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Rosacea Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
Rosacea Symptoms
Frequent Flushing
A bulbous red nose
Redness on the cheeks
Thickening of skin on face
Blood vessels become visible
Burning Sensation in the Eyes
Small red bumps on the Nose, Cheeks, Forehead and Chin

Rosacea Cured By

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Rosacea is a disease of the Skin.
Enlarged blood vessels of the face is Rosacea.
It causes redness and small red pus filled bumps. These bumps may appear on the Nose, Forehead, Cheeks and the Chin.
Rosacea is sometimes mistakenly considered as Acne and Eczema. It look similar to Acne and Eczema.
Acne is whiteheads and blackheads. Rosacea is large patches of elevated red skin.
Eczema is the inflammation of the outer skin. However, nothing like white heads or blackheads happen in Rosacea. It is more common in the adolescence age.
In Rosacea, the skin becomes chronically red and may break out into small welts.
If your cheeks are red and blush all the time, don ' t think, that it is the natural glow. It might be the first symptom of Rosacea.
In chronic stages, the skin becomes red and the blood vessels will become dilated.

Causes of Rosacea
Hot baths
Drug Abuse
Hot drinks
Family History
Hot and Spicy Food
Extreme cold weather
Helicobacter pylori bacteria
Prolonged exposure to sunlight
Infection with skin mites (Demodex folliculorum)
Abnormalities in the Blood vessels of the Face
Certain Medications that dilate the Blood Vessels

If not treated properly, Rosacea may cause
Rhinophyma (oil glands in the nose and the cheeks become enlarged)

Your best bet is, Green Tea, Lavender and Liquorice.
A visit to the Doctor is a must.

Note 1: Triggers;
Spicy Foods
Foods high in fat
These are the triggers that may give rise to Rosacea. These triggers will make the condition worse and it will not be cured even if you stop taking these eatable.

Note 2: Some researchers believe that Rosacea, may be a result of weak digestive system. The digestive system fails to absorb minerals and to remove the toxins from the body. It causes deficiency of nutrients and minerals in the body. Hence, the body remove toxins in the form of Rosacea.

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Rosacea

Single Herb

Camphor for Rosacea

Wash affected parts. Apply Camphor oil once a day.

Chamomile ( Babunah ) for Rosacea

Take one handful of dried Chamomile. Put in one cup of water and boil on low flame for 10 minutes. Cool. Dip cotton cloth in it and keep on affected parts for 20 minutes.

Lavender for Rosacea

Wash and pat dry the affected part. Apply Lavender oil on them for half an hour.

Common Salt ( Namak ) for Rosacea

Take 5 grams Common Salt ( Namak ). Add few drops of water. Mix. Apply it on your face and massage in circular motion for 2 minutes. Let it be dry and apply again. Wash with lukewarm water.
Attention : Keep it away from hair.

Lemon ( Nimbo ) for Rosacea

Cut a Lemon ( Nimbo ). Remove seeds. Rub it on your face for 15 minutes. Wash with normal water.

Nutmeg ( Jaiphal ) for Rosacea

Rub Nutmeg ( Jaiphal ) on stone. Mix it with milk. Apply it on face. Wash with plain water after 15 minutes.

Cinnamon ( Dalchini ) for Rosacea

Crush Cinnamon ( Dalchini ). Mix 5 gram with Honey ( Shehad ). Apply it on face and massage in circular motion for 5 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water.
Apply the Aloe extract over the affected area two times a day.
Apply Tea tree oil to the affected area.

Red Clover for Rosacea

Prepare a decoction of Redclover's leaves. Have a cup once a day.

Oat ( Jae ) for Rosacea

Mix two tablespoon of Oat meal in water. Rub over the affected area.

Rosehip for Rosacea

Apply Rosehip oil over the affected area.
Take two tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in a cup of warm water. Have it once a day
Or: Apply Apple Cider Vinegar directly to the affected area.
Geranium Essential Oil heals troubled skin. Apply a small amount of Geranium Essential Oil to your face. Repeat the process once a day.
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Herbal Treatment For Rosacea 1

Geranium Essential Oil stimulates the metabolism. This helps the body to fight against infection. Cypress Essential Oil reduces the redness of the Skin.
Take 15 to 16 drops of Geranium Essential Oil and same amount of Cypress Essential Oil. Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of any Carrier Oil in it. Stir well. Apply generous amount of this oil blend on the affected area. Leave it for half an hour. Dab excess Oil with a tissue. Repeat this two times a day.

Herbal Treatment For Rosacea 2

Chamomile Essential Oil possesses strong antiinflammatory property. which is useful in reducing inflammation of the Skin. Parsley Essential Oil reduces redness and white patches from the Skin.
Take the following Oils :
Chamomile Essential Oil : 15 to 16 drops
Parsley Essential Oil : 15 to 16 drops
Carrier Oil ( Almond or Sesame ) : 3 to 4 tablespoons
Mix equal amount of Chamomile Essential Oil and Parsley Essential Oil. Add 3 to 4 tablespoons of Carrier Oil in it. Mix well. Apply a generous amount of this Oil blend on the affected area. Leave it for 10 to 12 minutes. Dab excess Oil off with a tissue. Repeat twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Rosacea 3

Take three drops each of Frankincense and Helichrysum Essential Oil. Mix them well. Apply this blend over the affected areas. Repeat the process once a day after washing your face.
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Juergen ( Germany )
17 Apr 2016
Dear sir or Madam,

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Dear Juergen
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