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Blood Disorders Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Blood Disorders
Blood Disorders Symptoms
Pale skin
Abnormal Heartbeat
Shortness of Breath
Chest Pain
Cognitive Problems
Cold Hands and Feet
Concentration Problems due to lack of Blood in the Brain
trouble concentrating from lack of oxygenated blood in the brain
Weak Muscles
White Blood Cell Disorders
Red Blood Cells Disorders
Platelets Disorders
Chronic Infections
Sudden Weight Loss
Slow healing of Cuts or Sores
Excess of Bleeding from a cut
Blood do not clot easily
Nose Bleeding
Bleeding from gums

Blood Disorders Cured By

Most Effective


Balanites Roxbu...
Baruwa Sugarcan...
Begonia Lacinia...
Celsia Coromand...
Clematis Heynei
Coelocaryon Pre...
Combretum Micra...
Dipterocarpus G...
Enicostemma Lit...
Eulophia Dabia
Ficus Rumphii
Flickingeria Ma...
Guizotia Scabra
Hyptis Pectinat...
Indian Thorny B...
Jasminum Multif...
Pluchea Lanceol...
Red Spike Thorn
Rice Vinegar
Striga Lutea
Swertia Angusti...
Viola Betonicif...
Water Morning G...
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Blood Disorder is a disease of the Blood.
Blood is a living tissue and is a constituent of the RED Blood Cells, White Blood Cells and Platelets. These cells are known as blood cells. They are produced in the Bone Marrow. These cells have different functions in the body. The blood supplies oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the Body.

Functions of Blood Cells:
White Blood Cells : They are considered as the fighters of the body as they fight for infections. WBCs are a part of Immune system.

Red Blood Cells : They carry hemoglobin, a protein that gives red color to the Blood. Hemoglobin combines with both Carbon dioxide and Oxygen. When it passes from the Lungs, the oxygen gets attached with the Hemoglobin. On its way back to the Lungs, it combines with carbon dioxide to be exhaled by the Lungs.

Platelets : The coagulation function of the body is done by the Platelets.

The liquid part of the blood is made up of plasma and the solid part is made up of the blood Cells. If anything goes wrong with the blood cells, Call it Blood Disorder. It impairs the normal functions of the Blood. It may cause damage to the body organs.

Causes of Blood Disorders
Family History
Iron Deficiency
Autoimmune Disease

If not treated properly, Blood Disorder may cause
Permanent damage to the Organs

Note : Here is the List of Blood Disorders that are dealt with separately on this portal.
Anemia : The deficiency of Red Blood Cells in the body is Anemia.

Anoxia : The deficiency of oxygen in the blood is Anoxia.

Blood Impurity : The rise of toxic levels in the blood that makes the blood impure is known as Blood Impurity.

Dengue : The viral disease that drops down the levels of Platelets is Dengue.

Hemophilia : When the body fails to coagulate the blood, it is termed as Hemophilia. It is a disorder of the Platelets.

Hematoma : The leakage of the blood from the ruptured wall of blood vessels is Hematoma. It causes Skin Discoloration.

Hemoglobin High : Hemoglobin is a protein that gives red color to the Blood. If the level of Hemoglobin goes high the blood becomes thick like a jelly.

High Triglycerides : The extra fat that may deposit around your belly and hips are the Triglycerides.

Hypoxia : Lack of oxygen in the tissues is Hypoxia.

Leucopenia : Low level of White Blood Cells in the body is Leucopenia.

Low Platelet Count : The deficiency of Platelets in the blood is Low Platelet Count.

Septicemia : The bacterial infection that causes blood poisoning is Septicemia.

Thalassemia : It is a genetic Disorder, that affects the Red Blood Cells and Hemoglobin.

Sickle Cell Anemia : The abnormal shape of Red Blood Cells is Sickle Cell Anemia.

Body Part(s)

Blood Vessels

Blood Vessels Diseases

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Materia Medica for Blood Disorders

Single Herb

Wheatgrass for Blood Disorders

Wheat Grass is a rich source of minerals and vitamins.
Have 1 shot of fresh Wheat grass juice daily. It removes the toxins from the blood.
OR : You may take a half tablespoon of Wheat Grass powder 2 times in a day with a glass of water.

Beetroot for Blood Disorders

Beetroot is a rich source of Minerals and Vitamins. It detoxify the blood and remove all the impurities from the Blood.
Queries on Blood Disorders
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Parvez ( Pakistan )
11 Aug 2018
My neice is suffering from a disease in which once her blood comes out it does not clot until new blood is injected
Suggestions are required
Thank U
D sharma
12 Aug 2018
Mr. Parvez, it seems to me your niece is suffering from
Haemophilia or para-haemophilia............
(a bleeding disorders caused due to deficiency of factor v)....you should go for
factor analysis of blood ....consult a haematologist.....
.......he will suggest the best of its management as there is no medication yet available.
Mike Balakhani ( DE )
24 Apr 2019

I need to increase my platelets count. Please advise.

Thank you.

Panagiotis Alexopoulos ( Greece )
23 Jan 2020
Good evening! I suffer from idiopathic thrombocytosis. Is there any herb that acts on excessive platelet production and thus reduces their blood count?
Thank you very much!
Barb white
15 Mar 2021
I have the same disorder and was hoping you would get an answer. I am still searching.
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