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Paresthesia Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
Paresthesia Symptoms
Prickling and burning sensation in the Extremities
Feeling of Pins and needles in the extremities or in other body parts during sleep
Blood flow restriction in nerves

Paresthesia Cured By

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Paresthesia is a disease of the Nerves.
The damage of the peripheral nerves that causes abnormal sensation of tingling and prickling in the Nerves is called Paresthesia.
It is a Neurological Disorder caused by a Nerve injury. The injury or some other disorder of nerves may cause poor blood circulation. The result is numbness and loss of sensation in the affected body part.

Dental Paresthesia : One of the possible causes of Presthesia is the removal of Wisdom tooth. The condition is termed as Dental Paresthesia. During the dental process injection may cause damage to the Nerve and it may puncture the nerve. The leading symptoms in such cases are
The patient may feel tingling in the Lips and Jaw.
Loss of sensation in the Mouth, Lips and Jaw.
The person may have difficulty in chewing food.
There may be some tingling sensation or Numbness.

The remedy depends on the condition. In such cases the Homeopathy remedies may help to deal separate conditions accordingly.
1. Symphytum Officinalis ( Comfrey ) : If the Bone or the hard cartilage is affected. Dry Socket
2. Hypericum ( St. John’s Wort ) : If the nerve gets damaged or lacerated.
3. Ledum : If the Nerve gets punctured.

Causes of Paresthesia
Nerve Damage
Lyme Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Transverse Myelitis
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
Heavy Metal or Lead Poisoning
Deficiency of Nutrients and Minerals
Lesions in the Brain and the Spinal Cord
Incorrect body posture that causes restriction of blood flow

If not treated properly, Paresthesia may cause
Slurred Speech
Loss of Sensation in the Extremities

Differential Diagnosis : We must differentiate between Paresthesia and Trismus.
Paresthesia is a disease of the Nerves and the leading Symptom is tingling sensation in the lips and jaw. Whereas, Trismus is a disease of the muscles and its leading symptom is locked jaw. Therefore, it is necessary to differentiate as the treatment is based on diagnosis.

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Paresthesia

Single Herb

Peanut for Paresthesia

Eat a handful of Peanuts daily.

Walnut for Paresthesia

Consume 4-5 Walnuts daily.
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Herbal Treatment For Paresthesia

Mix 1 tablespoon of Cayenne Pepper ( Lal Mirch ) in 4 tablespoons of Olive Oil. Massage over the affected area for 15 minutes daily.
Queries on Paresthesia
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Amarjit kaur ( India/Gujarat )
11 Aug 2016
My mom is suffering from swollen feet with burning as well as pricking sensation under the feet. So suggest some home remedies to cure as she has inhaled toxic chemical endosulphane
12 Aug 2016
Dear Amarjit
Ask her to drink lemon water 2 times in a day.
Take some epsom salt in warm water and soak her feet in that water for 10 min. Do it at alternative days.
Have a cup of green tea daily.
15 Jan 2017
My problem is formication
09 Feb 2017
Dear Jaswinder
Do you have some other symptoms also?
P c agarwal ( India )
14 Aug 2017
Sensation of insect crawls on whole body. Face skin and lips Flicker. Cervical spondolysis

Suggest home remed
12 Sep 2017
Dear PC Agarwal
Buy Medorrhinum 10 M from a Homeopathy shop. Dilute 1 drop in 200 ml of water and shake it well. Throw 150 ml and add 150 ml of fresh water in it. Again shake the bottle and have 1 tablespoon every day. Take it for a week.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Suraj kumar bhoi ( Odisha )
05 Oct 2017
My right hand index finger has less sensation till last 5 days.. Please suggest me what should I do.
10 Nov 2017
Is it because of some injury or something else happened? Please study.
Molly O rourcke ( Georgia, USA )
14 Dec 2017
I have developed burning, tingling in my right foot and hand, and at times also in the right calf and arm. Also, some milder left foot and hand burning. Intermittent in severity and frequency, but every day- for 3 months. I started an exercise program 3 months ago, and had strong neck pain after the first exercise and never did that exercise again, but it caused a lot of neck pain for a few days. Could I have strained my neck and that caused the paresthesia? What do I do for that? Thank you.
04 Jan 2018
Dear Molly
Try the following.
Have just one dose of Arnica 200. Buy it from a Homeopathy shop. Take one dose only and wait for 2 weeks to see the results. Share your rest of the symptoms with us.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
04 Jan 2018
Continued to Molly
Since you feel strain in your neck, so please take care of your strain first. Take this remedy and study the results for 2 weeks. We will recommend you the next remedy accordingly.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Rajan ( India )
13 Feb 2018
I was on statins for reducing cholesterol for 1 month. I have compartment syndrome and one day after walking for long distance had extremely painful and tightness in the legs. Next morning onwards I started have severe burns g sensation in both the feets with redness. With passage of time i have started having numbness and tingling in my feet, legs and hands. On waking up in morning both my hands are extremely numb. Please advise what to do. : Rajan
06 Mar 2018
Dear Rajan
Try just one single dose of Medorrhinum 10M. Get it from a Homeopathy shop and have only 2 granules. Do not take more than that.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
13 Mar 2018
My mother has the tingling in the top of her head as if it's water flowing down her face she says so is there anything that we can try????
Max ( India and USA )
21 Apr 2018
I had a stroke two years ago and still suffer from paresthesia- any suggestions to help?
Dipurani ( India / maharashtra )
14 Dec 2018
My bus feels insects crawling her body overall . She is 60 yrs old . She gets this uneasy feeling .pls suggest homeopathic treatment
Beth K Fowler ( PA )
27 Mar 2019
My head and limbs started feeling "sick" about 4 years ago. Now, my legs and arms tingle, like a low electric shock. Thighs are weak and achy, especially when walking forward and going up and down stairs. Also feel as if something is touching right side of face, sometimes. Sometime headache around right eye. No vibration or tingles in lips. Transitory, small, short-term pains in legs and arms occasionally. Flesh around eyes is very puffy, uncomfortable. Head feels jet-lagged or hungover all the time. Symptoms getting worse. I don't know the cause. Have been tested for many things. I have to no other diseases or injuries. My digestion is fine. I'm otherwise healthy - I haven't had a cold or any of the other normal things people deal with. Never been hospitalized or traumatized. I am not tired or fatigued at all.
Sumit ( India )
12 Nov 2019
My father got a paralysis attack in 2008, he is hight side semiparalyzed. On right side he feels burning sensation all day long and it increases as the day passes to dusk. Plz suggest some home remedies.
14 Nov 2019
Dear Sumit. You can give him Causticum. It is homeopathic medicine. Since homeopathic medicines are made from herbs only, given in right potency or low potency at first are not harmful. You can take it from a homeopathic store near you. Confirm from a homeopath near you for the same. We wish him a speedy recovery and good health.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Joseph ( Ukraine/Kharkov )
30 Mar 2020
I feel like I'm pricked with needles all over my body when I feel, anxious, nervous, when I run for only a short while, I think the prickly feeling is linked mostly to my emotions because it also happens when I'm surprised or I see an unexpected face.
Are these symptoms of parasthesia?
And could they be treated?
07 Apr 2020
Hey Joseph. Aconite might help you in such case. Check with a homeopathic doctor near you and ask for Aconite 1M- 1 dose. My relative had somehow similar symptoms, she was mentioned this medicine. Well,visit a homeopath and check for Aconite 1M.
Ali ( Pakistan )
05 Jul 2020
Mere haath aor paaon always garm/warm rahte hn. ( My hands(Palm) and feet are always warm. Suggestions plz.

Alok gupta ( INDIA / NEW DELHI )
25 Nov 2020
dear sirs,

I have Phycho somatic tingling and crawling on feet . legs and head since 2 months . I am on antidepressant for this since 3 weeks . pls advise if i can use some homeopethic medicine as it si from mind all this happening
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