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Sida Acuta Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Sida Acuta
Glycemic Index / Load
Sida Acuta
Botanical Name
Sida Acuta , Sida Carpinifolia, Malvaceae family
Hindi Name
Chinese Name
Huang Hua Ren

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Sida Acuta Cures

Highly Effective


Action of Sida Acuta

Nutrients in Sida Acuta

Sida Acuta
Combines With

Parts Used

Leaves , Roots
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Sida Acuta is a shrub.
It is perennial.
It grows in a tropical climate.
It grows up to 1.5 M.
Best used for Arthritis.
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Materia Medica for Sida Acuta

Sida Acuta General

Sida Acuta is an effective emollient, analgesic and diuretic herb. It possesses Hypotensive, Antimicrobial and Diuretic action. It is a natural remedy for Renal problems. It is good for treating Veneral diseases, related to sexual intercourse or desire.
It is an analgesic herb. It is good for Body aches. It is used for Wound healing.
The whole plant is used for medicinal purposes. A decoction of whole plant treats Fever.
The juice of Sida Acuta is used for Indigestion.
A poultice of the plant is applied topically to soften abscess and release pus.
The leaves of Sida Acuta are Diuretic in nature. An infusion of plant leaves treats Dysentry.
The juice of plant leaves is Antiinflammatory in nature. It acts as a Digestive remedy.
A decoction of leaves is used for bathing Wounds.
A poultice of leaves acts a excellent remedy for Headaches. It is also applied over Ulcers and Boils.
The root of the plant is Febrifuge. The juice of the root treats Fevers. The root is chewed to relieve Toothache.
Sida Acuta is Aphrodisiac in nature. It stimulates the sexual desire in men and women.
Topical application of Sida Acuta treats Nervous problems.
It aids and improves the functioning of Heart.
It is a parturient herb. It is good for Women in labor and aids in Childbirth.
It treats Spermatorrhea, Rheumatism and Dropsy.
Single Herb

Sida Acuta for Arthritis

Make a decoction of Sida Acuta plant. Drink 30 ml of it twice a day.
OR : Crush Sida Acuta plant. Cook it with Castor oil. Apply it on the affected areas.

Sida Acuta for Nervous Disorders

Scrape the root of Sida Acuta. Dry it and make it a fine powder. Add one teaspoonful of powdered root into a glass of boiling water. Take one glass of this for three days.
Queries on Sida Acuta
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Tramesh_ ( India )
25 Mar 2016
Sifa acuta id it helps for natural deworming
Ramesh tanniru ( India )
25 Mar 2016
Can we know sida acuta can be used for natural deworming
20 Apr 2016
Dear Ramesh
If you are talking about deworming humans, then following are the Herbs i know, not Sida acuta
Black Walnut tincture . Kills parasites by oxygenating the blood. It also burns up toxins and fatty matter. It is also able to balance sugar levels. Cloves are very effective in getting rid of parasite eggs. It has broad anti-microbial properties and is also able to fight bacteria and fungi.
Thyme contains , it kills many types of intestinal worms like hookworms and roundworms. It also effectively destroys ringworm and fungal infections like athlete's foot.
09 Apr 2021
don't forget wormwood - wormwood/black walnut tincture is excellent
Steve ( UK )
19 Apr 2016
I have severe head, neck and facial nerve type pain and spasms too, if I move or say squeeze something with either hand I get sharper pin type pains in my scalp, had a bad experience with steroids from the neuro doc a few days ago too. I have some sida acuta, cat's claw (samento) and ordered some teasel root tincture to maybe help ease the scalp pain and itching, Never been tested for Lyme or tetanus, the pain is constant.

Any sugestions?
03 May 2016
Dear Steve
I think, it has nothing to do with scalp, the problem is with the nerves, The Herb for you is Hypericum. Buy this tincture from a homeopathic store. Take 5 drops in a glass of water daily. After a week, you increase the dosage to 8 or 10 drops. You may take this herb for 20 days. It is important that you monitor your activity and check if the herb suits you. . Do not take any other Herb. Also, consult your health care provider before taking any Herb....
28 Sep 2017
you have borrelia infection with neoroborreliosis. you should start using samento and banderol plus eat navel oranges. eat fresh raw garlic two cloves a day with glass of water.
05 Dec 2018
Pls do you know herb for pid (staphylococcus aureus )pls help
03 May 2019
Lemon grass tea will be useful
USA Willie
05 Oct 2019
If it is a borrelia infection, Two more things that you did not mention that helped me is to acidify your food with white (clear vinegar). Even though apple cider vinegar is normally good, I found it bothered me and it cost a lot more. The other thing that helped me was nothing sweet. No sugar, candy, sweet food additives and yes - I quit ALL fruit. I know that flys in the face of all fruities but think about it. All forms of sugar FEED bacteria.
07 Oct 2019
Hey Willie thank you for the help. Your suggestion will help me with my kids. But why to quit fruit?
P. Bennett
06 Oct 2020
Hi Steve. Check out the Restore Kit at vitalplan.com. It is a comprehensive protocol. I have worked with hundreds of people with Lyme. This protocol has helped most who use it. It is a foundational protocol in which other herbs can be added if needed. Many do well with just the four herbal formulas in the kit along with diet and lifestyle changes.
Patfoley ( Unitedstatesmaryland )
24 May 2016
couldyou recommend a medicine for a spreading fungal rash due to a toenail scratch on a barefoot person?
Zaung hi
27 Jun 2016
Dear Patfoley ,
Put 4-5 drops of Tea Tree Oil in a small tub filled with water. Mix well. Soak the affected area in it for 30 minutes. Repeat the process 2 times a day.
OR : Soak the affected area in Apple Cider Vinegar for 20 minutes. After that make a thick paste of Baking Soda, Apple Cider Vinegar and little water. Apply over the affected area for 30 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water and pat dry.
Brian ( US )
28 May 2016
Where can I buy the bulk herb? Sida Acuta
Olaololuwa Lawrence
21 May 2018
side acuta can be purchase at high quantity from Nigeria
08 Jul 2019
No dulling i just weeded some frm my hse ystdy...
Chinonso Temple
07 Nov 2018
Good day brother,please help me to state all herbal remedies for my to buy and how to prepare it so that I can get rid of staphyloccocos infection A.K.A staph. Infection.
Thank you.
Sonny adi
08 Jul 2020
Here in Nigeria sida Acuta can be found almost everywhere You only need to take a walk and harvest as much as you want
21 Jul 2020
Yes is truth sida acuta is everywhere in Nigeria thanks to be in this group to learn more of it.
Lucia calero
08 Sep 2020
I live in Florida and it is all over the place
Esther ( Nigeria )
12 Jun 2016
Could you please recommend a herb for me, my left nose has been blocked for a long time now and the mucus there is painful and discomforting also, I feel pains in my left ear and I don't sleep.
14 Jun 2016
Dear Esther
First of all did you get yourself checked by a doctor? Do you get Dark Yellow colored Phlegm?
Do you feel any blockage in throat or chest congestion ?
In the mean while, the remedy for you is ----take a bowl of hot water. Add 2 to 3 drops each of Peppermint Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil and Eucalyptus Essential Oil in it. Stir well. Inhale the steam for 5 to 10 minutes. Do this two times a day.
18 Jun 2016
Yes I was checked by an ENT doctor and was told it's an allergy.I sometimes get dark yellow colored phlegm. How about lack of sleep? I find it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep,whenever I manage to get a little sleep it's not restful. I wake up with pains in my head.
17 Feb 2021
Turnsole plant can take care of that ear pain if you can find in area
Thelma ( Nigeria )
21 Jun 2016
Pls how do i get rid of fibroid tumour in order to conceive?
Abohar Singh
27 Jun 2016
Dear Thelma, The remedy for you is Chaste Berry. Add 1 tablespoon of crushed Chaste Berries in 3 cups of hot water. Let it steep for 20 minutes. Strain and drink it, 3 times a day for 2 months.
You can also visit uterine Fibroids under disease section for more information.
05 Dec 2018
Please how can I get rid of staphylococcus aureus, have spent so much on it pls ss help
20 Oct 2016
Thelma: google :Master Tung points for Gynecology, there are 2 points on the thumb (Fu Ke) which you can stimulate by pressing with a blunt nail or very blunt pencil,
if of course you can find an acupuncturist they can do it for you.The second 2 points have a lovely name : return the nest: on the ring finger on the little finger side 2 points- these are specific for fibroids( I am a TCM practitioner)
bless you
Doctor Akinsuyi AbdulRasheed ( Nigeria / Lagos State )
06 Aug 2016
pls my fellow Doctor / Friend(s) i need ur help on how to cure asthma, I hv been try to cure it for long pls is what I hv personally pls help me telk me on the plant i will use to cure it. Thnkz........ Abdul
25 Aug 2016
Asthmatic people should not take Milk. She says that milk produces phlegm and in Asthma there is excessive production of mucus in lungs which causes obstruction in the air ways and a person is not able to breath. so i guess, you should avoid milk and its products. Drink Tulsi and Ginger tea every morning. Another Herb is Lungwort. Buy this tincture from a homeopathic store. It is known by the name Pulmonaria Officinalis.
10 drops of this tincture in a glass of water for 15 days.
Denny ( Nigeria )
17 Aug 2016
please what is the herbal remedy for quick ejaculation n watery sperm?
23 Aug 2016
Dear Denny
Try the following herbs.
1. Maca : buy powder and take 1 tea spoon with warm water.
2. Buy White and Black Musli pack and have 1 capsule every day.
3. Take 1 Land Caltrops capsule every day. take these herbs on alternative days for 1 month.
25 Aug 2016
Thanks dear,
Please I don't know any of this recommended herbs. I will be glad if you can help to write their botanical names or other common names. from Nigeria.
26 Aug 2016
Dear Denny
1. Maca : Botanical Name is Lepidium Meyenii. It is also available in tincture form. You may take 10 drops 2 times in a day.
2. White Musli is Indian Spider Plant and its Botanical Name is Chrolophytum Borilivianum.
3. Black Musli is known as Curculigo Orchioides.
4. Land Caltrops is Tribulus Terrestris.
Sadie ( United States )
07 Sep 2016
Lyme, bartonella, babesiosis recommendations?
Ifemi ( Nigeria )
22 Nov 2016
Please what is effectively natural contraceptive for a lady and natural ways to cure erectile dysfunction. Thanks
23 Nov 2016
Dill, Margosa Oil, Sida Acuta and Cow's foot are the herbs that are widely used as contraceptives. But it is to inform you that you must not rely on them completely. There is no 100 percent guarantee. So, you need to be careful.
For erectile dysfunction, herbs like- Black Musli, Safed Musli, Ashwagandha and Maca can be taken.
Daniel sun ( NIGERIA )
13 Jan 2017
How do I get mica and other weeds to cure weak erection Here in nigeria?
03 May 2019
Cut 3 or 4 okro vertically and soak it in a cup of water for 7 to 8 hours. Remove the mucilage and drink it on empty stomach. Wait for at least 1 hour before meal. Try this for month.
Misra Durjan
25 Jan 2017
Daniel For Weak erection, I will share I regimen with you, which I just came across in some section on this website. Take some Dry Dates with a glass of warm water.
2. Take some Ashwagandha ( Witahnia Somnifera ) 1 teaspoon with a glass of warm water. Take it for 15 days only.
3. Buy Mucuna Pruriens Capsule and take 1 every day for 15 days.
4. Take some Sesame oil. Keep it on a low flame. Add 100 gm of Cloves in it. Wait until the cloves turn black. Now massage your Penis with this oil. Repeat it 2 to 3 times in a week. Do it for a month.
Daniel sun ( NIGERIA )
13 Jan 2017
Where can I get sida acuta plant in nigeria and how is it identified ?
03 May 2019
It's everywhere in Nigeria. It is called stubborn grass.
Emmanuel Nwodo
11 Mar 2021
I can ware bill to you it is dry season,you can only get much during the raining season
Can do that free of charge
25 Jan 2017
Buy it from any herbal store or order it online. But, trust only authentic vendors.
Dr Sam
23 Aug 2020
We can supply you Sida Acuta Our Phone No 08060041026
Prem ( India )
18 Feb 2017
How to use Sida Acuta root/bark ? How can we convert them to powder or make decoction from the root? Any one knows where we can get the powder form in India?
25 Oct 2020
Call this number: 08122541080. I will give you free
Peter ( Nigeria )
15 Mar 2017
Please, how do I treat severe loss of libido & weak erection?
Herbpathy ( India )
20 Mar 2017
For Libido Loss take the following 2 herbs--
Land Caltrops, one capsule daily for a month.
Horny Goat Weed, one capsule daily for 15 days.
Eat uncooked Onion in the salad, twice in a day. For Weak Erection, take Mucuna Pruriens capsule, two capsules per day, for a month.
Add 3 to 5 strands of Saffron in warm milk. Have one glass before going to bed every night, for 15 days. Also have Asparagus in your evening salads.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Vanessa ( Ireland )
30 Mar 2017
Dear doctor,

My dad was diagnosed with glaucoma and genital warts. What would you recommend he should take?

Kind regards
Brhami D. ( Chandigarh )
04 Apr 2017
https://herbpathy.com/Herbal-Treatment-for-Glaucoma-Cid4079 I have shared the link for you. The best herb for Glaucoma is Eyebright. For Genital Warts. Apply Coriander leaves paste on the affected area. You may even use Apple Cider Vinegar on the warts with the help of cotton ball.
05 Oct 2018
Take the leaves call cida acuta
02 Jun 2017
I've e been having several pain on my left tight for almost 2yrs and have done like 8 x-rays nothing was discovered by the medical doctors.
They(doctor/pham...)place me on pain relief drugs but sooner I used the drug finished, I kept feeling pain again.
please help!
03 Jul 2017
Ola. Do you experience pain in the thigh? Do you suffer from the constant pain or is it only when you walk? Do not take pain relieving drugs just like that.
Will you share some more symptoms ?
Pain in the knee or in the left foot ?
Write to us again please.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
ISha Gallegos ( USA )
06 Jun 2017
Cida Acuta, Guta Kola & Bhrami are all the same, so you can wider options to find the same components, sold at www.BanyanBotanicals.com
03 Jul 2017
Sida Acuta, Gotu Kola and Brahmi, these all are different herbs, you can read about each separately in the herb section.
Judith ( Nigeria/abuja )
16 Sep 2017
Good day, my prolactin level is high and as a result I don't ovulate. Has gone for treatment and was told is now normal but I still get milky discharge from my breast and still don't ovulate. Pls what can I take as am desperately want to get pregnant. Will cida acuta help me?Thanks
Be Natural healthcare Centre PH
23 Aug 2020
Judith sorry about that.
Melinda ( USA/Iowa )
26 Apr 2018
I am on treatment for Lyme, Babesia and Bartonella. My latest blood work showed low WBC, RBC and Hemoglobin. Just one month ago they were within normal limits. Since that time I have been using more oil of wild oregano (10 drops under the tongue), Biociden herbal drops, and started cats claw and banderol herbs. Could one or a combination of these lead to my changes in blood work? Thank you
Bimpe ( Nigeria )
12 May 2018
Hello,,,Im always smelling a bad odour in my private part,what can I do about it pls?
Be Natural healthcare Centre PH
23 Aug 2020
Bimpe you might be having an infection. Infection however requires aggressive treatment.
Joy ( Nigeria )
13 May 2018
Am having a painful mensuration.how can i cure it?
Oyibode jonathan ( Nigeria )
15 Jul 2018
Please give more on the asida-acuta function
Kevin ( Nigeria )
12 Oct 2018
What harbal remedy will I use to cure stafluccoccus aurues and poor spam motility.
SB ( Idaho )
04 Feb 2019
Please help with Trigeminal Nueralgia pain, thank you
Austine ( Nigeria )
30 May 2019
Good day doctors, please I am at my breaking point now, I'm suffering from rheumatoid arthritis 8years, epididymitis 2years and fatty liver 1year, I don't know what else to do, can there be a cure for my problems or should I just end this life once and for all since I'm not getting signs/hopes of healing so far
Be Natural healthcare Centre
23 Aug 2020
No need ending your life. Trust in God who created herbs of different kinds for different purposes.
Oke ( Nigeria )
21 Jun 2019
How can I cure ulcer of the stomach lining. The pain always get to my chest.
Sunny ( Nigeria )
22 Jun 2019
Please how can someone use Sida Acuta for spiritual cleaning? I heard it can be used for spiritual cleaning if one is experiencing hardship, stagnation etc
Precious ( Nigeria/Uyo )
29 Jun 2019
Please where can I get chaste berry in Nigeria, how do I use ginger to cure or shrink myoma?
01 Jul 2019
Ginger is not effective for Myoma. It may help in maintaining hormonal balance. I was also checking for same. Please see the link for more information on myoma.
Be natura health care centre P H
23 Aug 2020
We can supply you chasteberry. Ginger doesn't cure or shrink myoma or fibroid. Contact us for fibroid treatment
Emmanuel ( Ghana )
02 Jul 2019
What herb can I use in treating hepatitis b. Please help
03 Jul 2019
Hepatitis B is a problem of the Liver. Follow the course mentioned below: Step 1
Drink two tablespoons of Radish juice for one week. Take it empty stomach in the morning for 3 days. Then skip for a week and again take for 3 days. Do it for a month. Step 2
Take 1 Milk Thistle capsule ( 250 mg ) a day, for 20 days. It will enhance the functioning of Liver. Step 3
Take 1/4th of Sugarcane juice. Add 1/2 cup of curd into it. Take it for 15 days. Consume it 1 hour after any meal. Step 4
Take 1/4th teaspoon of Kutki powder with a glass of water for one week. Consume it 1 hour after breakfast. This course will help to tone your Liver. Observe for 20 days and then let us know.
Avoid Milk Thistle if you are taking Antidepressant, Antianxiety, Cholesterol lowering, Diabetic medicine, or if you are Diabetic.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Emma ( Nigeria /Abuja )
17 Jul 2019
Please, how can I use sida acuta to treat urinary tract infection. I have been having whitish discharge from my penis while stooling. I have tried everything possible but it won't just go. Please, help. Thank you.
Dr. Vaneesa
18 Jul 2019
Dear Emma,
Any kind of discharge from the body is considered to be good. The pressure made during stool causes the excess secretion from penis to come out. Do not do anything for it.
Please mention if you have secretion in situation other than stool passing.
Zaynul ( Ghana )
28 Oct 2019
What are the natural remedies to prevent kidney stones or diseases
30 Oct 2019
Dear Zaynul The Kidney stone may be flushed out from the Body by herbal treatment. Please follow the advice. We advise you on the following regimen.
1. Take 1 tablespoon of Apple cider Vinegar and dissolve it in a glass of water. Drink this 3 times in a day.
2. Buy Punarnava extract and take 10 drops 3 times a day.
3. Buy Tribulus Terrestris tincture from a Homeopathy Shop and take 10 drops 3 times a day. These remedies will take care of your Kidneys.
4. Crataeva Nurvala tincture, and take 10 drops in a day. It will detoxify your body.
Also, drink plenty of water.
Take these remedies for a month. Get your test done after a month.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Dan ( Ghana )
13 Nov 2019
Pls , can cida acuta enhance penis Enlargement ?
Kenneth ( Nigeria/Enugu )
05 Feb 2020
Can sida acuta cure kidney problem
07 Feb 2020
Dear Kenneth. Please take the following: 1. Take 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and dissolve it in a glass of water. Drink this 3 times in a day. Take it for 10 days.
2. Buy Boerhavia Diffusa (Punarnava) extract. Take 5 drops in a glass of water twice a day. Take it for 15 days.
3. Buy Tribulus Terestris from a Homeopathic shop. Take 5 drops daily in a glass of water twice a day. Take it for 15 days.
4. Take Crataeva Nurvala tincture ( Varuna herb ). Take 5 drops in a day. It will work as a detox. ( Take it for 15 days ) Write back after 15 days.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
April ( Usa florida )
08 Feb 2020
Will sida Acuta help with Brucella from raw cow milk?

do you know what herbs or vitamins can cure it
I'm so desperate and don't want antibiotics
14 Feb 2020
Hey April. Boost your immunity. Take some Antibacterial herbs. Goldenseal and Echinacea are good herbs. They come in capsule form in combination. Try them for few weeks. Include Ginger, Garlic, Grapes, Asparagus in your diet. Honeysuckle is also a herbal antibiotic. Make infusion from it leaves.
Anonymeows ( Colorado )
08 Mar 2020
Are there any herbal remedies for HSV2, any cures? I’m hoping to rid it from my neurons without killing them. I use monolaurin, rhodiola, astragalus, tribulus, amino acids, l-lysine. My diet contains as little arginine as possible and I take bladderwrack with plant based multi vitamin for my hypothyroidism every day and occasionally dong quai for menstrual relief. I’m waiting on a shipment of coleus Forskohlii, Japanese knotweed, and biofilm to aid my HSV2 and thyroid problems.
26 Mar 2020
Hey please check for homeopathic remedy for HSV2. It might help you with more effectiveness than anything else. Try a good homeopath and check for cure. Hope it will help you
Farvi. L. L ( Srilanka )
10 May 2020
What are the side effects of sida acuta?
Excellent ( Nigeria )
24 May 2020
I read somewhere that you don't repeat harvest of this plant Soda Accuta from same place.
My question is if that is the case What is the implications of repeat harvest in from same place?
Chic Chic ( Nigeria/Abuja )
25 May 2020
What can used to treat hormonal imbalance?
Muhammed Umar
26 May 2020
Dear Chic Chic, Restore your hormonal equilibrum with Lepidium Meyenni root. It is a potent hormonal balancer.
05 Jun 2020
what is best for non tb mycobacterium infection ( tb cusion)
and superbug steno maltrophillia ( sorry spelling not right)
only my partner has both !
cheers :)
Happiness ( NIGERIA )
05 Jun 2020
Herbpathy, I can get you a large quantity of side acuta, if you still have an interest.
Bener ( Rivers, Nigeria )
10 Jun 2020
Please doctor what herb can I use or take to naturally loose weight and shed fats Faster... I've taken guava leaves but it's not working... Please help, the fat is too much and I ain't even married yet
Sunnykay ( Nigeria / Ekiti )
30 Jun 2020
Please I need herbs to cure weak erection and premature ejaculation, it really affect my family I need it urgently thanks
King of Herbs
29 Mar 2021
I have a formulation of Yohimbe + garcinia kula + ginger.
01 Jul 2020
Hello Synnykay: Take half a teaspoon of Ashwagandha powder ( Withania Somnifera ) with warm milk.
* Mucuna Pruriens: Take 1 capsule daily for 15 days.
* Add Drumstick, Asparagus to your diet. Try it for 15 days and note the change.
Also go for some exercises and do Yoga asanas. It will improve the blood circulation in your body organs.
Ella ( Nigeria )
02 Jul 2020
I have been suffering from severe lower back pain(connected to the spine) for years now. Please I need herb to cure this pain or can sida acuta do it? This pain/ache can be unbearable..
03 Jul 2020
Dear Ella
Try Ashwagandha ( Withania Somnifera ). It is a wonderul herb that strengthen the lower back. It opens all channels of your body. You can buy capsules. Take 1 daily with warm milk for a month. You can also use few herbs to apply for pain relief as Fennel. Take 50 gm Fennel. Boil in half liter of Brown Mustard oil. Use lukewarm for massage twice a day.
Temmy ( Nigeria )
19 Jul 2020
Good afternoon,
Please what natural herb can i use to cure elementary stage of glaucoma and herb to make one see and read things clearly.

20 Jul 2020
Hello Temmy. Eyebright is very effective for Glaucoma. It has Antiinflammatory properties which help to reduce the inflammation. Follow the procedure mentioned under the 'Glaucoma' in Disease section. There are 2-3 ways to consume the herb.
Ellen ( Ghana )
09 Aug 2020
I'm 2 months pregnant, will sida acuta harm my baby?
18 Aug 2020
Dear Ellen. It is recommended not to take anything during pregnancy. Please follow exercises/Yoga for health. Consult your Health care practitioner before taking any medication.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
21 Aug 2020
Yes it will harm the pregnancy
Prince ( Ghana )
14 Aug 2020
Sida Acuta is all over around my house. How do I prepare it for quick ejaculation please help
Christian ( Ghana )
21 Aug 2020
Any cure or remedy for Piles
Secondly how to overcome weak erection and low libido
21 Aug 2020
For Piles, take Radish juice. Take 2 tablespoons daily early in the morning for 3 days. It will get cured. Avoid, fried, spicy food for a while.
For libido and erection-
- Mucuna Pruriens- 1 capsule daily for 15 days.
- Land Caltrops- Its Homeopathic mother tincture- Tribulus Terrestris. Take 2-3 drops in a glass of water, twice a day for 20 days.
- Maca- Take Maca powder. Take 1 tablespoon daily with lukewarm water.
- Ashwagandha ( Withania Somnifera)- Take 1 teaspoon daily for a month.
Try these for a month.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Nav ( Uk )
28 Aug 2020
How can I get rid of cmv and cocksackie and ech virus please?
Temmy ( Nigeria )
30 Aug 2020
Please how can i stop frequent urination. Have gone through tests and nothing was seen. Except PID
Grace ( Nigeria )
15 Sep 2020
Pls can soda acuta treat spondulosis(pain in my kneel,thigh,waist and almost every part of my body. The doctors after several xray said it doesn't have treatment. Presently on BP drug.
Tonye-Luke ( Nigeria )
27 Sep 2020
How do I use Sida acuta to treat Arthritis
Yeboah ( Ghana )
28 Sep 2020
Any effective remedy to increase dick size?
Joe ( Ghana )
01 Oct 2020
Please, how can I use sida acuta to cure urinal diseases.
Lolly ( Nigeria )
13 Oct 2020

I have been experiencing severe headache for the past few months. I have taken pain reliever drugs but no improvement. Any suggestion on alternative medicine or any herbs that can be of use willbe highly appreciated. I am almost 50 years and the Doctor said I may be experiencing hormonal imbalance. Kindly advice me on what to do. It is becoming unbearable. Thanks.
13 Oct 2020
Dear Lolly, Headache can be because of a number of reasons. An upset Stomach, high BP, Constipation, Gastric trouble, Migraine, Neck stiffness, Eyesight problem etc. Try to recollect any other symptom that you have been experiencing in your body. Any specification on hormonal changes you have been experiencing?
Are your Bowel movements fine?
Are you Gastric?
Do you have Migraine, Cervical or Neck/ Shoulder/Back stiffness? Any new medication?
Do you follow any exercise routine?
Meanwhile, try following walk and easy beginner exercises for improved circulation in the body. Have 1-2 glasses of luke warm water in the morning and have an apple in the morning before meals. Write back for further suggestions. You can also check 'Headache' under 'Disease section' in this website.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Stephen ( Lagos/Nigeria )
14 Oct 2020
Pls what can I and my wife take for conception. We have done various test and were found to be okay. Stephen
14 Oct 2020
Dear Stephen, Take 1 teaspoon seed powder each of Stripped Cucumber ( Shivlingi ) and Drypetes Roxburghii ( Putrajivak ). Take it every morning with a glass of water. Take it for 2 months.
- Eat Chasteberries.
Both of you can follow this.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Victoria ( Nigeria )
17 Oct 2020
Pls my mum has Arthritis for a very long time now... Can this Cida acuta really cure her? The arthritis affected her knee region which makes it look like bowleg... Please l need your help
Mustapha ( Nigeria, Kaduna State )
18 Oct 2020
What is the measurement of curing arthritis
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