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Paraplegia Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
Paraplegia Symptoms
Paralysis of Lower body parts or Extremities
Fails to control the movement of the Muscles of lower Limbs i.e. Legs, Feet, Toes
Loss of Sensation of lower body parts
Tingling in affected region
Difficulty in walking
Loss of control on Bowel and Bladder
Swelling at affected region

Paraplegia Cured By

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Paraplegia is a disease of the Lower Body.
Spinal injury or disease that causes paralysis of the lower body is Paraplegia.
It causes impairment of the sensory nerves in the lower limbs. It damages the tissues and causes Inflammation.
The Spinal Cord consists of a number of Nerves which carry signals between the Brain and the Body. It supports the Body and posture. But any disorder of the Spinal cord may disrupt the functions of the Nerves, that run in the Back.

Causes of Paraplegia
Neck Injury
Back Injury
Genetic Disorder
Spinal cord Injury
Autoimmune Diseases
Transverse myelitis
Lesions on Spinal Cord
May be present by birth
Bacterial or Viral Infections

If not treated properly, Paraplegia may cause
Permanent damage to Nervous System

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Paraplegia

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Herbal Treatment For Paraplegia

Infuse Sida Cordifolia ( Bala ) and Withania Somnifera ( Ashwagandha ) Oil in equal proportion. Massage with the Oil over the affected area daily.
Queries on Paraplegia
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M H. Khan ( Bangladesh )
02 Dec 2019
Dear sir I am m h khan from dhaka bangladesh. Male, age 40
Disease: paraplegia since 10 years
MOTOR Polyriadiculopathy involvinga L3-S1 roots
Sir please advise me easy and effective home remedies
03 Dec 2019
Hello Mr. Khan. You can visit a homeopathic doctor for this. One of my friends suffered a similar situation. Lathyrus Sativus was given to him one dose. It helped him in improving. Please visit a homeopath, and ask for this medicine. Possibly physical diagnosis can help in dosage, so it is a must.
God bless you and may make you healthy soon.
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