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Physostigma Venenosum Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Physostigma Venenosum
Glycemic Index / Load
Calabar Bean
Botanical Name
Physostigma venenosum
Homeopathic Name
Physostigma Venenosum   -   Mother Tincture

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Physostigma Venenosum Cures


Action of Physostigma Venenosum


Nutrients in Physostigma Venenosum

Parts Used

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Physostigma Venenosum is a plant.
It belongs to Fabaceae family.


Grown In

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Materia Medica for Physostigma Venenosum

Queries on Physostigma Venenosum
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Ranjna ( India )
11 May 2018
My daughter is myopic and wears specs of 3 and 3.5 no.is there any treatment in homeopathy to remove specs .kindly reply my query.
28 Jun 2018
if your daughter uses a computer a lot and she suffers from a headache, pain in eyes after studying etc. then try 'Ruta Graveolens - 30'
If she does not have any symptoms as mentioned above then use 'Phosphorus - 30'
Prasanta (india) ( India )
12 Jun 2018
I wears 3 and 2.50 specs... can i use physostigma mothere tincture?
C.P.Saxena ( India/,Delhi )
25 Jun 2018
Myself facing problems in eye due to floaters. A number of black coloured floaters use to move. I got Ratina checked, that is OK. Allopathic eye doctors say, there is no treatment of Floaters but if they increase, we shall do a surgery to clean jelly into the eye.

I contacted Home doctor and he advised me to start using Physostigma for 2-3 months. One drop daily. Is it okay sir.
18 Aug 2018
I am not able to see the word written on black board so.... please tell me any homeopathy medicine to correct my eyesight.
Daman Datta ( India/Uttar Pradesh )
11 Oct 2018
I had glaucoma laser procedure about 2 months ago. Before that also I was feeling my vision blurring and tired out of focus and even now I feel the same. Can I take Physostigma 200 CH three times daily 10 drops each time?
John Galt ( USA )
04 Nov 2018
Pleeeeease do NOT take any homeopathic medicine the way you have described. One drop of Physostigma 200 is enough for a whole town, and it will work for 3 months. And you are talking of 10 drops 3 times day. No, Sir, just not done.
If you want to try, then just take one drop, put it in a glass of water and take one sip and throw the rest away. And wash the glass ten times. Then wait for at lease 2 months to see the results.
Saba ( England )
06 Dec 2018
Hi, my son has nystagmus from birth, I've tried tabasheer in the past a couple of times but not sure if it worked. What can you recommend for him, he's 11 years old and healthy otherwise.
Sakshi ( Delhi )
22 Dec 2018
hello, i have been. through Q-lasik surgery 6 months ago. Earlier iwas myopic, i used to wear glassesof -9.5 and -10. After 5 months of surgery i got swelling in my left eye cornea and also my current eyepower is -0.75. I have to work on computer for 9 hours daily. Suggest me something. Earlier i used to take physostigma 1000 once in a week. Can i take it now?
Ankur Kumar ( India )
24 Dec 2018
I have many floaters in my both eyes. Which medicine i should use.
Ashish Kumar ( India )
12 Feb 2019
I am suffering for Central Serus Retionpathy (CSCR). Its been more than an ear with the problem . I had 5 injections of steroids in my left eye but things did not improve. Then finally the doctor adviced for Laser surgery. Although i got the laser surgery done but the doctor says that the dark circle in the vision may not go permanently.

Please suggest which medicines should i take
Rudra ( India Rajasthan )
23 Apr 2019
How to use phytostigma 30 daily please describe
Rudra ( India Rajasthan )
23 Apr 2019
How to use physostigma daily please describe
Indira roychowdhury ( India )
06 Jul 2019
I m suffering from BRVO frm the april month....i had two injections till now in my left eye....they say allopathic have no other medication except the injections.....someone suggested me physostigma venenosum....but i m getting it in 200 potency....please suggest is it work for my condition and what will be the dosage with 200 ch
Sakshi Tuli
12 Jul 2019
Hey Indira.
1. Try Vaccinium myrtillus tincture. Have 10 drops in half glass of water, 2 times in a day for 1 month.
2. Buy Euphrasia Officinalis tincture and have 10 drops in half glass of water, 2 times in a day. Take these herbs for 1 month and see the results.
However, Physostigma Venenosum is good for many different eye diseases, but its effect on BRVO is not known. So, you can try for the above mentioned herbal treatment.
Good luck!
Josh ( USA/CA )
04 Dec 2019
I have noticed my eye sight deteorating. As well as rapid eye movement or otherwise called dancing eyes. My psych doc prescribed gabapentin but did not lean me off of lithium. Im sure now I will be stopping lithium. I was wondering what i should take for someone who takes psych meds. Will Physostigma help? And if it does what should I order and how much should I take
Nikhil ( India )
19 Feb 2020
My name is Nikhil an i m suffering from nyctalopia. ( night Blindness ) please suggest me medicine my age is 28year/male
Manish Raisinghani ( India )
04 Jul 2020
I'm 44 years old male and working as a software engineer. I have one big black floater in my right eye. Which homeopathy medicine is recommended so there is no increase in floaters?
Mehfooz Ahmad ( Pakistan )
01 Dec 2020
Dear sir ,
My Brother age 20 year old suffering night baldness and weak eye kindly advise ...me .
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