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Hemoglobin High Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Hemoglobin High
Medical Name
Hemoglobin High
Hemoglobin High Symptoms
Poor Blood Circulation
Pain in the Chest
Pain in the Bone
Shortness of Breath
Vision Problems
Numbness in the Extremities
Bloody Stools
Blood test shows high levels of Hemoglobin
Peripheral Cyanosis
Blue Fingers
Blue Toes
Mental Degeneration
Lack of oxygen in the tissues of the fingers and toes
Cold extremities
Impaired thinking and reasoning
Pulmonary Fibrosis
Bone Marrow Disease
Congenital Heart Disease
Pulmonary Hypertension
Thrombo Embolisms

Hemoglobin High Cured By

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Hemoglobin High is a disease of the Blood.
When levels of Hemoglobin in the blood are higher than normal the body is diseased.

Hemoglobin is a protein. It is red in color because its molecule has an iron atom. Its function is to carry oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body and bring back carbon dioxide.

Hemoglobin level is measured in grams per deciliter ( gms/dL ) of whole blood. A deciliter is 100 milliliters. The normal range for hemoglobin depends on age. It may be as high as 22 gm/dL in Newborns. It decreases as we grow up.
The range for men is 14 to 18 gm/dL.
The range for women is 12 to 16 gm/dL.

If it is lower than normal the patient has Anemia. If it is higher than normal, the patient is again in trouble.

Oxygen needs to be carried from the lungs to the rest of the body. Carbon dioxide needs to be brought back from the body to the lungs. The vehicle is Hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is part of the Red Blood Cells ( RBC ).

Scenario 1. Body metabolism is functioning correctly.
Body needs more oxygen, like, in high altitude environment. Hemoglobin will increase to carry more oxygen.
Note ! RBCs will not increase.
Some other causes of high Hemoglobin may be Smoking, Dehydration and Anabolic Steroids. The situation is temporary and will remedy itself the moment the cause is removed. This is a healthy reaction of the body.

Scenario 2. Body metabolism is NOT functioning correctly.
The RBCs have decreased. Hence the oxygen in the body has decreased. Therefore, to compensate for the decrease in RBCs the body increases the hemoglobin. This is an unhealthy reaction of the body.

What are the Effects of High Hemoglobin ?
When Hemoglobin is low the result is Anemia. When the level is high the blood thickens. Its viscosity increases. Its fluidity decreases. It becomes a jelly. Circulation is impaired. Consequently, oxygen to the tissues is reduced. The very reason why the metabolism increased the Hemoglobin in the first place is now the end result. A persistent state of high Hemoglobin is dangerous and may be fatal.

Causes of High Levels of Hemoglobin
Liver Cancer
Kidney Cancer
Heart Failure
Lung Diseases
Heart Diseases
Kidney Diseases
Genetic Disorder
Polycythemia Vera
High Blood Pressure
Testosterone Therapy
High altitude environment
Disorder with Bone Marrow
Presence of less oxygen in the Atmosphere
Drugs or hormones like Erythropoietin (EPO)

If not treated properly, persistent High Hemoglobin may cause

Differential Diagnosis : The Red Blood Cells are formed in the Bone Marrow. The rise in production of Red Blood Cells by Bone Marrow is Polycythemia Vera. It is dealt with separately on this portal.
Poor circulation of blood due to Stenosis of the arteries and veins should not be mistaken for thickening of the blood. A blood test is advised.

Attention !
Hemoglobin is part of blood. It is not the whole blood. Rise or fall of Hemoglobin must not be construed as increase or decrease in blood. RBCs remaining the same Hemoglobin may rise or fall depending on the cause.
If Hemoglobin has increased, please do not consider that the volume of blood in the body has increased, and, therefore, Bloodletting or Phlebotomy is the answer. This procedure may aggravate matters. When volume of blood decreases, ( A decrease in RBCs ) the metabolism may compensate by increasing the Hemoglobin.

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Hemoglobin High

Hemoglobin High General

A high Hemoglobin is serious and not to be taken lightly. First, immediate steps should be taken to thin the blood. Second, the cause must be identified and removed. Third, food and herbs should be taken to set the metabolism right permanently.
Please consult your doctor who will recommend a blood thinner.
Get yourself checked for the possible cause. The most common are smoking and medicines.
Take a pinch of Cinnamon in your tea daily. Eat one clove of Garlic every morning. Take Bitter Gourd ( Karela ) when in season. When not in season consume capsules. It will take approximately three months to normalize.
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Queries on Hemoglobin High
Ishfaq hamid ( Jammu and kashmir )
25 Dec 2017
I am from kashmir and my age is 23.my hemoglobin is 17.3 and rbc count is also high to some extent unfortunately i am a smoker i did an ECG which was also good now i want know how can i reduce my hemoglobin besides i will quit the smoking
04 Jan 2018
Dear Sir
If you stop smoking your Hb will automatically comes down. No need to take any medicine as you absolutely fine and healthy.
When the the Hb rises it means the oxygen level is low in your body and the body compensate with that. So you no need to worry.
Priya ( Delhi )
29 Dec 2017
My dad is 68 years old, recently doctor said he has low hemoglobin 6, he used to take medication for cholesterol can you please suggest some options
Davinder paal singh
04 Jan 2018
Dear Priya
Your father may try the following.
Soak 10 raisins in a bowl and leave them over night. Have them every morning. Have a glass of fresh carrot and beetroot juice daily. You may also include these 2 in his daily diet.
Also have some jaggery after having your major meal.
Have it for 1 month and see the results.
Kamala ( India )
31 Dec 2017
My daughter age 14 haemoglobin level is 9.2 .very low. How can i increase count
04 Jan 2018
Try soaked Raisins. Have 10 Raisins soaked over night every morning.
Have beetroot and carrots in your salad.
Go for daily exercise.
Follow this regimen for at least 2 months and get your hb test done.
Sandeep Singh ( India )
16 Jan 2018
I am sandeep singh with 40 years and my haemoglobin level is 23.4 what should be cure.
19 Jan 2018
Sandeep Singh
Have you tried bitter gourd juice? I have read about it and it may help you. And i suggest you to go for exercise daily and drink water.
Sanjay ( India/uttarakhand )
25 Jan 2018
The level of hemoglobin of my child is 17.2 which is within range. Still then doctors say to take precautions. What precautions should he take.
31 Jan 2018
Dear Sanjay
Could you please let us know that how old your child is?
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Gary Dean ( USA North Carolina )
30 Jan 2018
Could taking supplemnt to increase nitic oxide affect hemoglobin. 18.3 on last Tbc
05 Feb 2018
Dear Gary Dean
Could you please let us know your symptoms in details as we did not get your problem?
What exactly do you want to ask?
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
07 Feb 2018
My hb is 20.5 and my age is 20 so what should i do for that i am so much disturbed so please suggest me something
03 Mar 2018
Dear Sir
This is an indication that your body has low levels of Oxygen. In this case our body compensate and increases the levels of Hb. So you better go for exercise. If you live in a polluted place then i suggest you to take a break and go at some non polluted area and see the difference.
Kuber Chhetri ( West Bengal )
21 Feb 2018
My Grandmother is 73 her hemoglobin was around 21.4 How to lower it she is already having ecosprin AV- 75 For 1 month now its 20.4 Cuz it doesnt go below so I want to give her something to get her hemoglobin lower .
16 Mar 2018
Dear Kuber
This is not a major problem. Even i suggest you to do nothing. This is a normal reaction of a body as the level of oxygen in her body is low, so her body is trying to compensate.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Joel Jojo ( India , Kerala )
23 Feb 2018
Dear Doctor,
I am Joel 50 years from Kerala . I have high hemoglobin and I go for all kinds of tests even bone marrow and biopsy every thing was normal . Again they texted for V617 F but that also not detected then text for Erythropoietin it was also 7.20 . LDH 183 mg . So doctor says nothing to worry but control food . I am so scared even now because last checkup I found .2 increase in hemoglobin. What should I do to decrease my hemoglobin. I am not a smoker but some occasions I will drink some alcohol but it will be not a habit to me . Kindly advise doctor
12 Mar 2018
Dear Sir
High Hb is an indication that your body lack oxygen. This is not a life threatening disorder. I suggest you to eat a healthy diet and go for regular exercise. Do some deep breathing exercises. Drink a plenty of water. Follow this for 1 month and see the results.
Pooja ( India )
04 Mar 2018
I'am suffering from head ache due to low hgb what should I do now?
12 Mar 2018
Dear Pooja
You may try the following.
Have an apple every morning on empty stomach.
Soak 8 to 10 Raisins in a bowl of water and have them next morning. Drink the water too.
Have a glass of Carrot and beetroot juice daily.
Have 1 pomegranate and 1 kiwi daily.
Try these on a strict note for 1 month.
Sharma ji ( Haryana )
05 Mar 2018
my hemoglobin last two years 17.8 16.8 17.1 18.20 rbc 6.00 6.23 6.35 pcv 53,52 ,50.70 ,JK2 AND EX12 MUTION,MP V615 AND OTHERS is normal doctor suggest donate 3or 4 time every two and three month pls advice me
12 Mar 2018
Dear Sharama Ji
Please let us know some more symptoms about you. It will help us to recommend you an appropriate remedy.
Ram Kumar ( India / Maharashtra )
08 Mar 2018
I am 42 years Old. The Hemoglobin count is 20.7.
Please help
28 Mar 2018
Dear Ram
Do you have any other symptoms? Please let us know some more details, so that we may prescribe you an appropriate remedy.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Ram Kumar
19 Jun 2018
Thanks No till date I haven't observed any negative response from my Body.
Yes I smoke about 4 to 5 cigarates daily and also drink occasionally.
Nirmal medhi ( Assam )
15 Mar 2018
I am 40 yrs old.himoglobin level is 18.2.please help me
28 Mar 2018
I suggest you to get your test done, as it is because of lack of oxygen in your body.
Syed ( Pakistan )
20 Mar 2018
my hb is 16 and bp is 90/130 age is 47 sugar is 90 , i m worried about my hb, plz recommand some for me
21 Mar 2018
Dear Sir
This is not a life threatening disease. This is an indication that your body lacks oxygen and it tries to compensate. Just eat a healthy diet, drink a plenty of water, Have a bowl of salad, detoxify your body and go for exercise daily. Follow this regimen for 1 month on a serious note and see the results.
22 Mar 2018
Dear Sir/Madam,
Recently i have tested my blood.
Result was came high hemoglobin 18.3
Please sugeest / guide me for a better treatment to reduce the high hemoglobin

Sex : Male
Age : 46 years
25 Mar 2018
Dear Sir/Madam,
Please advice for above problem to reduce high hemoglobin Name : KISHORE KUMAR A
Dr. Nitika
06 Apr 2018
High Hb is an indication that your body contains low levels of oxygen and your body is trying to compensate the problem.
We suggest you to do nothing and eat a healthy diet, drink a plenty of water. Have a glass of Green leaf juice every day.
Go for regular exercise.
Do it for 1 month and see the results.
Rajesh panchal ( India )
15 Apr 2018
My hemoglobin levels is 17.8 so any problem in my body
Shobha Kumari ( India )
22 Apr 2018
Hemoglobin of my wife have 23.00gm/dL
Age 22yrs
Please suggest me what should I do
Madhu ( India/Telangana state )
23 Apr 2018
Hi Sir/Mam,
Recently I have done my tests in that doctor noticed that my Hemoglobin range and red blood cell counts are High (Having Hemoglobin range is 17.2, but it should be within the 13.2-17.1(g/dL) and red blood cells count is 5.81 but it should be 4.2-5.8 million/UL). So I have been worrying with this result..is it serious issue? Does it creates any issues to me..? And also i have the skin allergy like body rashes some times low BP from past 5 years onwards. So could you please suggest me/guide for avoiding the high hemoglobin levels and RBC red blood cell counts in my blood.
Hope for your response.
Thanks in advance
Vinay ( Maharashtra )
27 Apr 2018
I have a high haemoglobin count 18.2, JAK2 mutation is positive. What is the remedy.
Amar Kaushal ( Punjab )
05 May 2018
M amr nd m age is 29
Hb is 19.6 nd also a hole in my heart
So plz help me nd suggestions fr better life
Nithin ( India/Karnataka )
07 May 2018
My dad smokes heavily he has high hb ..i cant make him stop ...what else other option that i can make his hb normal level
Aman ( INDIAN )
24 May 2018
HGB 17.5

What can i do
Rahul ( Maharashtra )
19 Jun 2018
I am 42 Year Old.
My Hemoglobin Level is 20.7.
Please help me to reduce it.
Also if possible please suggest the probable risk I am carrying.
Thanks and Regards
Sameer ( India )
09 Jul 2018
Hi, I am from kashmir, My heamoglobin levels are ranging from 17 to 17.8. from last 2 years.
All tests are normal except my heamoglobin count. Also my spleen is 12.8 cm.
Dr has suggested to go for blood donation.
What should I do
My weight is 87kg and height is 172cm
Also i keep on travellling from low to high altitude.
Samhitha Josyula ( Visakhapatnam )
11 Jul 2018
I'm 18 years old i've been having a hb of 17.3 to 17.5 gms since 2016 and there was a peak of 18.2 once... hematocrit is 50.3 and RBC count is 5.90 millions/cumm, wbc is 11.9 thousands/cumm, serum erythropoietin 10.5 miu/ml, jak test for polycythemia vera is negative...please help
17 Jul 2018
Is there any Ayurvedic treatment for reducing high hemoglobin levels or cure for Polycythemia Vera -
Danny ( Sri Lanka )
17 Jul 2018
Dear Sir?Madam
I am 31 year's old.
I Haemoglobin 7.2 and RBC 6013 -10^6/ cu mm. According to y health report showing it high. what should i need to do?

Looking forward to hearing from yo. Thank You!
Danny ( Sri Lanka )
17 Jul 2018
Dear Sir/ Madam

I am 31 year's old.
My Haemoglobin 7.2 and RBC 6.13 10^6/ cu mm According to my health report it showing it high. what should i need to do?

report showing level 3.6-5.3

Looking forward to hearing fro you. Thank you!
Arnab ( West Bengal , India )
12 Aug 2018
My results of haemoglobin tests have been like 17.2 , 16.1 & 16.7( most recent one ) . The erythrocyte count has been 5.6 , 5.49 and 5.79 . I quit smoking last year .Please suggest what I should do .
Vincent bolante ( Philippines )
14 Aug 2018
Hi I'm Vic 36 years old my medical was done yesterday August 13 and my findings is hemoglobin is high 18.4 what will i do to lower it and what is the treatment of this problem...?thank you...
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