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Herpes Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
Hindi Name
Charm Rog, Visarpika,
Herpes Symptoms
Pain along a nerve
Sore throat
Muscle aches
Swollen lymph nodes
Blisters on Mouth, Face, Lips, Hands, Genitals, Back, Hips or any where along a nerve.

Herpes Cured By


Ficus Septica
Glaucium Flavum
Hymenodictyon O...
Lolium Temulent...
Nypa Palm
Pipturus Arbore...
Plantago Ovata
Vernonia Patula
Wild Castor
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Herpes is a disease of the Whole Body.
It is an infectious disease caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus.
It causes blisters on the
On and or around the Genitals

There are three types of Herpes Simplex Viruses.
Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (HSV 1)
Herpes Simplex Virus 2 (HSV 2)
Herpes Varicella Zoster Virus

Herpes is categorized on the basis of the affected part of the body.
Oral Herpes : Also called or Cold Sores. It is caused by herpes simplex type 1. As the name suggests, it causes cold sores and blisters on lips, mouth and near the eyes.
Genital Herpes : It is caused by Herpes Simplex virus type 2. It causes sores and blisters on and around the Genitals.
Herpes Zoster : It is caused by Herpes Varicella Zoster Virus. It causes Chickenpox and later Shingles.

Causes of Herpes
Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (HSV 1)
Herpes Simplex Virus 2 (HSV 2)
Herpes Varicella Zoster Virus
Direct contact with a person having Herpes

Herpes Simplex is not fatal. But it is very difficult to kill. When an adult kisses a baby he may transfer the virus to the baby. The baby will get cold sores but the metabolism will develop antigens and suppress it. It will stay suppressed in the system, but may not die completely. In later life when ever the immunity is impaired the virus will show its hand.
The secret to success against this virus is to maintain a high level of immunity at all times.

Different types of Herpes are dealt with in greater detail separately under their own headings. The herpes Virus is of eight types and they are as follows.

Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (HsV 1) : It is known as Oral Herpes. Ir occurs around mouth, fingers and toes. It causes reoccurring ulcers in the mouth and the mucous membranes. It is dealt with separately on this portal.

Herpes Simplex Virus 2 (HSV 2) : It is known as Genital herpes. It causes blisters on the genital areas.

Herpes Zoster ( HHV 3 ) : This viral infection causes painful blisters. This may lead to numbness and inflammation of the sensory nerves.

Epstein Barr Virus ( EBV ) ( HHV4 ) : It is associated with infectious mononucleosis. It may cause cancer if not treated at time.

Cytomegalovirus ( CMV ) ( HHV5 ) : The virus may spread from blood transfusion, Saliva, Semen, Breast's Milk, Urine and other body fluids. If you are pregnant, you can make you baby sick by passing this virus to his body.

Human Herpes Virus ( HHV 6 ) : It is common in children. It has two types viruses, HHV 6A and HHV 6B. It may cause epilepsy and chronic fatigue. It occurs at the age of two or three.

Human Herpes Virus 7 ( HHV 7 ) : In childhood it occurs at the age of 3. In adults the virus spreads through semen, saliva and sexual contact.

Human Herpes Virus 8 ( HHV 8 ) : It is associated HIV / AIDS. The weak immune system allow the virus to cause infection.
These eight types of Herpes Viruses are dealt with separately on this portal.

Body Part(s)

Whole Body

Whole Body Diseases

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Materia Medica for Herpes

Herpes General

Herpes is as old as Hippocrates. But it was here and there. Usher in the era of sex for pleasure, and we have an epidemic. But why blame sex alone. We can spread the virus through simply touching or kissing each other.
Herpes virus is tenacious. It cannot be cured. It does not die. Once contracted, it stays in the body. It may be suppressed, but not killed. Where does it reside ? In the nerve endings, at the base of the brain and or the spinal cord. The virus is immune to most prescription medicines.
When the immune system is good and fighting fit, the enemy withdraws, becomes silent, dormant. Then when does it become active ? Simple, silly! When the Immune system is down. When we eat foods loaded with Arginine, for example peanuts, chocolates, soy, sunflower seeds. When we expose ourselves to strong sunlight. When we are high on Alcohol. During Menstruation. And, the best ally the Herpes Virus has, is, Stress; physical and psychological.
Learn to identify the early warnings of an attack. When the Herpes Virus is about to becomes active, the prodromes are, a tingling, itching, stinging, pins-and-needles sensations along the nerve going to be attacked. There may be inflammation of the lymph glands. Within a day or two, the patient will develop blisters on the face, genitals, buttocks. They may be painful. Sometimes, very painful. They may last from 9 to 15 days. The attack is over. They will heal of themselves. They may leave marks.
Then what is the solution ? What is the defense ? Fortunately, there is a way to forestall the attack. Fortify your Immune system. Take Echinacea and Garlic. Take Astragalus internally. Take massive doses of Vitamin C. Take Amino acid called Lysine. Take Vitamins A, E, C, B-6, B-12. Take Selenium and Zinc. Licorice ! Ah ! Licorice. Yes ! Licorice is a tonic. It is Anti-inflammatory and Antiviral. Burdock, Yellow Dock and Dandelion will detoxify and cleanse the liver. Fortify the Immune system. Siberian Ginseng will overcome Stress and improve the Energy level.
For genital herpes, herbalists prescribe a mixture of these herbs with the addition of herbs that are specific to the reproductive system.
Herpes Virus thrives in an acidic environment. Keep the pH of your body Alkaline. So ! What’s the slogan ? Alkalize or Suffer. Excess sugar in the body makes it acidic. Reduce sugar. It will also boost Immunity.
If, still the virus has become active, use Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, Lemon balm, Comfrey, Myrrh, Echinacea, Golden Seal, St John’s wort, Calendula
and Eucalyptus oil locally.
Homeopathic remedies are effective. But be very careful. They have grave side effects if taken without the consultation of a qualified doctor. If the symptoms match, some effective remedies are Natrum Muriaticum, Rhus Toxicodendron, Sepia, Dulcamara, and Hepar Sulphuris.
You’ve got to beat the enemy within.
Note : Want to prevent your body from Herpes? Keep your immune system strong.
As the Herpes Virus never dies. It persists in the body for the whole life. However it remains inactive. The moment our immune system gets weak it activates and causes infections. To fight with this Virus the immune system should be strong. To increase your immunity you have to add the following foods to your diet. By adding nutrients that are having anti viral properties make you immune system strong.

1) First step is to add some Vitamins those are as follows..

Vitamin A : It shows various effects to reduce the intensity of Herpes. It helps in enhancing the immunity and heals the lesions on the skin and the mucous membranes. It produces the antibodies that fight infections. It helps in the growth and development of White Blood Cells.

Daily requirement of Vitamin A : 1000 mlg / Day. However excess of everything is bad. The intake of excess of Vitamin A may dry the mucus membranes. This may cause Insomnia, Diarrhea and fatigue.

Vitamin C : It strengthens the immune system. It is produced in the body with the help of enzymes. It helps in the synthesis of Collagen and neurotransmitters. It promotes the functions of the immune system and reduces the oxidative stress. It prevents the tissue damage.

Daily requirement of Vitamin C : 75 to 90 mg per/day.
The excess of Vitamin C may cause Kidney stones and increases the risk of Cancer.

Vitamin E : The oils of Vitamin E repair the Skin in herpes outbreak.

Zinc : Zinc increases the ability of the immune system to fight infections. It helps in the production and development of lymphocytes, that reduces the risk of Herpes. It promotes the immune functions to heal the Wounds and blood Clotting. It helps in the synthesis of protein and the DNA.
Garlic, Spinach, Mushroom and Nuts are rich in zinc. Adding these foods to your diet may reduce the risk of Herpes.

Lemon Balm : It gives relief from painful blisters and heals fast.

Daily Requirement of Zinc in the Body :
12,000 microgram ( mcg )

Yogurt : Eating Yogurt daily increases the immunity to fight against infections.

If the level of zinc increases, it may lead to various health complications such as...
Low Libido
Loss of Hair
Loss of Appetite
Upset Menstrual Cycle

Selenium : The selenium mineral works as an antioxidant. It promotes the overall health in the human body. It strengthens the immune system and regulates the Thyroid Hormones.
Daily Requirement of Selenium in the Body :
55 micro gram per day ( mcg/d )

The prolonged overdose of Selenium may cause
Hair loss
Skin rash
Blood clotting problems
Liver and kidney problems

Garlic : The cold sores in mouth may treated by garlic. Add one tablespoon of olive oil to garlic and apply it on cold sore. You may see results in few days. Garlic pills and oils are available in the market.
Garlic is used in daily diet. It has antiviral properties that directly attacks the Viruses.

The above mentioned nutrients are all dealt with separately on this portal.
Few nutrients given below are also immunity boosters.
Coconut Oil
Green Tea
Proteolitic Enzymes
Extract Of Olive Leaves

Note : As the Herpes Virus never dies.
1. Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum : This is recommended to people who are very sensitive. They are much sensitive like they can not ever wear undergarments, so they wear lose clothes.

2. Dulcamara : It is recommended to those who have following symptoms:
a). Dampness in the Body.
b). Recurrent of Blisters.
c). People get sick due to change in weather. If night is cold and day is hot : that is change in weather from hot to cold and cold to hot.
d). There is always pain 2 days before the out burst of Blisters.

3. Rhus Tox : Pain get worse on beginning to move and on move.
Single Herb

Tea bags for Herpes

Soak tea bags in warm water for 10-15 minutes. Rub the wet bags over the Herpes.

Epsom salt for Herpes

Mix a tablespoon of Epsom salt in water. Apply over the Herpes. When gets dry wash it off.

Lemon ( Nimboo ) for Herpes

Rub the squeezed lemon over the Herpes.

Baking Soda for Herpes

Take few pinches of Baking soda and mix it in water. Apply over the affected body part.
Mix Leptospermum Scoparium with Honey. Apply to the affected area.

Jatropha for Skin Diseases

Use latex of Jatropha as an ointment over damaged Skin.

Garlic ( Lehsun ) for Herpes

Crush Garlic ( Lehsun ) cloves. Rub it over affected area for 10 minutes. Do it twice or thrice a day.
OR : Add 10 to 15 Garlic ( Lehsun ) cloves in 20 ml of Olive ( Jaitun ) oil. Heat. Strain. Apply this oil over affected area.
Additional :You may take 2 to 4 crushed Garlic ( Lehsun ) cloves. It helps to treat the condition.
Prepare tea from Lemon Balm ( Billilotan ). Have it 3 to 4 times a day.
OR : Apply Lemon Balm ( Billilotan ) oil over affected area.
Grind Liquorice ( Mulethi ). Add water in a tablespoon of powder. Place it over affected area. Let it dry. Wash. Do it thrice a day.
OR : Purchase Liquorice ( Mulethi ) extract from market. Apply it over affected area.
Dip a cotton ball in Apple Cider Vinegar ( Seb Ka Sirka ). Apply it over affected area. Do it 3 to 4 times a days.
Take a cotton ball and dip in water. Put 4-5 drops of Peppermint Essential oil over a cotton ball. Apply on the affected areas. Repeat the process two times a day.

Coconut ( Nariyal ) Oil for Herpes

Drink 2 tablespoons of Coconut ( Nariyal ) Oil daily. It cures herpes.

Chinese Gynura for Herpes

Cut tuberous root of Chinese Gynura in small pieces. Heat them in a pan. Use it as poultice over affected areas.

Indian Sarsaparilla ( Anantmool ) for Skin Infection and Herpes

Indian Sarsaparilla ( Anantmool in India ) has Anti inflammatory and Cooling properties. These properties soothe the Skin and reduce the inflammation. Indian Sarsaparilla purifies the blood and gives relief from Skin Infection and Herpes.
Add one teaspoon of Indian Sarsaparilla root powder in a glass of water. Drink it daily for a week to get relief from Skin Infection and Herpes.
Put few drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil to the affected area. Apply this oil daily to get the best results.
Apply Aloe extract over the affected area.
Have Aloe juice also cure Herpes.
Or :
Apply Aloe Vera ( Gheekumari ) gel on the affected skin area. Leave it to dry. Repeat it daily to reduce itching sensation.
Apply Oregano Essential Oil to Herpes area. Allow it to dry. Daily apply this oil to get rid of Herpes.
Boil some Chamomile ( Babunah ) flowers in 150 ml of water. Strain it off. Daily wash off your infected areas with this mixture to get cured.
Mix few drops of water in Goldenseal ( Pit Kanad ) powder to make a paste. Apply this paste on the affected area. Leave it to dry. Repeat this treatment once a day to get a better outcome.
Slightly warm few amount of Olive Oil ( Jaitun Ka Tel ). Regularly apply this oil to your infected skin area. It provide relief from itching.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Herpes 1

Take following Herbs in mentioned quality :
20 g Dandelion root, 25 g Skullcap root, 30 g dried plant of Purslane, 15 g Pinellia roots, 20 g dried Indigo plant, 30 g American Ginseng root, 20 g Cinnamon twig, 30 g Bupleurum root, 20 g dried plant of Thlaspi Arvense and 40 g Liquorice root. Grind them to make powder. Add water in the required amount of the powder to make paste. Apply it over external Herpes.

Herbal Treatment For Herpes 2

Mix equal quantities of Tea Tree Oil and Tamanu Oil.
Apply directly to the affected area.

Herbal Treatment For Herpes 3

Take 4-5 drops of Tea Tree essential Oil and 2-3 drops of Myrrh Oil.
Mix them with half teaspoon each of St John's Wort and Liquorice Root.
Put all these ingredients in an airtight jar and place away from heat and sunlight.
Shake well and directly apply thrice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Herpes 4

Mixture of Ravensara Essential Oil, Tea tree Essential Oil and Coconut Oil is good to kill the virus associated with herpes.
For this purpose, take equal quantities of Ravensara Essential Oil, Tea tree Essential Oil and Coconut Oil. Store in a bottle. Use it as a lotion on affected parts 2 or 3 times a day. With the passage of days, sores become less painful.
Queries on Herpes
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Saini ( India )
16 May 2016
My mom is suffering from this disease. She feels burning sensation in her head and neck. Please advice if someone knows any Cure for this burning sensation.
Millions of Thanks
17 May 2016
Dear Saini
Herpes virus never dies. It will stay suppressed in the system, but may not die completely. In later life when ever your immune system gets weak or impaired the virus will show its hand.
The best bet to fight with this Virus is, to maintain a high level of immunity at all times. We advise you to take the following.
1. Echinacea tincture, buy it from a homeopathy shop and take 10 drops 2 times in a day. 2. Buy another tincture : Hydrastis Canadensis, and take 10 drops 2 times in a day.
Take these herbs for 15 days.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Gabriel Darek
03 Nov 2019
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Vivian Anderson
25 Nov 2020
Hello, I was suffering of Herpes since 2014 and I was taking my medications, I wasn't satisfied all i needed is to be permanently free from this disease, I searched about some possible cure for Herpes i saw a comment about Dr. Odidi how he cured Herpes with his herbal medicine, I contacted him at his email: odidispelltemple@gmail.com and i got his response. I asked for solutions, all he said to me was that i should not worry that he will send me the remedy cure that i will apply to get rid of it. He sent me the medicine. I took the medicine as prescribed by him, a week and some days later i was cured from Herpes all rashes were dried off i'm now free from Herpes. hes website www.odidispelltemple.blogspot.com
Dilip Kumar ray ( Assam )
24 Mar 2017
I have been suffering Herves since last 3 years. I have already much treatment but no relieve please advise me where my Herves disease relief.
27 Mar 2017
Dear Dilip
I have heard that Herpes is a result of a virus attack and it never dies. To fight with this disease, you need to make your immune system very strong. Take immunity booster herbs like Echinacea nd Goldenseal. Take 1 tablet of each every day. Take it for one month and see the results.
Nathaniel ( Maryland )
18 Jun 2017
How much of each oil(tea tree& tamanu) do you mix for a balm?
Rebecca ( United States )
08 May 2018

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Ruan Greyling
06 Jun 2018
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Maria Perez ( USA )
28 Sep 2018
Is there a cure for kidney disease?. My husband have been in dialysis for 3 years now.
19 Aug 2021
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