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Beta Sitosterol

What does Beta Sitosterol do for the body

Beta Sitosterol is a plant Sterol. It helps to lower the Cholesterol and promotes the Prostate health. It acts against the Cancer Cells. Beta Sitosterol boosts the Immunity system and speeds up the healing process. It reduces the inflammation in the body. Beta Sitosterol is a powerful Antioxidant which protects DNA from the free radicals.

Normal level of Beta Sitosterol in the body
1.5 to 3 gm

Requirement of Beta Sitosterol
300 mg to 4 gm per day to reduce High Blood Cholesterol
60 mg to 130 mg day to cure Prostate Disease

Benefits of Beta Sitosterol
Beta Sitosterol prevents the Hair fall. It regulates the flow of Blood in the body. It has Diuretic property which helps in proper Urination. It balances the hormones and reduces the Acne. It lowers the Blood Sugar and maintains the healthy functioning of Heart and Brain. It helps to treat Bladder Stones.

Function of Beta Sitosterol
Beta Sitosterol reduces the growth of Prostate and Colon Cancer Cells. It acts against Leukemia. It gives relief from physical and mental stress. Beta Sitosterol helps to reduces the Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels. It makes the Heart healthy and improves the Circulatory system.

Effects of deficiency of Beta Sitosterol in the body
Deficiency of Beta Sitosterol may causes High Blood Pressure. Lack of Beta Sitosterol can lead to Hair Loss and Stress. Deficiency of Beta Sitosterol may cause Prostate Diseases.

Effects of Excess Beta Sitosterol in the Body
Heart Diseases

Herbs Containing Beta Sitosterol

Most Effective


Ajuga Bracteosa
American linden
Atalantia Buxifolia
Baby Sage
Butea Superba
Cassia Angustissima
Ceriscoides Turgida
Chrozophora Oblongifolia
Corky debbar Tree
Desmos Cochinchinensis
English Mace
Grewia Hirsuta
Hymenodictyon Orixense
Hypoxis Aurea
Lumnitzera Racemosa
North Indian Catmint
Ochna Jabotapita
Persicaria Orientalis
Pithroj Tree
Pluchea Lanceolata
Senecio Scandens
Shield Sundew
Small Flowered Poison Sumac
Swertia Angustifolia
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