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Debility Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
Hindi Name
Kamjori, Durbalata, Kamzori
Debility Symptoms
Weight Loss
Attention Loss
Muscle Atrophy
Memory Deficiency
Loss of Power and Strength

Debility Cured By


Afzelia African...
Agama Agilis
Agaricus Campes...
American Mistle...
Andropogon Gera...
Angelica Arguta
Asplenium Nidus
Bersama Abyssin...
Bridelia Montan...
Cassumunar Ging...
Centaurea Behen
Cissus Assamica
Codonopsis Tang...
Comastoma Tenel...
Digitaria Conju...
Doronicum Royle...
Erythrococca An...
Ficus Fergusoni...
Flickingeria Ma...
Gamelina Arobiy...
Geophila Repens
Gold not to be ...
Gossypium Hirsu...
Grewia Hirsuta
Japanese Angeli...
Lavandula Stoec...
Lepidium Iberis
Maerua Siamensi...
Nypa Palm
Panax Fruticosa
Pear Hawthorn
Piper Chaba
Rhazya Stricta
Rhododendron An...
Small Flowered ...
Smilax Aspera
Smooth Solomon ...
Sterculia Villo...
Summer Grass
Swamp Milkweed
Tanacetum Nubig...
Tetracera Sarme...
Thalictrum Dali...
Torch Tree
Tricholepis Gla...
Water Morning G...
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Debility is a disease of the Whole Body.
Physical or mental weakness caused by illness is known as Debility.
It is characterized by loss of Vitality and general weakness.
It occurs after an illness when the patient is convalescing.
First you must try and identify the cause. If found, treat the cause and the patient will improve.
But, either during convalescence or when the cause cannot be determined, herbal immunity boosters are the best solution.

Causes of Debility
Old Age
Loss of Appetite
Chronic Sickness
Exposure to dry cold winds

If not treated properly, Debility may cause

Body Part(s)

Whole Body

Whole Body Diseases

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Materia Medica for Debility

Single Herb

Winter Melon for Debility

Grind the fruit of Winter Melon. Add sugar according to your taste. Take one tablespoon twice a day.

Ginger ( Adrak ) For Debility

Drink a decoction of dry Ginger to enhance body strength.

Fenugreek ( Methi ) for Debility

Put 2 tablespoon Fenugreek ( Methi ) seeds in One cup of cold water. Let stand for 4-5 minutes and then boil for 2 minutes. Take 2 cups per day. It helps in recovering from an illness.

Artemisia Absinthium for Debility

Take 2-3 tablespoon of Artemisia Absinthium two times a day.

Alternanthera Sessilis ( Garundi ) Flowers for Debility

Take 4 to 5 fresh Alternanthera Sessilis ( Garundi ) Flowers. Soak in 100 ml Coconut Oil. Have one teaspoon early in the morning.

Dates for Debility

Consume 8 g Date Palm daily. It acts as an energy booster which energize your body when you are weak due to lack of food.

Black Cumin for Debility

Take 1 tsp Honey with 2 drops of Black Cumin seed oil once a day.

Ginseng American for Debility

Take 2-3 cups of water in a pan. Simmer One sliced Ginseng American root in it for 15 minutes. Filter and add One teaspoon Honey ( Shehad ) for taste. Let it cool and drink twice a day.
Note: Ginseng American is not suitable for patients of high blood pressure.
Take fresh juice of Indian Gooseberry ( Amla ) and mix with equal quantity of Honey ( Shehad ). Take 2-3 times a day.

Milk ( Dudh ) for Debility

Drink a glass of warm Milk ( Dudh ) whenever you feel weak.
Note : You can add some Honey to improve the taste as well as effectiveness.

Blessed Thistle for Debility

Blessed Thistle works as a tonic which gives strength to the body. It proves to be good in case of work related Debility.
Grind the dried Blessed Thistle. Add 2 teaspoons of powder in a cup of water. Boil for 3 to 5 minutes. Have this tea two times a day.

Ginseng Korean for Debility

Add 3 to 8 grams root powder of Ginseng Korean in a cup of boiling water. Strain it off. Drink this decoction once a day.

Thyme for Debility

Boil fresh leaves of Thyme in a cup of water 10 minutes. Strain it off. Drink this decoction once a day to keep your health good.
Mix half tablespoon of Ashwagandha root powder in one glass of warm sweetened cow milk. Drink it.

Raisin ( Kishmish ) for Debility

Raisins contains Fructose and Glucose which provides a boost of energy.
Consume 5-6 Raisins daily.

Black Plum for Debility

Mix one teaspoon each of fresh Black Plum fruit juice, Indian Gooseberry juice and Honey. Consume it daily in the morning.
It also increases memory.
Peppermint Essential Oil calms the body and mind. Gently massage the back of the neck for two minutes. Repeat the process after every one hour, as needed to get relief.

Southernwood (Abrotanum) for Marasmus of Children

It is best suited for marasmus of Children in lower extremities. The child's skin will be flabby, loose, and hangs in folds.

Method to take :

Note: More effective in homeopathic dilutions.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Detox Tea for Cancer

Mix the following dry, powdered herbs and store in a jar:-
Burdock Root : 6 parts
Sheep Sorrel : 4 parts
Slippery Elm Bark : 1 part
Rhubarb Root : 1 teaspoon.
Prepare a decoction. Take one teaspoon at a time. Boil in two cups water till water remains half. Leave on hot plate overnight. Strain through a coarse strainer. Consume cold either early morning or late at night.
The tea will help in :-
Better health
Better elimination
Increased appetite
Improved immunity
Add the following herbs to the above Mixture
Kelp : 2 parts
Red Clover : 1 part
Blessed Thistle : 1 part
Watercress : 0.4 parts
The method remains the same.

Herbal Treatment For Debility 1

Eat Cucumber with Date Palm regularly. It also helps to gain weight.

Herbal Treatment For Debility 2

Take a glass of Milk. Add 4 Dates, a pinch of Saffron ( Kesar in India ), Cardamom ( Choti Ilaichi in India ) Powder and One tablespoon Honey ( Shehad in India ). Mix and drink daily before retiring.

Herbal Treatment For Debility 3

Make a powder of dry Ginger, False Black Pepper and Black Pepper together and take this powder to enhance body power.

Herbal Treatment For Debility 4

Prepare a decoction by taking equal quantity of all the following herbs for 15-20 minutes.
1) Comfrey root
2) White Horehound
3) Inula Helenium
Strain. Fill it in a bottle. Take 1/2 cup two times a day. If you want to preserve add Glycerine and Honey.

Herbal Treatment For Debility 6

Take some freshly chopped berries of Vitex Negundo. Put them in a glass container upto 3/4 parts. Pour Apple Cider Vinegar ( Seb Ka Sirka ) over it. Stir well and tightly close the lid. Place the mixture in a dark place for 14-15 days. Open the lid and strain. Take 15-20 drops once a day for One week.

Herbal Treatment For Debility 7

Mash a Banana and add One tablespoon Honey ( Shehad ). Eat twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Debility 8

Take a glass of warm Milk. Add 2 teaspoons of Honey ( shehad ) and One teaspoon of Licorice powder ( Mulethi ). Stir well and drink twice a day.
Note : Patients of High Blood Pressure should consult doctor before taking Licorice.

Herbal Treatment For Debility 9

Boil 2-3 Figs ( Anjeer ) in a glass of Milk ( Dudh ) for a few minutes. Drink the milk and eat the soften Figs. Repeat daily.

Herbal Treatment For Debility 10

Soak One dried Fig ( Anjeer ), a few Raisins and 1-2 Almonds ( Badam ) in some water overnight. Next morning eat all these and drink the water.

Herbal Treatment For Weakness

Weakness may strike anywhere. No matter where it shows itself, it mostly starts in the brain. It may be low libido. It may be in the form of depression. The cause may be stress. Most of the time one cannot put one's finger on the cause, yet a person may simply feel low. Sometimes you may just sit there, doing nothing, listless, not wanting to even move. Come on get up! Go take a pinch of your favourite powder. What ? You haven't made it yet. Then lets make it.
Powder the following dried herbs and mix them in the measure given against each:
Withania Somnifera ( Ashwagandha ) : 2 tablespoon
Saffron ( Kesar ) : 5 to 8 strands
Asparagus Racemosus ( Shatavari ) : 1 tablespoon
Nutmeg ( Jaiphal ) : 1 tablespoon
Golden Bamboo ( Baans ) : 1 tablespoon
Indian Kudzu ( Vidari Kanda ) : 1 tablespoon
Add the extract of the following two herbs :
Indian Spider Plant ( Safed Musli ) : Extract : 1 tablespoon
Asphaltum ( Shilajit ) : Extract : 1 tablespoon
Store in a glass jar. Leave it for a week. After a week, take 2 pinches with a glass of lukewarm milk on alternate nights before going to bed.
These two pinches will relieve you of stress, enhance your mood, remove depression and lead you to a bout of healthy sex.
Note 1. This is not a classic aphrodisiac. It is not to be used like viagra or cialis. It should not be considered a love potion. This combination is to improve your overall health.
Note 2. It acts equally well for male and female. If you are a female and feeling low. This is for you.
Caution : However, females need to exercise a little caution. Do not partake of this combination 2 to 3 days before, during and 2 to 3 days after your menses.

Herbal Treatment For Debility 5

Following herbs, in conjunction are beneficial for Energy, Stamina and improves overall feeling of well-being. It is the perfect daily Energy supplement.
Ginseng Korean
Chinese Knotweed
Dong Quai
Wild Yam
Chinese Liquorice
Goji Berry
White Peony
Cornus Officinalis
Paeonia Suffruticosa
Red Sage
You may buy the formula, containing the above mentioned Herbs. Capsule form is readily available. Consume 1 capsule per day.

Herbal Treatment For Debility 11

Following herbs, when taken together acts as an Immunomodulator, Antiviral, Antimicrobial, Antiinflammatory, Antioxidant, Demulcent, Analgesic, Antioxidant and Antipyretic. Even if you do not suffer from any disease, it is recommended that you take the combination for one month every year.
Commiphora Mukul powder - 325mg
Trikuta extract- 14mg
Tinospora Cordifolia extract - 99mg
Indian Madder extract - 65mg
Indian Gooseberry extract - 33mg
Drumstick extract - 33mg
Liquorice extract - 13mg
You may buy the formula, containing the above mentioned herbs. Capsule form is readily available. Consume one capsule per day.

Herbal Treatment For Debility 12

Peppermint and Rosemary Essential Oil give feeling of energy and alertness. Mix four drops each of Peppermint and Rosemary Essential Oil. Add this oil blend in a diffuser. Diffuse it in your home or in the area where you spend most of the time.

Herbal Treatment For Debility 13

Lemon and Grapefruit Essential Oil help to increase alertness. Diffuse Lemon and Grapefruit Essential Oil in a ratio of 1:1 in your home or in the area where you spend most of the time.

Herbal Treatment For Celastrus Paniculatus for Paralysis, Amnesia and Debility

Take 2 gm seeds of this herb, fry it in Ghee ( Clarified Butter ).
Add Rock Sugar ( Mishri ) to it. Eat one teaspoon of this mixture with a glass of milk twice a day.
This will enhance Memory, cure Weakness and set all the Cognitive problems right.
Queries on Debility
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Debeki ( India )
10 Mar 2016
I am 42 years old Female. I am having following problems, please help me out.
I am suffering from Breathing Problem and Bloated Stomach.
Have Low Blood Pressure. My BP readings are 116/70 after medicine.
Feels Fatigue and Weakness.
Pain in all joints and long Bones.
Pain in the Muscles.
My Blood Sugar is 85 after meals. It is also low. Please recommend me some home remedies that may cure my all mentioned problems.
10 Mar 2016
Dear Debeki
We advise you to take the following Herbs.
1. Buy Pulmonaria Officinalis tincture. It will enhance your Lung power and will resolve your Breathing problem.
2. Guarana tincture. Take 10 drops morning and evening. This is for your low BP.
3. Buy Dolichos tincture. Take 10 drops morning and evening. This will improve your brain functions.
4. Buy Punarnava extract and take 10 drops morning.
5. Take Ahwagandha. 10 drops morning and evening. If you don't find tincture then have half tablespoon of Ashwagandha powder with warm milk.
6. Take Maha yograj Guggul.
7. Take Shatavari ( Asparagus Racemosus ). This is for your general Health. Take these herbs for 15 days.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Gaurav siddarth ( India )
10 Sep 2018
Dear sir,
Is there any good remedy for vaat dosha, my age is 26
I m suffering from anxiety depression and body pain and nerve pain sometimes abdomen pain ,constipation since two year, headache in both side, i feels very weak after working of 6 to 8 hours, difficult to tolerate loud noise, dry skin, mind and leg weakness, weak nerves, body is unable to work continously
So please help me sir/madam
Suggest me good medicine and diet.
Thank you all.
Currenty i m taking meganeuron od plus for 1 weak
01 Nov 2020
What is the remedy of after-effect or complication due to cholera?
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