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Antiallergic Herbs


An Antiallergic herb is a herb that counters an Allergy.

The human body has a reaction to whatever we eat or come in contact with, physically or emotionally. The reaction may be good or bad. It may be acceptable to the immune system. But, if the item is likely to damage the human body or the brain ( emotions ), the immune system will react to protect itself. The body and mind are quite capable of adjusting themselves to this reaction, and consequently, we feel nothing. But, we may be hypersensitive to 'a' person, place or thing. It may be a particular substance like food, pollen, fur, and or dust. In this case, the reaction of the immune system will manifest itself as an abnormality. Some part of the body will swell or become 'sick'.

An Antiallergic herb will then have to be administered to counter and nullify the agent that has caused the allergy. It also helps the immune system to normalize the activity of the body, metabolism and or the mind.

The world at large and the generally accepted medical profession, in particular, have made great scientific advances. Unfortunately, the human body has not changed since the cave man. Some medicines (Chemicals) cause allergies to some people at some time. These allergies (reactions) are then countered by other medicines (chemicals). Sometimes this course of action is again rejected by some people at some time in their life. The Antiallergic herbs itself may occasionally cause Lethargy or Weakness.

In this scenario, a herb might help. Try it. But first consult your doctor. The knowledge given herein on this site is for reference only and not a recommendation.
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Materia Medica for

Single Herbs

Azadirachta Indica ( Neem ) as an Antiallergic

Apply Azadirachta Indica leaf paste on the affected areas.
It is very effective in providing relief from Skin Allergy.
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