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Cassia Alata Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Cassia Alata
English Name
Ringworm Shrub
Botanical Name
Cassia Alata, Senna Alata
Hindi Name
Chinese Name
Yi Bing Jue Ming

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Cassia Alata Cures


Action of Cassia Alata

Nutrients in Cassia Alata

Cassia Alata
Combines With

Parts Used

Leaves, Bark, Root, Seeds, Flowers

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Cassia Alata

Avoid during pregnancy.
Wash the plant thoroughly before use.
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Ringworm Shrub is a shrub.
It is perennial.
It grows in a tropical climate.
It grows up to 5 M.
Best used for Skin problems.


Common Names

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Materia Medica for Cassia Alata

Cassia Alata General

Cassia Alata is a medicinal tree. It has fungicidal, laxative and purgative properties. It is very effective for treating Ringworm and fungal infections of the Skin. Cassia Alata is commonly known as Senna Alata.
The leaves of the plant are laxative. Consumption of leaves treats Constipation and purifies the blood. A decoction of leaves treats Biliousness and Hypertension. The leaves are best for treating Skin diseases. It can be used in tincture, poultice and powder form. It is used as an ointment. The sap of the plant is applied over the affected area for cure. It is an effective remedy for Skin blemishes, scabies, ringworm and other fungal infections.
The bark of Senna Alata treats Skin diseases, Diarrhea, Worms, Parasitic skin diseases, Scabies and Eczema.
The root of the plant is laxative. An infusion of the plant is used to treat Diarrhea, Tympanites and Uterus problems. Topical application of root treats Sores and Skin fungi.
The seed is laxative and Anthelmintic. The seeds are cooked and used as a remedy for Intestinal worms.
The flowers of Cassia Alata are laxative and febrifuge. An infusion of root is used to treat Spleen problems. An infusion of the plants leaves, flowers and fruit is used as a remedy for Stomach problems.
The dried powder of flower or leaf is taken in a dose of 3 to 5 grams.
Single Herb

Cassia Alata ( Dadmurdan ) for Skin Diseases

Apply the leaf juice of Cassia Alata ( Dadmurdan ) directly on the affected area 2-3 times a day.

Cassia Alata ( Dadmurdan ) for Stomach Problems

Crush Cassia Alata ( Dadmurdan ) Seeds, flowers and leaves in a cup.
Let it steep in boiling water for around 15 minutes.
Drink cool thrice a day.

Avoid Strong decoction during Pregnancy.

Cassia Alata ( Dadmurdan ) as Antimicrobial

Make leaf paste of Cassia Alata ( Dadmurdan ) by adding some lime juice in it.
Apply on the Infected Skin.

Cassia Alata ( Dadmurdan ) as Antifungal

Grind some leaves of Cassia Alata ( Dadmurdan ) with Coconut oil and make a paste.
Apply externally on the affected area.

Cassia Alata ( Dadmurdan ) for Ringworm

Directly apply root paste to get relief.

Cassia Alata ( Dadmurdan ) for Asthma

Boil Cassia Alata ( Dadmurdan ) leaves in some water for 10-15 minutes to make a tea.
Drink thrice a day until relieved.

Cassia Alata ( Dadmurdan ) for Aphthous Ulcers

Gargle with Cassia Alata ( Dadmurdan ) herbal tea 2-3 times a day.

Cassia Alata for Constipation

The leaves and flowers of the plant are used to treat Constipation.
Take few leaves of Cassia Alata. Dry them. Take 1/2 to 1 tsp of dried leaf or 1 fresh leaf. Infuse it in 1 cup of boiling water. Filter it and take before going to bed. Take 1 cup of this tea for 2-3 days. The tea is also good for Diabetic patients. It lowers the Fever.
The dried flower of plant is taken. The flower is mashed and taken with honey to treat Constipation.

Cassia Alata for Diarrhea

A decoction of bark of plant, taken with jaggery, cures Diarrhea.

Cassia Alata for Flatulence

The bark of Cassia Alata is taken. A decoction of bark is made and is taken with jaggery for cure.

Cassia Alata for Early Satiety

The decoction of bark of the plant is taken. It is taken with jaggery for relief.

Cassia Alata for Wounds

Take some fresh Cassia leaves. Grind the leaves with little water. Apply this paste with piece of cotton on the infected part.

Cassia Alata for Insect Bites

The leaves of the plant are crushed and rubbed on the affected part.
The leaves are washed. They are crushed to fine juice. The affected area is washed with plain water. A layer of leaf juice is applied twice a day for a week over the affected part.
The juice of the leaves is mixed with lemon juice. It is applied on the affected area 2-3 times a day.
The poultice of flowers is applied topically on Insect bites.
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Queries on Cassia Alata
Candice ( United States/ MO )
20 Feb 2016
Where can I buy Cassia Alata Leaf?
22 Feb 2016
Dear Candice
We will not be able to comment anything on that. You may look for the Herb in your local herbal store. If not, you can find almost everything on internet. A bit of research from your side is needed. All the very best.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Tania Alejandra Mingramm
04 Mar 2016
Hi candice I sell seeds and dried wildharvested in my acre, organic plant, my email is rawtulum @ gmail.com I live in The caribbean Mexico, my facebook is Tania Alejandra Mingramm add me and we manage
Ige lawrence
12 Nov 2016
Is cassia alata leaves or flower work for pile
Noel jr. dimayuga ( Phillippines )
10 Dec 2016
Fousseni ( United Kingdom )
22 Dec 2016
my father is in mali and he has a lot of cassia alata
Victor bassey ( Nigeria )
09 Mar 2017
Can it be use to cure hernia
Aleem Akeem {nigeria}
17 Jun 2017
Enter your reply here...Yes,boil Casia Alata Leaf With Clean Water Then Add Pure Honey To It Take One Cup Per Day
Ella from Lagos
03 Sep 2017
Yes, it works alot for pile. Boil the leaves, use the extract juice to make garri if u are in Nigeria then eat with soup. That's what i always use for my pile. It will purse u but u will see the mucus coming out with ur faeces.
06 Oct 2018
Enter your reply here...can casia alata be used to cure hernia
Billion Eng ( Malaysia/Penang )
10 Mar 2017
I can supply large quantity ,be it in leafs, flowers, roots or stem bark.
Mr clarence ranasinghe
01 Jan 2019
can you send me about 100g leaf powder as a sample address 4 sunnymede ave carshalton sm5 4jf england
Justice ( Nigeria/Abakaliki )
19 Mar 2017
Can eat the leaves to give me strength
30 Jun 2017
It helps with clearing your bowels especially the lower part of your digestive which often is a problem emptying. This allows your blood circulation to be used for more productive things. It is available as Jedy Herbal Powder.
Annie ( India )
18 Jul 2017
what is candle bush ringwarm cream name
Sybil ( Philippines )
27 Aug 2017
How the flower parts being used??
22 Mar 2018
The flower will be sun dry and grounded to a powder form. So it can be mixed with tea or taken ordinary with water
01 Mar 2019
Ama Adomaa ( Ghana )
16 Jan 2018
Please how do I use Cassia Alata Herb to treat Infertility? Do i use the Leaves, Seed, flowers or stem bark and the quantity. Thank you
12 Feb 2018
There are different herbs to cure Infertility in Men and Women. So it si important for you to share your gender, so that an appropriate medicine can be suggested.
10 Jan 2019
What of infertility in men.
Mai tieh
17 Jun 2019
Male having azoospermia
Sunpunpin ( Nigeria )
21 Jan 2018
This cassia alata leave can also be used with 7up by drinking it,and it also works after 7hours in which you got to toilet like two times,its works for pile
12 Feb 2018
Thanks for the feedback. I should try it for Piles.
Francis ( Nigeria )
02 Feb 2018
Does Cassia Alata work for Lower Back pain? If yes, can someone please explain in details how it is to be used. Thanks.

12 Feb 2018
Francis. Please share that did you happen to have any sort of injury on your back ? For Back Pain, in case of nerve damage or compression, the best remedy is St. John's wort. Its mother tincture is available in any homeopathic store, it is known by the name of Hypericum Perforatum. You may take 5 drops of that tincture every day. Are there any other symptoms along with the back pain ?
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Ephraim Aizebioje ( Nigeria/Lagos )
19 Feb 2018
Can a nursing mother take cassia alata for dysentery?

PS: Baby's age- eleven months.
Devashi ( India )
22 Feb 2018
Nursing mothers are not allowed to take herbs or remedies without talking to their health care providers. No. Please do not take it. You may have 2 to 3 Bananas. that will help to cure dysentery.
Adeola ( Nigeria/ Lagos )
22 Feb 2018
How can cassia alata be use for fibroid treatment.
Ranbir Sodhi ( India )
23 Feb 2018
Cassia Tea may help to cure Fibroisds. However I know about other best remedies too, that can help to cure Fibroids. These are--
Stinging Nettle Tea, Bahunia Capsules, Spirulina capsules.
Felix ( Nigeria )
15 Sep 2018
What part of the cassia alata can be used for treating fibroids is it the leaves or the bark or the root. How is such part used? Please help.
Ebiere ( Nigeria/Bayelsa )
23 Sep 2018
Can casual alarta cure infection
Ebiere ( Nigeria/Bayelsa )
23 Sep 2018
Can cassia alarta cure infection?
Juliann Ioanis ( FSM, Pohnpei )
26 Sep 2018
does this leave have any contraindications?
Olusegun ( Nigeria )
10 Oct 2018
Which is more effective, extract from boiling water, or extract in 7up?
Oladimeji Suberu ( Nigeria )
24 Oct 2018
Can Cassia Alata be used for treatment of arthritis pain? If yes, how?
29 Nov 2018
Where can I find cassia alata plant in Nigeria and what's d local name
Emmanuel Uyoyouoghene
05 Apr 2019
I can supply you if you want in any quantity . call me on these number +2347030974155.
Remmy ( Nigeria )
06 Nov 2018
1. Can cassia allata cure fibrod? Which part can I used? 2. Can it cure infertility in women? Which part can be used? Thanks
Tony ( Nigeria )
09 Dec 2018
Can it cure sexually transmitted disease like staph? Can't it also help in curing klebsiella ?
Solomon. O.Ogungbe ( Ogun )
11 Dec 2018
Can it cure fibroid....Kind reply.
Adelina Thomas ( Tanzania )
22 Feb 2019
adelina thomas (Tanzania)
you said Cassia alata cures liver disease what part of the plant is used?and how can you prepare the remedy for the treatment of liver disease? and for how long?
18 Apr 2019
Just boil and drink twice daily
Bunmi ( Nigeria )
03 Mar 2019
Can cassia alata be use for endometrosis
Mickii ( Jam )
30 Apr 2019
Does it help with slin infection like tinea versicolor and how?
Segxy ( Nigeria )
02 May 2019
Can cassia alata cures hapatities?
Ken ( Nigeria Rivers )
12 Sep 2019
Can it cure hepatitis B ?
16 Sep 2019
Dear Ken,
Hepatitis B is a problem of the Liver. To bring the liver back to the state of normal, You have to follow the course mentioned below.
Step 1
Drink two tablespoon of Radish juice early morning on empty stomach. Take it for 3 days in regular, then take a gap of 7 days. Take the juice again for 3 days and have a gap of 7 days again. Do it for a month.
Step 2
Take Milk Thistle for 21 days.1 capsule a day.
Step 3
Take 1/4th of Sugarcane juice. Add 1/2 cup of Curd into it. Eat it for 15 days. This course will tone up your liver and help in treating Hbv.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
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