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Royal Jelly Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Royal Jelly
Glycemic Index / Load
Royal Jelly
Botanical Name
Lac Regis Apis

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Royal Jelly Cures

Super Effective


Action of Royal Jelly

Highly Effective

Nutrients in Royal Jelly

Highly Effective

Taste of
Royal Jelly

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Royal Jelly

May cause redness and swelling of the lips and Skin Rashes
( because you might be allergic to Pollen )
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Royal jelly is a Honey Bee Secretion.It is fabricated by young worker bees.
It is used in the nutrition of larvae.

It is a milky-white discharge yielded by the glands of worker honeybees, to bring about the superior growth and development of the queen bee. Royal jelly is the primary food of the honeybee queen.

Queen bee, arises from the same species of the egg as the honeybee (worker bee). The only factor that determines whether to develop a queen or honeybee, is the diet fed during the larva development phase.
Larva from which the Queen will evolve is – all time fed royal jelly.
The larva from which honeybee will develop-feeds on pollen and nectar.

Note :
If the royal jelly you have doesn ' t tastes bitter, you don ' t have the real one.


Keep fresh royal jelly underneath your tongue. Wait for a few minutes, until the jelly dissolves in your mouth.
Do not immediately swallow it, as Digestive System function decreases the medicinal effects of royal jelly, also, the taste is quite unlikable if consumed immediately.

When ROYAL JELLY is mixed with additives, it looses its precious characteristics.


Royal Jelly can be taken once daily, preferably in the morning after getting up,
It is not advised to consume royal jelly in the evening as it causes an increase in energy, thus may result in Insomnia.
FOR ADULTS : dosage is 2 grams for 60 days
CHILDREN(over 5 years) : maximum dose of 0.5 grams,
INFANTS : dose depends on the weight (0.01g/kg of body weight)

Royal Jelly for Fertility: Royal Jelly is rich in Vitamins and Minerals. It contains proteins, amino acids, iron and calcium. It increases the libido and improves the health of Egg as well as sperms. It regulates the hormonal balance and good for women with PCOS and Uterine Fibroid.


Royal jelly is touchy to light, heat and air.
If you keep the royal jelly exposed to light and air, at room temperature for even 10 minutes, it will entirely change its look, from white-yellow to yellowish.
Should be consumed by the wooden, plastic or glass spoons only.
Should be stored in dark bottles.
Also, the bottle should not be opened before its use.

In TCM :
Royal jelly : Wang Jiang or Feng wang
It is a Jing herb
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Materia Medica for Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly General

Royal Jelly is a good herbal remedy to stimulate the Libido. It also promotes a last longer pleasure during the sexual act.
It combats Impotence and Libido Loss Female.
It eases Fatigue.
It restores strength during Convalescence and Debility.
It induces the need for food and treats Anorexia.
Royal Jelly is potent in avoiding Emaciation.
It balances the Hormonal Imbalance in both male and female.
It provides relief from pain in Difficult Menses.
It enhances the brain function and cures Amnesia.
It counters on Poor Concentration.
It balances the nervous system to avoid Nervous Disorders.
It induces sleep desire to treat Insomnia.
Royal Jelly is used to provide the reduction in Tinnitus.
It combats Depression and Digestive Disorders.
It minimises the blood pressure level during High Blood Pressure.
It is favourable in mitigating Aging Symptoms.
It has antioxidant property to inhibit the oxidation formation within the body.
It contains the Antibiotic action to protect from Bacterial Infections.
It counters on Flu, Swine Flu, Fever, and Cold.
It is a good Antibacterial remedy to kill the bacteria and inhibit their growth.
It provides relief from Sore Throat.
It reduces the inflammation of the Tonsils and cures Tonsillitis.
It heals Ulcers.
It is beneficial in curing Bronchitis. It protects your respiratory system to prevent Respiratory Diseases.
It reduces the inflammation during Sinusitis.
It treats Cancer.
It is helpful in reducing High Cholesterol level within the blood.
It cures Poor Blood Circulation by circulating the blood within the body.
It nourishes your scalp to strengthen your hair and treats Hair Fall.
It promotes the growth of Red Blood Cells in the blood to prevent causing Anemia.
Royal jelly nourishes your Dry Skin and protects your skin from Skin Diseases.
It helps in curbing Eczema.
It treats Acne.
It decreases the stress on the blood vessels and the heart. This maintains the heart health and prevents Heart Diseases. The herb is beneficial in curing Atherosclerosis and prevents Cardiovascular Diseases.
Royal Jelly is good in curing Infertility issues. It enhances the fertility in men and improves motility of sperms. Thus, Royal Jelly contributes a major role in reproduction.
These helps in easing the body metabolism. It increases the muscle development and strengthens bone density.
It cures Inflammation and reduces Pain associated to it.
Caution: Consult a doctor before consuming it.
Single Herb

Royal Jelly for Bronchiectasis

Consume 1 teaspoon of Royal Jelly before breakfast daily.
Note : Consume it with a wooden spoon.
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