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Java Tea Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Java Tea
Glycemic Index / Load
Java Tea
Botanical Name
Orthosiphon Stamineus, Orthosiphon Aristatus, Lamiaceae
Chinese Name
Mao Xu Cao

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Java Tea Cures


Action of Java Tea

Nutrients in Java Tea

Taste of
Java Tea

Parts Used


Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Java Tea

Avoid use during pregnancy.
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Java Tea is a plant.
It is perennial.
It grows in a tropical climate.
It grows to a height of 1.5 M.
Best used for gall bladder diseases, liver diseases and Kidney Disease.
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Materia Medica for Java Tea

Java Tea General

Java Tea is advantageous for treating Hypertension i.e. High Blood Pressure.
It keeps a check on the degree of Blood Glucose.
Java Tea is a good herbal remedy for curbing Asthma, Cough and Bronchitis thus, improving the Breathing capacity.
It is favourable in curbing Kidney infections and breaking down the Kidney Stones.
It counters Gallstones.
Tea made of its leaf helps tackle Angina.
It keeps a check on Liver infections.
It alleviates Skin troubles namely Cellulite and Allergies.
Java Tea is a good herbal cure for Joint ailments like Arthritis, Gout, and Rheumatism.
It combats Urinary troubles like Dysuria and Urinary Tract Infections thus, stimulates Urine frequency and Flow.
Caution : Consult a doctor before consuming it.
Single Herb

Java Tea for Kidney

Boil 5 to 6 leaves in one cup water. Drink once a day.

Java Tea for Stones

Make plant decoction of Java Tea. Drink 30 ml thrice a day.

Java Tea as Diuretic

Add 5 g fresh leaves of Java Tea plant in a cup of water. Boil until it gets half. Drink twice a day.

Java Tea for Dysuria

Add 1 tsp dried leaves of Java Tea plant in a cup of boiled water. Add a pinch of sugar in it. Drink thrice a day.

Java Tea for Angina

Boil 4-5 leaves of Java Tea plant in a 50 ml water. Drink a cup of it twice a day.

Java Tea for Edema

Prepare a decoction using whole plant of Java Tea. Drink 35 ml thrice a day.

Java Tea for Diabetes

Crush few leaves of Java Tea plant. Extract its juice. Take half tsp of the juice thrice a day.
Queries on Java Tea
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24 Jan 2016
nice reading this article
06 Feb 2016
Can i get this. Product for me in Saudi Arabia
Herbpathy Admin
08 Feb 2016
Dear John
You would have to do some research. We can not comment , if you will get this Herb in Saudi Arabia. You will find many vendors dealing with this Herb. Please contact them over the internet and get the desired Herb. Ours is only an informative website. We do not deal with buying or selling of Herbs. You may check Buy/Sell Herbs portal on this website, may be you find some vendor who wishes to sell you the Herb in your region. Regards
Herbpathy Admin
( Make Life Healthy )
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Raji rajeswari ( India )
27 Dec 2016
My kidney's are small i can take this herbal and how many times a day.
03 Jan 2017
Raji Rajeswari. Please let us know why do you wish to take this herb?
Do you want to take it because your Kiney's are small ? If yes, then you must know that no herb can increase the size of the Kidneys. However, there are herbs that can help to improve your Kidney Function. Let us know the cause.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
N. Sivakumar ( India/Tamil Nadu )
10 Jan 2017
My creatinine is very high and my kidney function is said to be deteriorating. Can i take this herb? If yes, where can i get it? I live in chennai, tamil nadu.
17 Jan 2017
N. Sivakumar U can contact mr.Raj to get this herbs. He is also living in chennai.
09 Mar 2020
www.poonaimeesai.com Contact 9944364247
Baskar ( Tamilnadu, India )
19 Feb 2017
Hi everyone..

If you guys want this java tea (Orthosiphon stamineus), please contact us..

Baskar R
Amirtha Exports
Hayley John ( United Kingdom )
09 Oct 2017
I have a stent in my Ureter and have UTI's every 4 weeks. Would Orthosiphon help to prevent this?
Thank you
Rakhi ( India )
09 Nov 2017
Try Cranberry juice, fresh or Cranberries, 5 to 6 every day for a month. This is one of teh amazing herbs to cure UTI. Please try itand share the feedback here.
06 Nov 2017
I am diabetes.. Can I take it everyday for reduce my diabetes?
09 Nov 2017
The best herb to cure Diabetes is Galega Officinalis... You may trt it and also take Java Tea every day to cure it. Did you read teh disease Diabetes given on this website in the disease section ?
Prasad ( Karnataka )
21 Nov 2017
Myself from Karnataka (Mysore/Bangalore). I am diagnosied with Cronic Kidney Disease stage 2. My creatinine level is 1.9 and looking to improve my kidney function.
Can you please suggest where I can get this herb in Mysore/Bangalore (Karnataka).

Arunachalam G
14 Aug 2018
You can get it from Ethno medicinal Garrden and Nurssery. Jarakabande Kaval, Attur Post Yelahanka, Bangalore 560106 Phone 080-28568004, 28567926, 9964168663
Riswana ( Tamilnadu )
26 Feb 2018
Can i eat this herb for weight loss my age 22 weight 85 unmarried? Wether it cause any uterus problem in future ?
Priyancee Sood
12 Mar 2018
Take Avocado, one ,consume it over a week. This will help to reduce weight and you will not crave for eating. Also, drink 2 cups of Green coffee, every day for 2 months. An excellent herb for weight loss.
Do regular exercises or brisk walk, every day for a month. I will suggest that during dinner, do not eat anything other than salads, for 2 months. This will really really help you to shed the extra kilos.
Riswana begsm ( India )
02 Mar 2018
Pls reply me i am weighting for answer
Gerard v lelang ( Papua new guinea )
09 Mar 2018
Iam having cholesterol problem, pls tell me how many leaves of java tea fresh can i boil and take? I have the plant right here in my backyard garden. Ta.
Swarnim Bakshi ( India )
12 Mar 2018
Boil 3- 4 leaves and have a cup of Java tea every day. Other herbs for High Cholesterol are-- Spirulina capsules. Maitake capsules, one each, every day.
Ginger tea, one cup daily for a month.
P B MANOJ KUMAR ( India Chennai )
23 Apr 2018
My mother in law creatnine level is 5.8 how to reduce
Vanitha ( Tamilnadu )
10 Jun 2018
My name is vanitha and I have a kidney stone of 5.7mm please let me know where can I get this herb I'm in chennai
03 Dec 2020
Its Avilable please contact me @ ajithkumaratr@gmail.com
Lucille Mayes ( United State )
20 Sep 2018
Where can I find Java tea. Also Galega Officinalas for diabetes
03 Dec 2020
Its Avilable please contact me at ajithkumaratr@gmail.com
YAAN ( Selangor/Malaysia )
20 Oct 2020
I do need this product. How?
03 Dec 2020
Hello sir/madam!
My father is heart patients & 2 toe is been removed due to diabetic.
Now he is at CKD stage 4 ( kidney failure) with creatine leave of 7 ( gfr 20).
Neprologist doctor advised us for dialysis,
But we are not ready for dialysis!
We been already give java tea for months and we have seen results!
But neprologist tells that u shld do dialysis and you should not take any natural/ Ayurvedic this will lead much more to renal failure.
NT-BMP blood test is high for my father and he has edema( water retention).
I know java tea benefits well.but,
Im feared that java tea also cause any side effects ( like edema or formation of water in lungs as heart function is low at range of 50 bmp)
Kindly give me some advice how to use java tea and how to make him better!
Im fear how much dose should i give java tea ( as it consists higjt amount of potassium so that to im feared)
Please clarify it air
Thanks in advance!
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