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Aplastic Anemia Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Aplastic Anemia
Medical Name
Aplastic Anemia
Aplastic Anemia Symptoms
Whooshing in your ears
Excessive Bleeding
Frequent Infections
Irregular heartbeat
Shortness of Breath
Frequent Bruising
Blood deficiency
Cold Extremities
Bleeding Gums
Pale Skin
Nose Bleed
Chest pain

Aplastic Anemia Cured By

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Aplastic Anemia is a disease of the Bone Marrow and Blood stem cells.
When the bone marrow fails to produce Red Blood cells, White Blood Cells and Platelets, the condition is known as Aplastic Anemia.
Bone Marrow is a soft, flexible spongy tissue that is present at the center of the Bones. Normally, there is a continuous production of stem cells in the bone marrow. The bone marrow contains 30 to 70% stem cells in it. But, in a person with Aplastic Anemia stem cells are replaced by fat.

Stem Cells are differentiated as Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells and Platelets.
Red Blood Cells ( RBC or Erythrocytes ) : They are produced in the bone marrow and form 40% of Blood. They contain Hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a red colored protein that gives red color to the Blood. Red Blood Cells circulate thoroughly throughout the body. They combine with both, oxygen and carbon dioxide. When we breath in, the hemoglobin combines with oxygen and forms oxyhemoglobin. Red Blood Cells provide oxygen to all parts of the body. Apart from this they are responsible for exhaling Carbon dioxide and other gases from the body. In short the Red Blood Cells are an important part of the body. If there is less production of RBCs the body organs will not get sufficient oxygen. The organs may die due to lack of oxygen. Hence it may cause life threatening disorders.
White Blood Cells ( WBC or Leukocytes ) : They are considered as a part of the Immune System. They fight against the foreign bodies and protect the body from Infections. A deficiency of White Blood Cells may cause the Immune system to go weak. This results in frequent illness.
Platelets ( Thrombocytes ) : They are important due to their coagulation factor. When we get some cut on the skin, Platelets combine with each other and block the blood vessels to prevent blood loss. If there is a deficiency of Platelets, it may cause further complications.
All three types of blood cells are very important and perform various functions. Their deficiency results in Aplastic Anemia and may cause life threatening problems.

Causes of Aplastic Anemia
Viral Infections
Autoimmune Disorders
Exposure to chemicals
Malfunctioning of Bone Marrow
Injury to the Blood stem cells

If it is not treated properly, Aplastic Anemia may cause
Permanent damage of Organs

Note : Do not get confused with Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) and Anemia. With Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) the function of bone marrow is impaired. It produces defective blood cells that get damaged soon.
In Anemia only Red Blood Cells are deficient. Where as in Aplastic Anemia all three types of blood cells are deficient.
Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) and Anemia are dealt with separately on this portal.

Common Names

Body Part(s)

Bone Marrow
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Materia Medica for Aplastic Anemia

Queries on Aplastic Anemia
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George ( New Zealand )
21 Apr 2017
Over the last year my blood-count has gone down. It is now(platelets-19) Heamoglobin 90 and the rest is low too.
Since I largely asymptomatic, (I function reasonably well) but your list of symptoms is spot on.
At the moment I am simply waiting till everything drops even more and then I get a 'horse serum' to 're-boot' the immune system. The reason being that my own immune system is killing my stemcells
Is there anything I can do before I undergo this 'brutal' treatment. Because of the toxicity my doctor postpones this as long as possible.
Is it an imbalance of the Th1 and Th2 cells? Is there a way to rebalance it? Any other suggestions?
I already am a vegetarian, eat fermented foods, get plenty of sun, exercise have good B12 and folate.
What more can I do
03 May 2017
Dear George
Try the following Regimen.
Buy Siberian Ginseng capsules and have 1 every day for 15 days.
Buy Pine Pollen capsule and have 1 every day for 15 days.
After 15 days follow up with 1 capsule of Shilajit ( Asphaltum ) 1 after 2 days. Take total 5 capsules.
Share your feedback after 15 days.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Rehan ( Pakistan )
04 May 2017
My name is Rehan from pakistan . I m suffering the disease aplastic anemia from the last two years . Drs.adviced me for test which show me this disease . I take so many medicine but fails to find a proper treatment . So please you suggest me proper medicine which gives me a healthy life because I have chest pain and shortage of breath also ear infection ...
Rehan KMC5 ( Pakistan )
04 May 2017
My name is rehan from pakistan .I already have same request that I m suffering from the disease plastic anemia for last two years. I have chest pain and shortage of breath also ear infection .I do not feel hunger at all . Respected seniors pls I cant write in eng more but I hope u understand my problem so please give me proper medicine for it . I will b v.thnkfull to you .
08 May 2017
Dear Rehan
We suggest you to try Pine Pollen capsules. Buy 1 bottle online and have 1 capsule every day.
17 Dec 2017
Hello Team,

I am from Mumbai, India.
My mother has very recently been diagnosed with Hypocellular Bone Marrow.
Doctors are terming her condition as Aplastic Anemia.

Her Blood Cell Count:-

Haemoglobin: 8.4
WBC: 4000
RBC: 2.6
Platelets : 28k

We have consulted a couple of hematologists and they have suggested the standard ATG Cyclosporine treatment for her.
However her general health is not good and we fear the ATG treatment might worsen her condition.
Also, I am afraid to say that we lack finances to go through with the ATG treatment and the subsequent treatment that might be required.

Could you please suggest some natural therapy for her betterment.

03 Jan 2018
Dear Alankar
Right now her body is not ready to accept any medicine. We are suggesting her " Carcinocin 10M ". Get only one dose from a Homeopathy shop. This medicine will prepare her body to accept the rest of the medicines. Do not repeat the dose and study her symptoms for 2 weeks. Please let us know the rest of her symptoms and we will recommend her the next remedy.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Alicia ( USA )
16 Jan 2018
I've had aplastic anemia for 6 years now and over the past year I've became transfusion dependent and the only options my hematologist have given me are to restart the ATG cyclosporine or bone marrow transplant. I am experiencing majority of the listed symptoms and my most recent lab results shown the following values: RBC 6.4 and platelets 2k. Kindly suggest the best remedy that will eradicate these symptoms and allow me to live a higher quality of life.
19 Jan 2018
Dear Alicia
Have 1 glass of Green leaf juice 2 times in a day.
Also take Arsenic Alb 1M. Get one dose from a Homeopathy shop, add only 2 granules in a glass of water. Divide it into 3 doses and have it in a day.
Please let us know the symptoms after 15 days. So that we may recommend the next remedy accordingly.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Marie ( Usa/ca )
16 Feb 2018
my dad was just diagnosed with AA. the hematologist told him that there is no cure for it, i am getting frustrated because he has been dealing with a very serious heart condition and here comes the AA. Can you help me with this?

09 Mar 2018
Dear Marie
We suggest you to buy "Ferrum Metallicum 3X" from a Homeopathy shop. Have 3 to 4 small white pills every day. Continue this regimen for 15 days and let us know your symptoms. We will recommend you accordingly.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
10 Mar 2018
Continue to Marie
Also take one tablet of Rehmannia.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
21 Feb 2018
my mother was diagnosed with AA last dec 24, 2017 her rbc, wbc, and platelets were dropping. and she has lung condition too.. and lots of medicines to take. can you help us what is the right medicines or treatment for us.

many thanks in advance
12 Mar 2018
Dear Julie Ann Lee
It would not be possible for us to recommend any thing as she is already taking so many medicines. Also physical diagnosis is must.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Jose Abarca ( United States )
20 Mar 2018
Jose from Jersey,

Dear Herbpathy,

My grandmother has been recently diagnosed with plastic AA and she is elderly 78 yrs, has all the symptoms and I am looking for a natural way to cure her, please help.
05 Apr 2018
Dear Jose Abarca
Have you tried Ceanothus Americanus homeopathic tincture. Have 10 drops in a glass of water 2 times in a day. Try for 1 week first and may continue more if you see good results.
Omkar Manohar
03 Apr 2018
From last 9 months my blood count,platelets count,WBC count is to low..my doctor has already declared that I m with aplastic anemia.Today's count is Hb 7.5, platelets 21k and wbc 6100. Twice a month I have to go to doctor for blood.
Doctor is suggesting me to do bone marrow transplant but I don't want to do that..so
Can you please suggest me something?can you please help me with this?
19 Apr 2018
Dear Omkar
This needs physical diagnosis and we would not be able to recommend anything remotely. We suggest you to please visit a learned doctor.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Elizabeth ( Zambia )
25 Apr 2018
what is the best natural remedy for aplastic anemia
Rocky ( Oklahoma,usa )
11 May 2018
My wife has just been diagnosed with sever aplastic anemia her platelets this morning were zero neutrophils zero red blood count low donot know that number has had several reactions when adminestering platlets she will be starting the ATG in two days my question is when they get this under control and are able to go home what should she take
Sheetal ( India )
10 Jun 2018
Hello....I am 33 years old and diagnosed with aplastic anaemia from two year back. It is idiopathic in nature....currently i am on cyclosporine 100 mg twice a day and revolade 50 mg once a day. My current count is platelets are 45k hb8.6 and wbcs are 5000...please suggest me some herbal medicine...due to low platelets I am also suffer from heavy bleeding during the periods...
Basil Elsharif ( USA/North Carolina )
17 Jun 2018
I am a 20 year old diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anemia. I am currently on the ATG-Cyclosporine-Eltrombopag course, but have had limited to no response to it. My doctor suggested a bone marrow transplant, but it will take a while before my siblings get screened. I will still be on the IST course until then. Other medications I take include antifungals, antivirals, and antibiotics, along with magnesium and folic acid supplements. I am mainly asymptomatic save for bleeding gums when my platelet count is low and shortness of breath when my Hgb drops. I currently visit the hospital twice a well and get platelets each time and blood at least once a week. What would you suggest?
Karma choden ( Bhutan )
09 Aug 2018
It has have been two years that i am diagonised Aplastic Anemia. It is a life threatening disease and hell life of me.
So can anyone suggest me the solution or home remedies that can help to cure the disease please
Thank you
From Bhuran
Aqeel ( Pakistan )
21 Sep 2018

My father aged 53yrs had been diagnosed with AA 5 years ago. Has already gone thru rabbit and horse ATG treatments. The first Atg lasted for 2 years then relapsed. 2nd Atg was done in Feb 2018. No signs of its affects so far. He is dependant on transfusions once a month. Currently he has developed necrosis on the hip joint due to steroid medications and sciatica in in right hip. Can you recommend treatment options for his AA.
Anusha ( India )
13 Feb 2019
Hi ,

I am Anusha from India. My father who is 65 . He has been diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia . He is suffering from 2 years. He is using cyclosporine and revolade. The treatment was working fine for one year but the Creatine level started increasing . But after stopping cyclosporine , Creatine came to normal. So doctor started cyclosporine again and then Creatine started increasing. It happened three times. So now we are confused and very worried. Please suggest herbal medicine for him.

Thank you.
Nats jack ( United States/NY )
10 Apr 2019
My son was diagnosed with AA which also gave him Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobin(if I spelled it correctly lol) about 4 yrs ago he's 16 now. levels fluctuate and he must take eculizamb every 2 weeks would love to get him off this meds and get my son healing and a natural childhood.... Would appreciate any remedies thank you
Rajni gulati ( AMRITSAR )
29 Jan 2020
My daughter is 23 diagnosed with AA. Her platelets fall down 10k.HB 5.6.WBC 500.SHE has been infused two units of blood and three units of platelets. Doctor adviced for bone marrow transplant. But I don't wanna go for this procedure. As she is very much normal and active. Please suggest some good homeopathy medicine.
Tiana Hazzard ( United States/GA )
23 Oct 2020
I got diagnosed with aplastic anemia a little over a month ago. My last labs showed WBC 2.4 RBC 2.82 HGB 8.7 HCT 25.7 Platelets 40 (after being 71 4 days earlier when they gave me platelets).
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