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Bael Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Glycemic Index / Load
Aegle Marmelos
Botanical Name
Aegle Marmelos Correa, Aegle Marmelos
Hindi Name
Villi, Bel, Belpatra
Chinese Name
Meng Jia La Ping Guo, Ying Pi Ju, Yin Du Gou Qi
Homeopathic Name
Aegle Marmelos   -   Mother Tincture

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Bael Cures

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Action of Bael

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Highly Effective

Nutrients in Bael

Nature of


Parts Used

Whole plant, Fruit, Dried Root, Stem Bark, Leaves

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Bael

High doses may cause Stomach Ache.
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Bael is a tree.
It is perennial.
It grows in an arid climate.
It grows up to 8 M.
Best used for Diarrhea.
Its effectiveness is considerably enhanced when combined with Bacopa Monnieri for the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


Common Names

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Materia Medica for Bael

Bael General

Are you a nature Admirer ? Yes !!!! Then believe in magical effects of nature. Natural herbs have capacity to fight against various diseases and conditions. Bael is one of them. It has various properties to deal with many health related issues. All the parts of Bael tree are used to treat several conditions and chronic diseases. Leaves and Roots are commonly taken in powder or decoction form. Because of unpleasant taste of the fruit, it is commonly taken in form of juice. But remember the juice is very thick. If you add water, it may lose it's good properties.
Effect on the body :
Bael fruit is considered to be ideal for health of the digestive system. As we all know that mostly diseases are concerned with digestion. Diarrhoea and Cholera are main diseases which are normally caused by digestive disturbance. Tannin present in Bael fruit has Antibacterial properties. Raw fruit contains good antibacterial effects which alleviates Diarrhea caused by Bacteria. The active amount of Tannin is good to cure Piles. This property of Bael is always active against invaders of digestive system. If any invader is found to hurt the digestive system, tannin attacks and kills it. In short we can say that bael has the capability to protect our digestive system and helps to fight it back to good health. Bael fruit consists of good laxative properties that help to stimulate bowel movement without hurting our internal system. So Bael simultaneously throws out toxins from our body and brings relief in Constipation.
Antiproliferative action of Bael Fruit makes it active to prevent growth of Cancer cells in case of Breast Cancer.
Bael is a good blood purifier. Daily consumption of raw fruit or juice on an empty stomach removes all toxins from the body. That brings several changes in our body. Your skin will start glowing, will Feel energetic and Improvement in functioning of Liver and Kidney. Result, you will feel confident and active than before.
Vitiligo has been treated by Bael Fruit. Vitiligo is that state of skin in which the skin loses its pigmentation. Pulp of the fruit is rich in Psoralen nutrient. Psoralen increases the body's capacity of sun tolerance. The other active Nutrient in Bael fruit is Carotene and when both these nutrients are combined together they maintain normal colour of the skin. Bael slows down effects of Vitiligo and restores natural skin colour.
Bael helps to overcome Gum related problems which are caused by Vitamin C deficiency.
Bael leaves are said to be a good medicine for whooping cough and Sore Throat. Juice of its leaves provide instant relief. It takes care of respiratory system too by throwing out phlegm and pampering the respiratory tract.
Being Antiinflammatory, Bael helps to cure swollen joints, Arthritis and Gout.
Bael is a valuable herb for Heart. Bael juice is a good and effective heart tonic. It regulates functioning of the heart and reduces probability of heart attack.
Cholesterol Problem !! No more with Bael. Used internally, it fights with cholesterol efficiently. Collect some fresh Bael leaves. Crush them. Squeeze them to collect its extract. Have a tablespoon every morning. It keeps you away from Cholesterol and if you already have it, then it brings down its level.
Bael contains Decongestant properties. Because of this, Bael fights with cold and its symptoms effectively.
It is not necessary that Bael is consumed by a patient. It may be consumed by a healthy person to maintain good health. So that diseases may not enter in our body.

For Pregnant Women : Bael is combined with little sugar to be given to a pregnant lady. It reduces Morning Sickness. Iron present in Bael is good for pregnancy. It increases hemoglobin production in woman's body.

Keywords : Digestion Problems, Cholera, Diarrhea, Piles, Constipation, Cholesterol, Cold, Breast Cancer, Vitiligo, Blood Purifier, Liver Problems, Kidney Problems, Sallow Skin, Gum Problems, Whooping Cough, Sore Throat, Anemia, Respiratory Problems, Swollen Joints, Arthritis, Gout, Heart Problems, Cholesterol Problem, Cold, Morning Sickness.
How to use it for a particular problem please refer “Materia Medica” Section.
Single Herb

Bael for Headache

Dry roast a handful of Bael leaves in a mud pot. Add one cup of water in it and boil it for 10 minutes. Strain and drink it.
It will provide relief from Headache, Nausea and Vomiting.

Bael for Dysentery

Dry the pulp of Beel fruit under Sun. Grind it to make powder. Take 3 g of the powder thrice a day.

Bael ( Villi ) for Constipation

Bael ( Villi ) fruit is laxative in nature. It helps to throw out toxins from the intestines. Because of this property Bael ( Villi ) is used to treat Constipation. Take the pulp of ripe Beel fruit. Remove seeds from it. Eat it.
OR : Make a leave decoction of Bael. Have a cup of it in the morning.
Note : You may add Black Pepper and Salt to taste.

For Children : Squeeze the juice of fresh Bael ( Villi ) leaves. Add little sugar in one teaspoon of juice. Give it to the children twice a day. Problem will be cured effectively.

Bael for Heat Stroke

Add 2 tsp Sugar, 50 ml cold Milk in a a cup of seived pulp of Bael fruit. Drink it before you going outside in the Sun.

Bael for Peptic Ulcer

Mix one cup of Bael fruit pulp with a teaspoon of Sugar. Consume it in the morning on an empty stomach for three days.
OR :
Soak a handful of Bael leaves in one cup of water overnight. The next morning, drink this solution. Repeat the process for one week.

Bael ( Villi ) Leaves for Diabetes

Bael ( Villi ) has laxative properties which energizes the pancreas and generates sufficient amount of insulin. Insulin is essential to control sugar levels in the body. Make an infusion of Bael ( Villi ) Leaves and leave it fortnight. Crush the leaves in the same water. Drink 15 ml of it once a day.

Bael for Ear Infection

Boil chopped Bael leaves in Sesame Oil. Strain. Use this oil as an Ear drop.

Bael for Asthma

Consume one Bael leaf with 3 Black Peppercorns followed by a cup of warm Milk. Repeat the process for one month.

Bael for Fever

Consume a cup of leave decoction of Bael. Have it twice a day.

Bael as Febrifuge

Prepare a decoction with leaves of Bael. Consume it early in the morning.

Bael as Expectorant

Drink leave decoction of Bael twice a day.

Bael for Eyes

Heat few leaves of Bael. Tie them in a piece of cloth. Use it as poultice over Eyes.

Bael for Palpitation

Boil 3 g root bark of Bael. Take 10 ml of it thrice a day.

Bael for Stomach Problems

Take one cup of ripe Bael fruit and mix it with Jaggery . Take 4 tablespoons of this mixtuure, once a day for 3 months.
It will provide relief from Constipation and Indigestion.

Bael as Coolant

The ripe Bael fruit has cooling effect on your Body. Have 5 g of it twice a day.

Bael for Indigestion

Crush ripe Bael fruit. Add it to boiled water for 3 hours. Reheat the solution. Filter. Take 10 ml three times a day.

Bael ( Villi ) Leaves for Swelling

Collect fresh Bael ( Villi ) Leaves. Grind them. Apply it over affected part and bandage ( not so tight ). Do it twice a day. It eases the problem.

Bael ( Villi ) Leaves for Liver Diseases

Bael ( Villi ) Leaves is an ideal liver supportive.
Powder dried Bael ( Villi ) Leaves. Take one teaspoon powder with water at night daily.

Bael ( Villi ) Fruit for Piles

Tannin is an ideal astringent which cures piles problem. Bael ( Villi ) has Tannin content in enough amount. Take a raw Bael ( Villi ) Fruit. Peel and grind. Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of Sugar. Heat until the Sugar dissolves. Have it once a day.

Bael ( Villi ) Fruit for Breast Cancer

Bael ( Villi ) Fruit contains antiproliferative property which inhibits the cancer cell's growth. Consumption of Bael ( Villi ) Fruit keeps the females away from Breast Cancer.

Bael ( Villi ) for Joint Effusion

Bael ( Villi ) consists of good Antiinflammatory effect that reduces inflammation of body tissues. Add fruit pulp in Mustard oil. Heat for a minute. Massage the affected area with this preparation. In addition, have some pulp internally to reduce inflammation.
OR : You may use Bael ( Villi ) Leaves in place of fruit. Paste some fresh leaves. Place on affected part and as mentioned above eat paste too.

Bael ( Villi ) as Blood Purifier

Mix 50 mg extracted juice of Bael ( Villi ) in a half glass of warm water. Add 1 teaspoon sugar in it. Drink this mixture daily. It purifies blood effectively and keeps you free from infections.

Bael ( Villi ) for Toxicity

Mix a glass of warm water with 50 mg of Bael ( Villi ) juice. Stir it well. Drink this decoction to remove bad toxins from the body.

Bael ( Villi ) for Kidney Disease

Take 1 teaspoon dried Bael ( Villi ) leaves powder with lukewarm water. Consume it regularly to prevent Kidney Diseases.
Prepare a decoction, made of 1 teaspoon of dried Bael leaves and one cup of water. Strain and drink it, three times a day.

Bael for Tuberculosis

Ripe Bael fruit pulp is effective in the early stage of Tuberculosis.
Mix Ripe Bael fruit pulp with Sugar and Honey daily after dinner for 40 days.

Bael for Anorexia

Consume 1 teaspoon of dried Bael leaf powder with one glass of water for three days.
It will increase the appetite.

Bael for Ascaris

Consume 5 grams of dried powdered Bael fruit pulp, two times a day.
It helps in elimination of Intestinal Worms.

Bael for Piles

Crush 1 teaspoon of dried Ginger and Fennel seeds. Mix it with unripened Bael fruit. Soak this mixture in four cups of water for 2 hours. Drink it three times a day.
Mix one teaspoon of dried ripe Bael fruit pulp powder in one glass of lukewarm water. Consume it two times a day.
It will provide relief from Cramps caused by Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Bael for Diarrhea

Take one teaspoon of dried unripened Bael fruit powder. Consume this mixture with one glass of lukewarm water, two times a day.
This remedy is useful in case of Chronic Diarrhea.

Bael for Jaundice

Mix one teaspoon of Bael leaf powder in a pinch of Black Pepper powder. Consume this mixture followed by a cup of Buttermilk. Repeat the process three times a day.

Bael for Aphthous Ulcers

Mix one cup of Bael fruit pulp with a teaspoon of Sugar. Consume it in the morning on an empty stomach for three days.

Bael for Cold

Fry Black Peppercorns, Black Cumin and Bael leaf juice in Sesame Oil. Gently massage with this lukewarm oil on your head.
It will provide relief from Cold and Cough.

Bael for Malaria

Extract the juice of Bael leaves and flowers by grinding and squeezing it. Mix this juice with one teaspoon of Honey. Consume it two times a day.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Diarrhea 16

Finely powder equal quantity of dry Ginger ( Adrak in India ), Beel ( Belpatra in India ) fruits, Nutmeg ( Jaiphal in India ) and Aconitum Heterophyllum ( Atvika in India ) together. Take 2 pinches of this powder with water thrice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Constipation 17

Take half cup juice of Bael ( Bel ).
Now Boil half cup of water. Let it be cool. Mix in juice. Add 2 pinches Black Pepper ( Kali Mirch ) powder, a pinch of powdered Asafoetida ( Hing ) and half teaspoon of Carom ( Ajvain ) powder. Have it once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Diabetes 10

Take Fenugreek ( Mehti in Hindi ) seeds, Bayleaf ( Tejpatta in Hindi ), Black Plum ( Jamun in Hindi ) seed and Bael Patra, leaves of Bael, in the ration of 1:1:2:3 . Grind them to make powder. Take 2 tsp a day. Take one teaspoon one hour before breakfast and one teaspoon one hour before dinner.
Queries on Bael
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Actual users may approach us through emails. Please write an email to info@herbpathy.com.
You will get a reply in your email.
28 Apr 2015
Suggestion about daily eating habits of 4 to 5 Bael Patra leaves in the morning with empty stomach. What are the benefits.
20 Jan 2019
BP control, bad odour of body, antifungal, antidiabetic, ulcer, diarrhea, lipid levels, detoxification, heart stroke/attack, eye sight, digestion, constipation and many more.
Anil kumar soni
12 Jun 2015
Good guidance and knowledge about natural herbs
Kartik Ahuja
12 Jun 2015
I concur with you Mr. Anil Kumar Soni. The website really contains valuable content. Be it Disease, Cure, Action and Nutrient.
The detailed description of the herbs as well as the diseases, already answers half of your queries. User friendly , absolutely hassle free. I have had quite a good experience. Always , get the information I hunt for.
Thank You Herbpathy.
Manoj Kumar r
04 Feb 2016
I am having FBS 115 to 125 and post lunch values are 150to 165 please sujest herbal medicine
Dr. Prerna Shergil
05 Feb 2016
Dear Manoj Kumar r As per your readings. You are not diabetic. This condition is called Prediabetes. It is the stage before diabetes. You might not have all the symptoms of a diabetic person, but your sugar level will be higher than the normal.
Herbpathy Research Team
08 Feb 2016
Dear Manoj Kumar
You should take Gudmar and Giloy . These Herbs will prevent you from Diabetes.
Gudmar is known as Gymnema Sylvestre. Start with taking 5 drops of this tincture in half a glass of water. Monitor your Sugar levels. The dosage may be reduced, if sugar level decreases. Take this Herb for just 15 days. Giloy tincture- Tinospora Cordifolia may be taken for 15 days. Take 10 drops of this tincture daily for a month. Check your Blood Pressure regularly. Regards
Herbpathy Research Team
( Make Life Healthy )
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Mohammed yousuf ( Pakistan )
25 Feb 2016
I am a gastric patient for the last 10 years gas produce in my stomach also high blood pressure and diabetic because my fasting is high how can I use bael fruit because only fruit is available in Karachi Pakistan please help Thanks
Manya Sen
07 Mar 2016
Dear Mohammed Yousuf Make a decoction of bael leaves. Drink 30 ml everyday. This will take care of the acidity in the stomach. Also you may add a quarter spoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink it twice a day for a week. For diabetes- make an infusion of bael leaves . Leave them overnight. crush the leave in the same water. Drink 15 ml daily in the morning for a month.
08 Mar 2016
how to use bael patra for kidney cyst , liver cyst ,piles ,asthma ,spondylosis?
Shrooti Menon
15 Mar 2016
Take raw Bael fruit. Peel and grind it. Add 2 spoons of sugar to this powder and heat it, until the sugar gets mixed in it completely. Take this once a day. Try for 5 days. Jam made from bael fruit is quite effective to cure liver cyst. Dandelion and milk thistle capsules can be bought online.
For asthma -- Take Pulmonaria Vulgaris( Lungwort ) tincture. 5 drops in half glass of water. My mother took this for a week and was highly relieved. For Spondylitis - exercise would be recommended , mild one along with the herb turmeric and garlic in your diet. Regular light massage also helps to a great extent.
You should always have a prior discussion with your doctor before trying any medicine
Gurpreet ( India,Punjab )
05 Apr 2016
I am a married man i have a problem that my penis losses its hardness sometimes during sex.
please help me.
Robin Garg
12 Apr 2016
Dear Gurpreet 1. Ashwagandha - Buy tincture and take 5 drops in a glass of water twice a day for 15 days.
2. Buy a combo of Black and White Musli powder. Take half teaspoon with milk daily. Or, You may take tablets . take one pill on alternative days. This will increase the endurance and energy levels. 3. Land Caltrops. Buy tincture. It is known as Tribulus Terristris. Take 10 drops twice a day. For a month. This will tone up your Kidneys and will increase your stamina.
4. Saffron tincture is another cure for you. Crocus Sativa is its homeopathic name. take 5 drops morning and 5 in the evening.
Palash ( India )
09 Apr 2016
It is bad for libido. Damages 10 th cranial nerve vegus gradually and not suggested for married man below 50.
28 Aug 2017
Hi I'm married 4 months back consuming bael tablets from himalaya will this have effeats on libido plz suggest
Axita ( Andhra Pradesh )
14 Apr 2016
How do I improve heamoglobin level
Eliana Jose
02 May 2016
Axita Visit the disease Anemia in the disease section and look for the multiple cure for your problem..... However, the most famous cure is--- Take 20 to 30 raisins and soak them in water for whole night. Next morning eat those raisins and drink that water too.
Take a fruit diet . Add Kiwi, Pomegranate, Beetroot and Carrot juice to your diet. Take these things for at least 1 month. Study the results.
Sharma ( India )
26 Apr 2016
My left hand thumb is swollen and having pain in left hand thumb and right foot.My ESR is 32 and CRP is 15. i have done all other test related to arthritis like Anti CCP, RA factor, uric acid, Blood suger, anti DS-DNA and ANA ,all there are ok. I am having my stomach upset.Please advise me the treatment. and what food i should eat and what should i avoid/
Sarita Sharma ( New Delhi India )
11 May 2016
If aegle marmelos juice is kept in fridge for 4 days . Does it gets spoil or can harm ??
Jhansi Lakshmi ( Andhra Pradesh )
17 Jun 2016
A 6 year old beal tree is at our home but we are not utilised any benefits of that tree till today. My husband, age 54 and my mother in law, age 82 and both are hypertension patients and both are using English medicine's. I am 46 and I have sinus. Plz.. guide us to get relief for the above diseases from the beal tree.
06 Jul 2016
Bael herb is used to cure many disorders and Sinusitis is one of those. So, do not worry, your Sinus problem can be taken care of by using Bael leaves. but, Hypertension does not have anything to do with Hypertension. The plant can be used as a whole,Leaves, fruits, stem and flower, but none for Hypertension. You ma use leaves in curries or sambhar. Or dry the leaves in the shade, powder them and take one teaspoon every morning with water for a week. Or add this leaves powder along with turmeric in your daily diet.
28 Jun 2016
Dear Sir,
Where is Andhra Pradesh bael fruits are available, please help me to find, not hybrid, I need natural (wild) bael fruits, can you reply to my mail?
Rekha Junnarkar ( India )
01 Jul 2016
what should I take for high trigylcerides. 773.85 mg/dl T.Cholesterol 286.00 mg/dl. This is hereditary condition I am Diabetic too. Early mornig reading are between 105 to 111 depending on my diet. Usually I have 1 mango daily. Thank You
04 Jul 2016
The remedy for you is : Gymnema, Bay leaves Buy tincture of Gymnema Sylvestre. Take 10 drops before every meal. Keep a note of your sugar readings and reduce the dosage of allopathic medicines, if taking any. Bay Leaf. Boil 3 bay leaves twice a day. Drink morning and evening. 3. Garlic Tincture. Take 10 drops morning evening. Avoid------- Oatmeal
Rice Bran
Kidney Beans
as these are known to increase the cholesterol levels.
Take Burdock capsules, these are highly effective to cure high cholesterol
Mohd Abdul faizan ( India/ Telengana )
03 Oct 2016
Where can I find Bael leaves in Hyderabad India
07 Oct 2016
Bael leaves are very common. Do a little research and I am sure you will find it in any local herbal store. I found it growing in my office premises only.
Shiva ( India )
22 Oct 2016
My daughter is 4 year old. She is gasping for breath for past 2 weeks while she is sitting. This she does very frequently every 1 minute. Please suggest what can be done for this.
25 Oct 2016
Does she feel suffocated. Share, if her skin or nails turn blue. Her hands get cold, or she feels restless ?
25 Oct 2016
Please let us know if your daughter asks for a fan.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
07 Nov 2016
No she doesnt ask for fan and doesnt feel suffocated. But she does this mostly when she is sitting idle. While she plays or sleeps she is normal
V JANARTHAN ( India / Tamilnadu )
18 Nov 2016
Whether any soap available with bael oil?
06 Dec 2016
Yes, there is : Auromere Lavender- Neem Soap. It's ingredients are the herbs like coconut oil, neem, bael leaf, castor oil, indigo and many more.
Kiran ( Up india )
30 Nov 2016
My backbone paining a lot from august, my left leg jonts at knee paining too.suggest me what to do
06 Dec 2016
Kiran Please share detailed symptoms ? Is it because of some injury or does it happen every year ? Do you feel any numbness in your back ?
Does your pain travel from your shoulder to lower back ?
When does the back pain the most ?
Did you get yourself physically diagnosed by a doctor ?
Answers to all these questions are important before we can suggest you a cure.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Grace ( Nigeria /ebonyi )
23 Feb 2017
29 years old suffering from swollen legs for the past 6years, especially during my monthly flow the swollen increase,please help what should I do?
27 Feb 2017
Grace. Do you experience any other symptoms ?
Do you feel any tingling sensation in the legs ?
Is there any numbing sensation or itching on the legs ?
Did you get yourself diagnosed by a doctor , as a physical examination is necessary in your case. Any history of injury to the lower back ?
Enlist all the symptoms that you experience, or, might have experienced ?
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Kalpanasanga ( India/karnataka )
01 Apr 2017
Hi sir my daughter is pregnant 6th month ..in blood test we found sugar level little high 112 ...so we r not interested for insulin ...can she eat bael and neem leaves for sugar level control.pls suggest
03 Apr 2017
Take only and only Astragalus tea or capsule. This condition is called Gestational Diabetes. to know about this disease, please look in the disease section of the website. We would suggest that you do not start on Insulin at all. Also, make her do regular gentle exercise. Yoga or exercise is a must for her.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
13 Apr 2017
Sonia Talwar ( India )
19 Apr 2017
Stop, please. you already have taken it for 2 months.Now you do not need to take it anymore.
Is your Diarrhea and IBs cured now?
i assume it has been. If not, then please share the symptoms. It is important to know the root cause first.
Karthik india
30 Dec 2019
I recently started taking himalaya bael1week, ibs and diarrhea symptoms still exists, I gave intestinal gas, more flatulence, 3-4 times motions daily
31 Dec 2019
Dear Karthik. It can be a side effect of Bael. It may affect your stomach. Please mention what dosage of Bael are you taking?
Mention about your ailment for further assistance.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
B. Bouvet ( France )
26 Apr 2017
My son aged 11 years is suffering from ENT problems. doctors say the cause of his problem is due ; A part of half digested food go up through the esophagus and cause irritation which results chronic obstruction in nasal passage. I found bael fruit only in market ( leaves can not find). Please give me a description how to treat naturally such problems out of bael fruit
Jhanvi Sood ( India )
03 May 2017
Give your child one dose of Calcarea Carb 10m. this is a homeopathic remedy. Buy it form a homeopathic store.
Give your son one dose of this remedy. Only one dose is the cure. DO not repeat at all. BY one dose I intend to say that give him 4 pillules of the medicine. 4 small pills is one dose here.
B. Bouvet
05 May 2017
Calcarea carb 10 m could be found easily every where ? What are the side effects if there any ? Please suggest.
B. Bouvet
05 May 2017
I mean in Europe easily ? I will try to cosult a homeopathic docteur if there possibilty to cure it naturelly.
Shajahan ( Chennai India )
15 May 2017
I am a 53 yea old male suffering from IBS - diarrhoea type for the past 16 years. I am just controlling this problem through dietary management. Two years back I took Trikatu churna with honey for 45 days. 2 months after stopping this I developed gastritis and had to take allopathic treatment. Once in a while I develop symptoms of gastritis if I eat fried or spicy food. More than the pain of gastritis I have features of indigestion and belching and reduced appetite during such times. One Siddha physician suggested taking bael leaves soaked in water overnight and the water consumed the next day morning. I was a little hesitant and so did not take it. Is there no cure for this problem of gastritis? Can I try the above mentioned advice? If so can you please guide me as to how I should consume it and for what duration? I am quite sensitive to medicines that have a laxative effect. Should the Bael leaves be young and tender? How many leaves should be soaked per day? Please guide me. Can I also use Himalaya 's Bael capsules for my IBS? Thanks and regards.
24 May 2017
Either try the capsules or the leaves; fresh and Green.
Rehan J.
24 May 2017
The cure for o lies in the page, The Genesis.
I read your query and could really relate myself to you.
This was my condition 2 months back.
I came across this website by happenstance and reached the Vibrant Health Portal.
GLJ; Green Leaf Juice was the cure for me. And I am glad that i followed it. Thanks to the Authors of this website for putting up such information beautifully.
Parminder Badwell ( United Kingdom )
17 Jun 2017
Hi i live in the UK and both of my children keep getting nose bleed almost every day some time through the night. Can you advice me what to do. Regards parminder
17 Jul 2017
Do they eat food that are hot in potency ?
Are they allergic to something ? Have you noticed if it occurs if they eat some specific food.
Shagun Khandelwal
27 Jul 2017
For how much tym i should consume himalaya beal tablets for my digestive problems ...my age is 21 nd i am suffering it from last 2 years
Shagun khandelwal
27 Jul 2017
Is there is any side effects of these tablet?? Nd hoe much nd whrn i can consume it?
Devi ( India )
16 Sep 2017
I am 66 yrs. Diabetic for more than 16 yrs. After taking homeopathic medicine since last 5 years the sugar level- fasting remains within 104 and pp within 115. I do yoga and pranayama of Baba Ramdev for 1 hr and 20 minutes in every morning.
So blood sugar is no problem for me. But in my lipid profile -LDL which was 110 in 2013 has increased gradually to 125 in 2015, 159 in 2016 and 173 in 2017.
Triglyceride which was 151 in 2013 has come down to 90 in 2017.
HDL is now 49 .
VLDL was 30 in 2013 and in 2017 it has reduced to 18.
Shall I have to change the doctor. I under the treatment of same homeopathic doctor for all the years - say more than 16 years. He has suggested to continue with the medicine.
18 Sep 2017
Dear Devi
Could you please let us know that which homeopathy did you take?
We will recommend you accordingly.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
18 Sep 2017
Iodium 2 drops twice, pulsatila mother 5 drops,
18 Sep 2017
Both medicines twice daily . till continuing
Aravindh ( India/ tamilnadu )
14 Nov 2017
How can i consume bael for ibd(colon inflammation)
M.Nandana ( Jharkhand )
27 Jan 2018
Fungal infections skin irritation on the surrounding areas of penis
08 Mar 2018
Boil Neem Leaves, use this water to wash your penile area.
Minal ( Delhi )
05 Mar 2018
Extreme body ache , chronic. Muscular pain, frozen and painful shoulder, elevated cholesterol, hypothyroid 75mcg, chest pain
Rao N . ( A.P )
13 Mar 2018
i am 59 years old , suffering from ulcerative colitis for the past 10 years. can you suggest any medicines
Mantheesh Santa
23 Mar 2018
https://herbpathy.com/Herbal-Treatment-for-Ulcerative-Colitis-Cid4822 Read this page on Herbpathy and then write again, if you have any query. This page is the answer to all your questions in regards to Ulcerative Colitis.
Nishika ( India )
20 Mar 2018
My son is 15 months old. His digestion is not proper. He passes the stools immediately after every meal. He usually poo for 5-6 times in a day. How can I give him bael fruit for improving his digestion. Please advise
Piyush ( India / delhi )
27 Mar 2018
I was diagnosed with h pylori last year in September. Was on medicine for two weeks. Since then I sometimes have blotting or I feel hungry even after eating.. have not done any test or endocopy after the medicine kit got over. What should I do..
Radha ( Malaysia )
08 Apr 2018
Bilva leaf powder is't good for kidney
Peehu ( India )
26 Apr 2018
Can a thyroid patient consume besl juice?
Anjali ( India )
30 Apr 2018
Can i sugar patient could consume bael fruit or its juice??
Ibrahim ( India/ Maharashtra )
09 May 2018
How to use it for dialysis patient
Summit ( Rajasthan )
23 May 2018
Someone tell me that I take regularly bael juice it's effect of reduce sex power and stamina ... Plz answer me my question..this is right or wrong?
12 Jan 2019
Hi I am going through ivf treatment. And my retrieval is on Tuesday 15th January. My guruji had asked me to take bel patri root powder with 2-3 tsp of milk on the same day. Now both days are clashing. So is it safe to take this medicine after my eggs retrieval?? Please reply soon.
14 Jan 2019
Can someone reply to my query posted below.
Prashantha ( Karnaraka state,India )
27 Mar 2019
I have a severe gastric problem since 2017. I have tried almost every medication but it does cure please suggest some tips and natural herbs to eat like leaves, root etc please
26 Aug 2020
try apivattikar churna after meal 1/2 tsf twice a day
Seeta ( INDIA )
14 Apr 2019
Is there anything like we need to stop consuming non-veg..if want to make habit of eating Bael leaves? any connection/side effects? kindly revert if aware..
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