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Antioxidant Herbs


Literally Antioxidant means, 'a substance which inhibits oxidation'.
Antioxidants are those compounds which act against Nascent Oxygen in the Body. These nascent Oxygen are very reactive in nature. They are produced in the Body due to our lifestyle, diet and exposure to harmful radiations.
These nascent oxygen participate in varios reactions in the body. This may result in malfunctioning of cells and their activities.
Antioxidant herbs are used to get rid of these nascent oxygen.

Excess of Antioxidant herbs may cause :
Stomach Upset


Acacia Melanoxylon
Acalypha Bipartita
Afzelia Quanzensis
Alpinia Malaccensis
American linden
Anoectochilus Formosanus
Anogeissus Leiocarpa
Antidesma Laciniatum
Antilles Calophyllum
Arachne Cordifolia
Areca Concinna
Arisaema Jacquemontii
Balanites Roxburghii
Bauhinia Malabarica
Beloperone Plumbaginifolia
Boletus Edulis
Bolusanthus Speciosus
Brassica Carinata
Brassica Napobrassica
Bulbine Capitata
Callichilia Barteri
Camelina Sativa
Camphor Basil
Canarium Strictum
Canarium Zeylanicum
Canscora Diffusa
Celtis Africana
Centipeda Cunninghamii
Ceratotheca Sesamoides
Ceylon Gooseberry
Chaetospermum Glutinosum
Cherry Stem
Cinnamomum Glaucescens
Combretum Micranthum
Crane Flower
Crotalaria Pallida
Croton Sylvaticus
Cyclosorus Interruptus
Cyperus Alternifolius
Dacryodes Buettneri
Daniellia Klainei
Desert Willow
Desmodium Triflorum
Dioscorea Hispida
Doyala Yam
Dracocephalum Moldavica
Dried Dates
Early Blue Violet
Euadenia Eminens
Fumaria Muralis
Garcinia Pedunculata
Gnetum Africanum
Gongronema Latifolium
Grape Leaved Mallow
Helichrysum Petiolare
Heliotropium Foertherianum
Hibiscus Macranthus
Hot Biscuits
Ilex Guayusa
Jacaranda Puberula
Koelreuteria Paniculata
Lumnitzera Racemosa
Mallotus Tetracoccus
Miracle Fruit
Muscadine Grape
Mysore Clock Vine
Onion Peel
Ormocarpum Cochinchinensis
Osage Orange
Oval Leaved Pepper Plant
Pedicularis Densiflora
Phyllanthus Virgatus
Pigeon Orchid
Piper Guineense
Pithroj Tree
Potentilla Fulgens
Red Pagoda Plant
Roundleaf Kariyat
Secamone Emetica
Selaginella Bryopteris
Senna Spectabilis
Snow Pea
Torch Tree
Tricholepis Glaberrima
Vanda Spathulata
White Meranti Tree
Ziziphus Rugosa
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Materia Medica for

Single Herbs

Sida Cordifolia as an Antioxidant

The extract of Sida Cordifolia plant is rich in Antioxidant. These Antioxidants helps in fight against various diseases. Consume 5 ml plant extract twice a day. Use it daily.

Betel ( Pan ) as an Antioxidant

Crush Betel leaves to extract the juice. It contain Antioxidant compounds which helps to fight various diseases. Take 1 tsp of it once a day.

Rooibos for Chilblains

Have decoction of Roobis's leaves once a day.

Aloe Vera ( Gheekumari ) for Puffy Eyes

Apply Aloe Vera ( Gheekumari ) gel over the puffy eyes. Use two times a day.

Turnip ( Shalgam ) for Asthma

Turnips are rich in Vitamin C. It is a powerful antioxidant and an antiinflammatory. Have it in salad or make vegetable.

Sea Buckthorn Juice as Antioxidant

Drink 300 ml juice of Sea Buckthorn twice a day.

Parsley ( Ajmod ) as Antioxidant

Grind Parsley ( Ajmod ) and extract out the juice. Drink this juice regular to remove free radicals from the body.
Add Parsley ( Ajmod ) in salads. Consume it daily to get the best results.
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Ramadhan mwise ( Tanzania )
03 Sep 2019
I like to know well about herbal for disease especial cancer and diabaties
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