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Shell Ginger Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Shell Ginger
English Name
Shell Ginger
Botanical Name
Alpinia Zerumbet
Chinese Name
Da Cao Kou

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Shell Ginger Cures


Action of Shell Ginger

Nutrients in Shell Ginger

Parts Used

Leaves, Rhizome
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Shell Ginger is a plant.
It is perennial.
It grows in a tropical climate.
It grows up to 1.6 M.
Best used for High Blood Pressure.

Materia Medica:
Decoction of leaves : Fever
Leaves and Rhizomes : AIDS/HIV
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Materia Medica for Shell Ginger

Single Herb

Shell Ginger for Fever

Prepare a decoction of the leaves of Shell Ginger. Take two times a day.
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Queries on Shell Ginger
Claude perron ( Quebec canada )
04 Mar 2017
can this herb lower my blood pressure. can not have results with medications. and does this plant have any side effect like medications.
Murat ( India )
10 Mar 2017
Claude. Yes, this herb can lower the Blood Pressure.
However, I would like to name a few other herbs which are very effective and are widely used to cure High Blood Pressure.
Avocado, Mistletoe, Tinospora Cordifolia, Banana, and Indian Snakeroot.
You must read the Page High Blood Pressure on this website. It is very detailed and I am sure it will of great help to you.
Marvin Coble
26 Mar 2017
Does Shell Ginger help with Prostate isssues? Where can I purchase it?
Daemon Smith
31 Mar 2017
Dear Marvin Coble Shell Ginger has nothing to do with the Prostate. Here are few remedies that will cure your Prostate.
1. Consume one capsule of Pumpkin Seed Oil once in a day. Take it for 20 days only.
2. Take One Querceitin capsule of 250mg every day. Take it for 15 days only.
Astra Kalodukas ( United States )
31 Mar 2017
Is the the root edible as well?
Lorenzo ( Colombia )
31 Mar 2017
Shell ginger roots are not edible for now. The leaf is the only part, used as a remedy.
Rhema ( USA )
07 May 2017
Where can obtain shell ginger? does it help pancreatic cancer?
Ellie stocks ( Maryland )
14 May 2017
shell ginger...does it help to cure lung cancer?
Samantha ( Ontario )
23 May 2017
I do not know why is everyone talking about Cancer on this page, I do not see that this herb cures cancer. The best cure for Lung Cancer is Soursop juice and Fagonia Cretica tea.
You may try these two Ellie. Did you see Lung Cancer page of Herbpathy ? You must. It is worth the read.
23 May 2017
Hello, I want to ask if this plant shell ginger will cure cancer. There is video on the internet that it clearly stating that shell ginger is curing cancer.
23 May 2017
Shell Ginger tea can help to cure Cancer. You may try this herb for once and see it for yourself. There is not much evidence to support it. I have also read that it can help to cure cancer. The best thing to do is to try the herb.
Patsy Painton ( United States )
31 Jul 2017
what is the difference in ginger and shell ginger
Nancy ( Kenya )
13 Nov 2017
We supply Shell Ginger Herbal tea produce of Kenya in 20 teabag packs. Do email in case you're interested.
Tamara I
29 Aug 2018
Could you please send me email, so i can order shell ginger tea?
Jacqueline sindeband
04 Jul 2018
Please tell me how to buy your shell ginger tea.
Jacqueline sindeband ( USA/NY )
04 Jul 2018
I would like to order some shell ginger tea.
Tamara Ivezaj ( Usa/Texas )
29 Aug 2018
I would like to order shell ginger tea!
Missy ( Australia )
05 Nov 2018

Are rhizomes edible as yet...? It's been a year since your last advice and I would like to know if I can now eat my shell-ginger rhizome stash..... ?

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