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Oleanolic Acid

What does Oleanolic Acid do for the body

Oleanolic Acid is a Photochemical and a kind of Triterpenoid. Oleanolic Acid promotes the regeneration of the healthy cells and reduce the inflammation. Oleanolic Acid helps to detoxify the Liver and balances the pH level.

Benefits of Oleanolic Acid
Oleanolic Acid helps to lower the Blood Pressure. It has Anti tumor property which protects the body from Tumors and Cancer Cells. It helps to soothe the mind and induce sleep. It protects the Liver and keeps the Cholesterol in check. It lowers down the bad Cholesterol and boosts the metabolism.

Functions of Oleanolic Acid
The Anti inflammatory property of Oleanolic Acid helps to reduce the inflammation in the body. Oleanolic Acid helps to restrict the growth of Cancerous Cells and protects from the free radicals. It has strong Antimicrobial property which kills the harmful bacteria causing infection in the body. Oleanolic Acid helps to unclog the pores and clears Acne and Blemishes.

Effects of Oleanolic Acid Deficiency
Oily Skin
Liver Disease
High Blood Pressure

Herbs Containing Oleanolic Acid

Most Effective

Highly Effective

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