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Acidosis Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
Acidosis Symptoms
Increased Heart Rate
Loss of Consciousness
Shortness of Breath
Rapid breathing
Abnormal increase of acidity in the body fluid
Loss of Appetite

Acidosis Cured By

Super Effective

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Aloe Socotrina
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Acidosis is a disease of the Whole Body.
The abnormal increase of acidity in the body fluid is Acidosis.
Body fluids like Blood plasma, urine and electrolytes may be acidic or alkaline depending on the food we eat. A healthy body is slightly alkaline.
Chronic acidity is bad. It leads to a diseased condition. It is called Acidosis.
Acidity and Alkalinity are measured on a common scale called pH. The range is from 0 to 14. 0 to 7 is Acidic and 7 to 14 is Alkaline. Water is close to 7. A healthy body has a pH of 7.4
When the body's pH fall below 7.35, it means, Acidosis has set in. If the body's pH rises above 7.45, the body is again diseased and we call it Alkalosis.
As you can see the window of health is very small and the balance is critical. If the pH of the blood plasma drops below 6.8 or rises above 7.8 the damage to the cells is irreversible.
This balance is maintained by the Lungs and the Kidneys.
Types of Acidosis:
Respiratory Acidosis : When the body fails to expel carbon dioxide, the levels of Carbon dioxide increases in the body. This results in Respiratory Acidosis.

Metabolic Acidosis: When kidneys fail to excrete the acid from the body, it give rise to the Metabolic Acidosis. It has following types :
Hyperchloremic Acidosis : Sodium Bicarbonate is an alkaline substance, that regulates the pH level of the Blood. In case of dehydration and vomiting, there is a loss of this alkaline that gives rise to the Hyperchloremic Acidosis.
Diabetic Acidosis : It occurs when the sugar level is not under control. In this the acidic substance called Ketone builds up in the Body.
Lactic Acidosis : The increase of carbon dioxide in the body gives rise to the Lactic Acidosis. It results in the deposition of the lactic acid in the body.

Causes of Acidosis : It is a viscous circle. Acidosis cause diseases and diseases cause acidosis. Sometimes it is difficult to tell which came first
Some of the common causes of Acidosis are :
Lung Problems
Alcohol Abuse
Heart Failure
Liver Failure
Kidney Failure
Hot water baths
Chest Discomfort
Eating Acidic foods
Exercising for long periods
Eating food that leaves an acidic residue
Lack of oxygen in the Body and the presence of excessive carbon dioxide in the body
Chest deformities, such as Kyphosis
Chest injuries
Chest muscle weakness
Chronic lung disease
Sedative drugs

If not treated properly, Acidosis may cause

The effects of Acidosis on various systems of the body are....
The Immune System : The increase in acidity impairs the cells to produce antibodies. The immune system fails to fight the infections.

The Nervous System : The Brain fails to produce neurotransmitters. This causes the lack of communication between the brain and the body. It may cause Anxiety, Insomnia and Depression.

The Circulatory System : The increase in acidity causes deposition of plaque on the walls of the Arteries. This causes restriction of the blood flow and may even cause Heart attack.

The Respiratory System : The increase in acidity causes Asthma, Bronchitis, Cough and Sinusitis.

The Digestive System : Increase in acidity disrupts the functions of the Stomach. It disrupts the functions of the digestive enzymes also. This may result in Flatulence, Bloating, Abdominal Pain and Indigestion. The intestines fail to adsorb the nutrients from the food, that may give rise to malnutrition. The Colon also fails to function properly. It causes Diarrhea and Constipation.

The System of Glands : The acidity interrupts the functions of the various glands in the body. It causes hormonal imbalance.

The System of body structure : To neutralize the acidity the calcium from the bones is depleted. It causes Weak Bones and Osteoporosis. In some cases it may get deposit in the Joints, and may damage the cartilage. This may develop Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis.

Note 1: If you feel you have acidity, please neutralize it with half teaspoon of Baking Soda in water. First... Then go hunting for the cause.

Note 2 : Normally the Hypothalamus regulates the division of the cells in the body. When existing cells die, then Hypothalamus gives command to form new cells. But the acidity breaks the connection between the cells and the Hypothalamus. In this condition no one is there to tell the body that new cells are required or not. The body keeps on producing new cells even when they are not required. These unnecessary cells keep on replicating and this accumulation of cells give rise to Tumor.

How to Alkaline your Body?
Your eating habits can help you to make your body Alkaline. Since childhood we are told to add green vegetable to our diet. If you will add, You will survive. But if not then get ready to become sick.

Why we should eat green vegetables more ? The reason beyond is the nutritional value. They are rich in chlorophyll that helps to build up the blood. Like it is mentioned above that blood is the transporting system of the Body. Healthy blood makes organs healthy and finally the body healthy. The structure of the chlorophyll and heme present in the blood are identical. This will help to build up your blood.
The green foods helps to increase the energy.

Todays moderate diets has make our body acidic. It poisons your body with acidic substances. If you don ' t want that your body will become sick, then add green foods to your diet and save your body.

The second way to prevent your body from acidosis is Water. Yes my friend water. The human body is 70 % made of Water. The acidic substances need to be eliminated from the body. The ionized water helps to neutralize the acidity. It reduces the stress and hydrates your body.

To get rid from diseases you make you eating habits good. Its up to you how you treat your body.

Diagnosis Assist: It is not necessary to go to the pathological labs to get your Blood, Saliva or Urine tested to find out whether your Urine is acidic or alkaline.
There are pH strips are available at most of the chemists. The strip packet cover gives the analysis. Dip the strip in your urine every morning and color will tell you the severity of the acids.

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Whole Body

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Materia Medica for Acidosis

Acidosis General

Acidosis : The fast track to meet your Creator
The design of the human body is Alkaline. All fluids present in the human body are Alkaline. An Alkaline body is a healthy body. When you tend towards acidity, you court sickness.
The blood, the saliva and other body fluids present in cells and organs are all Alkaline. Then where does Acidity come from ? Does it come from the food we eat ? Sometimes, yes. But mostly, No.
Then how does the body become acidic ? Well ! All functions of the body that consume energy, release acids. Respiration, Digestion, Perspiration, Body movements, even thinking, release acids and acidic substances into the body. They are supposed to be eliminated by the kidneys and the connected organs of elimination. When they are not eliminated, they remain in the body and make it acidic. Make it sick.
You may have a genetic deformity or a disorder by birth. Fine. That’s explainable and therefore, acceptable. You may have a miasmatic strain. We will have to accept it and treat it accordingly. But when all else is normal and you still fall sick, Acidosis must be your first suspect.
If you do find your body to be acidic, treat it first. Because in the presence of acidity most, treatment will fail.

The blood is the transportation system of the body. It conveys life. The Alkalinity of our blood determines the health of the whole body. Every function in our body requires energy. The consumption of energy increases the acidity of the blood. This may cause damage to the tissues and make your body sick. The disease state is known as Acidosis.
A healthy body will take automatic steps to neutralize this acidic formation. But, if it fails, then, you have to take conscious deliberate action to neutralize the acidity being produced in your body. You will have to neutralize the acids by physically consuming alkaline diet.
Acidosis, or acidity, does not strike instantaneously. It does not strike at night. It does not strike during the day. It strikes all the time. But strikes, surely and slowly. And, just like the frog that chose to be boiled as the temperature rose slowly, we choose to get sick slowly and blame everything and everybody for our sickness except ourselves and our ways of life.
There was a time when life was simple. The food was simple and clean. Food was sans poisonous pesticides. Food was not genetically modified. Emotions were simple. Ambitions were negligible. Stress was unheard of. The air that men breathed was clean. There was no pollution. The human body was designed to live in such an environment. Can we claim to live in such an environment today ? The answer is No. Hence the diseased state.
How does disease strike ? It strikes one blow at a time. The body is intelligent. It senses the disease and tries to fight it off. This fight gives us warning signals. If we perceive the warning signs and take remedial action, we survive. Else we downgrade ourselves to the next more serious level.
Some of the first signs of disease caused by acidity are Tiredness, fatigue from mild work. This may go on for a long time. You may even learn to live with it and think it to be your fate. If you take action to alkalize yourself, the onslaught will stop. If you do not, you will progress to more serious symptoms.
The next level of the diseased condition has many symptoms. Some of them are
Low Libido
Food Allergies
Panic Attacks
Cold Extremities
Breathing Problems
You may have given up, not your body. It constantly takes remedial action to save life. And, it shows you that it is taking action. It will try to neutralize the acidity on its own. When you cough up sticky mucous, the body is in fact telling you that it is fighting. It wants you to join in the battle. Alkalize or perish. That’s what it says. You take heed, you survive. You do not listen, you perish.
How do I alkalize ? Is that, what’s tickling your mind right now ? Look no further. Just look below on this page and learn to alkalize.
So, you did not look. You did not take action. You did not alkalize.
Then you will have Inflammations. Anywhere and everywhere. And, brother, they will pain.
By now a vicious circle has been set up. Acidosis caused the disease. Then, the disease joins forces with the enemy and causes more acidity. The problem snowballs. The progression of the disease speeds up. The heeling process slows down. You move from specialist to different specialist, in search of a cure. All that you get is treatment. And your next stop is the Pain Management specialist. Which essentially means, that there is no cure. You have to live with it, on pain killers, that get stronger and stronger as the pain becomes unbearable.
You are not living the way you want to. But you are not dead yet. And, you have not alkalized, either. So acidity mounts its attacks again, and again. Actually it never stopped attacking. The body failed and is failing to eliminate the excess acidic substances. They start solidifying and start depositing themselves on the walls of the arteries and the lungs. The arteries harden and become narrow. The lungs harden and become fibrous. The bad cholesterol increases. Blood Pressure increases. Kidneys fail. Liver gets enlarged. Most organs revolt. They shout for help. They want to get rid of the acid. They want an alkaline medium to survive. You listen. You rush to alkalize. You are saved. You do not listen. Your problems become more serious. You may suffer a stroke.
You survived. Now you will get Ulcers. You take no action, but still live on. We have now reached the threshold of the last level of a diseased body. We are now looking at a degenerate body riddled with Cancer, Diabetes and or Osteoporosis.
The acidity attacked relentlessly and continuously. The body reacted and gave us signs. At whatever stage we took action to alkalize we arrested the disease. If we did not take action we fast tracked to a stage we should never have arrived at.
All animals have an inherent unconditional ability to defend themselves in the face of danger. Man is the only living organism that has a choice. He has a mind. He can consciously decide to defend himself or to court danger and harm himself.
Alkalize of Disease. The choice is yours.
It is possible, that, sometimes we lose sight of the fact that a disease may have been caused by Acidosis. Before we pronounce the verdict of Idiopathic, it may be prudent that we think of Acidosis.
To refresh our memory regarding what all may be caused by Acidity, we have a ready reckoner.
When acidosis starts affecting us we may develop
Low Libido
Panic Attacks
Cold Extremities
Difficulty in Breathing
Tiredness in the morning
If not treated properly and if we fail to alkalize we may then develop one or more of the following
Hair Fall
Cold sores
Fungal Infections
Urinary Tract Infections
If effective measures are not taken to stop the progress of the malady, and the body is not alkalized properly we may proceed towards one or more of the following
Crohn’s Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Hodgkin’s Disease
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Single Herb

Treating Severe Acidosis

If you are suffering from severe Acidosis, You might try Hydrogen Peroxide.
Buy food grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Take one drop in one glass of water.
Note : This one drop must be taken on an empty stomach. Otherwise, the Hydrogen Peroxide will attack the food in the Stomach and the consequent effervescence might force you to vomit.
It is recommended that you do not eat anything two hours before and one hour after taking drop.
Note 2 : Recommended for 15 days only.
Note 3 : If well tolerated, you may increase it to two drops a day.
Note 4 : Purchase 35 % food grade Hydrogen Peroxide only this one drop is the dose of this concentration. If 35 % is not available and only 3 or 6 % food grade is available, increase the number of drops accordingly.

Raisin ( Kishmish ) for Acidosis

Raisins contains Potassium and Magnesium which neutralize the acids.
Consume 4-5 Raisins daily.
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Herbal Treatment For Cancer, Gout and Acidosis

Alkalize or Perish ?
In all three cases it is important to Alkalize.
Put one Lemon in the freezer. When it has fully frozen grate it. Add one litre water. Add 1/2 tea spoon baking soda ( Baking Soda, not Baking Powder ). Bottle it. Shake it. Drink during the Day. Repeat same procedure for night.
Check acidity with pH strips every morning. Continue this therapy until your urine reaches pH 7.
Now, go into maintenance mode. Drink during day only, if you can maintain your pH at 7 then drink this mixture every alternate day. Then once a week.
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