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Anoxia Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
Anoxia Symptoms
Mood swings
Lack of Oxygen in Blood
Poor coordination

Anoxia Cured By

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Anoxia is a disease of the Blood.
The complete lack of Oxygen in the body is Anoxia.
Body parts need oxygen to work properly. Oxygen is like a fuel to them. However, If there is a lack of oxygen in the body, it will show fatal results. The cells may die if they don ' t get oxygen. It becomes life threatening if the Brain cells die due to lack of oxygen. It may be a result of Heart failure or respiratory failure.

Types of Anoxia
Anoxic Anoxia : It happens if there is less oxygen in the atmosphere like on high altitudes. It causes suffocation and shortness of Breath.
Anaemic Anoxia : It occurs if you are Anemic. In Anemia your body does not have enough Red Blood Cells. This results in lack of Oxygen in the Body. The problem may be with the Hemoglobin too. They carry oxygen and supply to all body parts.
Stagnant Hypoxia: It is a result of some problem with the Brain. It may be caused by a Stroke, Injury or due to decreased Blood flow in the Brain. It causes damage to the Brain and may show fatal results.
Toxic Anoxia : It is caused by harmful chemicals such as carbon mono dioxide and Cyanide Poisoning. It reduces the levels of oxygen in the Blood.
To function properly, our body parts need adequate amount of Oxygen.

Causes of Anoxia
Drug Abuse
Heart Attack
Brain Tumors
Lungs Disorders
Electrical shock
Low Blood Pressure
Respiratory Problems

If not treated properly, Anoxia may cause
Damage to the Organs

Note : If you are at high altitudes and feel Numbness, Shortness of Breath or Tingling in your Extremities, then it may be an indication of Hypoxia.

Differential Diagnosis : Please learn to differentiate between Anoxia, Hypoxia and Hypoxmia.
Anoxia is an extreme stage of Hypoxia. The complete lack of oxygen is Anoxia. Whereas, Hypoxia means low levels of Oxygen in the Tissues or Blood.
Hypoxmia is a condition which occurs due to low partial pressure in the arteries.

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Anoxia

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