit
15 May 2020
Hello Amit Any improvement in your child's condition for migraine
Tata ( USA/Florida )
27 Jun 2020
Head always pulsating/throbbing but no pain. Maybe a nerve issue with my brain or nervous system?
01 Jul 2020
Have you got yourself checked as for any physical diagnose? Homeopathic medicines as Apis, Calcarea etc. can help in case of Hydrocephalus. It helps to dry up the excess fluid.
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