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Swine Flu Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Swine Flu
Medical Name
Swine Influenza
Swine Flu Symptoms
Muscle Pain
Sore Throat
Running nose
Abdominal pain
Loss of appetite
Shortness of breath

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Swine Flu is a disease of the Respiratory Tract.
Swine Flu is a viral infection which is spread by pigs.
H1N1 is the affected virus which causes Swine Flu.
It is a contagious and respiratory disease.
The H1N1 virus enters the body through Mouth, Eyes and Nose.

H1N1 virus

If not treated properly, Swine Flu may cause
Respiratory Problems

Prevention from Swine Flu
Prevention of Swine Flu is easy than its cure. As we all know it is always better to prevent a disease than to cure it. There are some preventive measures which you may use to avoid Swine Flu. Some of them are as follows :

Hygiene : Make a habit to wash your hands regularly. Keep your surroundings clean . Eat hygienic food.
Immunity : Strong immunity may stop the virus to affect you. You may use herbal supplements to boost the immunity.
Herbs : Following herbs are your best bet to prevent Swine Flu :-
Tinospora Cordifolia
Black Pepper
For further information, refer Materia Medica given below.

Body Part(s)

Respiratory Tract

Respiratory Tract Diseases

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Materia Medica for Swine Flu

Single Herb

Basil ( Tusli ) Leaves for Swine Flu

Basil contains Antiviral and Immunity Boosting properties. These properties guard your body against Viruses, Germs and Bacteria etc.
It is difficult to cure Swine Flu, So it's better to have some preventives at the time of Flu spreads. Basil is a good remedy to prevent Swine Flu.
Best way to have Basil ( Tusli ) Leaves is to take in an empty stomach. Eat 5-8 fresh Basil ( Tusli ) Leaves every morning for 3 days and then repeat the same after the break of a week till the virus is present in your surroundings.

Chirreta for Swine Flu

Boil whole plant of Chirreta in water. Drink it twice a day. It helps in preventing Swine Flu.

Camphor ( Kapur ) as Swine Flu Repellent

Camphor ( Kapur ) keeps you away from Swine Flu.
Swallow a tablet size Camphor ( Kapur ) piece once a month only.
For Children : Mash a Banana or boiled Potato. Mix 2 gram Camphor ( Kapor ) and give it to your children.

Garlic ( Lehsun ) as Swine Flu Repellent

Swallow 2 pods of Garlic ( Lehsun ) with lukewarm water on an empty stomach .
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Swine Flu 1

Prepare a decoction by adding equal amount of Bayberry ( Kafal in India ) bark, Grated Ginger ( Adrak in India ) root in equal quantity. Add half amount of Cayenne ( Lal Mirch in India ) powder to it. Take one glass two times a day.

Herbal Treatment For Swine Flu 2

Take two tablespoon of Vinegar by adding One tablespoon of Honey to it. Have it with lukewarm water.

Herbal Treatment For Swine Flu Repellent 1

Take 10 inches long branch of Tinospora Cordifolia ( Giloy ) and 7 to 8 fresh leaves of Basil ( Tulsi ). Boil in one liter of water together. Strain. You may add Black Pepper ( Kali Mirch ) and Black Salt ( Kala Namak ) for taste. Have 2 tablespoons early in the morning. This mixture boosts immunity too.

Herbal Treatment For Swine Flu 3

Swine Flu may be combat with the help of below given formula. Take the following herbs in given quantity :
Basil : Tulsi : Leaves : 4 to 5
Black Pepper : Kali Mirch : 2
Clove : Laung : 3 to 4
Tinospora Cordifolia : Giloy : 1 to 2 inch
Boil in a glass of water for 2 minutes. Drink half cup daily.
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Rahul kumar
02 Jan 2017
What is the full form of H1n1.

Please guide me about this and what are the symtoms of this deases.

Vijay kumar
02 Jan 2017
Dear Rahul, you can found complete details at the upper side of this page.
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