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Butterfly Pea Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Butterfly Pea
Glycemic Index / Load
Butterfly Pea
Botanical Name
Clitoria Ternatea
Hindi Name
Chinese Name
Hu Die Hua Dou

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Butterfly Pea Cures


Action of Butterfly Pea

Most Effective

Nutrients in Butterfly Pea

Taste of
Butterfly Pea

Parts Used

Leaves, Dried Root

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Butterfly Pea

Do not consume if you are Pregnant or Breast feeding.
Excessive intake of Butterfly Pea may cause Diarrhea.
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Butterfly Pea is a climbing vine.
It is perennial.
It grows in tropical, temperate climate.
It grows up to 1.8 M.
Best used for Memory Enhancer.


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Materia Medica for Butterfly Pea

Butterfly Pea General

Butterfly Pea is called Shankha Pushpi in India. Use the plant and its fresh juice with honey.
It increases Energy. Its called a rejuvenator. Its a brain tonic for mental workers, professors, students, solicitors, lawyers and educationists.
Want to eat more; want to increase your appetite ? Use this herb to advantage.
Frayed nerves ? It is a nerve tonic.
Want to be a singer ? It improves the quality of voice.
It come in handy for fits and epilepsy.
Can't concieve ? Try Butterfly Pea.
Constipated ? Try Butterfly Pea.
Can't sleep ? Try Butterfly Pea.
It helps in Fatigue, Weakness, Gas in Stomach, Dyspepsia etc.
Do you have a puny child ? Not gaining weight. Growth stunted. Mentally and physically weak. You got it. Try this herb.
Aha! Suffering from the travails of modern life ? Stress ! Strain ! Are you going Insane, I mean literally !!! This herb will save you.
Single Herb

Butterfly Pea for Constipation

Take some seeds. Roast. Powder them. Have a pinch with luke warm water for 3 days.
Or take 10 grams root. Soak in 2 cups water for 5 hours. Drink it twice in a day for 3 days.
Caution : Excess may cause Loose Motion.

Butterfly Pea for Earache

Take leaves extract. Warm it. Mix a little salt. Steam the area.

Butterfly Pea for Elephantiasis

Take the roots. Make paste with little water. Have a pinch with luke warm water.

Butterfly Pea for Swelling

Grind some leaves. Add a little salt. Mix it. Apply paste on the affected part twice a day.

Butterfly Pea for Ulcers

Take fresh leaves. Prepare infusion. Wash the affected area with it.

Butterfly Pea as Memory Enhancer

Fry root paste of Butterfly Pea in Clarified Butter. Take 3 g of it twice a day.

Butterfly Pea for Uterine Bleeding

Grind dried flowers of Butterfly Pea. Take 1 g of the obtained powder with Honey. Have it thrice a day.

Butterfly Pea for Migraine

Chew 2 dried leaves of Butterfly Pea daily.

Butterfly Pea for Indigestion

Intake of 5 g root powder of Butterfly Pea helps to cure Indigestion.

Butterfly Pea for Leucorrhoea

Crush roots of Butterfly Pea to make powder. Consume 4 g of it daily.

Butterfly Pea for Dizziness

Take 2 gms of Butterfly Pea ( Sankha Pushpi ) dried herbs and grind them into a fine powder. Mix with 100 ml of milk. Consume it twice a day.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Constipation 5

Take seeds of Butterfly Pea ( Shankhpushpi in India ) and dry Ginger ( Adrak in India ) in equal quantity. Powder them. Mix Rock Salt ( Sendha Namak in India ). Have a pinch with luke warm water twice a day for 7 days.

Herbal Treatment For Elephantiasis 2

Take seeds of Butterfly Pea ( Shankhpushpi in India ) and Dry Ginger ( Adrak in India ) in equal quantity. Powder them. Mix Rock Salt ( Sendha Namak in India ). Have a pinch with luke warm water twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Alzheimer 2

Take the following herbs in equal quantity :
Celastrus Paniculatus, Butterfly Pea, Indian Pennywort, Bacopa Monnieri, Withania Somnifera .
Grind them together. Have 1/4 teaspoon with lukewarm water daily.
Queries on Butterfly Pea
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Ramesh ( India )
02 Jul 2016
can I use shankhapushpi for treating hyperthyroidism.
Kanakh Taneja
04 Jul 2016
Ramesh The most effective herb for hyperthyroidism is Ginseng Siberian and Stinging Nettle.
However, as you have asked if Shankhpushpi can be taken for the same. Yes, you may take it, it is known to alleviate the Hyperthyroidism.
Santos ( Malaysia )
19 Aug 2016
Hi, i heard we can use for cancer. If posible, please share the method.
23 Aug 2016
Please Read Cancer in the disease section of this website. I am sure this will be of great help to you. There you will find super effective herbs to cure Cancer.
Makabagong Bayong ( Philippines )
02 Feb 2018
Hi Santos, I have read about cancer today and this is also related to your question. Butterfly Pea has CYCLOTIDES, these are peptides that have anti tumor properties and cause cancer cells death because they can penetrate the cancer cell membrane. And a recent study in China found it to be effective against certain lung cancer cell lines. Al Sears MD CNS
22 May 2018
Hi Doc, is butterfly tea good for bone cancer?
Zul Murad ( Malaysia )
06 Oct 2016
I have processed the flowers into teabags.. just dip a sachet into a cup of warm water and bang! the clear water turns blue..and after you add a few drops of lime or lemon juices into the cup the wonderful blue will then turns purple..just add honey to enhance the sweetness tastes..
I can be contacted thru email at hajimartresources@gmail.com
Thank you.
06 Oct 2016
Zul Murad Thank you so much for sharing this. You will be contacted soon.. Does it have the same effect as the Butterfly pea seeds ?
22 Nov 2016
Helen Fresto ( Philippines )
21 Feb 2017
is it safe with heart diaease?
22 Feb 2017
Yes, it is safe. In fact, this herb reduces the risk of heart diseases.
M. Sualah ( Ghana )
26 May 2017

Please, can the plant be used for the treatment of eye diseases?
Varuna N. Jain ( Gujarat )
09 Jun 2017
Yes, Butterfly Pea can be used to cure many Eye Diseases.
What is your problem ?
Would you share the symptoms with us?
Jayson mike A. Tiu
09 Jul 2020
i have a son that has ROP 5
Hemant (Scholar/Ayurveda)
09 Jul 2020
What is his age? At a certain point, it is difficult to treat it herbally. Please check with you Doctor.
M. Sualah.
18 Jun 2017
Thank you Doctor.
I have poor vision objects that appeared closer. For example, mobile phone.
Unless I stretched my hand forward before I can see contacts fairly well. The same applies to reading a book.
Janet ( United States )
02 Jun 2017
can I use this tea if I am taking topamax (topimarite) antiseizure meds
thank you. This tea sounds amazing
05 Dec 2020
Did you get any reply on your question? I take topomax as well. I would like to know.
11 Jun 2017
Does this tea helps in lowering sugar in the blood?
Can it be mixed with other tea leaves like jasmine?
Romi ( India )
06 Jul 2017
Patty. Yes, Butterfly Pea helps in reducing Sugar levels, but it is not the best herb for the cure. You may try Galega officinalis tincture or tea for diabetes. Monitor your readings and adjust the dosage. Why do you want to mix it with other teas, if you do, I believe it will change the medicinal properties of the herb .
Irish ( PHilippines )
14 Jun 2017
My mother is diabetic and hypertensive can i let her drink juice of the flower?
06 Jul 2017
Irish. The Butterfly Pea tea is used for a number of health benefits like, Skin Disorders, Urinary problems, enhancing the immune system.
She can drink it. The herb is known to cure Diabetes and Hypertension.
Myra dizon ( Philippines )
16 Jul 2017
What are the benefits of the butterfly pea flower?is it OK to eat butterfly pea flowerrs?
Makabagong Bayong ( Philippines )
02 Feb 2018
Yes, you may eat it esp if its freshly picked from your garden. Pkease check my page Herbs ancient brrads and more i am sharing some views and practicea of herbal remedy
Joanna tan ( Malaysia )
22 Aug 2017

Hai doctor
Was butterfly pea flower can improve hair growth? And my hair very dry.
And can it use for treament ?
Makabagong Bayong ( Philippines )
02 Feb 2018
Yes I believe so Ms Joana, from our experienced it slowly stoppubg the premature greying of hair too. In some stores in Thailand they are using this plant as one of their ingredient in shampoo
06 Sep 2017
Hi Doc,

May I ask if this will help me conceive?
Shirley ( Malaysia, Federal Territory )
29 Oct 2017
I am taking amlodipine for high blood, simvastatin for cholesterol and aspirin for blood thinner. I take a cup of blue pea tea with 5/6 fresh flowers. Is this OK
Ariana ( United States )
30 Oct 2017
I drank a cup of this tea and I am breastfeeding will this cause harm to my baby?
Makabagong Bayong ( Philippines )
02 Feb 2018
Hi Ariana, i am not sure if its good for lactating and breastfeeding moms please take time also to check some other pages
Laxmi narasimha
05 Dec 2017
Are there any Side effects using butterfly pea blue tea
Makabagong Bayong ( Philippines )
02 Feb 2018
Hi Laxmi, I have not read any side effects or adherse reactions from natural medicine or herbal remedy. Unless over used it. Herbs ancient bread and more
23 Nov 2018
Hi! This week I started drinking blue pea flower tea with dried lemongrass leaves and lemon for 4 consecutive days and I have been purging for 2 days and feeling slightly nausea. I read these are normal side effects if drink in excess. I guessed I overdo it.
Ronnie ( Philippnes )
10 Dec 2017
Im also taking simvastatin and amlodhipine. Is it safe to drink the tea? Please reply.
Makabagong Bayong
02 Feb 2018
I think it wont harm you if its minimal because as per the reviews that i have read its its also good for hypertension
Wei aik woon ( Malaysia )
23 Jan 2018
I take cardiprin for my medication. It is OK for me to consume butterfly pea tea.
Franz. Ferrer ( Philippines )
28 Jan 2018
I am using fresh butterfly pea flower and pour them with hot water as tea, will this process ok as brain enhancer?Thanks. What part of the herb is best for cancer patient. Pls give us some tips to prepare it. Thanks again and God bless.
Makabagong Bayong
02 Feb 2018
Hi Franz, i think by using the pea flower as tea can be of help for it is high in anti oxidant. This is somewhat a drugstore plant. Continue reading and researching for more knowledge.
Based on our experienced it slowly stops the premature greying of hair, improving good eyesight and memory.
Relieves stress and gives somewhat happy hormones.??
Check Herbs ancient bread and more
Amy Nicholson ( Australia )
21 Feb 2018
hi there,

Is this tea good to take along with anti depressants?
also, is it best to stay away from coffee if taking it?

many thanks,
23 Feb 2018
Yes, coffee is not recommended if you take it. And, if already taking antidepressants, then caution is advised.
Margrethe ( Sarawak/Malaysia )
22 Feb 2018
Is it safe for people with thalasemmia and hypotension to drink this tea, please?
23 Feb 2018
Butterfly Pea is used to cure Hypertension, i.e. High Blood Pressure, which means, it will lower your Blood Pressure. Thus, not recommended for those suffering from Hypotension. It may then lower the blood pressure, beyond the normal level.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
08 Mar 2018
Sheena ( Kenya )
15 Mar 2018

I’m looking for butterfly pea flower in wholesale to be shipped to Kenya. Can anyone help?
My email is sheena@brand-discovery.net

Parr Vong
11 Apr 2018
Try to contact First Organic Farm in Thailand.
Email: info@dailygreen.net
Keziah ( Cambodia )
12 Apr 2018
Keziah (Cambodia)

Blue butterfly pea flower tea is good for skin???
Amy Costa (PurPerfect Naturals)
12 Apr 2018
Yes, the Butterfly Pea tea can be used externally for skin and Hair. It is rich in anti-oxidants. You can mix the tea with your face masks to get a glowing skin. Butterfly Pea also prevents premature aging of our skin.
Leah ( Taiwan )
25 Apr 2018
Hi, I drink 2 cup of hot Lemongrass- butterfly pea herbal infusion then I can't sleep for a whole night? I feel very energetic for the whole night.
Is it the cause I can't sleep because of drinking the butterfly pea before the bedtime? Pls answer my question. thanks
04 Mar 2019
Hi Leah, im drinking tea with ginger before bed, its doing me well..you may try it...
Jyoti ( India )
03 May 2018
HI, I have very bad headache precisely migraine. In summer, it worsens, I have to take pain killers almost every week.

how can I use this plant.. I read somewhere it can cure even stubborn migraine.
Ail ( Philippines )
04 May 2018
hello! is blue butterfly plant can cure skin allergy? if yes, what part of plant can i use and dosage? thanks
Tanha sagar ( India )
10 May 2018
Am using all parts of butterfly pea . Each and every part is useful as said in aceint history butterfly pea can cure 90 percent of body sickness. Not only flower and roots and leafes but also seeds are useful.
For brain u can use small pinch of seeds powder . For best sleep and energy u can use leafes juice but only one or two tae spoon not more .
For daily health benefits like stoping blood cloting. Eyesight and weight lose and other lot benefits u can use flower tea with lemon. Here on net people may not explain everything. May be to save thier knowledge or keep it secret.
As long as I know there are 90 percent cures from this plant it is called aparajita not shankhpushpi a big confusion between names it is aparajita clitoria or blue butterfly pea it's not shankhpushpi as shankh pushpi has only one benifit that is brain tonic but as name given in ayurveda aparajit means un failure .. that never be failure according to name given is proved that this herb never fails to cure any disease in our body. Thats why our aceint given this name .. aparajita.. as name same it has abilities to cure all diseases of our body and never fails.. niticomoutech@gmail.com
Stefano biasetto
03 Apr 2019
Hallo, may you please tell me how to do leaves juice with butterfly pea?
Ana Claire Mariano ( Philippines )
16 May 2018
Is the blue butterfly pea good for pregnant women?
Ellen Tippett ( USA )
17 May 2018
Does this tea increase bleeding time or thin your blood?
Bee ( Philippines )
17 Jun 2018
Hello! Thank you for the article. I recently purchased a small jar if the powdered tea. May I know if this can help with coughung/the flu? How many cups should I drink in a day?
Dewi ( United States )
29 Jun 2018
is it safe if I make this tea as an eyes drops? for cure red eyes or just dry eyes?
Nina Hafetz ( Malaysia )
12 Aug 2018
In Malaysia, it is called bunga telang and is used in cooking (nasi kerabu) and desserts.
14 Aug 2018
Wow. This is a nice piece of information.
Carol ( Singapore )
16 Aug 2018
Hi; I’m taking blood thinner can I still consume the blue pea tea?

Editha ( Philippines )
02 Dec 2018

Is it ok to mix formula milk for babies and butterfly pea?
Samira ( India )
19 Dec 2018
Hello Doctor,I am suffring from vitiligo,leucoderma since last 13 years.but it is stable now.i read about the plant clitoria ternatea.pls tell me how it is useful to cure vitiligo.as tis plant is grown in my garden and it is easily avaliable.
Choo ( Singapore )
16 Jan 2019
Hi I am taking carbimazole o treat my hyper thyroid. Is blue pea flower suitable for me? will it elevate my hyper thyroid. Does the flower contain high iodine. Thank you so much. Regards
Shell ( Philippines )
09 Apr 2019
Hi my father suffering highblood preasure.. And my mom has a toxic goiter,, blue ternate tea can hepl them?
Lee ( Malaysia )
16 Apr 2019
There are some people who had sent viral messages around that when making pea flower tea, only use the petals and exclude the green parts ie predicel, sepal and the filament which contains toxin and if taken for a long time causes bad headaches. Googled this but no result. I personally thinks it is a myth.
Nwe Nwe ( Myanmar )
20 Jul 2019
May I know its Butterfly pea flower is irritate for hair? Because I made herbal shampoo with this flower some of user allergic with this flower thus why I want to know. Pls reply for me. Thanks.
22 Jul 2019
Hey Nwe Nwe. Butterfly pea is good for hair. Shampoos with Butterfly Pea as an ingredient are also available. But they are made with additional ingredients. Well, How did you make this?
Seline ( Malaysia )
04 Aug 2019
How many times can the be consumed in a day and also how to use the pea and leafs please recommend methods.tq
05 Aug 2019
Dear Seline, The method to take the herb is explained above in Materia Medica. Please read it above. If you do not find the information you are looking for, please write us back. Please mention what you want to take Butterfly Pea for, as a medicine. We can better suggest you for dosage and method to take it.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Alfred Vincent ( Philippines )
15 Sep 2019

How many cups of tea is required per day?

16 Sep 2019
Dear Alfred,

Please mention why you want to take the tea?
However, most of the procedures to take the herb are mentioned above under the Materia Medica section. please check.
If you don't get your answer still, write to us.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Summer ( India )
25 Dec 2019
Is butterfly plea tea lesson the chances of getting pregnant is it good for 19 year old who not pregnant will it affect my fertility
26 Dec 2019
Dear Summer
Butterfly Pea is effective for female reproductive organs. It is used in treating Menstrual disorders, Infertility, etc. Please mention why you want to take it. Do not take any herb without consultation and be particular about the dosage.
Write back for further assistance.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Jem ( Guam )
29 Jan 2020
Hello...just want to know how many cups per day should I take?
?? thank you
29 Jan 2020
Dear Jem. Butterfly Pea is a miraculous herb. It extends its medicinal benefits to treat multiple spheres.
The dosage depends on the ailment. In general, you can take it in syrup form, 1 teaspoon daily for 10-15 days. It serves as a Memory enhancer too. The procedure to take the herb is mentioned in the Materia Medica section above. Write back or consult your Health care provider if you have any ailment before taking it. Write back for further queries.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
11 May 2020
High in creatinine can drink this herbs because huge here in my country Philippines, please i need your answer because we have friend to help thank you so much and God blessed
Ame ( Philipines )
11 Jun 2020
Im Ame From Phil, Just want to know if its ok to drink blue tea even im already taking anti stresa medication?
Bea Joy ( Singapore )
24 Jun 2020
Hi I have Lupus, an autoimmune illness. mainly have swelling of my joints and inflammation on y body. Can I take Butterfly Pea tea ? Thanks.
Herbpathy Research Team
02 Jul 2020
Dear Joy
Lupus is an AutoImmune Disease in which the Immune System attacks the healthy and useful cells by mistake.
Our Research team is working on it. We will let you know as soon as we find the best remedy for this problem. In the mean time, we recommend eating such herbs that will enhance your immunity. Immunity booster herbs are Echinacea, Goldenseal, Indian Gooseberry, Wheatgrass juice etc. Check more Herbs under Immunity Boosters Under Actions on this website.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Ben ( USA/NY )
27 Jun 2020
What's the standard dosage? I weight about 60Kg/120lbs. I used 4 flowers in about 300mL/12oz. of hot water, that was enough to clean me out (not my intent).
30 Jun 2020
Are you doing this weight control or getting toxins out of body? You can check Overweight/ obesity page on this website for plenty of herbs to do so. For toxin removal, 10-15 days are enough for herb to work. For how long have you been taking it?
15 Jul 2020
Recreationally. ( apparently my reply is too short)
14 Jul 2020
Hi, i have read in the materia medica above that butterfly pea also help to increase appetite. What is the dosage to increase the appetite and when is the best time to drink? Is it also safe for children to drink? Thank you.
Agarika ( Student/ Ayurveda )
15 Jul 2020
Hey Daisy. Butterfly Pea flower tea is used to regulate appetite. It works on metabolism You can take it anytime. Add lime or honey and give it as a cooler to kids. Prefer small quantities to children.
Glaiza ( Philippines )
07 Nov 2020
My husband and I are taking medication to lower triglycerides and hypertensive. Can we drink this tea? If yes how often?

Thank you very much!
Manvi ( United Kingdom )
10 Nov 2020
Hi, I just wanted to ask if this butterfly pea flower helps an individual who is 17 years old and suffers from type 1 diabetes and has had multiple seizures before.

Please help

Thank you
Shaloo ( India )
22 Nov 2020
Hi, thank you for your kind cooperation. I am, 40 years and trying to conceive. Already have one child. Unable to conceive due to lot of stress. Can use of this herb help? Please advice which part to use, dose and how to use.
Epifanyyyy ( Philippines )
08 Feb 2021
How to use butterfly pea for Laxative?
Mandar Gourish Gokarn ( India )
02 Mar 2021
Can the white coloured butterfly pea (Gokarna) flowers be used to make tea? Have heard only of the blue colored variety being used to make blue tea.
Grace ( Philippines )
06 Apr 2021
Hi! can i drink butterfly tea for my thyroid disorder?
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