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Milk Allergy Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Milk Allergy
Medical Name
Milk Allergy
Hindi Name
Doodh Se Allergy
Milk Allergy Symptoms
Itchy Eyes
Watery Eyes
Watery Stool
Abdominal Cramps
Chest Congestion
Low Blood Pressure
Rashes on the Skin
Loss of Consciousness
Swelling in the Eyes
Swelling in the Throat
Difficulty in Breathing
Red Spots around the Mouth
Inflammation of the Skin
Inflammation in the Nose
Discomfort in the Digestive Tract

Milk Allergy Cured By

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Milk Allergy is a disease of the Whole Body.
The allergic reaction to Milk that causes discomfort in the Gastrointestinal Tract is Milk Allergy. It is caused by abnormal reaction of the Immune System.
The Immune System is the defence system of the Body. It fights infections. However, Milk Allergy occurs due to an abnormal reaction of the Immune System. Milk contains proteins. The Immune System considers it a threat, by mistake. It releases antibodies Immunoglobulin E ( igE ). These antibodies release Histamine in the Bloodstream. These chemicals cause allergic reactions like watery, red Eyes or Runny Nose and a number of symptoms which are mentioned above.

The Milk allergy may be caused by the Dairy products made from the Cow's Milk. The proteins that are found in the Cow's milk and cause allergy are Casein and Whey. Casein is found in curdles and Whey is found in the liquid part of the curdles.

Causes of Milk Allergy
Abnormal reaction of the Immune System

If not treated properly, Milk Allergy may cause
Hay Fever
Allergies to other food products

Your best remedy is Calcaria Carb 200. It is a Homeopathic medicine.

Body Part(s)

Whole Body

Whole Body Diseases

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Materia Medica for Milk Allergy

Single Herb

Honey for Milk Allergy

Take 1 teaspoon of Honey. Have it in the morning before breakfast.

Ginger for Milk Allergy

Chew 2-3 slices of raw Ginger in the morning daily.

Turmeric for Milk Allergy

Include Turmeric in your daily diet.
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Herbal Treatment For Milk Allergy

Extract the juice of Carrot, Cucumber, Pomegranate and Beetroot. Mix them in equal proportion. Drink it daily in the morning.
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