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Fagonia Cretica Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

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General Name
Fagonia Cretica
English Name
Fagonia Cretica
Botanical Name
Fagonia Arabica, Fagonia Cretica
Hindi Name
Ustarkhar, Dhamasa, Damahan

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Fagonia Cretica Cures


Action of Fagonia Cretica

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Nutrients in Fagonia Cretica

Fagonia Cretica
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Fagonia Cretica

Parts Used

Whole Plant,
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Fagonia Cretica is a shrub.
It is perennial.
It grows in an arid climate.
It grows up to 30 Cm.
Best used for Cancer.


Materia Medica for Fagonia Cretica

Single Herb

Fagonia Cretica for Breast Cancer

Prepare a tea from the dried herb. Take it, twice a day.

Fagonia Cretica for Liver Cancer

Grind Fagonia Cretica leaves and flowers. Have it twice a day immediately after meals for two weeks.

Fagonia Cretica for Liver Problems

Grind stems, leaves, fruits and flowers. Have it twice a day after meals.

Fagonia Cretica for Ovarian Cancer

Grind dried herbs into a fine powder. Have it twice a day after meals.

Fagonia Cretica for Cancer

Soak 3 tablespoon of dried herb in 2 glass of water overnight. The next morning, Boil it to reduce half of the liquid and drink it like tea without adding sugar. Have it twice a day for one week.

Fagonia Cretica for Dizziness

Grind Fagonia Cretica ( Duralabha ) dried herbs into a fine powder. Consume 3 tablespoon of the powder with ghee twice a day.
Queries on Fagonia Cretica
Razia ( Pakistan )
21 Jul 2016
kia dhamasa booti infaction ma faidamand ha ya nahi////razia
Razia ( Pakistan )
21 Jul 2016
i am using dhamasa booti in infection yes or no.
22 Jul 2016
Dear Razia
We have no such evidences for infection. It has shown effects in treating Breast cancer and Cancer.
10 Aug 2016
Tina tell I have liver parenchymal disease n kidneys swelling will it be cure with Dhamasa
Adeel shamsi
05 Jan 2017
G.may aik saal say use kar raha hoi yeh 62 bimari ka ilaj hai.
Is say meri sugar bhi sahi hogai
Arusha ( Pakistan )
30 Jul 2016
Is dhamasa herb beneficial for curing polycystic ovaries? If yes then how to use it? I have it in dried form
09 Aug 2016
I heard from a homeopathic doctor today that it should be taken in powder form.three quarter tablespoon in morning and three quarter in evening.it is said to have cured athra also if taken all through 9 months but i have no personal experience.
Adeel shamsi
05 Jan 2017
Mai isay raat may pani may dalnta hoo glas may thori lay kar aur subah chaan kay peeta hoo yeh tariqa best hai
Dr.Khalid ( Pakistan )
24 Aug 2016
Hello dear. would you please guide me either this herb is effective in POS and soft tissues sarcoma in left thighs. and if then its dose and uses.Further its effects on Thalassemea. Thanks
08 Mar 2017
Fagonia (??????) is cure for Cancers & Tumors together without side effects of Chemotherapy. It also cures Thalassemia and chronic Hepatitis. ?????? ???? ?? ??? ?? ????? ??? ?????? ?????????? ??? ????????? ?? ???? ???? ??? ?? ?? ????? ???? ??? ? ?? ?? ?? ??? ????? ??? ??? ???? ????? ??????? ?????? ?????? ???? ??? ??? ????? ???? ??? ???? ??? ??? ?? ??? ??? ???? ??? ??? ???? ?? ??? ???? ??? ???? ???? ??? ????? ?? ??? ??? ?? ???? ??? ?? ????? ?????? ??? ????? ?????? ??? ??? ???? ?? ??? ???? ?? ?????? ??? ??? ?? ?? ????? ?? ??? ??? ??????? ?? ??? ?????? ??? ????? ?? ???? ???
Tareen ( Usa )
09 Apr 2017
does Fagonia/Dhamasa herbal power really work? My wife is victim of
breast caner stage 4, recent spinal surgery, she is mashallah young
she has not started kemoo yet, please advise if she can use this and
if it work effectively cure cancer.thank you.
Ayeisha Khurana ( India )
10 Apr 2017
Yes, Yes, Tareen.
Give her a cup of decoction prepared by this powder, everyday for a month.
Give her 100 ml of Soursop juice daily for 15 days.
Cleavers is another herb which is very very useful in curing Breast Cancer. I am sharing the url or link of the page about Breast Cancer, please check--- https://herbpathy.com/Herbal-Treatment-for-Breast-Cancer-Cid2775
Tareen ( Usa )
12 Apr 2017
Thank you so much Ayeisha reply me. May allah bless you.
I got Faonia/dhamasa power from india per web side it says as:"Use two teaspoon , after grinding like powder, twice a day after meals with water Or Arq Gulab/Arq Dhamasa for one month then you may test for the result "

Please advise if you and any one use this and cure breast cancer. is it safe to use it since she has not done chemo and she was felling sick cause of caner cells acting weird...your prompt reply would help us to use this herb which is in powder form.
thank you so much.
12 Apr 2017
Tareen. Yes, You give her the powder after meals with warm water for one month.
First, start by giving her half teaspoon, then gradually increase the dosage to 2 tea spoons after a week. It is good that she has not started the Chemotherapy, with chemotherapy comes a number of side effects. She is lucky.
Do not worry, give her Carrot juice also, 2 glasses everyday for 60 days.
Give the juice regularly, do not skip. Soursop juice can be taken daily for a month, 100 ml after breakfast.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
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