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Hypoxia Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
Hypoxia Symptoms
Tingling Sensation
Extremities turn Blue
Fast heart rate
Rapid breathing
Shortness of breath
Lack of Coordination
Discoloration of Skin
Vision Problems ( Tunnel Vision )
Low level of Oxygen in the Blood

Hypoxia Cured By

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Hypoxia is a disease of the Blood.
The low level of Oxygen that reaches the tissues is Hypoxia.
Human blood has Red Blood Cells, these cells contain Hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein that combines with both Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide. The Blood circulates throughout the body. When it reaches the Lungs, the oxygen combines with Hemoglobin. This Oxygen is supplied to all body parts and the Cells. Every cell needs oxygen to function properly.
If the level of oxygen is low or the tissues fail to absorb a sufficient amount of oxygen, Hypoxia develops.

Types of Hypoxia
Hypoxic Hypoxia : In this type of Hypoxia, the oxygen amount is inadequate in the Lungs. Hence, Tissues will not get enough oxygen.
Circulatory Hypoxia or Stagnant Hypoxia : As the name indicates, it has to deal with Poor Blood Flow. If the blood flow is improper the tissues will not get enough Oxygen.
Altitude Sickness or Altitude Hypoxia : When we go to higher altitude regions, the amount of Oxygen in the atmosphere is scanty. Therefore, the Body may not get enough oxygen and causes Hypoxia. It is also known as Altitude Sickness.
Histotoxic Hypoxia : In this type of Hypoxia, the problem is with the Tissues. The flow of Blood and the amount of Oxygen is fine. But when something is wrong with the Tissues, they fail to absorb the Oxygen.
Anemic Hypoxia : If you are Anemic there are chances of developing Hypoxia. In this there is a deficiency of hemoglobin or RBCs in the Blood. This causes low levels of Oxygen.
Metabolic Hypoxia : In this type of Hypoxia the problem is with Metabolism. The blood flow and absorption of Oxygen is proper. But due to metabolic problem, the tissues need more oxygen than the normal.

Whether the problem is with the Blood, Tissues or the Blood Flow, it gives rise to Hypoxia. It causes Numbness, Shortness of Breath and Nausea.

Causes Of Hypoxia
Lung Cancer
Lung Problems
Cardiac Problems
Altitude Sickness
Cyanide Poisoning
Carbon Monoxide poisoning

If not treated properly, Hypoxia may cause
Heart Failure

Note : If you are at high altitudes and feel Numbness, Shortness of Breath or Tingling in your Extremities, then it may be an indication of Hypoxia.

Differential Diagnosis : It is important to know the difference between Anoxia, Hypoxia and Hypoxmia.
Anoxia is an extreme stage of Hypoxia. The complete lack of oxygen is Anoxia. Whereas, Hypoxia means low levels of Oxygen in the Tissues or Blood.

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Materia Medica for Hypoxia

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Sandy ( USA / Michigan )
19 Feb 2019
I was treated for lung cancer with radiation and now have lung damage which now I am on oxygen 24/7. Is there any herb that I can take that will help me retain oxygen and improve my lung function because my LB only have been severely damaged
01 Jun 2020
Rhodiola is specific for hypoxia, according to herbalist Stephen Buhner https://www.stephenharrodbuhner.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/coronavirus-1.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3BrXtMebVZRtAU7b94i3bL_rz0LVxki_nazIppFrJuSi5Xc1wzY3mmNQM
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