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Abortifacient Herbs


Abortifacient herbs are those herbs which induce Abortion. Abortifacients work when they are taken in first three months of Pregnancy. If you take these herbs after three months, the chances of Abortion reduces to half.
Natural methods of Abortion are chemical free. Therefore, future conception is not endangered. Use of Abortifacient herbs during the advance stage of Pregnancy is not safe. It may lead to death.

Dangerous effect of Abortifacient on Body :
These herbs directly affect the Fetus. They may kill the Embryo. They may also expel the embryo. If you take Abortifacient herbs after three months then it may kill the Embryo but may not expel the embryo. As a result, the harmful infection may occur, which may cause Impotence and or death.
Attention: After bleeding starts, you must consult your gynecologist for Sonography. It is just to make sure that no part of the Fetus is left inside the Uterus.

How it works :
Abortifacient herbs will increase toxins in the Blood. They will create an environment in which a baby may not be able to develop. Mostly, Abortifacient herbs are also Emmenagogues.

Excess of Abortifacient herbs may cause :
Stomach upset
Liver Failure
Kidney failure

NOTE : If an Abortifacient is required to be used. It is advised, not to use an essential oil for abortion. It may be harmful to such an extent,that it may even cause death . Prior discussion with a qualified Healthcare Professional is must before use.


Albertisia Villosa
Anthocleista Djalonensis
Anthocleista Nobilis
Anthocleista Procera
Anthocleista Vogelii
Aristolochia Sericea
Burr Bush
Cassia Abbreviata
Cleidion Spiciflorum
Clutia Abyssinica
Cnestis Ferruginea
Combretum Erythrophyllum
Croton Macrostachyus
Croton Penduliflorus
Derris Elliptica
Diospyros Lycioides
Discoglypremna Caloneura
Erythrina Abyssinica
Euphorbia Candelabrum
Euphorbia Pseudograntii
Grewia Carpinifolia
Gynura Procumbens
Hedyotis Fruticosa
Heliotropium Keralense
Hibiscus Diversifolius
Holarrhena Floribunda
Mangrove Trumpet Tree
Ochrosia Oppositifolia
Persea Borbonia
Pleioceras Barteri
Polygonum Pubescens
Rubus Buergeri
Scoparia Dulcis
Solanum Verbascifolim
Stachytarpheta Cayennensis
Syzygium Malaccense
Thunbergia Fragrans
Uraria Lagopodoides
Water Birch
White Butterfly Bush
Wikstroemia Indica
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Materia Medica for

Single Herbs

Pennyroyal as an Abortifacient

Prepare an infusion of Pennyroyal plant. Have two- four teaspoon two timesa day.

Tansy as an Abortifacient

Prepare a decoction of Tansy leaves. Have one glass two times a day.

Angelica as an Abortifacient

Prepare a decoction of Angelica root. Drink twice a day.
Or: Chew the root of Angelica for 5-10 minutes.

Celastrus Paniculatus as Abortifacient

Prepare a decoction using bark of Celastrus Paniculatus. Drink a cup of it twice a day.

Wild Carrot as Abortifacient

Wild Carrot seeds act as a contraception and regulates menstruation.
Consume 1 teaspoon of Wild Carrot seeds 1 hour before and after sex.
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Daniel ( Tanzania )
02 Apr 2019
I like to use harbs , so I thinks this site can be like my library, where I can get more knowledge, and make better life.
Nicholas ( Ghana )
03 Apr 2019
Thanks for all the health tips. I need names of herbs used as blood boosters and how it can be applied.
Kevin Eric Harris ( USA/ Virginia )
23 Jan 2021
I am making a tea with Japanese Chaff Flower Whole Roots (Achyranthes Japonica/Niuxijingdao and Eucommia Bark. Will this help with knee pain and are there any side effects to be concerned with ? I use 3T and make a 1 1/2 cups of tea consumed daily.

Thank you so much

Kevin Harris
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