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Red Sandalwood Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Red Sandalwood
Glycemic Index / Load
Red Sandalwood
Botanical Name
Pterocarpus Santalinus
Hindi Name
Lal Chandan
Chinese Name
Hai Hong Dou

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Red Sandalwood Cures


Action of Red Sandalwood

Nutrients in Red Sandalwood

Taste of
Red Sandalwood

Nature of
Red Sandalwood


Parts Used

Heart Wood, Bark, Leaf
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Red Sandalwood is a tree.
It is perennial.
It grows in a dry climate.
It grows up to 15 M.
Best used for Skin Problems.
The oil of Sandalwood is useful in Gonorrhea.


Grown In

Common Names

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Materia Medica for Red Sandalwood

Single Herb

Red Sandalwood ( Lal Chandan ) as Antiseptic

Sprinkle Red Sandalwood powder on the damaged Skin.

Red Sandalwood ( Lal Chandan ) for Boils

Grind Seeds of Red Sandalwood to make a powder. Sprinkle it on the Boils twice a day.

Red Sandalwood ( Lal Chandan ) for Inflammation

Sprinkle powdered seeds of Red Sandalwood on the inflamed areas.

Red Sandalwood ( Lal Chandan ) for Gout

Prepare a decoction of Red Sandalwood leaves. Drink once a day.

Red Sandalwood ( Lal Chandan ) for Rheumatism

Boil leaves of Red Sandalwood in a cup of water. Drink once a day.

Red Sandalwood ( Lal Chandan ) for Hair

Make an infusion of Red Sandalwood bark. Wash hair with it.

Red Sandalwood ( Lal Chandan ) for Wrinkles

Prepare a mixture of Red Sandalwood ( Lal Chandan ), Glycerine and Rose water. Apply it on your face for 20 minutes. Wash after it.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Burns 2

Take equal amount of powdered Indian madder, Red sandal wood, Chonemorpha Fragrans. Add adequate amount of Cow's ghee. Boil for 15-20 Mins.
Apply 3-4 times a day .

Herbal Treatment For Acne 8

Take equal quantity of Saffron, Turmeric, Azadirachta Indica ( Neem ), Red Sandalwood, Basil and Fuller's Earth ( Multaani Mitti ). Mix them in Butter Milk or Milk. Apply on the affected part twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Acne 16

Take the following herbs :
Azadirachta Indica : Neem : 1 teaspoon
Red Sandalwood : Lal Chandan : 1 teaspoon
Yogurt : Dahi : 1 teaspoon
Mix all ingredients. Apply on the face for 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water.

Herbal Treatment For Acne 20

Take the following herbs :
Indian Madder : Manjeeth : Powdered : 1 teaspoon
Red Sandalwood : Lal Chandan : 1 teaspoon
Turmeric : Haldi : 1/4 teaspoon
Snow Lotus : Kuth : 1 teaspoon
Mix all ingredients. Add water to make a paste. Apply on affected parts for 20 minutes. Wash with cold water.

Herbal Treatment For Abscess 16

Take equal quantity of Indian Madder ( Manjeeth ), Red Sandalwood ( Lal Chandan ) and Snow Lotus ( Kuth ). Grind them together. Add 1/4 teaspoon of Turmeric ( Haldi ). Make a paste by adding water. Apply on the affected part until it dries. Wash with normal water.

Herbal Treatment For Eczema 5

Take one teaspoon powder of each Indian Madder ( Manjeeth ), Red Sandalwood ( Lal Chandan ) and Snow Lotus ( Kuth ). Add half teaspoon of Turmeric ( Haldi ). Make a paste by adding water. Apply for 20 minutes and wash.

Herbal Treatment For Kidney Care

Kidneys play an essential role in detoxifying the body.
The following Herbs have the affinity for the Kidneys in many kind of diseases such as, Inflammation of the Kidneys, Dysuria or any disorder associated with Kidneys.

Take the following herbs :
Land Caltrops ( Gokshura in India ) - It removes the obstruction in the Urinary Tract and stimulates the regeneration of the Kidney Cells.
Crataeva Nurvala ( Varun in India ) - It prevents Urinary Tract Infection and helps to break down Renal Stones.
Boerhavia Diffusa ( Punarnava in India ) - The Diuretic property of Boerhavia Diffusa helps to induce Urination and relieves Dysuria. It helps to remove excessive fluids from the body due to Kidney Failure.
Chicory ( Kaasni in India ) - It acts like an Alkalize and strengthens the Kidneys. The Antiinflamtory property of Chicory helps to treat Nephitis.
Red Sandalwood ( Lal Chandan in India ) - It soothes and disinfects the Urinary Tract. It helps to revive the failed Kidney.
Stonebreaker ( Bhumi Amla in India ) - It treats Urinary tract infection and dissolves Kidney stones.
Drumstick ( Shigru in India )- It treats Dysuria and Kidney Cysts.

It is not necessary to include all the above herbs in your formulation. Buy the Capsules and experiment with each herb seperately and decide for your own combination as per suitability.
Queries on Red Sandalwood
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Mattie chambers ( United States )
07 Mar 2016
what are the side effects of this herb?
Namita Desai
15 Mar 2016
Not to be used if the woman is suffering from Scanty menses or Oligomenorrhea. Otherwise it is a safe Herb.
R.Lammineur ( Luxemburg )
04 May 2016
Hello ,
I try to find for Ayurveda treatment :


Thank youfor your respons

09 Jun 2016
Dear R. You may look for this formula over the internet. I am sure it is easily available. Or you may look for it in an ayurvedic or herbal store.
Karthik Parker.
06 Jun 2017
Please I want more information about red sandal from you.
21 May 2016
What are the qualities of the BEST RED SANDAL WOOD?

How can we identify the best quality trees?

Our Friend is having a large no. of trees.
With Regards,
09 Jun 2016
Dear A Chandra.
If you wish to know the medicinal uses, then you please scroll up and check the conditions used to cure with this herb. Because, here on this website, we provide information in regards to the medicinal uses of the herb, in regards to the health or fitness.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Syed.shamsheer ( India )
07 Aug 2016
is their is any type of herbal medicine with out any side effects which can provide a lot of immunity,and extention of time in participaton of sexand have a long pennis
Mokshit Dhalia
09 Aug 2016
Syed. Yes, Ashwagandha is a Rasayana herb which has no side effects. You may take it to boost your immunity and your performance. This herb is hot in nature, so if you live in hot region, take the minimum dosage. Four times a week. Buy it's tincture from a homeopathic store. It is known as Withania Somnifera. Take 4 to 5 drops in a glass of water. Or take Ashwagandha capsules. one capsule on alternate days. Other herb is Schisandra. You may take 4 to 5 berries everyday or it's capsule. This herb is easily available online. Very effective herb, with no side effects.
And, there exists no herb to increase the penis size. Herbs can help you to build up your immunity, improve the performance, and increase your stamina.
Karthik Parker
06 Jun 2017
Sir, your doubt is thinkable one .I think you have better knowledge about herbals. You want to know more information about herbals you just refer at nearby ayurvedic(or) khaadi shops(sudhesi shops). You like to get better information you must consult ayurvedic doctor.
Milo e oslater ( United States )
12 Aug 2016
Please, how is the red sandalwood powder used to revive failed kidney ? ,,,Milo
Dr. Satya
26 Aug 2016
The herb is a natural diuretic that helps to remove excess water as urine, from the body. Also known to cure UTI. You may take red sandalwood capsules. One capsule everyday for a month. Gokharu and varuna are another two super effective herbs. You may check these herbs in the herb section of this website. And see the method to use it for Kidney disorder. It is recommended that you take the tinctures of these two herbs.
Karthik Parker
06 Jun 2017
Thank you madam for your information about herbals are very usefull to me.
HHanumakumari ( Telangana INDIA )
22 Sep 2016
is red chandanam useful for the treament of psoriasis
Suresh Aggarwal
23 Sep 2016
Not red Sandalwood, but Sandalwood can be effectively used to cure Psoriasis. Boil three cups of water mixed with a teaspoon of sandalwood powder. When the liquid reduces to half, mix some rose water and sugar in it.Drink this twice a day.
Abiodun ( Nigeria )
21 Dec 2016
where can i buy this herb in powder form online?
22 Dec 2016
Please click on " Buy In India" given on the right of this herb. It will redirect you to another page, you may place the order of the herb from there.
Jayanta. Saha ( India. Wesr bengal )
04 Jan 2017
Are you a buyer of red sandal wood inprivate
Kanchan Das
18 Jan 2017
No. There is no buyer. I mean I wanted it once, but I ordered it on the internet. So, for now, I am satisfied with what I have got.
Mahesh kumar ( Bangalore )
08 Jan 2017
can i use basen masoordall mungdal rakthachandan for face wash daily twice
is this good are any side effect please tell me.
18 Jan 2017
Yes, you can, but do not use it everyday. use it on alternate days. These herbs are to be used as per the skin condition and skin type. So, what is your type ?
D.R.K.Srinivas ( India/Andhrapradesh )
27 Jun 2017
is redsandal useful in treatment of bloodcancer
27 Jul 2017
Essential Oil of Sandalwood is very effective in curing Cancer. Red Sandal Wood is not the right herb. Other herbs that can be used are Soursop, Balck carrot, Black Cumin and Cannabis.
Geeta ( Karatanaka )
28 Jul 2017
Mai rakatha chandana
Soap use jar rahi hu eska Kay use hai bats sakte ho use aur side effects
Saheli pal ( West bengal )
28 Oct 2017
Can I use only red sandal oil for my face pack without adding milk or dahi ?
15 Feb 2018
You can use Red sandal powder, but you need to add either curd or milk to the paste, also depends on the reason you wish to use it for.
Rajeswari ( Kerala,india )
29 Oct 2017
Is red sandal useful for removing the marks of chicken pox?is it suitable for oily skin
Suman ( INDIA )
10 Dec 2017
exept my facd my body is white.what is the solution to whitening my face?
Sayu ( India )
08 Feb 2018
Iam using the mixture of redsandal water. These times my face is getting more dark.... is this my illusion or true? While using redsandal water will allow my skin to get fair?
Iyyappan ( India )
09 Mar 2018
Red sandal use pandra nala bimbles la irrunthu relief katykuma u
Rao ( India )
24 Mar 2018
Can I take rest sandalwood powder orally for skin rash
Nithyamani ( Tamil nadu )
13 Dec 2018
in which place i can get red sandalwood
Akanksha ( India )
26 Jun 2019
How can red sandalwood be used to treat diabetes?
Also, can I use red sandalwood powder mixed with honey on my face daily?
27 Jun 2019
Hello Akanksha,
Red Sandalwood is not a remedy for Diabetes. You can check the following link for remedies for Diabetes.
Regarding Red Sandalwood powder mixed with honey for face, you may use it thrice a week. You can also try using fresh fruits on face daily as tomato, orange peel, papaya, banana, etc. I am using the same for myself too, and the results are good.
Avinash ( India/Tamil Nadu )
29 Aug 2019
Sir/madam, how to use Raktha chandan choornam orally for blood purification?
Any other ingredients to be taken along with it?
02 Sep 2019
Hello Avinash, Please specify why are you taking it? Do you have any skin problem or blood impurity? Red Sandalwood is available in ayurvedic syrup form. You can check from any herbal store. You can take it in powder form also. Take 1 spoon a day with water. You are advised to take it after consulting a physician.
Ramprasad Jyothi ( India )
07 Jan 2020
Benifits of tea prepared by adding redsandal Wood powder, terminalia arjuna powder, tulasi or pudina and ginger. milk.
Plz reply.
08 Jan 2020
Dear Ramprasad Jyothi
Please mention why are you taking it. We suggest not mixing the ingredients together.
You can take Arjuna bark powder tea for 1 month in regular. It is very good for heart health. Adding tulsi or pudina, ginger will add to the effectiveness of the tea.
However, we do not suggest adding Red Sandalwood to the tea in much quantity. Add appropriate quantities of the herbs. Red Sandalwood is very effective for Kidney functioning. You can use leaves of Red Sandalwood to make a decoction or take both the teas on alternate days.
Also, Please mention why you want to take the herbs. Are you taking any medication?
Please consult your health care provider before taking any medication. Write back for further assistance.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Johnsonbabu ( India Ap )
24 Aug 2020
Can I drink red sandalwood aap chandan water for secondary infection in leprosy disease?
Please suggest me
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