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Xerosis Cutis Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Xerosis Cutis
Medical Name
Xerosis Cutis
Xerosis Cutis Symptoms
Dry Skin
Scaly skin
Itchy Skin
Skin becomes flaky and tight after taking shower
White patches on the Skin
Cracks on the Skin

Xerosis Cutis Cured By

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Xerosis Cutis is a disease of the Skin.
The abnormally dry skin is termed as Xerosis Cutis.
It is more common in old age.

Skin is a very important and large part of the body. It protects the body by preventing germs and pathogens in the body. A healthy skin needs proper moisture and retention of water. If the skin loses oil and become dehydrated, it causes dry skin. The condition is known a Xerosis Cutis.
The skin becomes tight and scaly. If it occurs with age then it is not a problem. But if it occurs at young age then it is a problem.

Causes of Xerosis Cutis
Old Age
Skin Problems
Family History
Kidney Problems
Genetic Disorder
Liver Disorders
Thyroid Problems
Sjogren's Syndrome
Weather Conditions
Using harsh cosmetics
Nutritional Deficiency
Deficiency of Vitamin A
Excessive exposure to sun
Frequent bath with hot water

If not treated properly, Xerosis Cutis may cause
Permanent damage to the Skin

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Xerosis Cutis

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