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Urticaria Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
Hindi Name
Chapaki, Chakate
Urticaria Symptoms
Red raised Bumps
Intense Itching. Patient scratches till he bleeds. But the itching is voluptuous
Warm feeling
pin pricking feeling

Urticaria Cured By

Super Effective

Highly Effective

Hydrogen Peroxide
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Urticaria is a disease of the Skin.
The itchy pale weals raised on the Skin after an allergic reaction is Urticaria.
It appears suddenly and causes itching.
It may last for several days. When old bumps disappear new ones appear.

Causes of Urticaria
Medication. Like pain killers, asperin, brufen, peniciclin, sulpha drugs, prophylactic vaccines.
Food, specially fish, soyabeen oil
Insect Stings

If not treated properly, Urticaria may cause

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Urticaria

Single Herb

Aloe Vera ( Gheekumari ) for Urticaria

Take out Aloe Vera ( Gheekumari ) gel. Apply directly on the affected part twice or thrice a day.

Vinegar ( Sirka ) for Urticaria

Add 5 ml Vinegar in same quantity of lukewarm water. Apply it on the Hives.

Basil ( Tulsi ) for Urticaria

Apply leave paste of Basil on your affected areas.

Sandalwood ( Chandan ) for Urticaria

Make Sandalwood paste with water. Apply a layer on the affected areas. Wash after it gets dry.

Oats ( Jae ) for Urticaria

Take 50 g Oats and add 150 ml boiled water in it. Mix to make paste. Apply it over allergic areas.

Turmeric ( Haldi ) for Urticaria

Add half tsp Turmeric powder in a glass of lukewarm water. Drink once a day.

Almond ( Badam ) for Urticaria

Massage with Almond oil over the affected area.
Prepare a cup of tea by adding half tablespoon of Stinging Nettle.

Brown Mustard ( Lal Sarson ) Oil for Hives

Massage your body using Brown Mustard seed oil. Take bath after 15 mins.

Witchhazel for Urticaria

Prepare a decoction of the leaves of Witchhazel. Wash the affected area with this two times a day.

Marigold ( Gendha ) flower for Urticaria

Apply the fresh juice of Marigold flower over the affected area.

Lavender Oil for Urticaria

Apply Lavender oil directly to the affected area.

Bromelain ( Ananase ) for Urticaria

Take Bromelain capsules from the market. Have two capsules two times a day.

Chickweed ( Buch Bucha ) for Urticaria

Take chickweed in a powder form. Prepare a paste. Apply it over the affected area.

Catnip ( Badranj Boya ) for Urticaria

Apply catnip oil over the affected area.

Nutmeg ( Jaiphal ) for Urticaria

Mix equal quantity of Olive Oil and Nutmeg Oil. Apply it over affected Skin.

Chinese Date ( Ber ) for Urticaria

Add 250 ml soda in 100 g chopped Chinese Date ( Ber ) . Have it once a day.

Bay Leaf ( Tejpatta ) for Urticaria

Take Bay leaves and bark. Wash it thoroughly with running water. Grind it to make a fine paste. Add sufficient amount of Coconut oil in it so that it mix well. Apply over the itchy areas.

Banyan For Urticaria

Take 1 tablespoon of clarified butter, add a pinch of black pepper to it. Heat it on low flame for 2 to 3 min. Now add 1 tablespoon of Banyan leaf paste and consume it with warm water.

Snake Skin Slough for Urticaria

Burn Snake Skin Slough. Add this burnt slough to Sesame oil in a ratio of 1:2. Mix it well. Apply the mixture on the affected area everyday.

Adhatoda Vasica for Urticaria

Adhatoda Leaves are used to treat Urticaria/ Hives
Warm 5-6 Adhatoda leaves. Crush the warmed leaves to make a paste. Apply over the affected area.
Basil Essential Oil has Analgesic property which stops the pain and Itching. Dab a cotton ball with Basil Essential Oil and apply over the affected area. Repeat the process after every four hours.

Myrrh Essential Oil for Urticaria

Myrrh Essential Oil has Antiinflammatory and Astringent property which provides relief from Itching and Swelling. Dab a cotton ball with Myrrh Essential Oil and apply over the affected areas. Repeat the process after every four hours.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Urticaria 1

Take 100 ml Wood Apple juice. Add half tsp Cumin powder in it. Drink once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Urticaria 2

Take 1/2 cup baking Soda and 1/2 cup of Corn starch. Mix them well. Put it in a bath tub. Soak the body in this water for about half an hour. Repeat the process twice a week
Queries on Urticaria
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08 Jan 2016
I want the cure of chronic urticara
Herbpathy Research Team
21 Jan 2016
Dear Krati

We advise you to follow the given regimen.
1. Apply Sandalwood paste in the morning over the effected areas. This will give you a soothing effect and will reduce itching.
2. Apply paste of Basil Leaves in the evening. You follow the process for one week first and study the results. Write us back and we will tell you what do next. Always consult a doctor before taking any kind of medication.

Herbpathy Research Team
( Make Life Healthy )
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Swati ( New Delhi )
18 Mar 2016
Mujhe urticaria ki problem last 2 years se h par koi medicine work nhi kr rhi . Mne apna skin allergy test bhi krvaya h.Please mujhe koi treatment btao jisse me thik ho jau
01 Apr 2016
Take Sarasaparilla tincture, 10 drops in half glass of water 2 times in a day.
Himanshu ( India )
15 Apr 2016
Is there any permanent cure for this disease urticaria ?? If yes then please tell me??
18 Apr 2016
Dear Himanshu
We suggest you the following...
1. Take a few Basil leaves and make a paste. Apply on the affected areas. Do it morning. 2. Apply sandal wood on the affected region. Do it in the evening.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Bharti ( India )
13 Apr 2017
Urticaria since 2 years Anti allergy tablets on Could drinking tulsi help
24 Apr 2017
Dear Bharti
We advise you to have 1 dose of Tuberculinum 10M. Get it from a Homeopathy Shop and wait for 2 weeks.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Sangeeta ( Canada )
17 Dec 2017
I am having chapaki since last 6 weeks. Some food that I eat like garlic spices brinjal makes it worse. Anything that can cure it permanently.
19 Dec 2017
Dear Sangeeta
Please let us know what exactly do you have? You might have some kind of allergy. Please study some more symptoms and we will recommend you accordingly.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Vency Fernandes ( India )
20 May 2018
My daughter is getting urticaria for last one month llease advise
John ( South USA )
24 Dec 2018

been an athlete my entire life and I’m 38 year old black male. I started Practicing bikram hot yoga hot yoga 3 to 4 times per week most of 2018 until September 2018. In September, One day in class in September I started itching severely during class when I started sweating and The condition got worse and worse for a few weeks and finally I stopped going to class. Not sure what caused this problem but I feel like I was dehydrated from drinking too much coffee and taking medicine for ADHD while Loosing so much sweat in class and I also sweat a lot when I was outside during the summer.
Currently Dealing with Anhidrosis when I try to work out . Once my heart rate gets up my hands get a numbing sensation and the I feel rush of itching /urticaria over my body especially in my feet and legs. It also fees like parethsia where mine skin is tingling and numb. If I get anxiety or upset the exact same symptoms come up and my hands will itch very bad until I’ve cooled down. I purchased a few of the herbs for Anhidrosis today and I just started drinking baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Please let me know if you can help and if you Can give me a Protocal to follow?
14 Feb 2020
I am suffering from hives for last 4 years. I did a blood test and i was told it is because of leaky gut so the walls of my small intestines have become permeable. I get hives every day 3-4 times even at night in sleep. It is very frustrating. please help.
Shivendra gupta ( India madhya pradesh )
21 Feb 2020
Sarir me chalte pad te h urticaria 2 3 salo se h ko ilag h gharelu ya tablet
09 Apr 2020
Dear Shivendra
Please mention your query again in an understandable language.
Meanwhile, Apply Basil paste on affected area.
Have Turmeric powder in a glass of lukewarm water. Drink in once a day. Check for situations when you get Urticaria. Any food or drinks, time of the day.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
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