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Age Spots Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Age Spots
Medical Name
Liver Spots
Age Spots Symptoms
Age Spots
Redness on Skin
Marks on the skin
Increased Pigmentation
Liver spots turn light brown to dark in color

Age Spots Cured By

Most Effective

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Age Spots is a disease of the Skin.
Age Spots are the dark colored marks on the Skin.
Sometimes growth of Melanin pigment in the Skin is accelerated due to Aging or UV exposure. This results in the Age Spots.
They are mostly found on the uncovered parts like Hands,Face.
Age Spots are not a serious disease.
You may consider them as symptoms of Aging.
A few are not a problem. If you have too many, consult a Dermatologist.

Causes of Age Spot
Accelerated Aging
Impaired Liver function
Exposure to the UV rays from the sun

If not treated properly, Age Spots may cause
Damage to the surrounding Tissues and Bones

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Age Spots

Single Herb

Acacia Concinna for Age Spots

Make a fine paste of Acacia Concinna fruit. Apply every day for 15 Minutes. Wash off with water.

Aloe Vera ( Gheekumari ) for Age Spots

Rub fresh juice of Aloe Vera over the spots. Repeat it twice a day for 2 months.

Bilberry for Age Spots

Eat 4-5 fresh Bilberries daily.
OR : Take Bilberry extract ( 80 to 160 mg ).

Chickpeas for Age Spots

Prepare a paste of 1/3 cup of Chickpeas. Apply on Spots. Leave it until it dries. Wash it off.

Lemon for Age Spots

Take 1 tablespoon of fresh Lemon juice. Add some Honey and apply this on the affected area. Use it on regular basis for better results.

Dandelion for Age Spots

Take Dandelion stem and rub the sap on the spots. Repeat it 2-3 times a day.

Mulberry for Age Spots

Apply the Mulberry root extract on the affected area.

Castor Oil for Age Spots

Castor Oil counters the Age Spots in an effective way. It doesn't harm your skin.
Apply essential amount of Castor oil on the Age Spots during Bedtime. Wash it off in the morning.
Note : Don't use, if you have oily skin.

Centaury for Age Spots

Add One tablespoon of Centaury in half cup of boiling water and steep for 10-15 minutes. Let it cool. Take one swallow at a time regularly.
It gives clear skin and removes Age Spots.

Onion (Pyaz ) for Freckle

Rub Onion slice on the freckles thrice a day.

Strawberry for Age Spots

Take 8 to 10 Strawberry. Squeeze the juice. Apply on the face and keep for 20 minutes. Wash with cold water. Use it on regular basis.

Brinjal ( Baingan ) for Age Spots

Cut thin slices of Brinjal ( Baingan ). Rub them on your face in circular motion for 15 minutes. Allow it to dry and then wash.

Cleavers for Skin

Crush the fresh leaves and apply for skin problems
OR : Take some fresh juice and apply. It can also be used as a good face wash for a clear skin.

Centaury For Skin

Take 2 tablespoons of Centaury.
Put it into One cup of boiling water.
Steep for 20-25 minutes.
Cool and drink One cup a day, a mouthful at a time.

Red Currant for Age Spots

Take 2 raw Red Currant. Crush them and collect the juice. Add Honey. Apply it over affected areas for 20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Do it twice a day.

Turmeric ( Haldi ) for Age Spots

Add milk in a tablespoon of Turmeric ( Haldi ) to make a paste. Apply it over affected parts. Rub it after 5 minutes in circular motion and let it dry. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Papaya ( Papita ) for Age Spots

Take a piece of Papaya ( Papita ). Rub it over affected areas for 15 minutes daily.

Horseradish for Age Spots

Soak required Horseradish in milk for an hour. After an hour, take out the Horseradish from milk and rub it over affected areas for 15 minutes.

Cucumber ( Kheera ) for Age Spots

Apply Cucumber ( Kheera ) juice over affected parts. Rinse after an hour.
OR : Rub a slice of Cucumber ( Kheera ) over affected parts for 10 to 15 minutes daily.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Age Spots

Cut an Onion ( Pyaz ) in to pieces. Soak 2 to 3 pieces in Apple Cider Vinegar ( Seb Ka Sirka ) for 2 hours. After 2 hours, take them out and rub over affected areas for 15 minutes. Let it dry and wash with normal water.
Boil a Sweet Potato ( Mitha Aloo ). Peel and mash. Add one teaspoon Honey ( Shehad ), one teaspoon Lemon ( Nimbo ) juice and one teaspoon Ginger ( Adrak ) juice. Blend. Apply it over face. Let it dry and rinse with normal water. This formula gives you fresh and young skin.

Banana ( Kela ) for Age Spots

Mash Banana ( Kela ). Add 2 tablespoons Rosewater ( Gulabjal ). Apply it on your face with the help of fingers. Rinse after 20 minutes. It gives glow to your face and keeps you away from aging.
Include Turmeric in your daily diet for a glowing skin.
OR : Take 2 capsules regularly.
OR : For Skin Infections directly apply Turmeric resin oil.
OR : Dilute the Turmeric powder ( Haldi ) with water and apply directly to the affected area.
Helichrysum Essential Oil fights with Age spots efficiently. It possesses skin regenerative property. It reduces the age spots and makes you look like a young person.
Take 2 tablespoons of carrier oil ( Preferably; Rosehip Seed Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil ) in a glass bottle. Add 5 to 8 drops of carrier oil. Shake well. Massage your face with this fusion at night.
Note : Remove make-up from the face and wash the face completely before use.

Wheat Germ Oil for Age Spots

Wheat Germ Oil has potent Antioxidant property which helps to remove the Age Spots.
Massage the affected area with Wheat Germ Oil at bed time daily. It makes the skin soft and diminishes the marks associated with age.

Rosehip Seed Oil for Age spots and Blemishes

Rosehip Seed oil protects the skin from sunburn and reduces the Age spots. It also helps in decreasing the Blemishes and treats discoloration of the Skin.
Take a few drops of Rosehip Seed oil on your finger tips and apply on your face. Do gentle massage and leave it for 3 to 4 hours. It helps in revitalizing the skin.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Age Spots 1

Mix one tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar with 1/2 tsp of Orange juice. Apply on the affected area.

Herbal Treatment For Age Spots 2

Add 1/8 tsp of the powdered Indian Pennywort with 1/8 tsp of Ginseng and a pinch of Chili. Prepare a tea. Drink twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Age Spots 3

Mix 2 tsp freshly prepared juice of Orange, Parsley leaves and Lemon. Apply it on the freckles.

Herbal Treatment For Age Spots 4

Mix Yellow Mustard paste with Milk. Apply it on the Freckles at night. Wash in the morning.

Herbal Treatment For Age Spots 5

Grate a Radish ( Muli ) and squeeze the juice. Add juice of a Lemon ( Nimbo ). Mix. Apply on the face and wash after 20 minutes.

Herbal Treatment For Age Spots 6

Take one tablespoon Orange ( Santra ) juice. Add one teaspoon Yogurt ( Dahi ). Mix. Apply on the face. Let it dry and then wash with cold water.

Herbal Treatment For Age Spots 7

Grind 15 Mint ( Pudina ) leaves. Now mash a Banana ( Kela ). Mix both. Apply on the face. Let it dry and wash with fresh water.

Herbal Treatment For Age Spots 8

Take the following herbs :
Frankincense : Dhoop : Oil : 2 tablespoon
Common Juniper : Aaraar : Oil : 2 tablespoon
Rosemary : Rusmary : 2 tablespoon
Patchouli : Oil : 2 tablespoon
Rose : Gulab : 2 tablespoon
Orange : Santra : Oil : 2 tablespoon
Lavender : Oil : 2 tablespoon
Chamomile : Babunah : Oil : 2 tablespoon
Almond : Badam : Oil : 2 tablespoon
Mix all oils. Heat for 10 minutes. Cool. Store in a bottle. Massage it over age spots for 5 minutes daily. It removes age spots effectively.

Herbal Treatment For Age Spots 9

Take the following herbs :
Rosewood : Oil : 10 gram
Myrrh : Gandh Ras : Oil : 10 gram
Chamomile : Babunah : Oil : 10 gram
Orange : Santra : Oil : 10 gram
Mandarin Orange : Kinoo : Oil : 10 gram
Patchouli : Oil : 10 gram
Sage : Oil : 10 gram
Put all ingredients in a vessel. Heat for 5 minutes. Store in a glass bottle. Massage over affected area with this preparation for 10 minutes.
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