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What does Fructose do for the body

Fructose is a natural sugar present in the fruits, honey and vegetables. It is an important source of energy for the body. It helps to stop over eating and controls weight Fructose supports the proper functioning of Cardiovascular System.

Requirement of Fructose per Day
20 gm to 40 gm

Benefits of Fructose
Fructose helps to reduce Stress and soothens the Mind. Fructose decreases the Capillary leakage and boosts the metabolism. It increases the consumption of Oxygen and balances the blood temperature. It reduces the symptoms of Hypoglycemia and boosts the Immune system.

Functions of Fructose
Fructose protects from the Hypoxic injury and supports the proper functioning of the Brain. It provides Glycerol to form Fat in the body. Fructose helps to promote the Blood Circulation. Fructose protects the Liver from Hypoxic cell death and keeps it healthy. It control the Blood sugar and gives energy to the body.

Effects of Fructose Deficiency
Poor Metabolism

Effects of Excessive Fructose in the body
Liver Damage
Heart disease

Herbs Containing Fructose

Most Effective

Highly Effective

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