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Vitex Negundo Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Vitex Negundo
Glycemic Index / Load
Five Leaved Chaste
Botanical Name
Vitex Negundo
Hindi Name
Samhalu , Meudi
Chinese Name
Huang Jing Zi

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Vitex Negundo Cures

Most Effective


Action of Vitex Negundo

Most Effective

Nutrients in Vitex Negundo

Taste of
Vitex Negundo

Nature of
Vitex Negundo


Parts Used

Whole Plant, Fruit, Dried Leaf, Root, Seed, Flower

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Vitex Negundo

Avoid large dosage during Pregnancy.
Do not exceed the treatment more than One weak.
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Vitex Negundo is a plant.
It is deciduous.
It grows in a cold climate.
It grows up to 4 M.
Best used for Arthiritis.

In TCM :
Vitex Negundo fruit : Huang Jing Zi



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Materia Medica for Vitex Negundo

Vitex Negundo General

Vitex Negundo is a medicinal herb. It is a muscle relaxant and pain relieving herb. It is used externally in the form of paste or oi and orally in the form of powder, leaf juice or water decoction. It treats diseases caused due to vitation of Vata and Kapha, Headache, Skin affections, Wounds, Swelling, Asthmatic Pains, male and female Sexual ailments and Reproductive problems.
The leaves are used as Biopesticide and mosquito repellent.. It diminishes the excess sexual desire. A hot poultice of leaves are used to treat Joint Inflammation caused by Acute Rheumatism. It also treats inflammation of Testes caused by Gonorrheal Epidimyitis and Orchitis. A paste of leaves is applied to temples during Headache. The juice of leaves is applied topically for removing discharge from Wounds and Ulcers.
The herb is used to treat Vaginal Discharge.
Single Herb

Vitex Negundo for Acne

Apply crushed leaves of Vitex Negundo on the affected areas.

Vitex Negundo for Eczema

Grind boiled leaves of Vitex Negundo. Apply the paste on inflamed areas.

Vitex Negundo for Sallow Skin

Boil handful leaves of Vitex Negundo. Add them to your bathing water. It helps to get rid of Dull Skin.

Vitex Negundo for Arthritis

Make poultice with leaves of Vitex Negundo. Warm and apply on painful joints.

Vitex Negundo for Spleen Enlargement

Externally apply leaf paste of Vitex Negundo over inflamed Spleen.

Vitex Negundo for Ascaris

Drink 5 ml root decoction of Vitex Negundo once a day. Use it for 10 days.

Vitex Negundo for Headache

Prepare a pillow with leaves of Vitex Negundo. Use it while sleeping.

Vitex Negundo for Sinusitis

Make a layer of Vitex Negundo leaves on a cloth. Put it below Head while sleeping.

Vitex Negundo for Fever

Boil leaves of Vitex Negundo. Use it for steam inhalation. The perspiration occurs and helps in reducing Fever.

Vitex Negundo ( Samhalu ) for Asthma

Drink the leaf tea of Vitex Negundo ( Samhalu ) thrice a day.

Vitex Negundo for Rheumatism

Boil Vitex Negundo leaves in some water for around 20 minutes. Add it to your bathing water and take a warm bath.

Vitex Negundo as An Insecticidal

The leaf extract of Vitex Negundo has great Insecticidal properties. Burn some fresh leaves with grass to get rid of mosquitoes.

Vitex Negundo for Burns

Wash the affected area with stem decoction.

Vitex Negundo for Paralysis

Take out the pulp of fresh berries and use as a tincture to cure Paralysis.
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Herbal Treatment For Debility 6

Take some freshly chopped berries of Vitex Negundo. Put them in a glass container upto 3/4 parts. Pour Apple Cider Vinegar ( Seb Ka Sirka ) over it. Stir well and tightly close the lid. Place the mixture in a dark place for 14-15 days. Open the lid and strain. Take 15-20 drops once a day for One week.
Queries on Vitex Negundo
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Irfana ( India )
30 Mar 2016
Is there any advantage for vitex negundo over ocimum sanctum?
Manisha jain ( Delhi India )
05 May 2016
Are bramhi and nirgundi two different names of the same plant? If no , how can we differentiate between the two?
09 Jun 2016
Brahmi is Baopa Moneri And Nirgundi is CHaste berry. Both these herbs are entirely different from each other.
Each has its own actions and cures different diseases. Brahmi plant has white flowers and chasteberry has purple flowers. Why don't you look for the image on the internet. P..S.
Brahmi is a creeping plant where as Nirgundi is a tree.
Uday misra ( India/u.p. )
27 Sep 2016
i have a lot of no nirgundi tree but i do,not know the uses of this tree please. Explain in brief.
28 Sep 2016
Uday Please scroll up and read the cures
Shazia ch ( Pakistan )
17 Jan 2017

Are the uses of trunks for harmonal belence or menses or fatness, create more dryness of skin , how can I use it?
Shazia ch ( Pakistan )
17 Jan 2017
When I use green tea or other like that things to reduce fat then my sleep goes out , I am in trouble for using this what should I do.i think another problem occur that is sever dryness of hands, cuts.where is the problem and remedies.please inform me in my address.thanks a lot those who are provide human services, this is paid homage to u from me.
Vigamb SHivananda
25 Jan 2017
Shazia Ch.
If these herbs do not suit you then why don't you try the following herbs-
Take Apple Cider Vinegar. One teaspoon added to the glass of hot water, twice a day for a month. Eat an Avocado once in a week. And for cute in hands I will advise you to dip your hands in water containing 2 to 3 teaspoons of Epsom Salt. Or you may try Horse Gram soup for one month.
03 Apr 2017
Vinaya Tari ( India )
24 Mar 2017
is it having insecticidal activity?
Suresh ( India (Gujarat) )
24 Mar 2017
Is same Nirgundi & nagod ?
I want nirgundi leaf But in public garden Mali said that Nagod tree is in garden.
He don't know about nirgundi.
Some one says that nirgundi & nagod is same but knows as different name.
I am confused in nirgundi and nagod.
Please clarify me properly
Thanks in advance
suresh bhatti

27 Mar 2017
No. Nirgundi is another name of herb Chaste Berry. It is also called Vitex Negurdo. So, do not get confused between the two. Both are different. And Nagod is the name for herb Vitex Negundo.
Dr.Rajal Shukla
11 Apr 2018
Nagod is Guajrati name of Vitex Negundo and Nirgundi Is the Sanskrit name of Vitex Nigundo .Yes Both are same
Abdul Kaleem ( India / Maharashtra )
04 Dec 2017
GBS Guillian Barre syndrome treatmen for unworkable muscles
Chhaya Trivedi ( India /Gujarat )
18 Jan 2018
Can it cure gout?
I am suffering from inflammation in joints
22 Feb 2018
Take Ginger tea, one cup every day. Are there any other symptoms along these ?
Mrs.Ahmad ( Pakistan )
17 Feb 2018
is vitex curable for PCOS , High Prolactin and Problem in Conceiving.. Please tell the use of vitex for getting pregnant Faster..
22 Feb 2018
Yes, Vitex Negundo is very efficient in curing PCOD/ PCOS. You may take its capsules or may have its tea, one cup daily for a month. Once, Pcos is cured, then the chances of pregnancy also improves.
01 Jun 2018
Can I drink wine while taking lagundi tablets?
Yogesh Parekh ( India/Tamil nadu )
11 Jun 2018
Nagod leaves good for frozen shoulder pain and muscles pain usage please explain how to use .
Devam ( India )
02 Feb 2019
Does it help removing pimples and acne
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